Resident Evil Village release date, platforms revealed in gameplay showcase

As promised, Capcom revealed new information about Resident Evil Village this week, including the platforms that the game will be available on and when it will release. We also got a look at Resident Evil Village through a new, spooky trailer. If you’re interested in getting a taste of Resident Evil Village, there’s even a new demo you can download and try out, but unfortunately, it’s exclusive to just one platform.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that the demo is exclusive to a platform that is exceptionally difficult to find at the moment: the PlayStation 5. There aren’t a ton of PlayStation 5 owners out there right now, but if you’re one of the lucky few and you happen to be a Resident Evil fan, you can download the demo – dubbed Maiden – from the PlayStation Store and take it for a spin.

Capcom says that Maiden is quite a bit different from a traditional demo. Instead of playing through a segment of the full game, Maiden instead is a “sort of short side story that takes place in the same world as Resident Evil Village, but at a different time than the main story.” In it, you’ll play as the titular maiden as she tries to escape the castle that’s at the center of Resident Evil Village. Capcom says there’s no combat in Maiden, but we imagine it’ll still be a tense affair nevertheless.

As far as that trailer is concerned, it introduces us to said castle and its inhabitants – specifically Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters. Separate from the trailer, Capcom also revealed gameplay and combat footage, telling us that we’ll encounter new enemies with different combat styles and that we’ll have more options when it comes to defending ourselves. For that gameplay footage, you’ll have to watch the Resident Evil Village Showcase, which is embedded in its entirety above.

Capcom also revealed that, as part of the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil, those who pick up Resident Evil Village will also get access to Resident Evil Re:Verse, which features “fan-favorite characters clashing across familiar locales in the Resident Evil universe.” Those are all the details we’re getting on Re:Verse for now, but judging from the teaser trailer above, it looks like this will be some sort of Resident Evil-themed battle royale.

Then, of course, we have the release date and platforms for Resident Evil Village. Expect the game to be released on May 7th, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. On PlayStation 4 in North America, there will be a free digital upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version available, while the Xbox One version will use Smart Delivery. We’ll have more details about Resident Evil Village when Capcom shares them, so stay tuned.

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How to Get the T-800 and Sarah Connor Skins in Fortnite

The latest licensed characters to be implemented into Fortnite are Sarah Connor and the T-800 from The Terminator series. These characters have become available just shortly after the implementation of The Predator, which you can also acquire right now. Though, The Terminator skins are handled differently in terms of acquiring them in-game. With that in mind, you might be wondering how to get the new Sarah Connor and the T-800 character skins.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about obtaining the Sarah Connor and the T-800 skins and their cosmetics in Fortnite.

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How to get the T-800 and Sarah Connor skins

Unlike the recent Predator skin, the only way to obtain Sarah Connor and the T-800 cosmetics is to purchase them with V-bucks. Starting on January 21, 2021, the characters have been made available to buy from within Fortnite’s item shop. When you boot up the game, you’ll encounter a new Terminator-themed cutscene to celebrate the characters. These skins are only available for a limited time so act quickly if you want to get your hands on them. There are multiple Terminator bundles ranging from individual skins to Back Bling cosmetics and more.

Remember, V-bucks are the currency used in Fortnite and can be earned by leveling up the Battle Pass, or by purchasing with real money. If you still have V-bucks lying around from earlier in the season or from a previous one, you’ll be able to put them toward the purchase of the new Terminator skins. Otherwise, you’ll have to fork out real cash. Keep in mind, 1,000 V-bucks is equal to around $8.

Below are the various Terminator bundles you can buy.

Future War Bundle — 2,800 V-bucks

  • Sarah Connor — Outfit
  • T-800 Endoskeleton Arm — Back Bling
  • T-800 — Outfit
  • HK Skynet Uplink — Back Bling
  • Combat Knife — Harvesting Tool
  • Techno-Grip Axe — Harvesting Tool
  • Cyberdyne Salute — Emote

This bundle will give you the most bang for your buck and costs 2,800 V-bucks. It comes with everything available as part of the Terminator set, including both skins, Back Bling cosmetics, and Harvesting Tools. Though, if you’re only wanting one individual character, there are other options.

Sarah Connor — 1,800 V-bucks

  • Sarah Connor — Outfit
  • T-800 Endoskeleton Arm — Back Bling
  • Combat Knife — Harvesting Tool

If you just want Sarah Connor, this is the least expensive option for you. It’ll come with Connor herself, a Back Bling, and Harvesting Tool for 1,800 V-bucks.

T-800 — 1,500 V-bucks

  • T-800 — Outfit
  • HK Skynet Uplink — Back Bling

The same goes for the T-800. This one is a little less expensive at 1,500 V-bucks since it only comes with the skin and a Back Bling.

Techno-Grip Axe — 800 V-bucks

  • Techno-Grip Axe — Harvesting Tool

Or if you just want the Techno-Grip Axe Harvesting Tool, this can be yours for 800 V-bucks.

Cyberdyne Salute — 300 V-bucks

  • Cyberdyne Salute — Emote

Finally, you can grab the stand-alone Cyberdyne Salute emote for 300 V-bucks.

As with most skins, these are only available for a limited time, and it’s unclear if they’ll make a reappearance like some skins have in the past. To be safe, it’s best to grab them while you can.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1 promises fixes, delivers a bug

Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly one of if not the biggest disasters in recent gaming history. Long-awaited and much-delayed, the initial experience of players, especially those on consoles, was so horrible that refunds were demanded and issued left and right. Throughout all the drama and scandal, developer CD Projekt RED promised updates to address those issues. The first big patch has just landed and, just like the game itself, it seems to be getting mixed reception, depending on where you’re playing.

To be fair, Patch 1.1 has a massive list of items that CDPR fixed since the game first launched in December. Primary is, of course, the performance improvements that should address the stability of the crash-prone game. As if trying to prove its thoroughness, the developers even listed each fix for each buggy quest.

Unfortunately, the fixes seem to also include at least one reported bug that actually makes things matter worse. While Patch 1.1 does fix the Down on the Street problem of Takemura not calling the player at all, PC Gamer reports that it also creates a bug where the character does call the player but says nothing at all. Unfortunately, that messes up the save game and you lose whatever progress you have made after that point, though there are workarounds available, presuming you’re a meticulous saver.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1 does seem to deliver most of what it lists, at least for PCs and PlayStation consoles. Xbox gamers are reportedly not so happy about the patch as it has very little noticeable improvement for them. In fact, the changelog does only list one generic memory usage improvement for Microsoft’s consoles.

That said, this is just one of the big patches that the developers promised to address the harsh criticisms of the quality of the game, saying that Patch 1.1 lays the groundwork for future fixes. Those fixes, however, won’t be coming until February so it will still be a waiting game for those who haven’t yet given up and refunded the game by now.

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Star Wars Battlefront II: Multiplayer Beginner’s Guide

Dice and Electronic Arts’ Star Wars: Battlefront II takes players through some of the biggest, most iconic battles in Star Wars history. But like in the previous Battlefront, the only way to defeat the Empire or shut down the plans of the Rebel scum is to work together as a team. There are lots of ins and outs to Battlefront II that aren’t obvious, from the progression system to how the game’s trooper classes interact with each other.

