‘Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl’ release now set for 2023

GSC Game World hopes to release Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl next year. The studio shared the updated release window in a trailer it premiered Tuesday during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase Extended livestream. GSC had previously planned to release the game by the end of this year, but the likelihood of that happening diminished after the company was forced to pause development due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Some fans spotted Stalker 2’s new release window when Microsoft shared an update on Xbox Game Pass during its Xbox and Bethesda showcase on Sunday. “It happened a little bit earlier than expected, we were actually planning to reveal it in the upcoming days,” a GSC Game World spokesperson told PC Gamer on Monday. “But yes, the game now releases in 2023.”

Alongside a fresh trailer, the studio released a new vlog detailing some of the hardships its staff has had to endure since the conflict in Ukraine began. GSC recently resumed work on Stalker 2 after relocating some of its team members to Prague. The studio also changed the game’s subtitle from “Heart of Chernobyl” to “Chornobyl” to reflect the local Ukrainian spelling of the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster.

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Skyward Sword HD: All Heart Piece Locations

Thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD coming to the Nintendo Switch, there has never been a better time to experience the earliest entry in the Zelda timeline. Skyward Sword was responsible for introducing many mechanics that would be built and improved on in future games, specifically The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but also keeps many of the oldest traditions alive. The primary one, of course, being Link’s health as represented by heart containers you can extend by collecting four hidden heart pieces throughout the world.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, just like the original on the Wii, hides 24 additional pieces of heart in the sky and on the land below for you to track down. These aren’t just things people who love tracking down collectibles should worry about, though. Having those additional heart containers can literally mean the difference between life and death in a tough fight or boss battle since getting them all will net you six additional hearts. With so many to find, and such massive areas in the sky and on the ground to search, check out this guide on where to find all the heart pieces.

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Goddess Cube heart pieces

The first six heart pieces are going to be found in the hidden Goddess Cubes. There are 27 of these alone, and each has a reward, but only these six will have heart pieces. If you are unfamiliar with Goddess Cubes, you activate them by hitting them with a fully charged skyward strike. Once done, the cube will vanish and a chest will spawn in the sky, meaning you will need to track down the cube as well as the treasure back in Skyloft.

  1. The first cube is right outside of Skyview Temple. Activate it and the chest will show up on a small island to the south of Skyloft.
  2. Next, head to the temple of time and find a minecart that previously was blocked by a robot on the tracks. While riding the cart, you will need to have your Skyward Strike charged up and ready to hit the cube to the left as your ride the cart. The chest will appear on Beedle’s Island.
  3. In Faron woods, once you climb to the top of the Great Tree using your clawshots, look out for a root you can jump down onto to the northeast with a Goddess Cube on it. The chest will show up on the island to the south of the Lanaryu portal. You can fall into the island if you’re careful, but the clawshots are a much safer way of reaching the chest.
  4. While in the Pirate Hideout, after using the Timeshift Sphere to open the big mouth on the island, you can leave through a door in the middle of the island. Above this door is a target you can clawshot up to, and then to another target that will bring you to the Goddess Cube. The associated chest is on the eastern side of Skyloft and requires the clawshots to climb up the vines to the top of the waterfall feeding into the town’s lake below.
  5. This Goddess Cube requires the Water Dragon’s scale to get, so complete the Silent Realm before tracking this one down. Head to the eastern side of Eldin Volcano and go to the big sand slide on the north end. While sliding down, take the left path and stop on the platform on the left side with a spot you can dig in. On the next platform down, you will see the Goddess Cube. The chest is easy to get. It shows up right in the middle of Skyloft, but again will require the ability to swim underwater to reach.
  6. The final heart piece associated with Goddess Cubes takes you first to the cave you pass on the way into the Fire Sanctuary. There is an exit to the cave that brings you to a waterfall you can use to put out the flames on the frog statues. Simply leap off the cliff here beside the waterfall to land next to the Goddess Cube. The chest will show up on Bug Island. From the top, fall down the south side onto a small wooden ledge with the chest.

Faron Woods heart pieces

Next up, Faron Woods holds three heart pieces to collect, with the only major requirement being a bomb bag.

