Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake may hit the enviable 6GHz mark

Intel’s 13th-generation Raptor Lake chips may be capable of boosting past the 6GHz mark if one tipster is to be believed. The company’s current Core i9-12900 CPUs are already capable of maxing out well over 5GHz.

The rumor comes courtesy of tipster @OneRaichu on Twitter, who claims at least one SKU of the CPU will be capable of a 6GHz turbo boost due to Intel’s Efficient Thermal Velocity Boost (ETVB) technology. That would make it the first x86 chip to reach that level of performance.

🥵6 GHz turbo MAYBE will appear in one SKU. (in ETVB mode)🤣
I guess it should not be normal sku.

— Raichu (@OneRaichu) June 21, 2022

More confirmation of ETVB was revealed when Intel updated its Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) overclocking application to include “future platform” support for ETVB. As Wccftech notes, the overclocking features listed in the XTU changelog will be available to 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs as well.

As a refresher, Intel’s regular TVB “opportunistically” increases the clock speeds by up to 100MHz if the CPU is within its thermal limit and enough turbo headroom is available. This is how Alder Lake CPUs are able to get into the mid-5GHz range. The ETVB mode will likely be an improvement upon the TVB to perhaps allow even higher frequency boosts depending on how hot the CPU is.

This probably isn’t surprising considering some of the early benchmarks we’ve seen for Raptor Lake. In the Sandra benchmarking tool, it was found that the Core i9-13900 crushed the current Core i9-12900. However, we must caution that it was an early engineering sample that was tested so the actual performance numbers could vary upon release.

Obviously, AMD isn’t sitting on its laurels, with Team Red readying its own Ryzen 7000 chips built on the new Zen 4 architecture. AMD showed off impressive results at Computex 2022, beating Intel’s Core i9-12900K by 31%. It also showed the Zen 4 chip boosting up to 5.5GHz while playing Ghostwire Tokyo.

AMD CEO Lisa Su noted that even with such impressive results, Ryzen 7000 chips will be capable of of clock speeds “significantly” above 5Ghz. That’s not even counting any kind of overclocking potential. That said, if Intel is able to achieve 6Ghz without overclocking, that will still represent a remarkable achievement.

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Cult hit RPG ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ is finally getting a sequel

Dragon’s Dogma didn’t rock the fantasy RPG world when it arrived in 2012, but it gradually developed a loyal fan base. If you’re part of that group, you’ll be glad to hear that Capcom has confirmed work on a sequel as part of a livestream celebrating the original’s 10th anniversary. Not that there are many details, mind you. As Kotaku reports, game director Hideaki Itsuno shared the Dragon’s Dogma II name, a logo and nothing else — don’t expect a release in the near future, then.

The first game was flawed, with an awkward interface and a mediocre open-world experience. However, its wild story, enjoyable combat and extensive customization helped win people over. It was popular enough to warrant an expansion (Dark Arisen), a Japan-exclusive online RPG (Dragon’s Dogma Online) and even a Netflix anime series.

It’s safe to presume Dragon’s Dogma II will target modern consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. With that said, it’s too soon to say much else. A lot has changed in the past decade, and a sequel will have to compete with action RPG rivals like Elden Ring. Still, this might give Capcom more room to address the original’s flaws and otherwise shake up its game mechanics.

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Hackers stole top-secret GPU details — then Nvidia hit back

Following a cyberattack that took Nvidia’s systems offline for two days last week, the hacking group behind the initial breach has now revealed it has allegedly gained access to over 1TB of data from the tech giant.

When the attack was originally reported on Friday, there wasn’t too much information provided beyond the fact that Nvidia was “investigating an incident.” However, over the weekend, there were some extremely interesting developments pertaining to the situation, which includes purported retaliation by Nvidia.

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Cyber breach details reveal extent of hack

Firstly, ​​hacking group LAPSUS$ stated that the hack it carried out resulted in gaining entry to Nvidia’s servers for about an entire week. As a result of this unprecedented access, it says it was able to extract 1TB of data, including schematics, drivers, firmware, and more.

“We also have documentation, private tools and SDKs, and everything about falcon [microprocessors for NVIDIA GPUs based on a custom architecture], we know what is valuable,” the South American group explained on Telegram.

According to VideoCardz, the group has released the first batch of the leak. The publication’s sources indicate that the “partial data included in the package appears to match the claims.”