We put together a whole slate of tips that will help you blast through enemy armies, win starfighter dogfights and get the best Star Cards to improve your hero characters and trooper classes. Here is everything you need to know win control of the galaxy in Battlefront II multiplayer.

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Stay with your squad

When you spawn during a Battlefront II match, you join the game as part of a squad with other players — either your friends if you’re part of a party, or other teammates. Battlefront II is best played with teammates and as a unit, and it incentivizes you to stick together by increasing the rate you earn “battle points” as you play the game. That means you will be able to access hero characters and starships sooner, plus earn more of Battlefront II‘s in-game currency, credits, when you complete the match.

Beyond the selfish returns you get from hanging out with your squad, you’re more likely to be effective and useful to your team if you’re working together with other players, rather than running off on your own. Teams that work together tend to win in Battlefront II, so do your part for the war effort and stay with your unit.

Keep an eye on your Star Cards

Star Wars Battlefront II Star Cards

“Star Cards” are the way in which you customize the loadouts that come with every trooper class, hero character, and starship in the game — they are how you make your classes play the way you want them to. But you don’t unlock Star Cards just by playing in Battlefront II; you either need to purchase them with a currency called “crafting parts” or get them out of loot crates (and crates are the only way to get more crafting parts).

As you rack up credits while playing, make sure to drop out of your matches once in a while in order to purchase more crates and get more cards. They offer you chances to change your classes to better fit your play style, as well as to just improve your characters in general, so they are worth a little investment. You can change your Star Cards mid-battle.

Stick to the objectives

Star Wars Battlefront II Stick to Objectives

In most of the game types in Battlefront II, your purpose isn’t to rack up the most kills, but to conquer a variety of objectives. Even if your team is on defense, you have objectives popping up on screen, telling you what areas to hold, which enemies to prioritize, and where to focus your attention.

Objectives, of course, are the key to victory, so it makes sense that playing them increases your Battle Point score more than running around, racking up kills. If you stay on target, you earn more credits, get to play as heroes quicker, and win more often. So be a good teammate and pay attention to your objectives.

Spend time with all the trooper classes and switch frequently

Star Wars Battlefront II Trooper Classes

Battlefront II is designed to be more tactical than its predecessor, with an emphasis on picking different trooper classes, working together as a unit, and working as a team — albeit a huge one. For most of the time when you play multiplayer, you will be using one of four trooper classes, each with different abilities and uses different weapons. It can be tempting to fall into using just one or two classes, particularly if you like sniping or fighting on the front lines, but try to resist that urge.

The different classes in Battlefront II are best used either in response to what the other team is doing or in complementing your squad. Do your best to pick a trooper class that is going to benefit the whole team. For instance, if you are defending a position, you might want to field a heavy trooper for increased firepower. If your team is having trouble crossing a well-defended part of the map, break out a sniper to thin the enemy ranks. And don’t forget about the officer, who can buff other players and can deploy turrets, or with the right card, a squad shield. Change your class as the situation demands and you will win more often than if you’re only good at a single niche role.

Use Battle Points for tactical advantages, not just lightsabers

Battlefront 2 Heroes

As you fight in multiplayer, you rack up Battle Points. In between spawns, once you gather enough, you can spend points to deploy as special characters, artillery, or spacecraft. You might think you want to bank all your points for the glory of becoming a Jedi and ripping other players apart, but that is not always what’s best for the team.

Instead, try to use your Battle Points to turn the tide. If a defensive position is particularly tough to crack, a tank or walker might be in order. Starfighters can provide crucial air support for players on the ground, and are essential for taking down AT-AT walkers on maps like Hoth. Read the situation and use your points the best way you can, especially since earning enough to get a hero character can take a very long time.

Take some time to practice flying

Star Wars Battlefront II Starfighter

Air support is a huge part of Battlefront II that is easily overlooked in Galactic Assault. In most matches, the battle isn’t just taking place on the ground — it’s in the air, too. Letting one team dominate the skies can spell doom for the group for your ground troops, as they get blasted by powerful starfighters. By the same token, you can wreak havoc on the other team if you can gain air superiority.

The trouble is, flying in Battlefront II takes some getting used to. It’s easy to crash or get wiped out by other fighters if you haven’t practiced. It’s worth dedicating some time to messing around with fighters in the campaign or in the Starfighter Assault, the space fighter-only multiplayer mode, so you to hop in an X-Wing or a TIE fighter if your team needs you. Good pilots can make a world of difference in tight matches: Make sure to practice piloting and aiming, but also think about the best ways to support your teammates on the ground. You need starfighters in a lot of matches, especially when you have to take down big AT-AT walkers or MTTs. Plus, flying is a ton of fun once you get good at it, so put in the practice.

Avoid charging into battle

Star Wars: Battlefront II Multiplayer Progression

Much of Battlefront II takes place on huge maps, with your starting position placing you pretty far from the action. The size and scope of the game is the appeal, but that means that when you die, you will often find yourself trucking across a huge area just to get back to the action. Still, you want to avoid rushing straight to an objective or tearing across the map in the open, because the size of Battlefront II‘s matches means that there are often other players watching and waiting to take shots at you when your defenses are down.

Instead, try to move up slowly with your team, and get a feel for any given situation. The game often rewards careful players who think about the terrain, and Battlefront II‘s maps are absolutely filled with paths that allow for flanking and surprise attacks. You might feel like you need to get right back into the fight immediately, but that’s a great way to get blasted before you even know what hit you. Take your time and figure out how you can do the most damage to the enemy team — there are plenty of people in any given match who run right to the front line, so you don’t have to.

Get used to first- and third-person

Star Wars Battlefront II Third Person

If you’re playing Battlefront II like most multiplayer shooters, you will likely default to first-person mode and play that way for most of the time. It’s the more accurate way to play under most circumstances, allowing you to aim down the sights of your gun and fire most effectively. But there will always be circumstances where you don’t just have the option to play from Battlefront II‘s third-person perspective but are required to do so.

When using Hero characters, “enforcer” classes like Wookiees, and even some of the abilities of the default classes, Battlefront II will force you into the third-person perspective. If you’re not used to it, popping the heavy trooper’s shield only to suddenly find yourself in third-person can be a death sentence. So, as with classes and starfighter piloting, it’s worth the investment to practice playing in third-person mode. It’s a totally different feel from playing in first-person, but some of the strongest multiplayer classes require it, and you’ll want to be ready to be as effective a fighter as possible when you spend those Battle Points.

Check your milestones

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Milestones

Much of the progression in Battlefront II, including earning better Star Cards to improve your characters and classes, is tied to milestones. These are different challenges that reward you with loot crates and currency to buy better cards and unlock new Heroes. There are a huge number of milestones in the game, all available on the “Career” tab of your menu, and unlocking them is key to getting the customization options in Battlefront II that will allow you to build loadouts best suited to your playstyle. In other words, Milestones will help you get better, in a number of ways.