  1. In the northern part of Faron Woods is a large tree with massive roots sprawling out. Find the root you can run along from the south side. It takes you to a rope you can walk across to a platform with the heart piece waiting to be collected.
  2. In the area between the Faron Woods and Sealed Grounds, you will meet a Goron named Gorko. In exchange for drawing items for him, he will give you a heart piece. Just talk to him to learn what he wants you to draw — either bombs, arrows, hearts, or fairy icons — and draw it on the wall for an easy heart piece.
  3. Last up is the one requiring the bomb bag. The quickest way to the spot you need to be is to warp to the “In the Woods” statue and head north until you spot the cracked wall just begging to be blown up. Drop a bomb here and collect the heart piece inside the cave.

Skyview Temple heart piece

The only heart piece in Skyview Temple is in the area where you first get the Beetle item. Once you have it, deploy it and use it to trigger a switch near the top of the center structure. The switch will cause the gate at the bottom to open, letting you pick up this heart piece.

Pumpkin Landing heart pieces

We have two heart pieces to get while in Pumpkin Landing.

  1. While in the Pumpkin Landing pub, go up to the second floor and roll Link into the rafter to knock down the heart piece.
  2. The second heart piece is a reward for completing all the side quests the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin gives you, which include the Pumpkin Soup delivery, Pumpkin Harvest, and Kina’s song. Finish them all for this piece.

Skyloft Heart pieces

Link riding a red bird through the clouds.

As big as Skyloft is, there are only four heart pieces out in the wild to collect, and they’re all tricky.

  1. First, collect 10 Gratitude Crystals and deliver them to Batreaux, who will give you a heart piece. Gratitude Crystals can be found around Skyloft and are rewards for some side quests.
  2. This heart piece can be spotted from inside Zelda’s room through a crack in Karane’s wall, but getting there requires the clawshots. Scale the Knight Academy building and, from the roof, use your clawshot to dangle over the chimney. Do your best Santa impression and fall down the chimney and inside. Here you can climb into a hole that leads into Zelda’s room where you can pop open the cabinet and retrieve the heart piece.
  3. Beedle will straight up sell you a piece of heart, but at quite the price. You’ll either need an expanded wallet to carry that much, or you can do Beedle’s Missing Beetle side quest, which will give you a 50% discount.
  4. The final heart piece requires you to have done the Fledge’s Workout side quest already. Once you have, Fledge will appear behind the academy building and let you play a Pumpkin Pull mini-game. Get a score of 600 or more to earn the heart piece as a prize.

Eldin Volcano heart piece

In the southwest part of Eldin Volcano, you can see the heart piece up above, and while you might send your Beetle out to retrieve it, that won’t work. Instead, direct your Beetle past the heart piece and into the bomb beside an armored Pyrup. The bomb will get the Pyrup out of the way so you can go up and around on foot to grab the piece of heart.

Fun Fun Island heart piece

Once you have fully fixed up Fun Fun Island, you will unlock another mini-game called Dodoh’s Drop, where you need to fall through a series of rings and land on one of the rupee spaces. If you get the maximum score by dropping through all five rings and hitting the 50 rupee space, you will earn this piece of heart.

Lanayru Desert heart piece

Head to the northeast end of Lanayru Desert and scan the walls near the end of the tracks for a wall you can blow open with a bomb. Blast it open and follow the path to a piece of heart.

Sandship heart piece

This is another heart piece you need the clawshots for. Head all the way up to the crow’s nest on the Sandship and use the clawshots to reach the back area of the ship. On this ledge is a chest with the piece of heart waiting for you inside.

Shipyard heart piece

Link riding a minecart in the desert.

While in the area after getting the Sandship heart piece, head back to the Shipyard and start the Rickety Coaster mini-game. You’ll specifically want to beat the course called “Heart Stopping” and get a time below 1:05.00 to earn a piece of heart.

Fire Sanctuary heart piece

This heart piece requires you to have the Mogma Mitts. When in the Fire Sanctuary, go to the far northwest corner and find a spot you can dig in right before you hit the lava river. After digging, you’ll need to catch the Mogma in the tunnel to earn this piece of heart.

Volcano Summit heart piece

Another convenient one to do after the last, again needing the Mogma Mitts, is the Volcano Summit right outside the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary. Here you’ll find a gossip stone that you can dig right in front of. Do so and this piece of heart is yours.

Lanayru Gorge heart piece

Our last piece of heart is in Lanayru Gorge, but you’ll have to unlock the boss rush mode first. This is done by healing the sick Thunder Dragon, which you need to do to get the third part of the Song of the Hero anyway. Once you do, speak to him to access the boss rush mode by selecting “Battle!” from his list of options. If you can beat four bosses in a row, you will get this final piece of heart.

