‘Dune: Awakening’ is a survival MMO set in Frank Herbert’s sci-fi universe

After a 20-year drought, Dune fans suddenly have more than one game to look forward to playing. After announcing Dune: Spice Wars in 2021, Norwegian publisher Funcom revealed at this year’s Gamescom that it’s creating a new MMO set in Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi universe. The trailer the company shared during the event didn’t showcase gameplay. 

Instead, we see a character, possibly the game’s version of Paul Atreides, watch a sandworm devour a spice harvester while reciting Dune’s famous “fear is the mind-killer” mantra, with the eventual title card promising an open-world survival experience. The game’s Steam page provides a few more details about the project. Players will have the chance to explore the desert planet while in search of spice. You’ll need to protect your harvester from opportunistic raiders and the occasional sandworm. Funcom did not announce a release date for Dune: Awakening, but the game’s website invites fans to sign up for a forthcoming beta.


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