Polestar 1 Review: Goodbye Hurts

It’s in the corners where the true engineering shows its hand. With a curb weight only a couple hundred pounds less than a Ford Expedition, the laws of physics would rightly suggest that turning would not be the PHEV’s forte. The 48:52 front to rear weight distribution Polestar boasts of is all well and good, but heft is heft, regardless of where it’s centered. That only makes the coupe’s actual deftness more delightful.

You can thank torque vectoring for that: true torque vectoring, where power is judiciously and individually applied to the rear wheel with the most grip and where it’s most effective, rather than the paler, brake-based version many rivals make do with which just slows the opposite wheel. Thanks to that, enabled by its twin rear electric motors, the Polestar 1 simply pivots.

What leaves it particularly astonishing is the way your body doesn’t quite expect it. This is no Miata, where you can instinctively feel how lithe and tractable the little roadster is. In the Polestar, your senses start out far more convinced that you’re headed into the corners with too much speed for safety; then, somehow, you feel the rear end claw itself around, almost like there’s a confident hand pushing the coupe’s haunches sideways.

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Goodbye, VPNs. Hello, decentralized private networks with the innovative Deeper Connect Nano

TLDR: The Deeper Connect Nano goes beyond VPNs, creating your own fully protected web connection for all your home devices so you can stop accruing monthly VPN charges.

Virtual private networks are practically essential protection measures for web users these days, providing valuable anonymity and fortified security services. 

But nobody enjoys paying those annual, or sometimes even monthly VPN provider fees. And nobody appreciates the worry that that provider might one day slip or even willingly turn over information about you and your web activities to…well, anybody.

While VPNs are great, many security-conscious web users are now turning to the next evolution in personal online protection — a decentralized private network, or DPN.

The Deeper Connect Nano Decentralized VPN Cybersecurity Hardware ($199.99, 33 percent off from TNW Deals) is the tiny device that can eliminate that dreaded VPN bill while offering full control over internet connectivity by letting the user handle it all by themselves easily.

Rather than running all your web activity through a company’s private internet tunnel, a DPN allows users to become their own client and server without the service provider. And with no outside servers to access or anywhere for personal data to be logged and collected, that personal conduit to the internet remains fully encrypted for data transfer and web access everywhere.

The 2.5-inch Deeper Connect Nano attaches via ethernet cables, then connects wirelessly to any and all WiFi-enabled devices in your home. Unlike networks, devices hooked to the Nano enjoy high speed connectivity without any slowdowns.

Meanwhile, your private web connection is savagely protected, shrouded in 7 layers of deep packet enterprise-grade cybersecurity. That safety is also extended to any device on the Nano’s connection, so if you’re worried about someone hacking your baby monitor or home assistant device, the Nano puts an end to that fear.

The Deeper Connect interface also makes this process incredibly simple, offering users a full view of their Nano network, all attached devices, and insightful visualization so you have a better understanding of how each device is connected and accessing the web.

The Deeper Connect Nano was a hit on Indiegogo as tech-centric fans latched on to the next-level device to the tune of nearly $1 million in contributions.

Users can dump their VPN subscriptions forever with the one-time purchase of the Deeper Connect Nano, a $299 device now available at $100 off, down to just $199.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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