Milestone challenges include everything from spending time in each trooper class, to getting a number of kills with a particular weapon, to achieving wins and objectives in the different Battlefront II multiplayer modes. Before you fire up a game, it’s always worth checking which milestones you’re close to earning and which ones you want to work on. That way, you know if you want to spend more time playing a particular class or working with a specific weapon. Not only do milestones force you out of your comfort zone to try new things, but they help you progress faster. But you can’t check your milestones once you’re in a match, so come prepared knowing what you want to work on to speed up your progression. If you want more detailed advice on which milestones to go after first, you should check out our handy guide for earning credits faster.

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Epic just dropped a bunch of cryptic Fortnite messages on Twitter

Epic Games spent Sunday morning posting a thread of cryptic messages on the Fortnite Twitter account, ones seemingly part of the growing storyline leading us to its eventual conclusion. Players were caught off guard by the new communications, one that specifies the Fox Clan — and, you’ll likely notice, the Fortnite Twitter avatar has been changed to a fox.

It’s unclear what the messages are intended to convey, but they include mention of the skin Drift — and, as players have noted, all signs point toward the February 2021 Fortnite Crew subscription featuring a variant of Drift. Other players are suggesting there’s something more to the messages, saying it would be disappointing if they’re just a Crew bundle teaser.

The Fox Clan is, based on the tweets, the ‘trackers’ and they’ve seemingly been eliminated — all but one — by whatever was tracking them down. ‘I know you don’t know who I am,’ one of the messages reads, indicating that players may soon be introduced to an entirely new character. Will that character be the next Crew skin or a newly added hunter joining the Predator, Terminator, and other additions?

Assuming the messages do refer to the upcoming Crew skin, you have only a week left of waiting before it arrives for subscribers. If it doesn’t refer to the new Crew skin, then the messages may soon be joined by additional teasers that make it more clear what Epic is up to.

Fortnite Crew subscribers currently have access to the Green Arrow skin and related items, which will only be available for a few more days. You’ll need the subscription to get whatever Epic releases for February, as well as the monthly 1,000 V-Bucks drop and the bundled Battle Pass, assuming you don’t already have it.

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The Best Weapons in Destiny 2, and Where to Find Them

Destiny 2 is all about finding newer, better guns scattered throughout the solar system and across its many activities. There are a ton of great weapons already in the game, from Legendary guns you’ll find all over the place and in the Crucible, to highly prized Exotics you can only get from special drops or completing particular quests. Then there are guns that you’ll only find in the game’s six-person Leviathan raid and its new Raid Lairs, or from finishing its super-tough Trials of the Nine multiplayer tournament. With the release of Beyond Light, Destiny 2′s massive expansion pack, you’ll now have a plethora of new weapons at your disposal. From spiffy Exotics with unique perks to unassuming Legendary guns that turn out to be great, here are the best weapons in Destiny 2.

Additional Destiny 2 guides

Beyond Light (DLC)

The Lament

You can obtain the Lament by completing ‘The Lost Lament’ quest given by Banshee-44 in The Tower. While this quest will be time-consuming, it is relatively easy to complete. Its steps include killing 100 Vex with swords, exploring ruins, and finding Dead Exos hidden on Europa.

The Lament is the second-best sword you can get your hands on just behind the Falling Guillotine. With the highest DPS in the game, the Lament is the perfect weapon for dealing massive amounts of damage to Elite and Boss enemies. Of course, the best bonus of using a sword in Destiny is the full 3rd person view it grants. The Lament’s Exotic Perk allows you to ‘Rev the blade’ in order to stack damage and bypass shields.

No Time to Explain

No Time to Explain

To obtain this Exotic Pulse Rifle, players must complete the Beyond Light campaign and speak with the Exo Stranger at the very end. You’ll be reward with No Time To Explain, along with one final quest entitled, ‘Soon.’ Completing this quest will unlock the No Time to Explain Catalyst, and further enhance the weapon.

Players may remember this weapon from the original Destiny, in which it had the same relative traits. New to Destiny 2 is the Rewind Again stack. After 10 stacks, a portal will open, and No Time to Explain will begin firing ammo from a different dimension.


Destiny 2 Cloud Strike Sniper

This Exotic Sniper rifle can be obtained as a random drop/reward when completing Empire Hunts, new to Destiny 2: Beyond Light. There are a few steps you’ll have to take before unlocking the ability to go on said hunts. Play through Beyond Light‘s story until the Exo Stranger gives you a quest called, ‘A Hard Rain Falls.’ Once finished, head over to Variks and begin grinding away at his Sabotage Quests. It will cost Herealways pieces, Beyond Light’s new in-game currency, to go on Empire Hunts. However, you can reduce the cost by purchasing Empire Hunt Perks from Variks.

Cloudstrike shines in PvE as consecutive headshots will generate a lightning storm at the point of impact, dealing AoE damage to any enemies in range. This is a great strategy for taking down elites with focused sniper fire. It can deal with mobs of weaker enemies with one well-placed shot. While the lightning storm is deadly in PvP, the odds of killing multiple enemies with it is low. Cloudstrike is much better used on PvE missions.

Friction Fire

Friction Fire Destiny 2

You can unlock this Legendary Sub-Machine gun by completing Wrathborn hunts for Crow. Do this by charging your Cryptolith Lure and customizing it in the menu. Select the hunt you wish to go on to see what rewards may await you. Depending on the hunt, you’ll want to select whichever Lure mod/buff will help. Once prepared, you’ll receive a mission icon on The Tangled Shore (Fallen hunt) or in The Dreaming City (Hive hunt). You can also unlock Friction Fire by leveling up Crow’s faction. Completing Wrathborn Hunts will also reward you with Recon Data to be turned into Crow.

Friction Fire has a high rate of fire with little-to-no recoil. The precision frame makes the recoil pattern more predictably vertical which can be easily compensated for. Friction Fire puts out high DPS against elite enemies and is deadly when paired with a shotgun or sniper rifle in the Crucible (depending on your personal playstyle.)

Kinetic weapons

MIDA Multi-Tool


You’ll find this Destiny gun after completing the Exotic quest you pick up in Earth’s EDZ, once you’ve completed the series of Quest missions that unlock after the main story campaign is complete. A scout rifle designed for quick movement and quicker reactions, it does serious damage when you ping headshots, whether you’re running around various planets or aiming at other players in the Crucible.

MIDA Multi-Tool has two primary benefits: When you’re aiming down the sights with this gun, your radar will remain active, allowing you to see incoming threats from other directions. It also has a perk that increases your movement speed when it’s equipped and reloads super fast after you score a precision kill. It’s great for dealing high damage from afar with hit-and-run attacks before you get away from danger that would have otherwise caught you off guard.

Rat King

destiny-2-rat-king best weapons

This Exotic weapon can be a handful to unlock, mostly because you need a pal who is also either doing the Rat King quest or has already unlocked the gun in order to receive it. You’ll receive the quest when you complete the Questline on Titan after the story unlocks. It’s presented as a series of riddles, but the gist is, you need to complete Patrols, Public Events, Crucible matches, and the Nightfall with another player using Rat King. For the Nightfall, you need to finish it with five minutes or more on the timer.

