Lil Nas X, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift were among the Vevo YouTube channels hacked Tuesday

On Tuesday morning, YouTube channels for some of the world’s biggest stars showered fans with strange music videos. Vevo channels for artists like Lil Nas X, Eminem, Drake, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and many others were affected. The channels in question have subscriber counts that add up to hundreds of millions. Before the videos disappeared, viewers saw bizarre clips of Paco Sanz, a Spanish conman sentenced to two years in jail after being convicted of fraud for lying about having terminal cancer, and rapper Lil Tjay.

YouTube did not respond to requests for comment from The Verge; however, Vevo — which bills itself as “the world’s leading music video network” — did acknowledge the incident. A spokesperson responded to contact via Vevo’s public press information and requested not to be named, citing the “nature” of the incident. They said in a statement that “Some videos were directly uploaded to a small number of Vevo artist channels earlier today by an unauthorized source.”

Besides noting that the videos are gone, they also claimed, “No pre-existing content was accessible to the source. While the artist channels have been secured and the incident has been resolved, as a best practice Vevo will be conducting a review of our security systems.”

Another Vevo-related breach in 2018 saw popular music videos defaced, while the then-most-viewed YouTube video of all time, “Despacito” (it is now second, behind “Baby Shark”), was vandalized and briefly removed.

Google and YouTube have recently focused on trying to secure popular channels. Last year a report highlighted a phishing campaign targeting creators, YouTube required millions of popular channels to enable two-step verification, and Google says it gave away hardware authentication keys to over 10,000 high-risk users.

Despite those precautions, an apparent compromise somewhere along Vevo’s pipeline allowed the attacker, who pointed to their Twitter handle @lospelaosbro in the posts, to continue uploading across high-profile channels for several hours.

The artists or the people who operate their pages were likely unable to do anything about the issue. Vevo’s artist information page explains that it works by creating a separate verified Artist Channel to upload videos, and YouTube merges that content with videos on the artist’s own YouTube page. A support page states that “Vevo does not provide access directly to artists.” Instead, independent content providers or the artist’s music label will upload the content to Vevo, which sends it to YouTube and other channels.

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Among Us VR gives the wildly popular game a brand new perspective

One of the biggest surprises during The 2021 Game Awards was the reveal that Among Us is stepping into the realm of virtual reality. Among Us VR was revealed with a brief teaser trailer in the midst of The Game Awards, and though it didn’t show very much, most of us probably have a good enough grasp on the original game to imagine what a virtual reality version of the game will be like.


A whole new reality for Among Us

Still, it’s nice to have a look at the game, and that’s precisely what we got in this short trailer from The Game Awards. In it, we can see the player character performing tasks in the iconic spaceship – this time rendered in 3D – before they’re attacked by the impostor. Unfortunately, that’s all the trailer gives us, but if the goal for the trailer was getting the average Among Us fan excited about the prospect of a future VR title, what we got was really all we needed to see.

The shift to virtual reality could even bring some survival horror vibes that are missing from the standard game. Sadly, details are pretty slim at this point in time. At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that the game will come to Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR, but there’s no word of a release date yet.

On its blog, developer Innersloth tells us that the VR version will support multiplayer, but unsurprisingly, there won’t be cross-play between the VR version and the standard version. Instead, when you play in VR, you’ll be playing only with other VR players, united in your quest to fix your ship and avoid the imposters among your crew.

What is Among Us?

For those who don’t know what Among Us is, it’s essentially a video game version of the party game Mafia (otherwise known as Werewolf). Mafia is typically played in person, with players split into two groups: the villagers and the Mafiosi. That Mafiosi play a game of deception, attempting to pass as regular villagers while picking a villager to kill each night. Each day, the villagers are informed of who was killed and attempt to determine who the impostors are, eliminating those whom the majority suspects.

Among Us keeps the structure of Mafia, but puts the game in space and moves the setting from a village to a spaceship. Regular players are given a series of tasks they need to complete, while the impostors have to kill off the crew while avoiding suspicion. If the crew finishes all of their objectives or eliminates all of the impostors, they win the game. If the impostors manage to kill the crewmembers before they complete their tasks or manage to trigger a disaster aboard the ship, they win.