One important piece of data originating from the hack the group claims it now has in its possession is an LHR V2 bypass for GA102-GA104 GPUs. As reported by VideoCardz, that means LAPSUS$ located the main algorithm used to implement the cryptocurrency mining hash rate limiter that Nvidia applied to its RTX 30-series of graphics cards in 2021. It says it is currently selling the LHR V2 bypass, but added that the group hopes Nvidia removes it soon.

Most recently, a tool that was claimed to remove the mining limits imposed on various Nvidia GPUs was proven to be malware. But if these hackers’ assertion that they stole the algorithm behind the limiter is actually true, then a program to unlock full mining performance for some of the most popular video cards may very well materialize in the near future.

The Telegram posts detailing the Nvidia cyberattack.
Image source: VideoCardz

As detailed in its Telegram posts revealing the extent of the hack, the group said that in an effort to “help” the mining and gaming communities, it wants Nvidia to “push an update for all 30-series firmware that remove every LHR limitation.” If the company does not meet this specific demand, LAPSUS$ threatens to leak the “hw folder.”

Moreover, should Nvidia fail to contact the hackers, the group “will take actions.” While the exact motive behind the hack may potentially be related to extracting as much monetary value as it can, LAPSUS$ stresses the attack is not politically motivated, nor is it state-sponsored.

Nvidia fights back

In an interesting turn of events over the weekend, Nvidia has seemingly fought back by, well, hacking the hackers. According to a tweet from vx-underground, as reported by Kitguru, Team Green “performed a hack back” and subsequently “ransomed [the group’s] machines.” A statement from the group further elaborated on Nvidia’s actions, apparently confirming that the firm encrypted its hard drives. However, LAPSUS$ asserts it was able to generate a backup containing the breached data.

LAPSUS$ commented on Nvidia’s alleged counterattack in another Telegram post. Access to the GPU and chip manufacturer’s VPN required the PC “to be enrolled in MDM (Mobile Device Management).” Due to this method that was utilized by the hackers to initially infiltrate Nvidia’s systems, the firm was “able to connect to a VM [virtual machine] we use.”

“Yes they successfully encrypted the data. However we have a backup,” it added.

Either way, it’s unheard of for a company of Nvidia’s size to initiate its own counterassault of this nature, regardless of whether it was in the form of a hack or not.

As for Nvidia’s acknowledgement of the purported exploits, it confirmed it is “investigating an incident” on Friday. Beyond that admission, LAPSUS$ said the company “filed [an] abuse report.”

Elsewhere, as reported by Bloomberg, Nvidia said its “business and commercial activities continue uninterrupted. We are still working to evaluate the nature and scope of the event and don’t have any additional information to share at this time.” Additionally, a Bloomberg source familiar with the matter said the cyber breach “looks to be relatively minor and not fueled by geopolitical tensions.”

News of the cyberattack failed to negatively impact Nvidia’s stock prices. Instead, shares actually increased by 1.7% to $241.57 when the markets closed on Friday. That said, Bloomberg highlights how stocks for the chipmaker (with the company valued north of $600 billion) have been on a downward trend during 2022 thus far (by 18% to be exact).

The hack comes at a time when Nvidia’s proposed $66 billion acquisition of British chip designer ARM was officially canceled amid intense regulatory pressure from several governmental bodies.

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Amazon’s The Expanse hit sci-fi show is getting its own Telltale game

Telltale Games plans to turn Amazon’s hit science fiction series The Expanse into a video game. The announcement was made during Thursday’s The Game Awards 2021 show, and it included a one-minute teaser trailer. Players will, Telltale revealed, operate as XO Camina Drummer aboard the Artemis, a spaceship where “a blood mutiny breaks loose.”

Image: Telltale Games

Telltale has transformed a number of popular shows into fun story-based video games, not the least of which is the Telltale Series based on The Walking Dead. Given its massive popularity, it’s no surprise the company would turn its attention to The Expanse.

The science fiction series started as novels, later scoring itself a television adaptation from Syfy. Despite its very high ratings from critics and viewers, Syfy canceled the show with its third season, a decision seemingly made in light of restrictive streaming rights and a dip in viewership numbers.

As tends to happen when a popular broadcast television show is abruptly canceled, fans rallied around the title and called on streaming companies to pick it up for an additional season. Amazon ended up answering that request, producing new seasons while making The Expanse an Amazon Original on Prime Video.

Amazon made it known months ago that the show’s sixth season — which arrives this month — will bring the series to an end. The series finale will be comprised of only six episodes compared with the 10 in past seasons, leaving some fans skeptical that the show will get a proper conclusion. Amid this, fans have called for an expansion of the sci-fi universe, including potentially into other media formats.

