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Windows 11 on OnePlus 6T run Crysis, Hitman 4

If the original Doom is often used as a litmus test for computing devices, both seriously and jokingly, Crysis is sometimes used to test the graphics capabilities of a computer or GPU. There might be other more graphics-intensive games these days, but the tradition has remained the same throughout the years. Now Crysis is again being used for something almost so unlikely you wouldn’t expect it to work, yet some did just make Crysis run on a OnePlus 6T running Windows 11.

On the one hand, it is cheating a bit since Windows 11 on ARM is a full desktop experience, not like Windows 10 Mobile. On the other hand, the hardware and software requirements of running a Windows game on a phone still make this quite an achievement, regardless of the actual platform. Consider that the game runs on a phone not designed to run such games is even more impressive.

When we say “run,” though, we really mean it in its most literal and minimal sense for a video game. As you can probably expect, the graphics quality can’t be pushed to its best settings, and there might be a few frames dropped here and there. It’s still playable, though, which is no small feat for a 2018 Android phone.

Crysis isn’t the only game that has been tested to run on Windows 11 on phones. Hitman 4: Blood Money is shown below, running with better frame rates and visual quality. Skyrim reportedly failed to make the cut. Ironically, no one has tried running Doom yet.

Unfortunately, these are tests with few practical long-term benefits. Microsoft is unlikely to allow Windows 11 to run on phones from other manufacturers and won’t be distributing official images to make that happen. It would be a complete shame, though, since these experiments show the possibilities if Microsoft pushed through with its own Windows 11 phone.

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Deathloop Preview: Hitman Meets Dishonored With Sci-fi Spin

While the first half of 2021 has been quiet for new game releases, it’s about to heat up. The back end of the year is already looking loaded with Halo Infinite, Battlefield 6, Horizon Forbidden West, and much more looming. In between all those heavy hitters, there’s one upcoming release that could end up being the surprise game of the year: Deathloop.

Developed by Arkane Studios, Deathloop has long been a curiosity for gamers. It debuted at E3 2019 with a stylish trailer, though it wasn’t clear what it actually was. Later, a gameplay glimpse revealed that it was a first-person shooter with some extra powers reminiscent of Arkane’s Dishonored series. Still, it’s “time loop” premise was a little vague. It felt like there was a special twist; it just wasn’t clear what it was.

A preview event finally reveals those missing pieces. Imagine a spy thriller that blends Dishonored and Hitman into an action-packed, sci-fi take on Groundhog Day. That only begins to describe Deathloop’s madcap premise.


Here’s the simple explanation. Deathloop is a first-person shooter about a character named Colt who’s stuck in a time loop. He needs to eliminate eight targets to break that loop. The basic flow of the game is that players load into a level and hunt one of the eight people down. The catch is that players won’t know how to find their target at first. They’ll need to search for clues while sneaking past guards or gunning through them.

Oh, and every time Colt dies? Players exit the loop and restart from the top.

It’ll be tempting to label Deathloop as a roguelite, but that’s not really the case. While there is a “die and try again” flow, players aren’t starting from scratch when they reload into a mission. Acquired weapons and gear are permanent, so there’s constant progression being made, even in failed attempts.

Most importantly, any intel gained is applicable to the next go-round. If a player happens to overhear two guards talking about where the target will be and when, that knowledge doesn’t go away. Each level is a time loop, after all. Gather enough intel over a few runs and a player should be able to jump into a fresh loop and track down their target swiftly. The game even lets players jump into the loop at different times of day so they don’t have to wait around for a specific moment.

What’s unexpected here is how much Deathloop looks like it’s taking cues from the Hitman series. In those games, Agent 47 spends a chunk of levels absorbing details about his targets. He maps out their walking routes, observes their little habits, and figures out the opportune moment to strike. Deathloop works the exact same way. Each run is about seeking out more and more details as to who exactly the target is and where to find them.

Colt plans an assassination in Deathloop.

In the gameplay clip we saw, Colt must find his hit hidden at a swanky party. If he goes in guns blazing, he’ll quickly find himself overwhelmed by dozens of partygoers — not a terribly viable strategy. Instead, he can take the time to sneak around the area outside the party and scavenge for clues. Perhaps he’ll find an audio log or pick up on a stray conversation that narrows it down much more. It’s like a big, bloody game of Guess Who?

Even the assassinations themselves are reminiscent of Hitman. In the gameplay clip, Colt has a chance to simply snipe his enemy from afar and make a quiet escape. Instead, he decides to go a more slapstick route with a comedic, scripted elimination.