Among Us has been around since 2018, but it skyrocketed to popularity during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic when large numbers of prospective gamers were stuck at home and couldn’t play party games like Mafia in person. Now that we’ve reached the point at which the brand Among Us can expand beyond its original piece of media, it’s time to make the jump to the next most logical place: virtual reality. Will you be dropping in on this game when the time comes for public release?

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Xbox Game Pass December 2021 adds Halo Infinite, Stardew Valley, Among Us

Today we kick off the final month of 2021, and with the arrival of December comes news of more additions to Xbox Game Pass. December is shaping up to be a big month for Microsoft’s subscription service, thanks in no small part to the arrival of Halo Infinite. The latest game in Microsoft’s flagship franchise will be joined by some beloved indie classics as well.

Xbox Game Pass games, early December 2021

The new additions start with a bang tomorrow, December 2nd, with the arrival of a bunch of games: Anvil (console and PC), Archvale (cloud, console, and PC), Final Fantasy XIII-2 (console and PC), Lawn Mowing Simulator (cloud, console, and PC), Rubber Bandits (cloud, console, and PC), Stardew Valley (cloud, console, and PC), and Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector (cloud, console, and PC). (via Xbox Wire)

There’s one clear standout in this initial drop of games, and that’s Stardew Valley. We learned that Stardew Valley was destined for Xbox Game Pass earlier this year, and now the big day has finally come. If you’ve never played Stardew Valley before, it’s essentially a love letter to all things Harvest Moon, so if the simple life of small-town farming calls to you, you’ll soon have the chance to play it through Xbox Game Pass.

READ MORE: Halo Infinite multiplayer first impressions

The new additions continue on December 7th with Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator (cloud, console, and PC). That game will be followed on December 8th by the month’s heavy hitter: Halo Infinite, which will be available across the cloud, console, and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass. Keep in mind that this is the campaign for Halo Infinite, with the multiplayer already available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, the Microsoft Store, and PC.

Xbox Game Pass wraps up the first half of December with One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 (cloud, console, and PC) on December 9th and then both Aliens: Fireteam Elite (cloud, console, and PC) and Among Us (console) on December 14th.

Xbox Game Pass perks and upcoming departures

As always, there are several perks for free-to-play games that Xbox Game Pass subscribers can claim this month. It should come as little surprise that one of the perks is for Halo Infinite, granting a “Pass Tense” coating for the MA40 Assault Rifle, four double XP boosts, and four challenge swaps.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also get a New Year’s Bundle for Dauntless that includes new cosmetics, a 14-day Slayer’s Club membership, and 25 Patrol Keys. In addition, Apex Legends players can snag the RIG Helmet Weapon charm, while World of Warships: Legends players will get the Hero’s Companion bundle featuring the Medea – a Tier II British warship – along with boosters and credits.

All of these perks will be available in the Perks gallery on Xbox consoles, the Xbox app on PC, and the Xbox Game Pass app on mobile beginning December 2nd, save for the Halo Infinite perks which will go live alongside the campaign on December 8th.

Finally, we’ve got another round of departures heading our way. On Wednesday, December 15th, six games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass: Beholder (cloud and console), The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (console and PC), Guacamelee! 2 (cloud, console, and PC), Wilmot’s Warehouse (cloud, console, and PC), Unto The End (cloud, console, and PC), and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (cloud, console, and PC). If you’re currently playing any of those, you’ve got exactly two weeks to finish them up, so be sure to earmark some game time in the coming days.

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New Among Us Update Adds Roles, XP, And Lots Of Cosmetics

Starting today, Among Us players can kit out their crewmates and imposters with new cosmetics earned by leveling up or purchased from an in-game store. As part of the Cosmicubes update, the game has received a buffet of new content, including visor cosmetics, new items, two new currencies, a store, and new roles.

Everything from this update starts with the addition of experience points and levels. Players now receive XP for completing tasks, killing crewmates, or correctly guessing who the imposter is. With each level, players get two new currencies: Pods and beans. Beans — along with stars, a premium version of the currency — can be used to purchase items, bundles, and Cosmicubes. Pods, on the other hand, can be used to unlock cube contents, which contain cosmetics and such.

In terms of gameplay changes, players can now play games of Among Us with player roles, changing regular matches in a big way. Crewmates can spawn as Scientists, who can check player vitals at any time, or engineers, who can use vents. Imposters, on the other hand, can become Shapeshifters and take on the appearance of anyone else in the game. Players that are killed can also do more than their remaining tasks as Guardian Angels that can defend players from being killed once.