Rat King is a pretty killer sidearm, with a quick firing rate and decent stability. Notch a kill with it and hit the reload button, and it’ll make you temporarily invisible, which is great for emergencies — especially in the Leviathan raid, which is full of swarms of tough enemies. But the best perk is that the more people on your team with Rat King, the stronger it becomes when you’re together. That means if you can get three (or even six in the raid) Fireteam members all equipped with Rat King, you increase its effectiveness significantly. Needless to say, it’s worth the struggle to unlock it.

Sweet Business

destiny-2-sweet-business best weapons

Hidden among regular auto rifles in Destiny 2 are firearms that are basically miniguns, and Sweet Business is one of the coolest. Sporting a magazine of 100 rounds, it’s great for melting big enemies by dumping a ton of ammo into them. You’ll also want to deploy it on tough missions with lots of enemies, such as Nightfalls, because it’s great for firing into a crowd and leaving nothing behind.

The longer you hold down the trigger on Sweet Business, the more powerful and more stable it becomes, so it pays to pick a target (or a few) and just unload on them. It doesn’t carry too much ammo — you’ll only be able to reload it two or so times before you need to hunt for ammo — but if you pick up ammo while firing, the gun will load it directly into the magazine. With increased hip-fire stability, this means you can walk around like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2, mowing things down with your minigun while grabbing spare ammo to keep the party going.

Vigilance Wing

destiny-2-vigilence-wing best weapons

This Exotic pulse rifle, which comes from random drops, is great for modes like Trials of the Nine, the Crucible, and Strikes where you’ll have a team with you. Its primary bonus is that, instead of firing a three-round burst, it fires five. If you’re a precise shooter, you can wreck enemies with it, and Crucible players will go down quicker than they expect thanks to the extra two rounds hitting them in the dome.

The Fireteam perks that come with Vigilance Wing are pretty cool as well. When a team member is killed, Vigilance Wing’s Harsh Truths perk restarts your health regeneration immediately and increases your movement speed, making it great for running to get resurrect teammates. You’ll also receive increased weapon performance when your teammates are all dead with the Last Stand perk, giving you more chances to make a comeback.


destiny-2-sturm best weapons

This Exotic hand cannon comes from a quest you’ll earn after completing the three Quest missions that unlock on Nessus after finishing the main story campaign. On its own, Sturm is a bit of a letdown. It fires high-damage, high-impact rounds at good range, but its slow fire rate means you need to hang back to use it effectively.

Sturm’s a decent weapon, but its major perks come from the weapon you pair it with, Drang. Even if you don’t use Drang, Sturm has the benefit of automatically reloading your Energy weapon as you use the hand cannon to rack up kills, so you can quickly go from one weapon to the next without stopping to reload.

Origin Story

destiny-2-origin-story best weapons

This Legendary auto rifle might pop up when you turn in Reputation tokens in the Tower, and it’s a pretty great gun to have around, especially when you need something solid to free up an Exotic slot for one of your other weapons. The Vanguard weapon is a reliable auto rifle with low recoil and good range, making it a great middle-of-the-road option for both the Crucible and fighting enemies around Destiny 2.

Rampage is the perk of note for Origin Story. As you notch kills with the gun, Rampage gives Origin Story a big damage increase that’ll stack up to three times. This makes it great in a variety of situations, especially if you can knock out several targets quickly. You can also opt for either the Flared Magwell perk, which increases reload speed significantly, or an Extended Magazine, depending on your style.

Garden Progeny 1

destiny 2 best weapons garden progeny

The first gun to come out of Curse of Osiris‘ lengthy series of Prophecy Tablet quests, which are only available once you’ve cleared most of the content in the expansion, is actually pretty good. Garden Progeny 1 is a weird-looking scout rifle that fires slowly, but hits very hard, and doesn’t have a ton of kickback. That makes it great for landing headshots from well out of the fight.

Garden Progeny 1 is pretty effective both in the course of story missions and in the Crucible. It makes for a great long-range alternative to an auto rifle, and while it might not be quite as effective as MIDA Multi-Tool, it’s a more versatile option that makes you effective at multiple ranges. You’ll get it from your first Lost Prophecy tablet — here’s a full guide on how to unlock it and the rest of the Lost Prophecy weapons.


destiny 2 best weapons crimson

Crimson is one of those truly unique exotic guns, with all kinds of perks that set it apart from anything else. Banned Weapon gives Crimson, a hand cannon, a three-round burst rather than the weapon class’s standard, slow-firing shot. Cruel Remedy heals you every time Crimson bags a kill. If it’s a precision kill, you get more ammo in the magazine. That’s kind of ridiculous.

With those crazy perks, Crimson is great both in and out of the Crucible. The three-round burst aspect is especially helpful when you bring it to bear against other players, while the healing and reload perks make Crimson great for extended battles against hordes of aliens.

Like most of these weapons, you’ll find Crimson in an Exotic engram, or as a Powerful Milestone reward. As of the Warmind expansion, you can also unlock a Masterwork version of Crimson, which also will drop randomly in the world while you’re killing enemies.

Braytech Winter Wolf

destiny 2 best weapons braytech lone wolf

Speaking of auto rifles, there’s another great one hidden in Warmind. The Braytech Winter Wolf is notable because it’s just so damn easy to use. A very stable, long-range auto rifle, the Winter Wolf comes with a precision frame that makes the kind of gun that lets you put bullet after bullet into the enemy’s head without having to struggle to stay on target. It’s also geared to dish out a lot of damage over time, with perks including Armor Piercing Rounds and High-Impact Reserves, making the gun great against shields and especially effective toward the end of the clip. In general, the Winter Wolf is effective from far away, packs a lot of damage, and doesn’t kick around a lot, making it a great primary weapon both out in the world and in the Crucible.

You can find the Winter Wolf after unlocking the encrypted nodes scattered around Hellas Basin, which you can open once you gather up Resonant Stems. Those nodes have a chance to send you back to Ana Bray with an item you can trade in for one of her winter-themed weapons, and there’s a one-in-five chance it’ll be the Winter Wolf.

Energy weapons

MIDA Mini-Tool

destiny-2-mida-mini-tool best weapons

Complete the three post-story campaign Quest missions in the EDZ to receive MIDA Mini-Tool, as well as the quest to unlock MIDA Multi-Tool. This is a great combo weapon if you’re using the Exotic. It’s a submachine gun that dumps Energy ammo fast, which is perfect when you get into close-quarters fights where the Multi-Tool isn’t as useful. The Mini-Tool also has a super-fast reload thanks to its Lightweight Frame, so it’ll get you out of a lot of scrapes when you’re in trouble.

Equipping both MIDA guns together at the same time also gives you an additional movement bonus thanks to the MIDA Mini-Tool’s “MIDA Synergy” perk. It’s a powerful, extremely useful combination in any circumstance.

Inaugural Address

destiny-2-inaugural-address best weapons

This pulse rifle comes out of the Leviathan raid, and it’s a slick weapon if you’re lucky enough to snag it. Inaugural Address is a straightforward Energy-based gun, with great handling and recoil perks. Its biggest benefit, though, is Kill Clip: Reload directly after a kill and your entire magazine will receive bonus damage. Pair it with the Outlaw perk, where you get a high-speed reload after a precision kill, and you can raise your damage pretty quickly.