It’s a glowing comparison. The Hitman series has done a fantastic job of using puzzle-like investigation to create a thinking person’s action game. That same idea is at the heart of Deathloop, whih turns each assassination into a little mystery that must be solved before the grand finale.

The spy who shot me

Deathloop’s espionage was a highlight of the gameplay reel, but it’s not just a cerebral stealth game. In fact, it’s downright boisterous when it comes to its action.

There are two distinct aspects of combat, which go hand in hand. When it comes to weapons, players have access to a wide array of classes. Those include standard gun types like shotguns or hacking tools that can take over enemy turrets or cause distractions. At the top of each loop, players actually select their loadout, which keeps each run feeling different. On one attempt, players might go in full-bore wielding dual SMGs. The next try, they might go full stealth.

Colt shooting an enemy in Deathloop.

Combat really starts to look like a blast when special powers come into play. Throughout the game, players collect slabs, which grant new power-ups. That’s where Arkane’s unique stamp really comes through. Some of these powers are pulled straight from Dishonored 2, like a teleporting “blink” jump or the Nexus ability that allows players to link multiple enemies together and kill them all by shooting one.

The most gleeful slab shown in the gameplay reel is a power called Karnesis. It’s essentially a telekinetic power that allows players to yank an enemy off the ground and throw them. At one point in the demo, Colt sneaks up on three guards standing next to a railing. He tosses them all into the air and sends them off the edge with the flick of his wrist. It’s a morbid delight.

It’s always hard to get an exact feel for a game from prerecorded gameplay demos. They tend to be perfectly crafted, showing play that’s more high level than most fans will achieve. Even still, the gameplay demo offers a seriously appetizing taste of what’s to come. Colt fluidly swaps between guns, tools, and powers. He’ll rapidly shoot down two enemies, toss another group of enemies up in the air, and then teleport behind a turret to sic it on some guards in a flash.

I went into the Deathloop event having no real sense of how it would play out. I walked out dying to get my hands on it. It’s an incredibly stylish and slick premise that capitalizes on Arkane’s strengths while borrowing entirely new ideas. Forget Halo and Horizon; Deathloop is the game to watch this fall.

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Hitman 3 Season of Greed update revealed, pre-update in May

A new set of updates appeared for Hitman 3 (or III, if you prefer) this week, with the Seven Deadly Sins Collection (Act 1: Greed) in full effect. If you’re not already aware, we’re a whole week deep into the Hitman III Season of Green. This series of events started on March 30 and lasts until May 9, 2021. Act 1: Greed of the 7 Deadly Sins was released on March 30, 2021.

Also starting on March 30, and lasting until April 12, 2021, Hitman III featured a BERLIN EGG HUNT. This seasonal event celebrates the happy bunny fantasy with death and destruction, complete with a Raver Outfit available for unlock.

Starting on April 9 and lasting until April 19, The Collector will be in the game as a Dartmoor Elusive Target. He looks sort of like the manager character from Metalocalypse – but probably not quite as deadly.

Featured contracts coming in soon include “Two Angry Gamers” on April 15, 2021, and “Achievement Hunter” on May 6, 2021. Starting on April 23 and lasting until May 3, Hitman III features a Hawke’s Bay Elusive Target “THE POLITICIAN.” Just about a week into that, there’ll be an Escalation (on April 29) called The Jinzhen Incident. GREED can be purchased on its own for $4.99, or you can get the whole Seven Deadly Sins collection for $29.99.

At the end of all this we’ll see another major game update for Hitman III on May 10. We do not yet know what this major game update will bring, but we DO know that it’s ready to roll for May 10, 2021. Cross your fingers we see some cross-game integration – something real WEIRD like that.

This is the latest in a lovely set of updates packaged by the creators of Hitman 3 in a way that’s both user-friendly and encouraging for all those that could potentially buy a game from said creators in the future. Support and updates for a game such as this makes the masses love the creator, and support the creator, and ensure the creator’s future is all but guaranteed.

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Hitman 3 Gets a 7-Part Paid DLC Called Seven Deadly Sins

Hitman 3 is getting a new expansion called Seven Deadly Sins. The paid update will release in seven parts, with each content pack representing a different sin.

The expansion is the first paid update for Hitman 3 since it launched in January. IO Interactive has previously rolled out free content drops for the game. Seven Deadly Sins is a more robust DLC that brings new contracts and items to the game.

The DLC will release in seven parts. Each piece of content starts a “season” that represents a different sin. Each season will last between four and six weeks, which means that the game will get regular updates through 2021. Players can either buy individual chapters for $5 each or the entire collection for $30.

