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Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 halves price for Surface-friendly student stylus

Microsoft has launched a new version of its Surface Pen stylus for schools, with the Classroom Pen 2 promising to be half the price as well as harder to lose. The new Pen 2 is intended to be used with the Surface Go and Surface Pro, and now matches the regular Surface Pen with a silver finish.

The original Classroom Pen was designed to give students an easier way to get into digital inking. Sold in bundles, rather than individually, it worked out at $40 apiece, a considerable saving compared to the $100 Surface Pen. It was also designed to be more durable, and hold up to the rigors of the average classroom.

Now, though, it’s getting a makeover. The Classroom Pen 2 swaps the black style for a silver aesthetic that better matches Microsoft’s Surface PC range. It’s also longer, making it easier to hold.

On the top end, there’s now a slot which can either be used with a clip to attach it to the Surface Type covers on a Surface Go, or with a tether loop. The pen tip is replaceable now, too.

What hasn’t changed is the functionality. Students will be able to annotate and comment in digital ink in their Microsoft apps, as well as sketch. There are also two barrel buttons on the side, which can be used to switch the tip between erasing and inking.

Unfortunately for anybody hoping to bypass the Surface Pen and just go for one of these cheaper models, Microsoft still only intends to sell them in multipacks. Schools and education institutions will get 20 for $399.80, working out to $19.99 per Classroom Pen 2. The box will also come with batteries and replacement pen tips.

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