Inaugural Address also has another optional perk you can choose instead of Outlaw called Ambitious Assassin, which overloads your magazine based on how many rapid kills you just got. This means that if you can quickly pick off three or four guys with one clip quickly and then reload, your Kill Clip magazine will be even larger, allowing you to deal a ton more damage to additional targets. Keep killing and you can keep the damage flowing.

Mob Justice

destiny-2-mob-justice best weapons

Another raid weapon, Mob Justice is a submachine gun that’s great for getting into the thick of things. It’s fairly stable, but it benefits from being up close and personal thanks to its fast handling speed. You’ll also move faster when aiming down the sights thanks to the Moving Target perk, so it’s built for front-line combat.

Like Inaugural Address, Mob Justice has two optional perks that put it over the top when it comes to coolness. The first is Pulse Monitor, which automatically reloads a part of your 34-round magazine when you’re critically wounded, giving you a chance to kill your killers without having to stop and reload. You can switch that perk for Ambitious Assassin, too, which overflows your magazine on reload based on how many rapid-fire kills you just racked up.


destiny-2-sunshot best weapons

An Exotic hand cannon you might grab as you make your way through the main story campaign, Sunshot is a phenomenal weapon to have in your back pocket when paired with something like an auto rifle. It’s a slow-firing Energy weapon with explosive rounds, one that turns enemies killed with critical hits into Solar bombs that damage those around them. Those explosions have been greatly increased in the Warmind expansion, making Sunshot a great gun to have with you in a variety of circumstances.

Sunshot’s other perks are great for using it at long range, too. It has high stability, high impact, and pretty good distance, and any enemy you hit with Sunshot is highlighted so you can keep after them even if they slip behind cover. It’s a great counterpart to a fast-firing auto rifle or other close-range weapons, and useful for crowds thanks to its explosive capabilities.


destiny-2-riskrunner best weapons

If you like lightning, you’ll love Riskrunner, which comes from random Exotic drops. The submachine gun fires fast and is great against enemies that wield arc weapons like the Fallen. Its Arc Conductor perk absorbs incoming fire from Arc weapons and uses it to overcharge the gun, thus making you resistant to Arc damage. As you rack up kills, you’ll extend this protection even longer.

The Superconductor perk pairs with Arc Conductor, channeling that energy into shots that have a chance to create lightning that bounces between targets. Basically, this means that you’ll want to take Riskrunner and charge directly into groups of Fallen and other enemies, so you can absorb their Arc fire and turn it into lightning that’ll zap its way through the entire group. An extended magazine and high stability mean you should be able to rack up tons of kills this way. Look for a Masterwork for Riskrunner that you can get for killing tough bosses in Strikes.


destiny-2-drang best weapons

The real pairing for Sturm, Drang, drops at the end of the Nessus questline. Equip it in your Energy slot when you have Sturm to receive some really great benefits, assuming you like pistols. Drang has solid range and good stability, but fires a bit slow for a sidearm, so like its counterpart, it’s good for midrange attacks and for staying out of the main fight.

When paired with Drang, you get to make use of the Together Forever perk. Kills with Drang reload Sturm from its reserves, and Sturm’s Accomplice perk uses kills to reload your Energy gun — in this case, Drang. This creates a situation in which you should be able to fire Sturm until it’s empty, switch to Drang, drain its magazine, and then switch back to a fully-loaded Sturm, provided you’re getting kills. You can continually switch back and forth between the two guns as you rack up kills and never have to reload.


destiny-2-coldheart best weapons

You might get this trace rifle (read: Laser beam) while making your way through the main story campaign, but it’s a great gun to keep with you and one that will get a lot of use in Crucible. Coldheart fires a single, continuous laser beam that increases damage the longer you hold it on a target. In the Crucible, this means Coldheart eats people alive if you can catch them in the open without cover because even as they run away, you should be able to hold the beam on them. It’s actually really frustrating when you run up against it.

Coldheart has great range, a big magazine, and tons of stability, so you can zap people from way downrange with it. It’s especially effective against boss enemies and in long-range Crucible maps, where you can get it on enemies that won’t get away from you easily and players who have nowhere to hide. The Warmind expansion adds a Masterwork for this gun, which you can find by killing tough bosses in Strikes.

Skyburner’s Oath

destiny-2-skyburners-oath best weapons

This Exotic, anti-Cabal Energy scout rifle comes out of random drops and is handy for Strikes and the raid especially, and although its slow firing rate reduces its effectiveness to some degree, it’s been tweaked in the Warmind expansion to give its rounds a slight bit of homing that makes it great for firing from behind cover. It also has good range and good handling, and its Slug Rifle perk increases damage when aiming down sights, making it ideal for people who stay back and fire away from a distance.

The big benefit of Skyburner’s Oath is that it does increased damage against Cabal targets in general, meaning you might want to bring it along on the Leviathan raid. It also can automatically penetrate Cabal Phalanx riot shields, which are annoying to deal with during Leviathan, especially in its final battle. Full-auto firing also means you can lay into enemies without having to let up on the trigger, while the extended magazine ensures you’ll take down what you’re aiming at, ideally from the safety of cover.

Graviton Lance

destiny-2-graviton-lance best weapons

An Energy pulse rifle you’ll get from random Exotic drops, Graviton Lance has good range and extremely good stability, making it great for zapping people and aliens at a distance. The three-shot burst gets a big damage boost with its final round thanks to the Black Hole perk, too, so if you can consistently catch headshots with it, you’ll wreck whatever you’re shooting at. The gun has been significantly beefed up in the Warmind expansion, so expect to find it in the Crucible quite a bit.

The other handy thing about Graviton Lance is that taking advantage of its headshot damage gives you an added bonus: Exploding enemies. Its Cosmology perk turns enemies killed with precision hits into bombs that’ll damage anyone close by. If you can stay out of the fight and use range to plug away at baddies or other players, Graviton Lance can be highly effective.


destiny-2-seven-six-five best weapons

This Energy scout rifle comes from random Legendary drops with lots of solid stats right out of the gate. The big benefit is that it’s fully automatic, which often makes it more effective than other scout rifles because you can focus less on firing and more on aiming.

You can choose between Seven-Six-Five’s Accurized Rounds perk for a range increase or Armor-Piercing Rounds that do more damage and are better at knocking out enemy shields. The gun also sports a Lightweight Frame, so it handles fast and increases your movement speed when you’re wielding it.

Positive Outlook

destiny 2 best weapons positive outlook

The fact that this gun’s initials are the letters O and P might have been deliberate on Bungie’s part. Positive Outlook is a phenomenal, devastating energy auto rifle you can get as a quest reward in the Curse of Osiris story, or as a Vanguard reward. Against both aliens and other players, Positive Outlook ravages your enemies and is probably the best expansion gun we’ve used so far.

There’s a key combination that makes Positive Outlook so powerful: It has a very low recoil and a large, 33-round magazine. once you’ve got it trained on somebody’s head, it stays there for the duration. Perks that add to Positive Outlook’s range, like “Accurized Rounds,” make it deadly from clear across a Crucible map and its Kill Clip perk adds bonus damage on those occasions when you have to bother to stop and reload. You’ll see this gun a lot in Destiny 2 player vs. player because it’s reliably lethal.

