Xbox PC app will soon let you use mods and custom install folders

Much like and the , the will soon let folks install games in any folder of their choosing. Xbox insiders (i.e. people who’ve signed up to test new features) will be able to pick a default drive and folder for game installs. 

The Microsoft Store hosts both games users can buy individually and Xbox Game Pass titles. Until now, all apps and games have shared a single install location. It’s not uncommon for PC gamers to have more than one storage drive. They might use one as a boot drive and for day-to-day apps, and a solid state drive for games. So, after this update rolls out more broadly, installing games on a secondary drive should be a cinch.

Insiders “will also find that downloads of those games have improved over time, so it’s even easier and faster to get to your next game,” Jason Beaumont, Xbox’s partner director of experiences, said in a video discussing the updates. What’s more, players of many Xbox Game Pass titles will soon have access to local files, so they’ll be able to install mods and move files. The Xbox app will show whether a game is moddable.

A released in September made it straightforward for players to move an installed game and all of its files to another drive. The process is a for games installed from Epic’s store, but it’s still possible. These are welcome moves, as they give players more choice over how to manage their games, and it’s good to see Microsoft offering folks more flexibility too.

Elsewhere, the Xbox PC app now has a cloud gaming tab, giving Game Pass Ultimate subscribers a quick way to find cloud-enabled console games. Beaumont added that Microsoft is continuing to improve the app’s performance, including “making it more reliable to download and play your games.” The team’s also trying to make it easier for developers to add features like cross-saves and achievements. 

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The Best Minecraft Mods | Digital Trends

Since its release in 2011, more than 200 million copies of Minecraft have sold, and its continued popularity on YouTube and the new Minecraft: Education Edition will only add to that record-breaking number. Despite the high number of popular Minecraft clones, youngsters and veteran gamers alike keep coming back to the original, in part because of how easy it is to find Minecraft mods that add a fresh spin on a classic experience.

We’ve sifted through heaps of weird and silly mods to find the best UI improvements, visual filters, new gameplay mechanics, and cool ideas that will keep Minecraft from becoming stale. Some of our favorite CurseForge mods of the past no longer work with the 1.16 Nether Update, so we’re keeping our list updated with mods that you can still enjoy with the latest version of the game.

If you need help implementing the aforementioned mods, we’ve also put together a guide on how to properly install Minecraft mods, so you can spend less time scouring forums and more time schlepping blocks to the outer regions of Mars.

Further reading

The Essentials

Applied Energistics

Everyone is a bit of a hoarder in Minecraft, and Applied Energistics makes it easier than ever to become one. The ultra-convenient mod stores all of your items by turning them into energy, which is then stored on hard drives in your base. All of your items are wirelessly accessible from anywhere in your base, and the storage capabilities are virtually endless.


Just Enough Items

A screenshot of the Minecraft GUI with item icons appearing to the right of the main recipe interface.

Minecraft’s endless list of materials makes it difficult to remember why you need any of them. Just Enough Items enables you to hover over any item and check its uses or recipes, adding icons into the empty space right of the menu. Based on the now-defunct Not Enough Items mod, JEI includes the same text-based search bar to find any recipe and see what materials you have or still need. Also, check out the Just Enough Resources add-on for cool new additions like dungeon loot.



A crafting table logo.

Should you wish to attempt your own Minecraft modding, either for a custom server or your own modpack, CraftTweaker offers an excellent starting point. With it, you can alter properties in-game, such as swap recipe components or change what an item does — for example, make all food less effective for a survival-themed server where you must fight off starvation. You can even add your own new custom blocks and items. It requires scripting knowledge, so get ready to study its wiki.



A player looking at a pillar and the words "Waystone: The Mountain".

Ever forget your map at home, then go so far exploring that you can’t find where you left your home and the resources you spent dozens of hours collecting? Believe us, it’s incredibly frustrating, and this mod will prevent it from ever happening again. Craft waystones, place them around your world, then use a Warp Scroll or Warp Stone to return to where you’ve been. Or, in case you die and lose your stuff, simply add a button to your inventory that warps you anywhere, without an item.



A dimensional door standing on the beach.

