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It’s baffling that turning tech off-and-on again works — but I’m glad it does

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Watch out! Plugged In has just tumbled through the ceiling and is now laying on the floor and rolling around and groaning in agony. But you know what? That hurts less than what happened this week.

It’s story time — and that means one thing: slipping this stifling robe from my shoulders and getting comfortable enough to paint you a word picture.

It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m so hungover I feel halfway between a lizard and a raisin. I flick on the TV to watch some MAN SPORTS and… horror…

Horror, friends, HORROR! I’m not talking about Saw-style jump scares, this is true, sphincter-clenching terror, like when you realize how big Teletubbies actually are.

Are you sitting? Good. Because one side of the television was dark. Not like, totally dark. You could still see everything, but it was like a bit of shadow-y netting had been draped over the screen.

And, in that that single moment, I lived a lifetime.

First, I was upset and annoyed. Then I became resigned to this new reality. After that? Excitement: I’d get to choose a new TV. I assume this is the sort of experience DMT users never shut up about.