Call of Duty has stricter gun control measures than the US

is taking on cheaters in some inventive ways. For one thing, it’s literally taking away their guns. When the Ricochet anti-cheat system detects someone who’s breaking the rules, they may lose their weapons (as well as their dignity). The cheaters can’t even defend themselves with their fists.

“We don’t expect many clips of this to find their way online, but we have seen it in action and the reactions from cheaters are always priceless,” the Ricochet team wrote. features a short clip of an undoubtedly upstanding member of the community encountering a now-harmless cheater.

A Call of Duty player takes on a cheater whose weapons have been removed


The Disarm measure is one of several actions Ricochet takes against cheaters. “When a bad actor is detected, we hit them with something from our mitigation toolbox (or all of them at once if we’re feeling spicy) and analyze the data from the machine determined to be cheating,” the team behind it wrote. “Beyond [our] mission to combat unfair play, we have a second somewhat secret mission to annoy as many cheaters as we can.”

Other mitigation measures include Damage Shield, which reduces the damage those who play fairly take from cheaters. “If you’re being shot and see your health slowly trickle down, you know it’s likely a cheater on the other end of the battle,” the blog post reads. The ne’er-do-well may realize that their opponent has Damage Shield enabled. Not only will they waste their ammo, they may figure out they’ve been caught in the act. Another mitigation technique is Cloaking. When a cheater fires at a legitimate player, the latter may become invisible to the rule-breaker.

Activision said the anti-cheat system has led to a “significant” drop in cheaters in some respects, though there have been “some unfortunate increases.” That’s part of the perennial cat-and-mouse battle it’s in with cheaters, who are always looking for new exploits. Since late April, though, Activision has banned more than 180,000 players across both  and . The Ricochet system will also be used in a new interpretation of , which will arrive later this year.

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How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty: Warzone

Each season, Call of Duty: Warzone gets a set of new weapons, most of which are typically worth using. One weapon that was added as part of the Season 4 update was the Nail Gun, an SMG/Special Weapon hybrid that deals tremendous damage. It’s definitely suited for players who like to run and gun while getting up close and personal. The only problem is that its unlock requirements are tough and arguably not very descriptive.

Of course, you can always shell out your hard-earned COD Points to just buy it from the in-game store, but if you’re short on funds, you’ll want to take a different approach. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Nail Gun overview

The reason so many players have gravitated toward the Nail Gun is due to its high-damage profile up close. This weapon won’t get you far at range, but when used at up to 10 meters, it deals devastating damage. According to TrueGameData, the Nail Gun does 64 damage to the chest, 50 to the stomach and extremities, and 81 to the head. This means you can get a four- to five-shot kill on a fully plated enemy at up to 10 meters. With stats like that, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice.

For comparison’s sake, the MP5 (CW) can eliminate a fully plated enemy in six to nine shots up close. Now, it’s worth noting that the Nail Gun has a slower fire rate of 515 rpm (rate per minute) compared to the MP5 (CW), which fires at 854 rpm. But even still, the Nail Gun has the potential to eliminate a player much faster than the MP5 (CW), even with a slower rate of fire. The other unique thing about the Nail Gun is that it doesn’t allow for any attachments. But that’s okay since it’s excellent as-is. Just make sure you get used to its small magazine size of 20.

Methods of unlocking the Nail Gun in Warzone

Challenge for unlocking Nail Gun in Warzone.

The biggest issue with the Nail Gun is actually unlocking it. There are four methods to getting your hands on it, which we’ll go over in detail below:

Unlocking the Nail Gun through Warzone

The least expensive but most time-consuming method of unlocking the Nail Gun is to earn it through Warzone itself. In order to do so, you need to get five kills with Special Weapons in 15 different matches. The Special Weapons are:

  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • Ballistic Knife
  • R1 Shadowhunter

Warzone doesn’t actually have a Special Weapons section, but rest assured, those are the weapons that fall into that category.

If you’ll be using this method, we advise jumping into a Plunder match, heading over to Storage Town on the west side of the map, and using whichever Special Weapon you feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, all of them are pretty terrible, but we had the most luck with the M79 Grenade Launcher. The strategy is to float above Storage Town and then drop down right above an enemy before shooting them with the grenade. Then pull your chute just before you hit the ground.

