LG’s OLED Flex is a flat panel and a curved display in one

A few days ago, Corsair introduced a 45-inch display called Xeneon Flex with a panel made by LG that you can bend to switch between a flat and a curved screen. Turns out LG also developed a bendable monitor model of its own. The Korean company has just unveiled the LG OLED Flex or LX3, a 42-inch screen that you can manually adjust until it reaches a curvature of 900R. To note, Corsair’s has a max curvature of 800R, and a smaller number means the monitor’s curve is more pronounced. 

You can quickly adjust the Flex’s curvature by using a dedicated button on its remote control and choosing either of the two available presents. But you can also manually adjust its degree of curvature in five percent increments, giving you over 20 levels of curve to to choose from. Further, you can tilt the monitor towards or away from you and adjust the height of its stand by 140 millimeters. 

LX3 uses the company’s backlight-free and self-lit OLED technology and was designed to have a 0.1 millisecond response time and low input lag. It also gives you the power to adjust the size of the image onscreen so you can choose to use the whole monitor or just a part of it, if you want to see the whole picture at a glance — say for games that need you to be aware of your environment. 

LG also gave the monitor exclusive access to its new Game app, which has shortcuts to popular gaming-related apps like Twitch and YouTube and lists all your connected external input devices. Speaking of connected devices, the model’s Switching Hub function lets you easily switch device connection between your PC and the monitor. You can use the monitor’s built-in mic and anything connected to its USB ports, including headsets and keyboards, and then press a button to use the devices connected to the PC instead. Other features include two front-firing 40W speakers, support for Dolby Atmos and support for Dolby Vision gaming.

LG has yet to announce pricing or relate date for the model, but it will showcase the OLED Flex at IFA 2022 in Berlin. 

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Windows 10 insider preview 21327 brings new icons, flat look

The look and feel of Windows 10 is about to get more flat, simple, and beautiful, thanks to the latest update for Windows Insiders. Of interest, if you’ve never read into or about the Windows Insider system – this is slightly different from the Developer Preview programs that exist on other platforms, like Android or iOS. A lot of this action can be seen by developer accounts running the latest Windows 10 update, but some elements, like “news and interests” are available to Windows Insiders first, not everyone in the Dev Channel.

The new Microsoft Fluent Design style is slowly, but significantly, making the look and feel of Windows 10 more refined and sharp. This latest build includes a new look via the font Segoe Fluent Icons. The Segoe MDL2 assets included with this build are implemented in a few specific apps to start with – they’ll roll out to more in the coming weeks and months.

If you take a peek at the Start menu and the Settings app in this latest build of Windows 10 insider preview, you’ll find new icons aplenty. Per Microsoft, these new icon designs “have a more rounded and simplified look and feel.”

One other major realm for easy access to Microsoft’s new look is in “news and interests.” Imagery now “shines through with a vibrant and colorful design, making your feed more glanceable, engaging, and beautiful” Where before each story had a gray (or whatever accent you used) color behind each title, now you’ll see a color selected based on the hero image for each story.

Take a peek at the latest build of Windows 10 right now through the Windows Insiders system in the Dev Channel and let us know what you think. This update with build 21327 should be available to you right this minute.

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Get all the Corsair PC gaming gear you’ll ever need for a flat $100

If you’re looking to get your game on this holiday season, we’ve got a fantastic deal right now. Best Buy is selling the Corsair Pro Wired Gaming Bundle with RGB for $100, featuring a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, mouse pad, and gaming headset. That’s more than $50 cheaper than getting all this gear separately and brings all the RGB lighting you need for a top-notch gaming experience.

Diving into the bundle you get the K55 RGB gaming keyboard. This keyboard doesn’t have mechanical switches, but it does have six programmable macro keys, anti-ghosting for more accurate key presses, and a wrist rest. It also has three zone dynamic RGB backlighting. Next we have the Harpoon RGB Pro gaming mouse with a 12,000 DPI optical sensor, RGB lighting, and six programmable buttons. We haven’t reviewed this particular mouse, but Corsair mice generally perform well. Finally, we get to the Corsair Void Pro, which we picked as our favorite “low-end” wireless gaming headset for its improved microphone over the non-pro version and excellent battery life.

So, whether you’re buying a gift for the budding PC gamer in your life or just treating yourself, don’t sleep on this killer deal.

[Today’s deal: Corsair Pro Wired Gaming Bundle with RGB back lightingfor $100 on Best Buy]

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