Ring Fit Adventure Is Now A Best-Selling Switch Game

Nintendo has released a new list of its top-selling software, and while it includes some titles that should be expected, a new game has made its way onto the list. Ring Fit Adventure, the 2019 fitness game, has claimed the 10th spot on the list.

Nintendo itself has been doing well since the launch of the Switch. The console, which launched back in 2017, is still selling well. That’s despite a revised version of the console, the Switch OLED, releasing later this year. However, the Switch’s biggest success has been in software sales. According to Nintendo’s list of its top-selling title sales units, Ring Fit Adventure has sold a whopping 11.26 million units so far, overtaking the console’s previous 10th bestseller, New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

Naturally, some mainstays are still on the list and likely won’t be overtaken. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are the best and second-best-selling games on Nintendo’s console, with 37.08 million and 33.89 million units sold respectively. Considering that the Switch itself has sold just over 89 million units in its lifetime, that means that over a third of all Switch users own one of or both Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Notably though, are the Switch’s total software sales. The little console has apparently been a huge software seller for Nintendo, with over 632.40 million units of software sold so far. comparatively, the only other Nintendo hardware that has managed to sell as much software is the Wii, with 921.85 million units sold, and the Nintendo DS, with 948.74 million units sold.

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After years of enduring these assaults on my senses, I decided enough was enough. I cancelled my membership, built a home gym, and started playing five-a-side football with friends. It was one of the smartest decisions I’d ever made.

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Then COVID-19 arrived. My domestic shelter quickly turned into a prison and I lost all motivation to exercise. What I needed was a personal trainer to call me a scrawny weakling until I collapse in a pile of blood, sweat, and tears. But quality sadomasochism doesn’t come cheap.

Keen to save my pennies for the impending apocalypse, I sought a more affordable alternative — a virtual personal trainer.

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