Prometheus Lens

destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-best weapons prometheus-lens best weapons

A trace rifle (read: giant laser beam) similar to Coldheart, Prometheus Lens was the dubious star of the Destiny 2 meta in the early days of Curse of Osiris because it was a powerful, long-range Guardian-melter. Bungie’s response to dealing with the gun that took over the Crucible was to nerf it significantly, but Prometheus Lens is still a fairly effective Exotic that can do some serious damage.

Prometheus Lens’ accuracy and range make it a useful weapon, but it also has a handy perk, Flame Refraction, which returns some ammo to the magazine for every kill you nab, allowing you to fire it for longer. Basically, you can hold the trigger down and keep your beam going as long as you keep racking up the kills.

You’ll find Prometheus Lens in an Exotic engram or as a Powerful Milestone reward. There’s also a Masterwork to unlock for the gun, which might drop when you kill bosses in Strikes.

Kibou AR3

destiny 2 best weapons kibou ar3

One of the easiest-to-get rewards in Warmind is also one of the most effective guns to come out of the expansion. The Kibou AR3 is an energy auto rifle that’s likely to be a workhorse of your arsenal as you make your way through the content on Mars. The Kibou’s precision frame makes it easy to handle as you pour ammo onto enemies, and it packs powerful rounds with the Armor Piercing perk. The fun part, though, is the Dragonfly add-on, which makes turns enemies you take down with precision kills into elemental bombs that damage nearby baddies. Kibou’s a great gun for chewing up shields and a useful weapon to take with you into the Crucible.

You can get the Kibou AR3 as a quest reward from Ana Bray early in the Warmind story, or snag it from her by turning in tokens on Mars.


destiny 2 best weapons ikelos hc

The Rasputin-themed hand cannon in Warmind can be a highly effective energy weapon. Like most hand cannons, it’s a high-impact gun that packs a major wallop. It also has a few perks that make it even more effective: Seraph Rounds give it an armor-piercing flare, and the Rampage perk means the hand cannon powers up the more kills you get with it. In Crucible, you might consider switching to the Threat Detector perk to make the HC good for those quick, close engagements. This is a reliable second weapon, great for pairing with a good auto rifle or pulse rifle, for when you need to flip over to some unexpectedly high damage.

You can find the IKELOS_HC by first completing all the story missions on Mars as part of the Warmind expansion, and then returning to Ana Bray and completing the blue Quest missions that appear after you speak with her again. The IKELOS_HC is your reward for completing those missions as well.

Power Weapons

Tractor Cannon

destiny-2-tractor-cannon best weapons

This sci-fi shotgun fires Energy rounds and benefits from a lot of unique additions. First, its Repulsor Force perk actively pushes enemies away when you hit them, giving you distance on bad guys. It also sports increased range over other shotguns, helping you continue laying down the hurt. Perks such as Particle Repeater and Composite Stock mean Tractor Cannon also has solid stability to help you deal with recoil.

When using the Scientific Method perk, damaging enemies also increases Tractor Cannon’s speed and handling, so once you’ve committed to an attack, you’ll benefit from keeping it up. In the Warmind expansion, the force of the Tractor Cannon has been increased enough that it sends enemies flying in most circumstances, making it not only powerful but hilarious. You can also unlock a Masterwork for the gun just by fighting enemies in the world. Look for this one from random Exotic engrams.


destiny-2-merciless best weapons

An Exotic fusion rifle built for relentless assaults, Merciless is effective even if you aren’t the best shot in Destiny 2. It sports a bigger magazine than other fusion rifles at eight shots, and comes with a perk that increases the gun’s charge speed when you land a hit but don’t get a kill, at least until you finish your enemy. Basically, it’s built for you to keep firing until your enemy is good and dead.

Once you do get your kill, Merciless encourages you to keep going. Reload directly after a kill and the weapon’s damage will be increased right away, allowing you to go after a new target with full force. Merciless also features a high stability stat, which means you should be able to manage the recoil and adjust your aim quickly.

Curtain Call

destiny-2-curtain-call best weapons

This random Legendary drop is a great rocket launcher that’s easy to miss. It deals heavy damage to a big area, making it great for crowds and boss enemies alike. In rocket launchers, blast radius and projectile velocity are the most important stats, and Curtain Call is strong on both fronts. It also reloads pretty fast, allowing you to get you firing as quickly as possible.

The big benefit of Curtain Call, however, is that, along with its big explosions and fast rockets, it launches cluster bombs upon impact, which fly out from the shell and explode around it. This wreaks havoc on large areas and is almost like adding a second rocket to your shot. Curtain Call is great for taking down scores of enemies or making an entire team of Guardians very sad in the Crucible, especially in game modes like Control where teams tend to bunch up.

Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun

destiny-2-hawthornes-field-forged-shotgun best weapons

Another great gun for fighting in the thick of things, this Legendary shotgun will likely pop up as a reward when you turn in EDZ tokens to Devram in the EDZ. It’s notable because it’s one of the few (and possibly the only) shotguns in the game right now that sports full-auto fire. This makes it great for emergencies in both the Crucible and during regular missions when you need to deal big damage in the thick of the fighting.

The rest of Hawthorne’s Shotgun perks amp up its usefulness in sticky situations. It has a low recoil and fast handling, so you’ll be able to bring it to bear quickly and fire until it’s empty. You can adjust between perks for increasing handling or reloading, as well as increasing range. Its Lightweight Frame also increases your movement speed, so you can get in, fire away, and slip off, hopefully before anyone has time to react.


destiny 2 best weapons telesto

A returning favorite from The Taken King, Telesto is a fusion rifle with a fun spin on the way that weapon type usually works. It fires a burst of energy like other fusion rifles, but instead of immediately ripping into the enemy, its bursts stick to the character and then detonate a second later. It turns bad guys (and other players) into fusion bombs, which is extremely enjoyable, and makes Telesto more deadly than other fusion rifles because its ammo can attach to things like walls and floors, allowing you to still damage enemies even if you miss them.

Telesto is also great in tight squeezes. It handles well, deals a ton of damage, and reloads fast. Plus, as a bonus, the Harbinger’s Pulse perk reloads your other weapons whenever you rack up a multi-kill.

Telesto drops from Exotic engrams and can pop up as a Powerful Milestone reward.

Worldline Zero

destiny 2 best weapons worldline zero

One of the two toughest weapons to get in Warmind is the Wordline Zero, the best sword we’ve had the pleasure of using in Destiny 2. The Exotic sword is highly overpowered as compared to your normal blades — it has a high ammo capacity and its Tempered Edge and Infinite Guard perks mean you don’t lose any efficiency when choosing between defensive and offensive capabilities with the blade. You also get the Assassin’s Blade perk, which gives you more damage and speed for every kill you rack up. The real fun of Worldline, though, is the spinning “Tesseract” move you can activate by sprinting a short distance and hitting the attack button, allowing you to zap multiple enemies at once.

To get the Worldline Zero, you have to find 35 of the colored test nodes hidden throughout the Warmind expansion — no easy task. Luckily, we have a guide to help you find all 45 of the test nodes and unlock the sword.