Somewhat similar to the waystones are DimensionalDoors. These function similarly, but instead of going from place to place, they can lead into your own little pocket dimension. Basically, they just allow you to access an infinite amount of space to do with as you please. You can simply use it for storage, but they can also function like waystones without the scrolls or stones since each one can lead out another you place wherever you like.



A Minecraft mini-map showing coordinates, landmarks, and locations of nearby players.

If you want to remove any mystery and always know where you are, who else is around you, and what you’ll find in any given direction, you’ll need a map or compass in your UI. Since the superb Journeymap is stuck in 1.15, consider VoxelMap, which gives you a mini-map or full-screen map that displays everywhere you’ve explored, mirrored to look like whatever weird biomes and resource packs you’ve downloaded. You’ll also see icons of NPCs and waypoints to which you can teleport.


Nature’s Compass

A menu showing all of the potential nearby biomes, and an option to teleport to one.

Compasses that only point north are so basic. This modded compass will point toward any nearby biome you wish to visit. You right-click the compass in your inventory to open a menu of nearby environments, then select one to have a heading for your next quest. The Nature’s Compass mod can also detect modded biomes (which we’ll reference below), so you can seek out the weird and wacky worlds you just downloaded.



The minecraft controlling menu.

Once you’ve installed a bunch of mods, it can be hard to manage all the extra features — and keep track of how to use them. The Controlling mod is a straightforward addition to Minecraft that lets the user pull up a search bar to find actions and the key they are mapped to. Controlling keeps the game organized and is essential for anyone using dozens of mods.


Expand your world …

Biomes O’ Plenty

Looking at a giant blocky volcano in Minecraft.

Minecraft’s biomes can be fairly uniform and can become somewhat monotonous after spending hundreds of hours in the same forests, islands, and caves. Biomes O’ Plenty adds new environments and climates, from alps and volcanoes (above), to new forest types, groves, and tropics at ground level and crystalline chasms below. With new plants and blocks everywhere you go, your world will feel more like a world than ever before.


Pam’s HarvestCraft 2

An inventory full of unique crop icons.

Make sure your avatar eats all of its food groups, with this awesome series of mods adding around 50 fruit and nut trees, 75 crops, 120 foods to cook or make, and new tools like a skillet, juicer, bakeware, and more. Crops and trees spawn to spawn in specific biomes, rewarding you for exploring with new ingredients for fun recipes. Currently, only the Food Core mod works with 1.16, but these mods are regularly updated, and we expect the others to be overhauled soon.

Food Core (PC)
Trees (PC)
Crops (PC)


A "pickarang" flies back to the player with materials in the Quark Minecraft mod.

An unthemed collection of small improvements, Quark adds creatures and tools that, once you see them, you’ll wonder why Mojang hasn’t already added them. Our personal faves of the 120-plus new features? The throwable pickarang that breaks blocks and returns with materials; skittish stoneling fairies that spawn underground, can be tamed, and love when you feed them rocks; inventory sorting by categories; beautiful new brick types; and hidden, underground mega-dungeons.


Aquaculture 2

A player fishing in a lake.

Base-game fishing is purely functional and fairly limited: You can only catch four types of fish, as well as some items, and the rod cannot be customized. Aquaculture 2 adds more than 30 new fish found in different biomes, lets you customize your line and tackle, includes craftable hooks and bait for better catching chances, lets you cook your fish into fillets, and even adds special Neptunian armor. Try to catch ’em all!


Worley’s Caves/YUNG’s Better Caves

A deep and glowing chasm in Minecraft.

Most mods tend to customize biomes on the surface, but these two mods put great effort into giving the underground more character, so you spend less time mining just to find an open space. Worley’s Caves turns the underground into a customizable, endlessly generating maze of rooms, with mobs ready to jump out from every corner. YUNG’s Better Caves focuses more on different types of customizable environments, from poison lakes to flooded caverns, making each new area a treat to discover.

Worley’s Caves (PC)
YUNG’s Better Caves (PC)

The Endergetic Expansion

A magical purple forest in Minecraft's The End.

Taking a portal to the End isn’t a field trip; you’re there to fight off mobs and take on the Ender dragon, after which there isn’t much to see or do that’ll compel you to return. This new expansion changes that, adding new biomes, critters to tame, food, blocks, and even bosses.