The first installment is Chapter 1: Greed, which launches on March 30. The update takes players back to Dubai to complete the new Greed Enumeration Escalation contract. The package features new golden items, including the Rapacious Suit, Devil’s Cane, and Greedy Little Coin. IO says the update features “new gameplay mechanics” built around the concept of greed.

While this is the game’s first paid update, Hitman 3 will continue to get free content. IO is making a slight change to how it rolls out that content by releasing free updates within the new season time frames. The studio will release a clearer road map of what’s coming to the during its Season of Greed in early April.

IO confirmed that new content is on the way soon and reaffirmed that elusive targets are on the way, as are new seasonal events. In addition to the Berlin Egg Hunt, IO says that some old events from Hitman and Hitman 2 are coming to the game soon.

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Hitman 3 patch released: This is a big one

This week the folks behind HITMAN released the first major patch for Hitman 3. This patch delivers “tweaks” for every single level in Hitman 3, as well as stability and connectivity fixes aplenty. This update delivers new HUD tweaks and additions, and a whopping TWO new Deluxe Escalations. And a turtleneck – don’t forget the turtleneck.

The Tactical Turtleneck arrives with this update, for all Hitman 3 players, ALL OF THEM. If you wish to attain said lovely and fashionable turtleneck, you’ll need to return to the ICA Facility and complete The Final Test. It’s wild how important this turtleneck seems in a game where you’re spending so much time behind the head of the main avatar – such fashion!

The February Deluxe Edition/Pack owners will get new deluxe content, part of the ongoing Deluxe content rollout, bringing the total number of Deluxe Escalations to 5/6. The entirety of the Deluxe Pack content will be released by March of 2021. The full contents of the update pack can be found at io Interactive.

If you’re looking to download the patch, you’ll be downloading between 2 and 3GB of data. That’s regardless of platform, UNLESS you’re talking about Stadia or Switch. If you’re playing on Stadia, you don’t ever have to download the game because it’s always in the cloud – neat! If you’re on the Nintendo Switch, you will “get access to the latest version when they launch the game after [2PM CET]”, today.

The release starts at 2PM CET on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. This game is getting this massive update on all platforms. That includes Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and both the Nintendo Switch and Stadia. Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on recent updates to Hitman 3, and cross your fingers the rest of the updates are as beefy as the one that’s being released this week.

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Hitman 3 February content update is a calendar of bloody delights

Today IO Interactive delivered the first content update for Hitman 3 for the month of February, 2021. This update includes new pieces of content for the game throughout the month, including new encounters and targets, contracts and goodies. This month’s events begin today, February 4, 2021, with The Baskerville Barney Escalation.

On February 11th, 2021, Hitman 3 will get an update with MinnMax Dubai Featured Contracts. This should expand your opportunities for profit just before the February 18th event update. On February 18th, Hitman 3 delivers The Sinbad Stringent Escalation. If it weren’t already obvious, things will continue to escalate from here, so it’ll be best for the most hardcore Hitman 3 gamers to stay onboard right from the start.

There’s a mysterious “Game Update” scheduled for February 23 in addition to another new set of contracts and escalations. February 23 includes Kinda Funny Dartmoor Featured Contracts, The Proloff Parable, and The Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalations.

With The Proloff Parable (Deluxe Escalation) you’ll find a White Shadow suit, a Custom Sieger 300 (also in white), and a new katana outfitted in – you guessed it – the color white. The February 23 Deluxe Escalation “The Gauchito Antiquity” includes a new Guru Suit (sorta orange with a purple interior), as well as two new tools. Guru’s Pen Syringe Emetic and Guru’s Emetic Grenade will arrive right out the gate.

The Dartmoor Featured Contracts will be delivered in collaboration with the entertainment company “Kinda Funny.” We can expect some giggles, if not some cross-branded goodness the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Starting on February 26, 2021, Hitman 3 will include The Deceivers Sapienza Elusive Target. This bit of content will remain available in the game from February 26 all the way to March 8, 2021.

Right this minute, Hitman 3 is available for play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and on your PC with Windows.

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Hitman 3: How to Find the Case File in Dartmoor

Most Hitman levels give you a target (or list of targets) and send you on your way. But Hitman 3′s Dartmoor level is different. In addition to taking out your target, you also need to find Arthur Edwards’ case file, which is more difficult than it may seem. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find the case file in Dartmoor in three different ways.