Along with all of this content, Among Us developer Innersloth included a small teaser in today’s trailer confirming that the studio is currently working on another game. However, no other details on the new title were announced.

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Among Us new Imposter role revealed as the Shapeshifter

Last year’s biggest hit game Among Us is getting a big update in the near future, one that will, among other things, bring new Roles to the title. Innersloth says it is still keeping most of the details about its upcoming update a secret, but it is revealing one big change early to get players excited: the new Imposter role.

All but one of the new roles added to Among Us will involve the Crewmates — the innocent players who run around completing tasks while trying to avoid death at the hands of one or more Imposters. The new Imposter role, Innersloth says, will be Shapeshifter, a foe who can disguise their appearance as that of an existing crew member.

The shapeshifting process involves an egg-like object appearing over the Shapeshifter; Crewmates will be able to see this transformation process, making it a risky move that may pay off if carefully used. As well, the default settings will result in the Shapeshifter returning to its regular state after a short period of time.

Game hosts will be given the ability to choose how many Shapeshifters can be in a match and the odds that an Imposter will spawn with the shapeshifting ability. One example provided is that a host may limit matches to a maximum of two shapeshifters with a 30-percent chance that Imposters will spawn with the extra ability.

Though this is the only update to the game’s Imposter role, it represents a massive change in how matches will play out. The increased complexity is arguably a necessity at this point in the title’s lifespan, as the game has grown a bit stale over recent months.

Innersloth reveals that Among Us matches conducted for internal playtesting have been “extremely chaotic” due to the Shapeshifter role. With this revelation, one big question remains: what are the new Crewmate roles and how will they help guard against the Shapeshifter?

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Among Us Xbox Series X, PS5, previous-gen console release date confirmed

Among Us enjoyed a massive rise in popularity during the pandemic, and in the time since then, we’ve seen the game slowly spread to other platforms. While the Among Us got its start on iOS, Android, and Steam, it has since launched on Nintendo Switch, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Today, we finally learned when Among Us will be heading to Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and even better is the news that it’ll be on those platforms before the end of the year.

As announced by developer Innersloth Games today, Among Us will be launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the console version of Xbox Game Pass on December 14th. The game will be available digitally for $5 – the same amount it costs on other platforms like Steam and Nintendo Switch – but there will also be several physical editions to choose from.

First up is the Crewmate Edition for $29.99, which comes with a physical copy of the game in a 3D lenticular case, 1 of 12 holographic access cards, a sticker sheet, a poster depicting a blueprint of the Skeld, and six downloadable wallpapers for PC and phones. On the other hand, the Imposter Edition will come with everything included in the Crewmate Edition but adds a spinning into space pin, a crewmate vs. impostor lanyard, a purple crewmate plush, and a big box to keep it all in. That one will set you back $49.99.

Finally, we have the $89.99 Ejected Edition. This comes with everything in the Impostor Edition, but it swaps out the 3D lenticular case for a steelbook case and adds a red impostor beanie and a crewmate fleece blanket. All three editions will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and they’re all up for pre-order today from Maximum Games.

The physical editions will have staggered launches. The Crewmate Edition will launch in the UK and Europe on December 14th; Japan and South Korea on December 16th; and the US, Canada, and Latin American on January 11th. No precise release date has been given for the Impostor and Ejected Editions yet, with Innersloth saying they’ll launch in multiple territories at some point in spring 2022.

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‘Among Us’ will hit Xbox and PlayStation on December 14th

Innersloth has been that it will bring Among Us to Xbox and PlayStation sometime this year. Sure enough, the Mafia-style social deduction game is coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on December 14th.

Just like on PC, Among Us will be included with Xbox Game Pass on consoles. Those on PlayStation, meanwhile, will get an exclusive Ratchet & Clank cosmetic at a later date. Among Us has crossplay support, so you’ll be able to play with friends across PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Innersloth also revealed details about the physical editions of Among Us for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Along with the base game and all of the DLC, the includes a poster of the Skeld map, stickers and a holographic card. That version will hit Europe on December 14, Japan and South Korea two days later, and then the US, Canada and Latin America on January 11th.

The includes the same gear as the Crewmate package, along with a purple crewmate plush, an enamel pin and a lanyard. The $90 Ejected Edition comes with even more goodies, including a steelbook case, a beanie and, best of all, a fleece blanket. Both of those editions will ship in spring 2022.