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Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and More

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl is the next hotly anticipated entry in the Stalker franchise. The game is releasing 13 years after the last entry in the series, and it’s making its debut on consoles as an Xbox Series X exclusive.

To get you up to date on the post-apocalyptic survival shooter, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Stalker 2.

Further reading

Stalker 2 release date

Stalker 2: Hear of Chernobyl is set to release on April 28, 2022. The game was originally announced in 2010 following the launch of Call of Pripyat. Developer GSC Game World worked on the project for a small window of time before dissolving as a company in 2011. Stalker 2 was officially canceled shortly after in 2012, citing issues between investors, staff, and the IP holder.

A lot happened after that, with GSC Game World fracturing into multiple development studios and projects. The studio was revitalized in 2014 and re-announced Stalker 2 in 2018. The game was officially unveiled during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase in 2020 with an in-engine demo.


Wasteland in Stalker 2.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl is an Xbox console exclusive. The game is launching on Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as PC. When it launches, the game will be available through Xbox Game Pass. Although a release date for PlayStation 5 hasn’t been announced, leaked internal documents revealed that the game will only be a console exclusive for three months.

That doesn’t mean the game is coming to PS5, though. Tetris Effect: Connected was also named in the documents with six months of console exclusivity. This updated version is coming to PS4 in July, but not PS5. GSC Game World says Stalker 2 won’t come to last-gen systems due to limited performance capabilities.


Microsoft showed off Stalker 2 during the Xbox Series X game showcase in 2020 with an in-engine trailer. It shows the grim, desolate wasteland through a series of striking images, setting the brooding tone the game will likely have. You can watch the first trailer below.


Microsoft debuted gameplay for Stalker 2 during its E3 2021 press conference. The trailer cuts in scenes of gameplay with a group of survivors huddled around the campfire. You can watch it below.

The trailer shows off a lot of interesting gameplay systems. The first is the ability to grab attachments for your weapons around the environment and immediately attach them. It shows the player grabbing a scope and a silencer and equipping them right away without going through an inventory screen.

It also shows off several enemy designs, including an updated Bloodsucker design that looks strikingly similar to Cthulhu. True to the Stalker series, the visuals look insane in the gameplay trailer. However, Microsoft didn’t clarify what system the gameplay was running on.

Following the announcement, GSC Game World released a commentary video detailing some of the interesting points from the gameplay reveal.


Explosion in Stalker 2.

Although GSC Game World hasn’t announced anything, Stalker 2 looks like it will feature some kind of multiplayer. GSC is offering an “early bird” multiplayer badge as a pre-order bonus, and the Deluxe and Ultimate versions of the game feature multiplayer costume and weapon skins.

We don’t have any details on multiplayer right now. Fans have asked for co-op in the Stalker series for a while, but it doesn’t look like that’s the direction GSC is heading. With multiple skins and a unique badge up for grabs, it looks like multiplayer in Stalker 2 will feature some sort of PvP mode.


Anomalie in Stalker 2.

None of the previous Stalker games have received DLC, but that’s changing with Stalker 2. The game is set to receive two story expansions, which are described as “additional large-scale expansions that continue or expand the main story.” The game will likely receive more DLC outside of the two expansions, too.

The Ultimate edition of the game comes with the season pass, which entitles owners to “all the post-released downloadable content in addition to the [two] story expansions.” This edition also includes an exclusive side quest, hinting at possible side quests through DLC down the line.

In addition, we expect cosmetic DLC. The Deluxe and Ultimate versions of the game feature costume and weapon skins for single-player and multiplayer. GSC Game World hasn’t confirmed anything, but we’ll likely see cosmetic DLC after launch.


Stalker 2 physical version comparison.

Pre-orders for Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl are live now at digital retailers. Physical versions have been announced, but they haven’t gone up for pre-order yet. Regardless of the version, all pre-orders come with an exclusive pre-order pack, which includes extended campfire content, exclusive weapon and armor skins, and an “early bird” multiplayer badge.