Simply Jetpacks 2

A row of different colored jetpacks.

For a world as expansive as Minecraft, it only makes sense to use something as cool and efficient as a jetpack. Beyond the straightforward joy of soaring around without having to use Creative mode, the mod allows you to build different types of jetpacks with varying max speeds and armor ratings. Or, you can build a Fluxpack, chestplate armor that protects you and charges modded objects in your inventory that run off of Forge Energy.


Advanced Hook Launchers

A minecraft character uses a grappling hook to climb out of the underground.

If flying everywhere feels a bit broken, these grappling hooks will make traversing the world easier, but not too easy — and even add new combat mechanics. Craft a sticky web hook for climbing up or rappelling down tall structures, a pudge hook to snag enemies in multiplayer, or a spear hook that works for climbing but mainly serves as a powerful weapon for flying creatures like dragons.



The description of the avian class.

One of the more popular mods in recent years is the Origins mod, which adds some RPG flavor to your Minecraft experience. Now when you begin a game, you will choose a specific class for your character, with each one having a unique trait, as well as weaknesses, that can really spice up how you play. The Enderian lets you teleport as though you had Ender Pears, but take damage when you touch water, and the Avian can slow fall but has to sleep at high elevations and can’t eat any meat, to name just two.


… Or explore custom worlds


Mekanism is a mods collection that will boost your Minecraft system from traditional mining into a more modern industrial age. This option adds a robot companion, fusion reactors, atomic disassemblers, solar generators, and power networks to level up your engagement with the game. Additional mods will give you other technology that can help you build entire cities.

Mekanism (PC)
Mekanism Additions (PC)
Mekanism Generators (PC)
Mekanism Tools (PC)


A team of vampire hunters stand on the left and vampires on the right.

Vampirism adds a layer of gameplay to Minecraft that will let you become a vampire who can feed on the villagers in the game or help you be the hero with the sharpest stake that can take out all of the vampires that are stalking you. This comprehensive mod adds RPG-style skills for vampires and hunters.

This mod allows you to level up using vampire rituals and trick out your vampire lair with unique coffins and blood storage. Vampirism also has village biomes full of NPCs to protect or feed upon, vampire barons with mobs of baddies to fight, and a castle that may belong to Dracula himself.



A view some of the magical tools built in a field.

Botania is a natural magic tech mod built to sync naturally into what Minecraft modders call the “vanilla” game. Players must harvest 16 new Mystical Flowers to attain Mana. You can use the Mana you attain to beautify your world even further by creating even more beautiful flowers.

The goal is to harness your flowers’ power for automated magical generators that produce materials. You can do this by building in-world rather than using a custom UI.


Editors’ Choice

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The Best Zelda Breath of the Wild Mods on PC

Breath of the Wild is a near-perfect game, but super fans might be looking to change up the experience after four years on the market. The best Breath of the Wild mods for PC help you do that, changing up everything from character and weapon models to the core mechanics of Breath of the Wild. 

You’ll need a copy of Breath of the Wild to run through an emulator to get these mods to work — they won’t work on the Wii U or Switch. Like most modding endeavors, you also need a decent knowledge of installing and configuring mods to get Breath of the Wild running properly. On PC, you need the Cemu emulator and a dump of your Breath of the Wild game file.

You can then run the game file through the emulator, which is already half of the battle. From there, loading mods is simple. Our first recommendation handles all of the background work so you can easily use mods in the game.

Further reading

BCML Cross-Platform Mod Loader

The BCML Cross-Platform Mod Loader is the medicine before the candy for Breath of the Wild. The game was designed to run on the Switch and Wii U without any changes, so loading up more than a mod or two will surely bring buggy performance and crashes. BCML is a mod loader that helps you organize and load your mods. In addition to making sure everything works together, the tool makes it easy to quickly experiment with different mods without uninstalling and reinstalling them.

If you want to mod Breath of the Wild, BCML will make your life a whole lot easier.

Linkle + Alternative Hair

Character models from the Linkle mod.

Linkle is a mod that changes Link into Linkle from Hyrule Warriors. In addition to changing up the character model, this popular Breath of the Wild Mod includes alternate armor designs to give you a little bit of character customization, especially after you’ve collected the best armor in the game. The modder also has tools to fix armor icons, dialogue, the title screen, and more.

