Workout Virtually With Friends Thanks to FitXR’s Multiplayer

If you can’t make it to the gym, bring the gym to you — virtually. FitXR has now launched a multiplayer feature that lets users workout with and against friends. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of competition to keep you motivated. In addition to the new features, FitXR is launching a membership model that brings additional benefits to subscribers. All existing members will receive a free 90-day subscription, after which the subscription will be $10 per month.

One of the benefits of the new membership model is the addition of a new class each day. Every class is choreographed by a group of professional fitness instructors to keep them fun and effective. If you’re tired of the same style of Zumba classes and you aren’t quite ready to turn to Jazzercise, try one of the new daily classes.

The multiplayer feature lets up to seven different people workout together. Users are able to see one another, as well as chat before, during, and after the class to compare notes on the workout. If someone can’t make it to the session, they can take part in an on-demand class recorded from previous sessions. It’s like working out and time travel all in one.

FitXR is also launching new studios to join their existing lineup. In addition to the Box and Dance studio, FitXR is adding a HIIT studio in May. This studio will feature high-intensity interval training to provide a more well-rounded workout and help users lose weight more effectively. After all, who really wants to spend an hour per day on cardio?

Finally, FitXR is pumping up the volume by partnering with Warner Music’s U.K.-based dance label called FFRR. This partnership will introduce music to FitXR classes. Over time, FitXR plans to introduce new artists and songs to help users discover more music they enjoy while also motivating them to work harder in their classes.

FitXR is available on the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. It’s an innovative way to keep up with that New Year’s resolution you set while remaining safe at home until the gyms open back up.

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