There are several different versions available for pre-order. On the digital front, the Standard edition includes the game, pre-order bonus pack, and exclusive Steam content. Here’s what’s included with the other digital versions:

Deluxe edition

  • $79.99
  • All Standard edition content
  • Special extra quest
  • Digital artbook
  • Official soundtrack
  • One costume and three weapon single-player skins
  • Two costume and three weapon multiplayer skins

Ultimate edition

  • $109.99
  • All Deluxe edition content
  • Three costume and seven weapon multiplayer skins
  • Two story expansions
  • Season pass

In addition, GSC is offering four physical versions of the game. The Standard version comes with the game plus pre-order bonus, a steelbook case, a letter from the developers, a souvenir zone permit, and a sticker pack. Here’s what the other versions include:

Limited edition

  • $79.99
  • All Standard edition content
  • Zone map
  • Poster
  • Faction patches
  • Military token
  • Multi-tool with fire starter

Collector’s edition

  • $179.99
  • All Limited edition content
  • Deluxe digital content
  • Collector’s art steelbook
  • Art book
  • Stalker figurine

Ultimate edition

  • $339.99
  • All Collector’s edition content
  • Ultimate digital content
  • Ultimate art steelbook
  • Artifact Container lamp
  • Stalker backpack

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Tech News

Nikon Z fc mirrorless camera puts a modern heart in a glorious retro body

Nikon has revealed its newest digital camera, though at first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking the Nikon Z fc mirrorless was something from the company’s film-based archives. Thoroughly retro in its styling, the “heritage-design” model is the first time we’ve seen the Z-series embrace a more traditional aesthetic, though inside you’re not compromising on hardware.

So, you still get 4k UHD video recording – without crop – and full-time autofocus (AF-F) during that. There’s the same Eye-Detection AF and Animal-Detection AF during stills and videos that the Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II introduced, too.

Wide-area AF-area mode is supported, with up to 87-percent coverage, and there’s an ISO range from 100-51200 (expandable to up to ISO 204800). The sensor is 20.9-megapixels, paired with an EXPEED 6 processor, and can shoot at up to 11 fps.

As well as the OLED viewfinder, there’s a 3-inch vari-angle display – a first on Nikon’s Z series models – with touch support. That automatically switches the Z fc into self-portrait mode when flipped all the way up. You can transfer images over from the camera more easily to a smartphone or tablet via the SnapBridge app, and there’s a webcam utility that allows the camera to be used as a USB webcam. A 3.5mm stereo microphone input provides plug-in power for external audio, while storage is via SD.

It’s all wrapped up in a design which Nikon says was inspired by the FM2 SLR film camera first released back in 1982. The Nikon logo is the same as the company used in the 1970s and 80s, while the FM2 donates most of the control positioning, plus a circular eyepiece and trio of dials on the top body.

Along with the magnesium alloy parts, there’ll be six different exterior color options. That’ll run the gamut from the more traditional black, tan, and white, through pale pastels for those who want something more eye-catching.

There’ll be two matching lenses as well, though of course owners will be able to use any Nikon Z mount system glass they might have. The NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) is a compact prime lens, also with a heritage design, capturing at 42mm angle of view and with a minimum focus distance of 7.5 inches.

There’ll also be NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens in a silver-color variation, Nikon says, again to match the Z fc aesthetic.

Pricing for the Nikon Z fc starts at $959.95 body-only, with preorders opening from today. It’s available in Black, Amber Brown, White, Natural Gray, Sand Beige, Coral Pink, and Mint Green, though Nikon warns that the more unusual colors are limited-availability. The kit with the 28mm prime lens is $1,199.95, or $1,099.95 with the 16-50mm zoom.

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Tech News

This Chrome experiment could fill the void Google Reader left in my heart

Google just announced an RSS feature for Google Chrome that’d allow users to follow blogs with ease. This is like a very tiny, limited part of the deal that was Google Reader, before Google ended service with the RSS aggregator in the year 2013 after approximately 8 years of service to the public. Now Google is once again “building on the open RSS web standard.”

Google Reader is dead and it’s never coming back (in name, anyway) but RSS lives! According to Paul Bakaus, Creator and Developer Advocate at Google, “We’ve heard it loud and clear: Discovery and distribution is lacking on the open web, and RSS hasn’t been “mainstream consumer” friendly.” As such, they’re testing a new feature in Chrome.

The new feature in Chrome is an “experimental new way, powered by RSS, to follow creators with one click.” In the first iteration of this feature, in Chrome, there’ll be a new menu item at the bottom of the (three dots) button list in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. The button should show the name of the blog and a “+ Follow” button.

Once a site (a site with an RSS feed, most likely a blog) is followed, entries from said site will appear in the Chrome browser’s “New Tab” page. That’s essentially the same as what Google Reader used to be – though super, super simplified.

Wouldn’t it be great if a social network, like Twitter, would just go ahead and add a feature like this to their already-running system of follows and shares? That’d be great, wouldn’t it?