Among Us in 2020, two years after its debut, as Twitch streamers and YouTubers started playing it en masse. People were also looking for ways to connect with their friends during COVID-19 lockdowns and, for many, lying to their buds about what they were doing in Among Us’ med bay fit the bill perfectly. It’s coming to Xbox and PlayStation just in time for more people to play and argue with their loved ones over the holiday season.

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Among Us Is Coming To Consoles And Game Pass this December

Among Us, the mafia-style 2018 title that exploded over the course of the last year is finally heading to consoles this December. The announcement comes after word that the game would be coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in physical collector’s edition releases. However, starting on December 14, anyone with a PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S will be able to purchase the game digitally. As an extra bonus, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also be able to access the massively popular title for free on the same day.

Of course, none of this matters to Nintendo Switch owners, who have had access to Among Us since it was released on the console as a surprise last December.

Players will be able to purchase Among Us on their respective console’s digital storefront for its usual price of just $5. Since gaining popularity, the game has been constantly supported and updated by developer Innersloth. The game’s road map from this summer includes a new hide-and-seek mode, as well as more new maps for players to complete tasks and stealthily slaughter each other on.

If Among Us coming to Xbox Game Pass sounds familiar, that’s because it has, although not in the same capacity. In December 2020, the game was added to Xbox Game Pass for PC specifically. As of December 14, the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles as well. Today’s announcement means that by the end of this year, Among Us will be available on every major gaming platform available.

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Fortnite and Among Us Tease Some Sort of Collaboration

Fornite and Among Us may get some sort of crossover event soon, according to a tweet thread between both games’ official Twitter accounts. The news comes after Epic Games officially gave Among Us credit for inspiring its Impostors mode.

Earlier this year, Epic Games announced that it would add a social deduction mode to Fortnite, which sounded quite a bit like Among Us on paper. That prompted some backlash from some players, who felt Epic was capitalizing on a small indie team’s idea without giving them credit. The Fortnite Twitter account finally gave Among Us credit for inspiring the mode in a tweet today.

Big fans! We never got to talk about how you inspired us. What do you think about working on something fun together sometime?

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) October 12, 2021

That tweet kicked off a thread between both the Fortnite and Among Us accounts, which felt scripted to tease a collaboration. After a bit of back and forth, the Fortnite account tweeted: “Big fans! We never got to talk about how you inspired us. What do you think about working on something fun together sometime?” The Among Us account agreed, tweeting “yesssss have ur Agents contact our Crewmates.”

It’s not clear what the collaboration will be or how soon its coming. While the tweet exchange is meant to look like a casual conversation, its more likely a preplanned marketing stunt to tease a project that’s already in the works. Perhaps we’ll get some Among Us skins in Fortnite‘s next season.

Fortnite’s Impostors mode is live now. Epic Games just updated it to add role bias and an open voice chat function to help players better deduce who is sus.

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Fortnite Impostors finally gives Among Us credit while teasing a new collaboration

Back in August, Epic Games rolled out a new game mode for Fortnite called Fortnite Impostors. The mode was a Fortnite-themed take on the Mafia/Werewolf party game made popular in video game format by Among Us, which exploded in popularity during the pandemic. There was just one problem with the rollout of Fortnite Impostors, as there was no mention of Among Us – a game it clearly drew inspiration from – anywhere to be seen.

That didn’t sit well with fans of Among Us, and even some of the developers and staff at Innersloth expressed their disappointment that Epic didn’t reach out to the studio before launching Fortnite Impostors. In one tweet, Innersloth co-founder Marcus Bromander even said that the studio had been attempting to collaborate with Epic before Fortnite Impostors was announced.

Fast forward a couple of months, and now it seems that Innersloth and Among Us have the shout-out they were looking for back in August. In a tweet published earlier today, the official Fortnite account finally said directly that Among Us was the inspiration for the Fortnite Impostors mode.

Not only that, but an exchange between the two companies suggests that the collaboration Bromander talked about back in August is finally happening. We have no idea what such a collaboration could entail, but it looks like the two companies are now hammering out those exact details.

So, even though Innersloth didn’t get its due credit as soon as it should have, at least the studio got it in the end. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information on this upcoming collaboration between Fortnite and Among Us, so stay tuned for that info.

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