That’s where Thursday’s announcement comes in — if nothing else, fans will get to enjoy the series beyond season six with The Expanse: A Telltale Series from Telltale and Deck Nine Games. Though few details about the title have been released at this time, the company has added a web page for the game on its website.

The video game will be set before the events we see in the television series, though it’ll revolve around the massively popular character Camina Drummer. The series has already established a huge storyline for this character, leaving a number of paths for Telltale to take with its game adaptation.

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‘Uncharted 4’ and ‘Lost Legacy’ remasters hit PS5 on January 28th

You won’t have to wait too much longer to play (or replay) the last two Uncharted games on your PlayStation 5. Naughty Dog and Sony have confirmed that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be available for PS5 on January 28th for $50, or $10 if you’ve bought the PS4 versions of either included game. The companies have also revealed just what audiovisual upgrades you can expect. These aren’t complete overhauls (they’re both mid-cycle PS4 releases, after all), but they might be worthwhile if you missed out on Uncharted 4 or Lost Legacy, or just want to make the most of a new TV.

As with some PS5 titles, you can prioritize the graphics for either resolution or speed. A “Fidelity Mode” jumps to native 4K while preserving a target frame rate of 30FPS. You can alternately use a “Performance Mode” if 60FPS matters more than crisp graphics, and there’s even a “Performance+” option that caps the resolution at 1080p in return for an extra-smooth 120FPS.

Both games promise “near instant” load times thanks to the PS5’s SSD, and Naughty Dog is taking advantage of improved DualSense haptic feedback as well as spatial audio for built-in TV speakers and headphones. It should be a more immersive experience, then, even if you can’t justify an elaborate audio setup.

You’ll have to be patient if you’re jonesing for the PC version. You can add the Uncharted bundle to your wish lists on the Epic Games Store and Steam, but the developers haven’t narrowed down the release date beyond a generic “2022.” The system requirements aren’t yet available, either. While that’s not surprising given the extra challenges of porting a PS4 game to PCs, it could leave you waiting a bit longer than you might like.

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Spider-Man will hit ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ on November 30th, but only on PS4 and PS5

At long last, Crystal Dynamics has revealed Spider-Man will arrive in Marvel’s Avengers. The iconic superhero will join the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game on November 30th as a PlayStation exclusive.

There will be a hero event to accompany Spidey’s debut. After discovering AIM’s plan to make its Synthoid army unstoppable, Spider-Man teams up with the Avengers to tackle the threat. Crystal Dynamics hasn’t offered a proper look at its take look on the hero yet, unfortunately.

The studio initially said it would add Spider-Man , but that obviously didn’t pan out. and Clint Barton (both of whom have been known as ) also arrived in Marvel’s Avengers later than planned.

Along with Spider-Man, an update later this month will add more cosmetic items (including outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe), a new type of enemy called Echoes and a Klaw raid. The resource and gear upgrade systems will also be reworked and the power level cap will be increased.

The Spider-Man announcement follows an especially rough week for the game. , Square Enix called Marvel’s Avengers “an ambitious title for us in that we took on the GaaS (Games as a Service) model,” though the game had “unfortunately not proven as successful as we would have liked.” The report also notes that “the new challenge that we tackled with this title produced a disappointing outcome.” Yikes. Crystal Dynamics also removed the widely reviled XP and resource booster microtransactions on Tuesday.

The initial sales of Marvel’s Avengers were lower than Square Enix expected, and the company posted a loss of around $67 million for the quarter in which it was released. There’s been a bit of a turnaround since then, though. The was well received and the game recently landed on Xbox Game Pass. However, Xbox players won’t be able to swing into battle with Peter Parker.

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VR hit ‘Blade & Sorcery’ comes to Oculus Quest 2 on November 4th

Blade & Sorcery has been a strong showcase for VR, but it has a drawback: its PC-only nature has meant occasionally tripping over wires while you fight your fantasy battles. Thankfully, that won’t be an issue for long. Warpfrog has unveiled Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, a stand-alone game coming to the Oculus Quest 2 on November 4th for $20. The basic concept remains the same — it’s a “sandbox” brawler with immersive swordplay and magic — but the developers are taking advantage of the freedom that comes with a stand-alone headset.

The familiar Sandbox mode is now fine-tuned for room-scale VR. There’s also a Dungeons mode that challenges you to fight through “semi-procedurally generated” chambers. In 2022, there will also be a mode with progression that rewards frequent play.