As noted by Bakaus, this is “only the beginning of a bigger exploration.” Google is asking for input on the feature through the Google Web Creators Twitter account. If you’d like to use this new feature, you’ll need to download Chrome Canary from Google Play. Per Google, “in the coming weeks, some Android users in the US on Chrome Canary may see an experimental Follow feature designed to help people get the latest content from sites they follow.”

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Tech News

Polar Verity Sense heart monitor strap can be worn anywhere

Smartwatches and smart fitness trackers are a dime a dozen these days, almost all of them equipped with one form of heart rate monitor or another. These might be fine for some consumers that don’t mind the designs these smartwatches come in or don’t require more accurate or dedicated readings. There will, however, always be people who shirk from these smart wearables, especially when they’re actually training or exercising. For these, Polar is launching its new Verity Sense, a dedicated heart rate monitor that can be worn on almost any part of your body.

Polar has been making heart rate monitors long before there were smartwatches. The utility of the latter, however, may have forced it to consider new ways to gain attention. The Polar Verity Sense is a product of that reflection and it is designed for those who don’t like wearing anything on their wrists or even their arms during intense training or exercise.

The Verity Sense is actually a thick but small disc-shaped device that just happens to come with a removable strap that can be worn on the arm. However, the optical heart rate monitor itself can be placed anywhere, even clipped to swimming goggles. The only requirement is that the sensor touches your skin so it can take readings.

The Polar Verity Sense can even be used without a phone nearby, though you’ll need that to use the device’s Heart Rate Mode. Independently, it can record training or swimming sessions on the 16MB internal memory, advertised to be enough for 600 hours of training time. The battery, however, is only advertised to last 20 hours of training on a single charge.

The Polar Verity Sense is definitely an intriguing heart rate monitor that does offer what no smartwatch or fitness tracker could, at least not at the moment. It does, however, cost quite a bit for a single-purpose device, $89.95 for a complete set, but it might be something that more seasoned athletes and sports enthusiasts will be willing to pay for in exchange for freedom of movement.

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Link’s Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch has more stuff to find than the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color versions. The number of Heart Pieces has jumped from 12 to 32, while the Secret Seashell count has risen from 26 to 50. If you complete all of the dungeons, collect all 32 Heart Pieces, and work through Chamber Dungeons challenges, you can wind up with a whopping 20 Heart Containers. And if you find all of the Secret Seashells, you’ll earn some pretty sweet goodies. Our Link’s Awakening Heart Piece and Secret Seashells guide shows you all of the locations to make things easier for you.

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All Heart Piece locations

As you can see on the map above, Link’s Awakening‘s Heart Pieces are scattered all over Koholint Island.

That said, they are never found in dungeons. Well, the Heart Piece in the upper-left-hand corner of the map is found on top of Turtle Rock, the eighth dungeon, which is only accessible through an exit in the dungeon.

Generally, you’ll find Heart Pieces in caves and in plain view. Usually, you’ll need a specific item such as the Hook Shot, bombs, Roc’s Feather, or Power Bracelet to grab Heart Pieces in caves.

The locations shown above are exactly where they’re located on the map. If you go to these spots, you should either see the Heart Piece or a suspicious-looking wall, movable block, or shrubs that can be slashed.

Since Heart Pieces aren’t found in chests, they really stick out once you stumble upon one.

The mini-game

Link's Awakening Crane

On the map, you’ll notice three sets of two Heart Pieces right next to each other. For instance, Trendy Game in Mabe Village has two Heart Pieces to grab in the crane game. The first is there from the beginning, while the second shows up after depleting the stock of key items (Secret Seashells, Chamber Stone).

You can also earn a pair of Heart Pieces from the Fisherman in Mabe Village. You get the first by catching your first fish. The second Heart Piece is given to you when you catch a “big” fish.

Dampé also will give you two Heart Pieces by completing the first two sets of Chamber Dungeons challenges. Work through the third set of challenges and he’ll give you a full Heart Container.

You can also earn one Heart Piece by completing the Rapids Race at the Raft Shop just east of Tal Tal Heights. A second Heart Piece can be found during the ride itself.

It’s best to go for this while doing the Rapids Raid variant, so you don’t have to worry about your time. Use the Hook Shot to latch onto the platform with the Heart Piece.

While not technically mini-games, you don’t need to find two other Heart Pieces. One can be purchased in the shop in Mabe Village. The other is awarded at the Seashell Mansion when you turn in 30 Secret Seashells.