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Method 1: Solve the murder

The easiest way to snag the case file in Dartmoor is to complete the Means, Motive, and Opportunity story mission. There are multiple outcomes to this mission depending on how much evidence you find and who you accuse of the murder. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll eventually end up in Alexa Carlisle’s office, and as a reward for solving the crime, she’ll offer you either the case file or cash. Take the case file.

There’s a lot to this mission, so make sure to read our guide on how to solve the Dartmoor murder mystery. We walk you through the entire story mission, as well as all the different outcomes.

Method 2: Get the safe code

If you’d prefer a more traditional Hitman approach, you can find the case file in a safe inside Alexa Carlisle’s office. The trickiest part is simply getting up to the office, especially on your first playthrough. For those who have already gone through the level, head to the far left side of the mansion from the beginning, near the trophy room. There, you can scale a series of pipes and reach a ladder shortcut, which leads directly into Alexa’s office.

If it’s your first playthrough or you don’t have the shortcut unlocked, pick up a Mansion Staff or Bodyguard disguise. You should be able to get up to Alexa’s office on the third floor without being seen, as long as you avoid enforcers.

There are two other problems you need to deal with, though. First, there’s a guard inside Alexa’s office. Use a coin or some other distraction to lead him away from the stairs, then subdue him and hide his body in the nearby chest. There are also two guards on the balcony outside, but as long as you stay away from the windows, they won’t spot you.

Now, head over to Alexa’s chair and press the button on it. That will move a picture on a nearby wall, revealing the safe. You’ll get some dialogue about finding the code by looking around the mansion. Above the safe, you’ll see four icons: A clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose. These icons correspond to items you can find around the office, which will reveal the code. Here are all the locations:

  • Clock — Just under the stairs. Look for the clock for the first number.
  • Telescope — On the upper level of the office, pointing out a window.
  • Fire — On the back wall of the fireplace in the office.
  • Moose — There’s a moose head mounted above the main door. Above the moose is the number.

If you want to find the code yourself, skip to the next paragraph. If you’re impatient, here’s the code: 1975.

There’s still a lurking problem that needs solving, though. Alexa may enter her office with a bodyguard depending on how long you stay in the office. For the most part, she roams the manor, but if you spend more than a few minutes in the office, she’ll make her way up there. The easiest way to handle this issue is to just be quick. If you want a little more time, solve the photographer’s problem near the greenhouse or the undertaker’s problem near the cemetery to keep Alexa occupied for a while.

Method 3: Steal Rebecca and Fernsby’s tokens

The final way to get the case file is to not get the case file at all. There’s actually another copy stored in a safe deposit box in New York (which you can figure out by listening to some of the NPCs around Thornbridge Manor). There are a few different ways to hear about the other copy — spying on Fernsby while he’s talking to Alexa, spying on Rebecca, or spying on the two bodyguards at the front of the mansion.

There are two tokens for the safe deposit box, one held by Rebecca and another held by Fernsby. You’ll need to subdue or eliminate them to get the tokens, and unsurprisingly, they’re very difficult to get alone.

Getting Rebecca’s token

Rebecca patrols back and forth between the sitting room and the trophy room, passing through a hallway where a housekeeper roams. The problem is that the doors to the trophy room and sitting room are both made of glass, and Rebecca — very rudely — leaves them open when passing back and forth.

The safest way to handle her is with poison. Go to the kitchen to pick up some rat poison, then go back to the trophy room to poison a water bottle on the table (while the guard is looking away). Follow Rebecca into the bathroom after she takes a drink, then subdue her. She’ll drop the token.

There is a faster way, though. There’s a single guard in the trophy room. Subdue him once Rebecca leaves, only moving his body a little (you won’t have enough time to fully hide it). Shortly after, Rebecca will walk in and stand in the middle of the room. Subdue her, and then hide both bodies in the chest in the room. Just be aware of the housekeeper in the hall and the guard outside the trophy room. They shouldn’t spot you if you’re careful.

Getting Fernsby’s token

Fernsby is a little more difficult.  He patrols between the first and second floor normally, though he’ll go back and forth between the entryway and the library if you’ve started the investigation. There are two ways to deal with him. The first is to follow him along his path until he’s relatively alone, then subdue him. The middle of the stairs in the library is a good place to do this.

Alternatively, you can knock down the chandelier in the entryway. Fernsby will return to a spot just under the chandelier in the entryway, and while he’s there, you can shoot the chain to knock it down on top of him. You won’t be recognized for knocking down the chandelier (as long as no one sees you), but be aware of the sound of your gun, and be ready to quickly dart to a different part of the mansion.

