Hearthstone Mount as explained by Master Blaster from Mad Max

Hearthstone is about to release a new set of cards with several new gameplay mechanics. Today we’re going to look at two of these mechanics: Tradeable, which you can trade for other cards in your deck, if you wish, and Mount. The Mount cards we’ve seen teased by Hearthstone so far seem to be like animals: a ram, an Elekk (elephant-like creature), but the mechanic behaves more like we’re dealing with a character pair straight out of Mad Max.


There’s a new sort of spell that’ll appear in this expansion by the name of Mount. A mount is like Master Blaster from the movie Mad Max: Return to Thunderdome. The way we FIRST understood the “Mount” feature to work was as follows: A minion you have in play is like Blaster, and a Mount spell is like Master, who rides above the shoulders of Blaster and continues to battle even if Blaster is defeated. But that’s not exactly right – it’s the opposite.

We assumed at first that the card played first, the minion, would by definition be the “horse” of the situation. But a Mount is not the rider – the Mount is the Mount. It gets confusing here because, unlike almost any other game we’ve ever played, we have to play the rider (the minion) first, and the Mount second.

In this expansion for Hearthstone, you get a Mount like what you see above: Elekk Mount, which when played effectively slides an Elekk (a giant elephant-like beast) under the minion you target. Once that minion is defeated, the “Elekk Mount” will “summon an Elekk”.

So it’s more like you’ve already played Master, and you cast Blaster Mount on Master. When Master is defeated, you still need to fight Master’s Blaster. That makes a lot more sense to my mind that the idea that someone would defeat the rider of a horse, but then still need to fight the horse.

This is all inspired by an earlier card that was a bit of a one-off: Spikeridged Steed. It was there that we first saw the “mount”, but without the name. Spikeridged Steed was released with Jouney to Un’Goro, and had wording almost identical to that of the new Mount system. “Give a minion +2/+6 and Taunt. When it dies, summon a Stegodon.”


Tradeable is a new feature that appears on some cards, allowing said cards to be traded back into your deck for one mana. You can pay the full cost of the card to play the card, or you can pay one mana to shuffle the card into your deck and draw a new card in its place. Easy enough!

We’ll see these cards are a whole bunch of others in the next set starting on August 3, 2021. Cross your fingers we get a few more early freebies to toss a few wrenches into the game before then, too!

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New Hearthstone Questline mechanic tosses wrench in game’s power dynamic

The digital card game Hearthstone has a new set coming on August 3 by the name of United in Stormwind. This new set has a whopping 135 new cards, effectively changing the way the game will work if you’re the sort of person who plays every single day of the week. It all begins with three new features: Tradeable, Questline, and Mount! Right this minute, we’re going to take a peek at how Questline works.


A Questline is similar to what we had with Journey to Un’goro and Descent of Dragons with Quests and Sidequests. You put one Questline in your deck and it appears in your starting hand, automatically. You’ll play said quest (likely on your first turn) and attempt to achieve the requirements.

Each time you achieve the requirements of your Questline, you get a reward. Once you achieve three sets of requirements, you get the ultimate reward – which in this case is an exceedingly powerful Legendary minion.

So the Questline Sorcerer’s Gambit starts with a 1-mana cost to play, and requires that you cast a Fire, Frost, and Arcane spell. You get to draw a spell as a reward, and move on to the next bit of the Questline: Stall for Time.

With Stall for Time, you need to cast another Fire, Frost, and Arcane spell. Your reward for this part of the Questline is that you’ll get to “discover one”. In other words, “one” of the three sorts of spells. The final bit of the Questline is “Reach the Portal Room”, and it, too, requires that you cast a Fire, Frost, and Arcane spell, and your reward is the Legendary minion Arcanist Dawngrasp.

If you’ve played as a Mage any time recently, you know that the speed at which you can toss out spells of many sorts is… pretty extreme. You’ve got to have a bit of luck on your side, but really – this is more than doable.

If this Questline is any indication, this new set will radically change the power dynamics of the game, as any great new card set should. We’ll see the full extent of the changes made when the set is released on August 1, 2021.

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Magic The Gathering Arena released for iOS, Android: Hearthstone has a challenger

At long last, Magic: The Gathering can be played on almost any touchscreen device or gadget you have in your possession. Magic: The Gathering (aka Magic cards) from Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., is now prepared to appear on your smartphone or tablet with Magic: The Gathering Arena. This game was previously available on desktop machines, and is now ready to roll on Android and iOS.

Magic: The Gathering Arena can now be played on Windows PC, Apple’s Mac OS, and on smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android. That means most any Android device, so long as it works with Android 6.0 and newer. This game is approximately 120MB large, and is likely a lot larger depending on which version of the game you get and which content needs to be loaded for the latest sets of cards.

If you are looking to play the game on iOS, you’ll need a device with either iOS 13.0 or iPadOS 13.0 or later. The game is approximately 906MB large right out the gate – and will likely get larger as more cards and content are added to your collection.

You’ll need either a touchscreen or a connected mouse of some sort – this version of the game is made for the touchscreen environment. This game works with the same account you use for Magic: The Gathering Arena on a desktop device. You’ll use your official Wizards Account to access your existing collection and match with players cross-platform.

It’s been a long time coming. The folks at Blizzard that make Hearthstone must have been keeping an eye on the progress made by Wizards on this expansion of their own card-based game. Now that the most famous Collectable Card Game ever made is mobile, will the digital card game universe suffer – or blossom?

You can get this game on Google Play for Android right this minute for free. It’s also free on the Apple app store for iOS. But be warned: If you find the game addicting, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself spending real money on digital packs of cards. That can drain your wallet quick!

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