If you get close enough before hitting the ground, you’ll have a higher chance of eliminating them in one shot. Keep repeating this process until you’ve got five kills, then finish the match like normal. Repeat this 14 more times to complete the challenge and unlock the Nail Gun.

Based on our testing, it doesn’t seem like you’re able to quit the match before it’s over to still gain credit toward the challenge. Some players reported challenge tracking even after quitting early, but it seems like this has been patched. Also note that if you want to use the Ballistic Knife to complete the challenge, you must use the projectile as opposed to melee.

Plunder matches can take upwards of 20 minutes to complete, so it’ll take you several hours to unlock the weapon using this method. But it’s a free option!

Unlocking the Nail Gun through Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Next up, you can unlock the Nail Gun in Cold War multiplayer. Since Warzone shares progression with Cold War, you can unlock the weapon in one game and use it in the other. For this one, the requirements are actually the same as in Warzone: Get five kills with Special Weapons in 15 different matches. The thing is, Cold War matches are a lot faster than Plunder matches in Warzone, so this method is actually the quickest, provided you have a copy of the game. For the quickest results, we advise playing on Nuketown ’84, as those matches only take around 10-ish minutes — sometimes less.

Unlocking the Nail Gun through Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The other way to unlock the Nail Gun through Cold War is by playing Zombies. To do so, you need to get 25 eliminations with Special Weapons in 12 completed regions in Outbreak. Let’s explain what that means because it’s confusing. Again, the Special Weapons are listed above, so use one of those in your loadout and boot up a match of Outbreak. A completed region is one that you’ve finished the main objective for.

The game will give you an objective at each of the regions, and once you’ve finished it and moved on to the next region via a teleportation device, this will count as a completed region. So, in essence, get your 25 kills, complete the region, and then check the in-game counter to make sure it’s giving you credit. Keep in mind that you don’t need to complete all 12 regions in a single match to unlock the weapon. Your progress carries over from match to match.

Unlocking the Nail Gun by purchasing it

The final and easiest way to get the Nail Gun is to buy it. The Puncture Wound blueprint gives you immediate access to the Nail Gun for 1,000 COD Points, which can be earned by leveling up the battle pass or purchased with real money. It will cost you around $10 to buy this blueprint with real cash.

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Spyra Two digital water gun lands just in time for summer

In 2018 a company called Spyra took to crowdfunding sites to get the money to build and bring to market a new take on the classic water gun. The original device was called the Spyra One, and the company is back with a new version called the Spyra Two. The first version of the water gun cost $133, and the company says that it delivered about 11,000 units at that price.

The new version launches next month and represents a significant improvement on the original. Spyra Two can fire bolts of water faster and further than the original and offers twice the battery life. Another significant improvement comes in the water pump that the builder says is quieter in the new version than in the original.

Like the original, Spyra Two features a self-pressurizing tank and a rechargeable battery that uses a USB-C port. The only downside compared to the original water gun is that the Spyra Two only holds enough water for 20 shots while the original held 25. Another downside is that the price has gone up.

While the original Spyra One sold for a not-insignificant $133, the new version sells for $159. Buyers can charge up to three shots at a time, each dispensing approximately a shot glass worth of water. The water gun can also be charged for a single larger blast able to travel up to 46 feet when aiming at a 45 degrees angle.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Spyra Two is one shared with the original in that it’s able to refill its tank itself from a swimming pool or tank of water. The tank size is 600 milliliters, and the battery is good for 90 refills and shooting about 2000 blasts.

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The Best Gun Controllers for PC Games

Gun controllers are seeing a bit of a renaissance these days thanks to VR gaming, where players are searching for a gun design to make their VR shooter encounters feel a bit more authentic. However, there are also plenty of gun controllers that can support more traditional PC gaming, especially if you happen to have a Wii remote handy.

Here are gun controller options for a variety of situations, including popular VR headsets, PC gaming, and even for setting up a PC arcade-style gaming station!

Also, be sure to check out our recommendations for VR-ready laptops.