This probably won’t get you to spring for a Quest 2 by itself. It might tip the balance if you were already curious about titles like GTA: San Andreas, though, and it may serve as a good introduction to what VR can do. If nothing else, it shows what’s possible when you aren’t tied to a computer.

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‘Among Us’ will hit Xbox and PlayStation on December 14th

Innersloth has been that it will bring Among Us to Xbox and PlayStation sometime this year. Sure enough, the Mafia-style social deduction game is coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on December 14th.

Just like on PC, Among Us will be included with Xbox Game Pass on consoles. Those on PlayStation, meanwhile, will get an exclusive Ratchet & Clank cosmetic at a later date. Among Us has crossplay support, so you’ll be able to play with friends across PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Innersloth also revealed details about the physical editions of Among Us for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Along with the base game and all of the DLC, the includes a poster of the Skeld map, stickers and a holographic card. That version will hit Europe on December 14, Japan and South Korea two days later, and then the US, Canada and Latin America on January 11th.

The includes the same gear as the Crewmate package, along with a purple crewmate plush, an enamel pin and a lanyard. The $90 Ejected Edition comes with even more goodies, including a steelbook case, a beanie and, best of all, a fleece blanket. Both of those editions will ship in spring 2022.

Among Us in 2020, two years after its debut, as Twitch streamers and YouTubers started playing it en masse. People were also looking for ways to connect with their friends during COVID-19 lockdowns and, for many, lying to their buds about what they were doing in Among Us’ med bay fit the bill perfectly. It’s coming to Xbox and PlayStation just in time for more people to play and argue with their loved ones over the holiday season.

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Clearview AI hit with sweeping legal complaints over controversial face scraping in Europe

Privacy International (PI) and several other European privacy and digital rights organizations announced today that they’ve filed legal complaints against the controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI. The complaints filed in France, Austria, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom say that the company’s method of documenting and collecting data — including images of faces it automatically extracts from public websites — violates European privacy laws. New York-based Clearview claims to have built “the largest known database of 3+ billion facial images.”

PI, NYOB, Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, and Homo Digitalis all claim that Clearview’s data collection goes beyond what the average user would expect when using services like Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. “Extracting our unique facial features or even sharing them with the police and other companies goes far beyond what we could ever expect as online users,” said PI legal officer Ioannis Kouvakas in a joint statement.

Clearview AI uses an image scraper to automatically collect publicly available photos of faces across social media and other websites to build out its biometric database. It then sells access to that database — and the ability to identify people — to law enforcement agencies and private companies.

The legality of Clearview AI’s approach to building its facial recognition service is the subject of a number of legal challenges globally. Authorities in the UK and Australia opened a privacy probe last year into the company’s data scraping techniques. In February, Canada’s privacy commissioners determined that Clearview’s face scraping is “illegal” and creates a system that “inflicts broad-based harm on all members of society, who find themselves continually in a police lineup.”

Swedish police were fined by the country’s data regulator for using Clearview’s offerings to “unlawfully” identify citizens. And in one case in Germany, the Hamburg Data Protection Agency ordered Clearview to delete the mathematical hash representing a user’s profile after he complained.

In the US, Clearview was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union in the state of Illinois in 2020 for violating the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act. The results of that lawsuit contributed to the company’s decision to stop selling its product to private US companies. Clearview also faced legal action in Vermont, New York and California.

The privacy watchdogs say regulators have three months to respond to their complaints. In the meantime, you can request any data Clearview might have on you via the email and forms provided on its site and ask that your face be omitted from client searches.

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‘Spelunky’ and ‘Spelunky 2’ hit Nintendo Switch on August 26th

We learned all the way back in December that the terrific  and were coming to Nintendo Switch sometime this summer, and the wait’s almost over — at least in a few regions. The two games will hit the eShop in North America, Europe and Australia on August 26th, adding another pair of to the Switch library.

Spelunky supports local multiplayer, and Spelunky 2 adds online play to the mix. Although there are distinct areas in both platformers — each with their own enemies, lethal traps and rules — the levels are procedurally generated, so things are always going to be a bit different on each run.

It’s hardly the first time Spelunky, a stone-cold classic, has landed on a handheld console. It was released (and PlayStation 3) all the way back in 2013, a year after the remake of the 2008 original . The sequel, however, has only been available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PS5 until now.

If you’d like to plunder the caverns on Switch, you’ll be able to pick up Spelunky for . Spelunky 2 will cost .

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