Minecraft update to add a copper, glow ink, and a goat!

This month the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update (part 1) will deliver some game-changing additions to the game. This update will add the long-awaited glow squid (with glow ink), a couple of new creatures (axolotl and goat), and a set of new blocks: amethyst, dripleaf, and copper. This update also adds a new craftable tool: Spyglass, and a new “lightning rod.”

Part 1 of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update adds a new item called Spyglass. With this item, the user will be able to “see far into the distance.” The new item “lightning rod” emits a redstone signal when struck by lightning.

There’ll be a new metal in the mix – copper. This should fit its way into the world of metals rather easily. Better than rock, not quite as great as steel. Copper will begin to appear in the depths of every new world you create, alongside the just-as-new blocks amethyst (shiny and pretty) and dripleaves.

New creatures include the goat, glow squid, and the axolotis. The axolotl is a water creature (along with the glow squid), and will be confined to the water as such. The axolotl is also known as the “Mexican Walking Fish” – it’s fierce! It’ll attack some creatures, including drowned!

Take a peek at our recent feature on glow squid to see what this previously limited, now widespread creature is good for. You’ll want that ink, that ink glows!

The goat is the most awesome addition to the game – as far as creatures go. They’re pretty much peaceful, they look beautiful, and they’re able to issue a monstrous headbutt! Make sure you don’t go hitting any goats on accident – they’ll come running!

The update to Minecraft will appear on the 8th of June, 2021. At that time, this update (for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition), will appear on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. There’ll also be an update to the Java Edition of Minecraft for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

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New Minecraft glow squids drop ink to light items in darkness

In the latest Beta Bedrock version of Minecraft on several platforms, a Glow Squid was released. This Glow Squid is lovely on its own, with sparkles and aqua color light amid 8 tentacles and swimmy goodness. But the real greatness of the Glow Squid is in the ingredient item it drops.

Per Cory Scheviak, Gameplay Developer on the Vanilla team for Minecraft, “The glow squid is definitely the most well-lit water mob in the game, and it’s also tied for the most squid-like mob in the game with the squid.” They’re both… rather squid-like.

“The glow squid is a variety of squid that only lives in cave lakes,” said Scheviak, “supplying those dark and gloomy depths with a much-needed burst of emissively lit goodness.” Glow squid drop glow ink sacs. If you attain a glow ink sac, you can light up the night!

With a glow ink sac, a user can craft a glow item frame. A glow item frame can “allow any item or map placed within to be well-lit in even the darkest of situations,” said Scheviak. You can also use one of these glow sac items to turn sign text to “always-lit.”

Before you go even a step further though, know this: If you’re playing with this feature now in Beta mode, you might lose everything you’ve worked for and on in a world in the future. As it is with all “experimental features”, you’ll want to create a backup of your world before you try it out. As Minecraft developers suggest, “betas can be unpredictable and make worlds incompatible with future versions.”

To join a Beta build, you’ll need to read the how to join and leave Beta in the Minecraft help center. Android players can opt in and pout from the Minecraft page of the Google Play Store. The Xbox Insider Hub app allows Xbox One and Windows 10 players to opt in and out.

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