How Apple Will Finish Its 2-Year Mac Transition Next Year

There’s no doubting the first slate of Apple Silicon Macs has made a real impact. Everything from the MacBook Air to the new 24-inch iMac have been miles ahead of their Intel-based predecessors. While they have been an undoubted success, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman believes some devices, including the 27-inch iMac, could just barely make Apple’s own two-year time window for the transition to Apple Silicon.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman explains that the latest update to Apple’s custom chip, dubbed the M1X, is on track to make its debut in a revamped MacBook Pro in the “coming months.” That will be followed soon after by a new high-end Mac Mini that will give more options to pro users who want plenty of power in a small device.

As for the MacBook Air, Gurman believes it will get new chips, plus a new-look redesign and a MagSafe port, at some point in 2022, although the exact timing remains unclear. Previous rumors have claimed the MacBook Air will come in a range of bright colors much like the 24-inch iMac, which would chime with Gurman’s redesign assertion. Various leakers and analysts have also cited 2022 as the launch date for the new MacBook Air, including industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Twitter leaker dylandkt.

Intel lives on … for now

Intel chips will live on a little longer in Apple devices, though, according to Gurman. Currently, only the smaller iMac has been outfitted with Apple Silicon chips, while the larger 27-inch version still runs on Intel processors. Gurman believes this will change next year, although it could take until the end of the year to fully switch to Apple’s own chips.

The Mac Pro, meanwhile, could take even longer to finally ditch Intel processors for good. Gurman’s newsletter explains that Apple is planning a final Intel update to the Mac Pro, potentially to give developers more time to get their apps ready, and to also allow Apple the chance to nail down the high-end Apple Silicon chips that are needed to make the transition seamless for pro users.

It’s unclear if the updated Intel Mac Pro will launch before Apple reveals the rumored half-sized Mac Pro that supposedly will offer huge power in a tiny package. The chip powering this micro machine could come with 32 high-performance cores, which could well hit the target Apple is aiming for in order to make the Intel transition painless for the most demanding of its users.

Back when Apple first announced the shift away from Intel in November 2020, CEO Tim Cook said the process would take around two years. With several devices not expected to make the switch until late 2022, Apple could be cutting it fine to hit its own target for the transition.

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Epic details everything Fortnite players need to finish in one week

We’re officially one week away from the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. For players that are still hoping to max out the Battle Pass and challenges, Epic has released a list of everything you should be sure to finish in the next seven days — including a few you might have forgotten about or never realized were an option.

As Epic previously detailed, players are able to ‘super level’ up the current Battle Pass, which expands beyond the 100 levels foundation. Players who super level will unlock special chromium, Runic, and gold styles for the Raz, Tarana, and Spire Assassin skins.

Players can also get a gold style for the Lara Croft skin by stealing a specific legendary assault rifle. As with the previous season, Epic reminds players that it will also reset their gold bars when Season 7 arrives, meaning there’s no good reason to continue hoarding your gold bars.

Be sure to spend the bars over the next week — they can be particularly useful for completing some challenges by, for example, using them to pay for things like Rifts. Beyond this, players can also take on the difficult The Spire Questline challenge and fight Glyph Master Raz to get its style.

Epic notes that due to the difficulty, it will grant the style to players who unlock the Raz outfit (Battle Pass level 50) and then complete some progress in a Spire Quest. Head over to Epic’s Fortnite blog for all of the last-minute details; the game’s Chapter 2 – Season 7 will arrive on June 7.

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Spotify just made it much easier to finish podcast episodes

Spotify has announced a refreshed home screen that better personalizes the app experience and makes it easier for users to resume podcast episodes they recently listened to. As well, the design refresh will make it easier for users to rediscover content they previously enjoyed and will serve up music recommendations.

Spotify, of course, is now home to many podcasts in addition to its vast music library. The refreshed home screen design will make it easier to quickly access both. Once the update rolls their way, users on iOS and Android will notice podcast episodes they’ve already started listening to in the Home hub.

In addition, the Home hub will also show new podcast episodes, which will be distinguished by a blue dot. Tapping either card will pull up the podcast episode to get listeners directly back into the content, whether it’s a previously-started episode or a brand new one.

In addition to the new podcast episode view, the refreshed home screen also includes a ‘Recently played’ menu so that users can quickly access up to three months’ worth of past listening. This feature will be available for free and Premium users unlike the new podcast features, which are limited to Premium subscribers.

Finally, the refreshed home screen will present users with a new surface at the top of the hub that presents recommendations based on one’s own listening habits and that are ‘timely,’ such as a hot new release from an artist you stream. The features are rolling out for mobile users across the globe this month.

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