Sleeper Simulant

destiny 2 best weapons sleeper simulant

A blast from the past, the Sleeper Simulant is your reward for completing one of the longest and grind-iest quests in Warmind. Like its own Destiny version, the gun is a high-powered, slow-firing linear fusion rifle that deals insane damage when wielded correctly. Though it only has a couple of shots in the magazine, the Sleeper wrecks both high-health bosses and anybody that has the misfortune to get hit by it in the Crucible. It’s a great mainstay to keep you in your arsenal for those moments when you absolutely have to destroy somebody’s face, and it’ll give you one-hit kills even with body shots when you use it against other players.

To get the Sleeper Simulant, you need to unlock the IKELOS_HC_V1.0.1 and then complete the “Pursuit” that comes with it. It mostly requires completing a lot of different tasks with the IKELOS hand cannon equipped, as well as killing a lot of Hive and Cabal enemies. Use our guide to get to the Sleeper Simulant fast.

Ace of Spades

destiny 2 forsaken best weapons ace of spades

The major exotic unlock of the Forsaken expansion is Cayde-6’s hand cannon, and it’s pretty devastating. The fast-firing, super-powerful gun is great for tagging Guardians in the Crucible from a fairly long range, and its low recoil and high impact means you can slam a few really hard hits into an enemy usually before they have a chance to react. Dropping people in just a few shots is nice, as is the Firefly perk that makes enemies explode and the Third Eye perk that keeps your radar active even when you’re aiming down the sights.

You’ll get the mission to grab the Ace of Spades after finishing the story campaign for Forsaken, which is called Cayde’s Will. It requires you to get hand cannon kills in particular situations in Gambit matches (you need to kill Guardians who invade you with you a hand cannon five times — not invade them), then get hand cannon kills in Strikes and the Crucible. After that, there are a few of Cayde’s caches to track down on various planets, and a mission to complete on Titan.


Auto rifles that can dump ammo fast are great, but they’re usually made or broken on how much recoil they pack since high recoil will send bullets flying all over the place. Tigerspite is great because it’s ridiculously stable. This is an auto rifle that pretty much puts every round in the head of the thing you’re aiming at, making it great in the Crucible at almost all ranges and very useful in campaign missions and Strikes, as well. Rolls that bring it perks like Outlaw and Rampage increase the effectiveness of an already strong rifle.

Tigerspite is a legendary drop you’ll get in the Dreaming City; look for it as a reward for bounties from Petra and from the Oracle Engine, primarily.

The Queenbreaker

destiny 2 forsaken best weapons the queenbreaker

Linear fusion rifles are have been amped up to be pretty great in Forsaken, and the new Queenbreaker is an especially cool one. It’s basically a powerful laser sniper rifle, great for long-range enemy takedowns. The fun addition in situations like the Crucible and boss fights is that the blast blinds the thing it hits, making it a great support weapon for players who like to hang back and fire away at long range, while their teammates get in close. It’s also highly stable, with a large magazine and fast reloading, making it handy for several shots in a row.

The Queenbreaker comes from random exotic drops in the Crucible and out in the game world.

Trinity Ghoul

destiny 2 forsaken best weapons trinity ghoul

There are a bunch of guns in Forsaken that fire more than one shot at a time, spreading out your damage-dealing capabilities. Trinity Ghoul is one such weapon — the exotic bow fires an arrow that splits into three when it’s released. You can decrease the spread for greater accuracy by aiming down the sights, so it’s not too scattershot generally. The best part is that nailing precision shots with the Trinity Ghoul sets off chain lightning from one enemy to his neighbors, adding a lot of extra damage that’s also a lot of fun.

You can get Trinity Ghoul out of random exotic drops in the world and in the Crucible.

Two-Tailed Fox

destiny 2 forsaken best weapons two-tailed fox

This might be the coolest rocket launcher Destiny has ever had, at least on paper, and that includes the Gjallarhorn. The Two-Tailed Fox fires two rockets at once. Cool enough on its own, but it packs a large, powerful explosion, and the two rockets have special properties. One rocket is a Void element projectile, which suppresses enemy abilities and attacks, should they survive the initial blast. The other is a Solar rocket that sets enemies on fire to deal damage over time. Plus, the launcher just looks awesome.

You’ll find the Two-Tailed Fox as a drop from exotic engrams in the world and the Crucible.

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Stardew Valley update 1.5.4 arrives on PC with many bug fixes

Stardew Valley has received patch 1.5.4 on PC, with the same update coming soon for console players. The patch follows the major 1.5 update released in December, bringing with it a number of bug fixes, not the least of which is the whole fishing-rod-out-of-head glitch. The patch notes arrive with suitable censors on potential spoilers for players who want to be surprised.

The patch was announced by Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone, who goes by ‘ConcernedApe’ on Twitter. Unlike the 1.5 update, which brought a number of big new changes, this new update revolves around bug fixes. Among other things, the fishing pole no longer appears to be attached to the player’s head when the player catches a treasure chest with multiple rods in their inventory.

As well, the patch notes reveal that Lucky Rings won’t lose their luck bonus overnight, the Tea Sapling has been swapped out for a Triple Shot Espresso in the Stardew Valley Fair shop, plus that shop will no longer sell multiple units of the same random items.

Perhaps sad news for those who enjoyed the easy route: the Skull Caves exploit that unlocked all 120 elevator floors has been fixed. Some floor tiles in the Quarry mine no longer spawn items when the player uses bombs, and trees won’t grow on top of furniture anymore.

Some more rare bugs were also fixed, ones you may never have encountered yourself, such as a bug where a charged hoe may break a filled chest and destroy its content if it was placed in a specific way near other chests. There are a few changes that come with spoilers for those who want to avoid them; head over to the patch notes to see them for yourself.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo | Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and More

If Ikumi Nakamura’s incredibly endearing stage presence at the Bethesda conference back at E3 2019 wasn’t enough to get you interested in the new game from Tango Gameworks, then the mysterious trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo certainly sealed the deal. This is only the third game from this new team founded by legendary director Shinji Mikami, who you will know as the director of Resident Evil 4 among other classic survival horror games, and a new IP.

Ghostwire’s plot isn’t the only aspect of the game still shrouded in mystery, however. A lot of behind-the-scenes details have shifted with this title, making solid information about it hard to pin down. We’ve pulled together all the facts we have about this upcoming survival horror title, and give our best estimates on what has yet to be revealed, right here.

See more

Release date

There was a lot of speculation as to when we could expect to see Ghostwire: Tokyo hit store shelves, with the initial window simply being 2021. Many speculated that it would come in October of 2021 based on Mikami previously releasing a couple of his titles in that month, and also the fact that it would be thematically appropriate to drop a new horror title that month. Those predictions turned out to be accurate when Sony revealed details on several titles’ release windows during their CES presentation, and Ghostwire was officially given an October 2021 release window. There was also some worry the game would be delayed when Ikumi Nakamura left the project near the end of 2019, but the game appears to remain on track under the capable hands of Shinji Mikami, who took over directorial duties. We don’t know the exact date yet, but there’s still plenty of time for that announcement to come.