We’re recommending Linkle alongside the Alternative Hair and Eye Colors mod, too. This mod only works with Linkle, but it gives you access to a wider range of hair and eye colors. With the two, you can build your own character creator inside Breath of the Wild. 

No Shield Damage from Surfing

Link shield surfing in Breath of the Wild.

Shield surfing is some of the most fun you can have in Breath of the Wild. But, unfortunately, churning through shields as they take damage to keep your surfing habit up is a chore. That’s where the No Shield Damage from Surfing mod comes in, which tells you everything you need to know in the name. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with other shield mods.

Hyrule Rebalance

Enemy rebalances in Hyrule Rebalance mod.

Hyrule Rebalance is currently in its seventh version, and it overhauls nearly every aspect of Breath of the Wild. Loot is rebalanced to enemy difficulty, loot price is rebalanced to rarity, bugs are bigger and easier to catch, and bow range scales with bow power. And those are just a few of the changes that Hyrule Rebalance brings.

Although Breath of the Wild is balanced out of the box, Hyrule Rebalance still brings some quality-of-life improvements. It’s a great mod to experiment with if you’ve already played Breath of the Wild and are looking for a slightly altered experience.

End Game

Link facing off against Ganon in Breath of the Wild.

End Game, despite what the name suggests, doesn’t add any endgame content to Breath of the Wild. Instead, it rebalances the final boss battle with Ganon to provide a more challenging and entertaining fight. First, it forces you to fight the four Blights at Hyrule Castle, regardless of if you’ve beaten the Divine Beasts or not. The mod also makes Ganon and the Blights faster and their stun times lower, making the fight more difficult.

If this is your second (or seventh) time through Breath of the Wild, End Game provides enough of a challenge to keep you hooked.

Second Wind

Link standing in front of a castle in Breath of the Wild.

Calling Second Wind a mod doesn’t do it enough justice. It expands Breath of the Wild in the way official DLC would, adding new quests, weapons, bosses, and more. It borrows a lot from other mods, including Survival of the Wild, End Game, and Hyrule Rebalance (all included on this list). It also adds new music, a new town, and a slew of extra goodies.

The mod is based around the Ancient Trial quest, which also includes 15 side quests. The developer is currently working on the Ancient Island, which is another large expansion that offers an overarching quest. After you’ve tracked down all the captured memory locations, Second Wind gives you plenty to chew on.

Xbox One/PS4 UI

button layout for a PS4 controller in Breath of the Wild.

If you’re playing with an Xbox One or PS4 controller, you can update the interface to reflect your controller and the buttons on it. The Xbox One UI mode gives you Xbox button prompts, and the PS4 UI gives you DualShock 4 prompts. Although not as exciting as Second Wind or End Game, updating the UI can get around a lot of confusion with the Switch button prompts.

Survival of the Wild

A vendor in the Survival of the Wild mod.

Survival of the Wild focuses on the survival mechanics in Breath of the Wild. It expands the weather system to be more unforgiving, adds a hunger system, and changes up the UI for a minimalist look. If you’re looking for a more demanding, challenging Breath of the Wild experience, Survival of the Wild is for you. It changes a lot in the game to force you to think about survival over exploration, which is a great change of pace on a second playthrough.

Classic Weapons Pack

Link standing with a sword and shield.

The Classic Weapons Pack mod adds some iconic swords and shields from The Legend of Zelda franchise into Breath of the Wild. It replaces the models of some of the weapons in the game with options like the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Timethe Ikana Mirror Shield from Majora’s Mask, and the Knight Shield from Hyrule Warriors. 

Although it doesn’t change the Breath of the Wild experience, the Classic Weapons Pack mod still adds a nice dash of visual flair. Plus, they look great in your inventory alongside the best weapons in Breath of the Wild

HD Menu and Map

Updated icons in Breath of the Wild.

Emulating Breath of the Wild allows you to push the resolution beyond the Switch’s 1080p output, but some elements don’t carry over to the higher resolution. Take the map and menu icons, for example. The HD Menu and Map mod gets around the problem by replacing the icons with higher-resolution versions. In addition to item icons, the mod enhances map icons by over three times the base resolution to give the game a sharper look overall.