After the accident, head down and pick up the token.

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How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is full of secrets. The game has plenty of hidden features and storylines that players can explore and find all over the world. With the final installment of the game, IO Interactive wanted to ensure that players could get as many stealth and secrets as possible in the game. This includes an awesome secret ending.

With this ending, you’ll not only get new information, but you’ll also get the A New Father feat for completing it. It’s good to play the game through normally, but it’s definitely worth circling back to the secret ending to check it out. If you’re interested in finding out what happens during the secret ending, you’ve come to the right place!

Further reading

Unlocking the secret ending in Hitman 3

Unlocking the secret ending to Hitman 3 is actually pretty easy — it just requires a tiny bit of patience on your part. We’re encouraging you to do a straight playthrough of the game, then circle back to the secret ending. However, you can play as you want. Additionally, this article has a few spoilers about the secret ending, so be careful how quickly you read.

By the end of Hitman 3, you’ll find yourself circling Romania on a Providence train. Your target is the Constant, along with anyone on the train. Literally anyone on board that train is a viable target. That actually makes this level extremely fun because you can execute absolutely anyone without consequence. Regardless of whether or not you decide to murk everyone, you’ll eventually find yourself reaching the Constant, who will calmly accept his fate. But he will make you an offer, though. Just like previous Providence assassins, you’ll be offered to use the serum again and “surrender to your true nature.”

Agent 47 will initially reject the offer, and the game will leave you watching the Constant at a mirror with a plethora of options to kill him with. There will be a gun, fiber wire, and an ax at your disposal to take out the Constant. You can also use the serum to wipe the Constant’s memory, which is definitely a fun choice. But to get the secret ending, simply wait a minute. Seriously, just wait 60 to 70 seconds. This will trigger the secret ending. After about 60 seconds, the Constant will start talking again, and you’ll get the option to inject yourself again. Selecting this option will start the secret ending.

For those who want to see the secret ending themselves, stop reading here. But if anyone is interested in what the ending is, we do have some spoilers coming up about it.

If you do choose to inject yourself the second time it’s offered, 47 will pass out. Once you wake up, you’ll be somewhere very familiar to all Hitman fans. Welcome to a padded cell with a barred door. The constant will come and say some words to you, which sound just like the starting lines of the original game: “Wake up, my friend. It’s the dawn of a new day, and you have things to do.”

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Hitman 3’s Best Feature is Only Available on Google Stadia

One of my favorite aspects of Hitman 3 is how it has become a singular location for the entire “World of Assassination” trilogy if you own all three games on one platform, you can access any of their missions from within Hitman 3. It makes World of Assassination an actual mechanic rather than just a subtitle for IO Interactive’s games.

Google’s streaming video game service Stadia takes things to the next level with its “save state” feature. When playing the game on Stadia, a player simply has to take a screenshot or video capture of their game, and the service ties all of their current settings to that image. It will then generate a link they can send to a fellow Stadia player, and when they open it, they are given the option to play that save state.

What does that mean for Hitman? The game is designed for multiple replays missions can be tackled repeatedly, as players choose a different loadout and difficulty setting every time to slightly alter the experience. When another player opens a save state link, it immediately kicks them to the start of the level featured in the captured screenshot, along with whatever outfit, location, and starting gear has been chosen.

For example, I started out the opening Dubai mission from Hitman 3 in the briefing room of the skyscraper featured in the level, with Agent 47 dressed as one of the building’s staff. I had also smuggled some grenades into the kitchen trash if things ever got heated. Using the Stadia controller, I took a screenshot much like I would on any other modern console controller.

When I sent the link to the screenshot to my co-worker and they opened it up, it gave them the option to play my save state. Once they chose it, the game immediately opened up at the beginning of that scenario. This works for every level in the entire Hitman trilogy, with the first two games bundled into the Stadia Pro subscription, making this an incredibly fun extra feature for those who subscribe to service. If you have Hitman 3 on Stadia, and would like to try out this exact scenario for yourself, you can click right here.

Hitman 3 Stadia

Stadia has stumbled since its launch, and the forward-thinking exclusive features it touted at its debut have slowly trickled out. Unfortunately, its precedent of shortcomings has eclipsed some genuinely interesting developments, but I hope this save state feature breaks that pattern. Watching it work in real time is kind of magical, and it doesn’t feel like a gimmick it’s a genuine reason to not only play Hitman 3 on Stadia, but to check out the Pro subscription and fill out the rest of the trilogy. The more people that play Hitman on Stadia, the more useful that save state feature becomes.

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