This game was one of the few, along with Deathloop, that was originally announced as a PS5 exclusive, but it got some people questioning whether or not it would remain an exclusive for Sony’s platform after it came out that Microsoft had purchased Bethesda, who was publishing the game. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long for official statements to come out, both from Bethesda and Microsoft, confirming that all the exclusivity deals made before the purchase would remain. We still don’t know how long Ghostwire will be available only on the PS5 — it’s billed as making a “console debut” on the system — but deals like this typically range from six months to a year. After that window, we know to expect it on PC and likely the Xbox consoles as well.


The announcement trailer was all we had up until recently, but was plenty to get people interested in the mystery of what Ghostwire: Tokyo would present to players. We are shown modern-day Tokyo on a normal rainy day when suddenly people simply start vanishing, leaving behind their clothing as if their bodies were evaporated. However, not everyone has disappeared. Aside from the few normal people who remain, new ghostly entities appear with unknown goals, as well as another group known as Visitors who hide their faces behind masks. The trailer is full of the visual transitions and impossible spaces that we got small tastes of in the studio’s previous title, The Evil Within.

The second, and last, trailer we have is the gameplay reveal shown as Sony’s Future of Gaming event. This trailer gives us a little more information on the character we will be playing as. We will apparently be playing as someone who is more aware of the spiritual world that is invading Tokyo and is therefore more capable of fighting back. Aside from more spiritual and horror elements, there seems to be a technological side to things as well as illustrated by some digital distortion and transitions. Beyond that, though, the trailer remains light on any details. It ends with the appropriate message to, “Face the unknown.”


We had to wait a long time since the 2019 E3 reveal to really know what the gameplay of Ghostwire: Tokyo would be. Up until the gameplay trailer, we didn’t even know for sure what perspective the game would be played in, but now have a much better idea of what this game really is. According to Ikumi Nakamura and Bethesda, while she was still directing the project, this is going to lean more on the action side of the horror genre. “Though there is an eerie element to the world, this is the studio’s first foray into the action-adventure sphere.”

This gameplay trailer, while still showing plenty of horror-inspired enemies, certainly showcases a wide range of ways the player will be able to combat these ghostly foes. Bethesda also reported, “Assisting them in creating a more action-oriented game is Shinichiro Hara, who worked on the push-forward combat and Glory Kill system in Doom (2016), and is now the Combat Director on Ghostwire: Tokyo. Hara and the combat team and Tango have created an intricate, combo-based system that utilizes movements inspired by traditional Kuji-kiri hand gestures.”

Our protagonist will have a suit of supernatural or magical abilities that seem to be triggered via the previously mentioned hand signs that vary from what look like melee strikes to elemental projectiles. We see multiple combo attacks that end in a takedown-style move that looks very reminiscent of the Glory Kill system from Doom. We also get a tiny glimpse of a bow and arrow, but it seems like these hand gestures will be our primary method of dealing with these supernatural threats.

In contrast to what the first trailer showed, the gameplay is clearly going for something leaning far more on the action side of the spectrum, as evidenced by the quote promoting the same combat director as Doom, rather than a traditional survival horror experience.

Plus, for those who find details like this important, do not fret. Shinji Mikami himself went on video to confirm that you will be able to pet every dog in Ghostwire: Tokyo.


Unless Tango Gameworks makes a very sudden and surprise announcement, there’s no evidence that Ghostwire: Tokyo will have any multiplayer components. The team has never implemented multiplayer in the games in the past, and nothing about the gameplay or marketing has even hinted that this will change for Ghostwire. Bethesda isn’t the type of publisher to usually force multiplayer components into games where they don’t belong, so hopefully that holds true for Ghostwire.


Ghostwire Tokyo Tango gameworks E3 2019 Bethesda The Evil Within

No DLC plans have been announced yet, but those typically come when a firm release date is set. For now, we can only speculate on if this title will get any additional content, and there is a strong case to say it will. The Evil Within had several DLC packs that put players in new characters’ shoes for their own campaigns, one of which was an enemy from the game that had a completely different combat system. In a world where 99% of the population has vanished, there is plenty of room in Tokyo for additional, smaller stories that don’t necessarily connect to the main plot to be added.


Once again, we’re still forced to wait until the final date in October is revealed before pre-orders go live. Once a date is confirmed and pre-orders are available, we will update this section.

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Newegg Shuffle could be the fix to RTX 30-series, PS5 restock woes

It’s not exactly a secret that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, along with new PC gaming hardware from NVIDIA and AMD, are all difficult to come by at the moment. Every time this hardware is restocked anywhere, it’s seemingly sold out in seconds, with resellers jacking up prices to insane degrees on sites like eBay. If you’ve tried and failed to get your hands on one of these consoles or CPUs, Newegg might have a fairer way of selling these products.

The company has implemented a lottery system called Newegg Shuffle, and the latest lottery is going on now. Until 2 PM Pacific time today (just about two hours from the time of this writing), Newegg users can head over to the website, pick out any items they’re interested in buying, and then enter into a lottery that will be drawn later today at 3 PM Pacific.

Newegg will notify the winners by email, and those winners will then have from 4 PM PT to 8 PM PT today to make their purchases. If you win the lottery, the hardware you picked out during the selection window will be reserved for you, but only during the buying window – if you don’t purchase the products you picked out during the buying window later today, you forfeit the reservation on them and will have to wait for the next Newegg Shuffle.

In all, there are several items that you can reserve in this iteration of the NewEgg Shuffle – the Ryzen 5 5600X, Ryzen 7 5800X, RTX 3070, RTX 3080, RTX 3090, and the PlayStation 5. Those of you hunting for a PlayStation 5 should be aware that the console is only available in a bundle that includes a PS5 Digital Edition, two DualSense controllers, the PS5 HD Camera, and the PS5 Media Remote, so be prepared to spend a little more on the console if you win the lottery.

Newegg will be running these Shuffle lotteries periodically as time goes on, and while it doesn’t solve the stock issues plaguing all of these products, it does at least make the buying process fairer. If you’re planning to enter the lottery, good luck to you, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more restock alerts.

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Resident Evil Village Gets Release Date and Demo

Resident Evil Village is officially launching on May 7 and a demo is available right now on PlayStation 5. The news comes from Capcom’s Resident Evil showcase theme, which revealed several new developments for the franchise.

The highly anticipated horror game is now coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in addition to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Last-gen players will get a free upgrade to the game on PS5 and on Xbox Series X via smart delivery. A demo for the game is available to play right now on PlayStation 5, which features a new character called The Maiden. A separate demo will come to other platforms in Spring.

Pre-orders open today and players can get a digital deluxe edition that includes in-game items. A collector’s edition includes a Chris Redfield figure and an art book. Players can also grab a bundle that features Resident Evil 7 and Village.

The showcase started with a new Resident Evil Village gameplay trailer that gave the closest look at the horror game yet. The video shows Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters navigating a creepy castle in first-person and fighting entities surrounded by moths. The game features a newly revamped crafting system, a blocking mechanic, and side missions.

The showcase gave a first look at Re:Verse, a new multiplayer shooter featuring classic Resident Evil characters. The game will be free for anyone who purchases Resident Evil Village.

Rounding out the showcase, the new CGI Netflix film Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness made a quick appearance. The Division 2 is also getting some Resident Evil cosmetics, including a Leon Kennedy outfit.

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