All Secret Seashells locations

Link's Awakening Seashell Map

Secret Seashells are a tad more challenging to find than Heart Pieces. For starters, there are more of them. But a great many of them are under the grass and dirt.

Unearthing Secret Seashells often means digging with the Deluxe Shovel. You can buy the Deluxe Shovel at the Mabe Village shop for 200 rupees. It’s an essential purchase.

Secret Seashells can also be found in treasure chests, under rocks and bushes, in trees, in mini games, and in dungeons. Certain characters will give you Secret Seashells after completing their task in the trading sequence.

The mini-game

Link's Awakening Fishing

Like Heart Pieces, you can grab Secret Seashells in the mini-games across Koholint Island. Two can be clawed free in Trendy Game’s crane game.

Two can be found on platforms in the Rapids Raid/Race mini-game, and another can be earned by finishing the race in under 35 seconds.

The pair of Secret Seashells won in the fishing mini game are the trickiest. You have to wait for Blooper and Cheep Cheep to show up. They both hail from Super Mario and are rare finds, so make each sighting count.

Dampé will also give you a seashell after completing his Fill Up Your Hearts Chamber Dungeon.

The trading sequence

Link's Awakening Trading

We have a guide outlining all of the steps in the trading sequence, which eventually nets you the Magnifying Lens and gives you the ability to get the boomerang. But you can also get Secret Seashells by working through the sequence.

After delivering Christine’s letter to Mr. Write, go back to her house in the Animal Village. She’ll give you a Secret Seashell.

Once you have the Magnifying Lens, go to the house right next to Christine’s. You’ll be able to see a Zora in the pool. Mystified that you see him, the Zora will give you a Secret Seashell.

DungeonLink's Awakening Dungeon

A few of the dungeons have Secret Seashells. All of them are located in chests, so make sure you clear out every chest in each dungeon.

Sometimes, like in the case of the Tail Cave, your map can be deceiving. Look for the crumbling wall on the left side of the largest room in Tail Cave to find the Secret Seashell.

The Seashell Sensor

Link's Awakening Sensor

Once you collect 15 Secret Seashells, head straight to the Seashell Mansion in Ukuku Prairie, just south of Kanalet Castle. Step on the scale to receive the best gift for finding Secret Seashells: The Seashell Sensor.

This handy sensor acts like a metal detector, alerting you when a Secret Seashell is near. It makes the process a whole lot easier. Even with the locations pinpointed on the map above, having the sensor makes things much better.

When the sensor goes off, a Secret Seashell is really, really close. If there are no bushes or rocks around to pick up, you likely have to dig with your shovel. A handful of the Secret Seashells are in trees, though. So if digging doesn’t work, dash into the trees with the Pegasus Boots.

There are even two Secret Seashells that require you to throw bombs into a hole, which then spits out your reward. One of them is in Tal Tal Heights near the key slot for Angler’s Tunnel, while the other is just left of the Hen House on Tal Tal Mountain Range.

The trickiest Secret Seashell

Link's Awakening Walrus

Midway through the game, you have to get Marin to sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish to get a walrus to wake outside of the Yarna Desert. A Secret Seashell can be found at that location, too.

It’s the only one that requires you to play the Ocarina. Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish where the walrus once slept and he’ll pop out of the water to listen and flick a Secret Seashell your way when he goes back under the surface.

Seashell Mansion rewards

Link's Awakening Seashell Reward

We already mentioned that you get the Seashell Sensor after collecting 15 Secret Seashells, but what about all of the rewards? Here are all the rewards you can get for the Secret Seashells:

  • 5 Secret Seashells: Secret Seashell
  • 15 Secret Seashells: Seashell Sensor
  • 30 Secret Seashells: Heart Piece
  • 40 Secret Seashells: Koholint Sword (releases a beam of energy to strike enemies from afar when at full health)
  • 50 Secret Seashells: Chamber Stone – Rupees+ Effect (lets you tweak rooms to command rupees to fall from the ceiling)

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Tech News

Google announces new AI-powered heart and breathing monitors for Pixel phones

Google announced today that it’s adding AI-powered measurements of heart and respiration rates to the Google Fit app.

The tech uses a combination of sensors and computer vision algorithms to take measurements through a smartphone camera.

The Big G said the features will be available from next month on Pixel phones, with more Android devices to follow.

Users will then be able to measure their breathing rate by placing their head and upper torso in view of the phone’s front-facing camera.

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Their heart rate will be estimated by putting a finger on the rear-facing lens. Users can then choose to save the results in the app to monitor how they change over time.

Credit: Google