Esimen VR Pistol Case for Oculus Quest 2

These clever dual guns are specifically designed for the Oculus Quest 2: Quest 2 controllers are required, and fit into the controllers to give them their capabilities (and a bit of extra weight helps with the realism). The three-piece design uses a basic friction lock to place or remove Oculus controllers and keep them locked in while playing. Players get full button access, and the finger indentations on the grips help a bit with positioning and comfort. These guns come in black, too!

Of course, being specifically designed for the Oculus Quest 2 means they aren’t a good fit for other VR headset brands, so we wouldn’t advise getting them unless you have an Oculus model.

NioTech Wii Motion Plus Gun

The secret of the Wii controller is that you can quickly set it up to act as your cursor on a PC, enabling it to function for a wide variety of FPS games. The next step is to get a gun frame for the controller — and this is one of the best, a set of two durable handgun-style frames that still allow access to all important buttons. The design is ergonomic and pleasantly devoted to detail, including a remote slide lock to keep the Wiimote in place while people are playing.

Of course, the downside is that you actually need to have a Wii remote, preferably the MotionPlus, for the whole setup to work. We’ll also point out that many PCs struggle to automatically recognize the Wiimote as a mouse replacement, so you may need to go through the brief Bluetooth connection process every time you use it. But if you already have a Wii or don’t mind buying a used controller, this is a very cost-effective option for you!

Ostent Zapper Gun for Wii

The one-handed design is fine for wielding pistols, but if you have a larger firearm in mind it’s not exactly the experience you want. Enter the Zapper, which is basically the same idea but with a two-handed design that’s much more fitting for playing with a rifle and allows you to combine the use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers at the same time if you want (PCs may be a bit confused by this setup, but again people have developed workarounds if you don’t mind getting a bit more involved).

Glistco Magni Stock for Oculus Rift S/Quest

Speaking of controllers that mimic a rifle stock more reliably, here’s a version specifically designed for wielding a rifle in a VR setting — and it’s certainly no slouch. The carbon-fiber design is extra durable and lightweight, and it uses magnets to help lock in Oculus Rift S/Quest/other compatible controllers and keep them safe. It also comes with a nylon strap that serves as a two-point sling for easier handling, which also means you don’t have to set the rifle frame down when you are busy handling other details.

Hyperkin Hyper Blaster for HTC Vive

If you have an HTC headset, there’s no need to feel left out: This simple pistol frame is a durable model designed to work with the HRC Vive Tracker — and even provides some haptic feedback for effective gameplay. While this is a great setup for older Vive models, you may be wondering how it works with the Vive Cosmos. Fortunately, while the Cosmos models do use an inside-out tracking system, the Hyper Blaster also is compatible with SteamVr tracking and should be able to support older forms of play when set up correctly.

Captiankn Bluetooth Game Controller Gun

You may not be interested in VR or have easy access to something like a Wiimote, but you still have options! This gun frame is designed to work with mobile games, but as long as you have Bluetooth and a monitor, it should fit your PC just fine, too … and it can function as a full controller! It includes a trigger button, onboard joystick, four action buttons, a slide-back mechanism for the reloading function (you’ll have to do some key-remapping to get this set up, but that’s part of the fun), and vibrational feedback. There’s a side accessory with a joystick to turn it into more of a gun/controller hybrid, but it’s not necessary if you’d rather leave it unattached. We also like the softer grip materials and soft that are conducive to long playing sessions when you’re in the zone.

AimTrak Light Gun

If you have ambitious plans, this AimTrack light gun may be more what you have in mind. It comes with an infrared sensor bar and can fully emulate a USB mouse or game controller depending on your activities. It’s a good choice if you want a traditional, arcade-like experience and aren’t afraid to reposition and calibrate until you get things just right.

Two factors to note here: First, the gun uses USB 2.0, which is a bit dated now and not all PCs will have USB 2.0 ports. USB-A is, generally, backward compatible, but for something like USB-C, you’ll need to get an adapter, which will impact performance. Second, the infrared sensor bar that comes with the model can be replaced by other infrared sensor bars if you are looking for a sensor that works differently but still want to use the gun itself.

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