Hackers can now sneak malware into the GIFs you share

How low will malware go to get onto your device? We thought using Minecraft to gain access to your computer was the most nefarious method hackers have produced, but there’s a new, even lower type of attack that uses Microsoft Teams and GIFs to mount phishing attacks on your computer.

The new attack is called GIFShell and it installs malware on your computer to steal data. It does so by sneaking itself into innocent-looking GIFs and then waiting for you to share the GIF with your colleagues via Microsoft Teams.

The problem was discovered by cybersecurity expert Bobby Rauch, who shared his findings exclusively with Bleeping Computers. This new GIF attack exploits multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft Teams to create a chain of command executions.

The only thing the attackers need is a way to get into Microsoft Teams in the first place, and they have settled on one of everyone’s favorite web items: GIFs. The attacks include malicious code in base64 encoded GIFs. They then use Microsoft’s own web infrastructure to unpack the commands and install them directly on your computer.

Microsoft Teams is fairly secure and has multiple levels of protection against malicious file sharing. However, GIFs are usually benign, and people love sharing them. They’re the perfect conduit for attacks.

The files can spoof your computer into opening Windows programs such as Excel. It can then send data back to its originator by tricking Windows into connecting to a remote server.

Rauch disclosed his findings to Microsoft in May 2022, but the company has yet to fix the flaws. Microsoft told Bleeping Computers the GIF attacks “do not meet the bar for an urgent security fix.”

The best thing you can do for now is to not open any GIFs someone may share with you on Teams. We’ll keep an eye on this story and let you know when, and if, Microsoft gets around to fixing the vulnerability.

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How to add GIFs to Slack

GIFs are entertaining moving pictures that you might want to share in public and private channels or direct messages in Slack. Whether you want to say “good morning,” “great job,” or “Happy birthday,” a GIF gives you a fun way to do it.

You may have a GIF you made that you want to share or simply want to search for one directly in Slack. Either way, we’ll show you how to add GIFs to Slack.

Upload a GIF to Slack

If you have a GIF saved to your device, you can upload it to Slack like any other image.

Step 1: Go to the Message field for the channel or direct message where you want to share the GIF.

Step 2: If you have the GIF nearby, you can drag and drop it into the message field.

Otherwise, select the Plus sign on the bottom left and pick Upload from your computer or Upload file. Then, browse for the GIF and pick Open.

Step 3: When the GIF appears in the message window, press Enter, Return, or the Send button to share it.

Preview of an uploaded GIF in Slack.

Step 4: You’ll then see the GIF in action in the conversation.

Uploaded GIF sent in Slack.

Share a link to a GIF

For some GIF websites like Imgur, you can copy the link to the GIF and share it in your Slack message. The GIF then displays as if you uploaded it yourself.

Step 1: Select the GIF you want and open the Sharing options to obtain the link. Copy the URL to your clipboard.

Copy Link option on Imgur.

Step 2: Head to Slack, open the channel or direct message, and paste the link into the message field.

GIF link pasted into the Slack message field.

Step 3: Press Enter, Return, or Send and you should see your GIF sent to the recipient.

If the GIF site you’re copying the link from also has a Slack app, you may see a message to connect the app to Slack in order to share the GIF.

GIF sent using a link in Slack.

Add Giphy to Slack

Another option is to connect a third-party app, and one of the most popular GIF applications is Giphy. Once you connect it to your Slack workspace, you can easily search for and share GIFs.

Step 1: Select Add apps in the left-hand navigation below Apps. Pop in the search term “Giphy” and then choose Add.

Add button for Giphy in Slack.

Step 2: When you’re directed to the app in your web browser, select Add to Slack and then Add Giphy integration.

Add to Slack button for Giphy.

Step 3: Next, select the rating for the GIFs you want to use — G, PG, PG-13, or R. Optionally, check the box to Enable Giphy previews.

Step 4: Select Save integration and you’re ready to go.

If you’re unable to add the app, your Workspace Owner may require approval. Contact them for assistance.

Rating and Save option for Giphy to Slack.

Use Giphy in Slack

Once you have Giphy connected to Slack, the rest is a breeze. You just type a simple command to see your GIF options.

Step 1: Enter the command /giphy followed by the type of GIF you want to find into the message field. For instance, you can enter /giphy good morning or /giphy hello.

Giphy command to find GIFs in Slack.

Step 2: You’ll then see a GIF preview appear. If you want to use it, press Send.

If you want to see other options, press Shuffle until you find the one you want and then press Send.

Send and Shuffle options for Giphy on Slack.

Step 3: You can then see the GIF sent to the recipient.

GIF from Giphy sent on Slack.

Sharing a GIF in Slack is easy with any of these methods — and it may just make someone’s day. See which one works best for you! And for more, take a look at how to create a poll in Slack.

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