Final Fantasy XIV Guide: How To Get Every New Hairstyle, Emote, and Mount in Patch 5.45

Each Final Fantasy XIV patch features a bunch of new hairstyles, mounts, and emotes for role-players to drool over. Patch 5.45 is no different. From a Cerberus mount all the way to a spooky dance far too late for Halloween, there’s plenty in today’s update that players can use to kit out their character’s virtual wardrobe. Here’s how to get all the new cosmetics in FFXIV‘s 5.45 patch.

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FFXIV Patch 5.45: How to get the new mounts


By far, the biggest new addition in this patch is the Cerberus mount. Given patch 5.45 mostly revolves around the Bozjan Southern Front activity, it should come as no surprise to learn that you’ll need to brave the battlefield to obtain your own three-headed doggo.

In the past, simple treasure coffers you’d find on your journey through a Relic weapon zone like Eureka would yield some of the most monstrous mounts. Bozja isn’t quite so kind. The Cerberus mount is obtained by clearing the Delubrum Reginae raid on Savage difficulty.

Rather than being tied to a boss loot table, this one is tied to an achievement. So long as you’re there for the final kill, the achievement will trigger, and you’ll be able to redeem your mount from the vendor in Old Gridania.

Gabriel Mark III

FFXIV 5.45 Gabriel mount

For those not quite brave enough to attempt a 48-man savage run, a second mount is available through the Bozjan Southern Front. The Gabriel Mark III mount has a chance to drop from the final chest of the Delubrum Reginae dungeon on normal mode. The chance is likely quite low, but as the spoils of Delubrum chest is personal to each player, you won’t have to fight for rolls.

FFXIV Patch 5.45: How to get the new parasol, hairstyle, and dance emote

New hairstyle

FFXIV 5.45 new hairstyle

No doubt the most highly-requested (and valuable) item of the patch is the Modern Aesthetics — Early to Rise scroll — the new hairstyle. What essentially amounts to bed head, this hairstyle has been in the works for quite some time, being crowned the winner of a player design contest back in 2015.

So how do you get it? The Early to Rise hairstyle drops from the final chest in Delubrum Reginae (normal) in the Bojzan Southern Front. The chance of it happening is likely pretty low, but as the chest is personal to each player, you won’t have to roll against your fellow player. Just expect to run it a few times to finally see it drop.

New emote

FFXIV 5.45 new emote

If you want to get spooky, the new FFXIV 5.45 dance emote is for you. It’s not quite Thriller, but it’ll do. To get the Dark Entreaty emote, all you need to do is spend 50 Bozjan Clusters at the relevant vendor. Use the emote item from your inventory, and you’ll gain access to the /malevolence command.

New parasol

FFXIV 5.45 new parasol

Continuing the promise of adding new parasol designs over time, the Bozjan Southern Front now has its own. No longer tied just to the Ishgardian Restoration effort, getting the blue Pleasant Dot Parasol just requires spending 25 Bozjan Clusters at the relevant vendor. Easy.

FFXIV 5.45: Where to find the new orchestrion rolls

Patch 5.45 brings plenty of new places to explore, and with the promise of adventure comes a bunch of new music tracks to enjoy. As always, you can grab personal copies of these to use at the inn or in your own home. The patch contains a total of four new Orchestrion Rolls to be collected across two different unlock methods.

  • Gogo’s Theme: Redeemable for 500 Allied Seals from the Blue Mage vendor.
  • The Queen Awakens: Obtained as a Delubrum Reginae dungeon drop.
  • Giving Chase (Zodiac Age Version): Obtained as a Delubrum Reginae dungeon drop.
  • The Sochen Cave Palace (Zodiac Age Version): Obtained as a Delubrum Reginae dungeon drop.

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