Revo Reshade Redux

Link standing in a field in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game, but you can make it look even better with the Revo Reshade Redux mod. The mod removes the yellow haze in Breath of the Wild and balances the colors, lending to a more natural look. It boosts the contrast a lot, too, which gives the world more depth at higher resolutions.

The mod was designed with the RTGI ray tracing shader for Breath of the Wild in mind. This mod enhances reflections to offer a ray tracing effect, though you can only access it by subscribing to the developer’s Patreon.

Henriko’s Faithful Music Mod

There are a ton of music mods for Breath of the Wild, so we’d recommend looking around for a music pack you like. If you want the Breath of the Wild vibe without the tracks in the game, Henriko’s Faithful Music Mod is for you. Instead of original music or tracks from other Zelda games, the mod borrows tracks from a range of titles to capture the essence of Breath of the Wild. 

You can watch the video above to see if the mod is for you. It retains the spirit of the original music but gives you something else to listen to while playing.

Editors’ Choice

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The 10 Best Mods for Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village definitely dialed up the action when compared to Biohazard. As far as terror goes, it depends what players are more afraid of, gothic horror or mutant hillbillies. As with every other Resident Evil game, modders have found ways to improve the game’s overall performance and look. They’ve also found ways to turn a game like Resident Evil Village into a comedic masterpiece. Here are some of the best mods currently available for Resident Evil Village.

The mods mentioned below come directly from Nexus Mods. We’ve provided links to their pages to make them easy for you to download. Whether you’re a modder yourself or just looking for a good laugh, the mods on this list are for everyone to enjoy.

Fluffy Manager

Fluffy Manager is going to act as your mod-manager for Resident Evil Village. If you plan to mod the game any further, Fluffy Manager will make it easy to download and install future mods, arrange them, and uninstall them should you choose to.

Fluffy Manager also comes with an FOV slider to change your field of view. The base game did not feature an FOV slider, something PC players were frustrated by as a wider FOV often makes for a better gaming experience. Fluffy Manager comes to us from FluffyQuack at Nexus Mods. You can download Fluffy Manager via Nexus Mods.

Daughters of YoRHa

Daughters of YoRHa Resident Evil Village Mod

Fans of Nier: Automata, the 2017 JRPG, will enjoy this mod as it replaces Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter’s torn and dirty outfits with sleek YoRHa dresses. Players have the option to equip the visor as well. The dress options come in both black and white, with white being slightly more creepy, especially when standing next to Lady Dimitrescu herself. They give off an asylum vibe that adds to the horror of Castle Dimitrescu.

If you didn’t play Nier: Automata, you may recognize the YoRHa outfits from SoulCalibur VI. 2B, the protagonist from Nier: Automata, was released as a DLC character in SoulCalibur in December of 2018. The Daughters of YoRHa mod comes to us from creator JTeghius Kittius and can be download via Nexus Mods.

Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter Resident Evil Village Mod

Speaking of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, those pesky flies are probably full of disease. Thankfully, players can install the Fly Swatter mod to turn Ethan’s trusty blade into a pest-killing machine. Don’t worry, the fly swatter will do just as much damage as the knife (which wasn’t much to begin with) and can be used outside of Castle Dimitrescu. Yes, you can absolutely try taking down Lycans with Ethan’s new weapon.

This mod comes to us from EvilLord and CrazyPotato and can be downloaded via Nexus Mods.

Mini-Me Chris

Mini-me Chris Resident Evil Village Mod

This is one of those joke mods that will provide players with a few minutes of hysterical laughter before diving into the main game. We all know Ethan has a baby daughter, and we all know Chris Redfield plays a part in Resident Evil Village. Without spoiling anything further, just imagine Chris Redfield’s head on baby Rose’s body.

This mod actually garnered so much popularity that creator JTeghius Kittius had to take it one step further. They made a matching mod that also replaced Chris Redfield’s head with baby Rose’s head. Yes, it’s just as cursed as it sounds. You can download Mini-Me Chris and Baby Rose Chris on Nexus Mods.

Count Theodora

Thomas the Tank Engine Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village Mod

There’s something truly horrifying about blending a fond childhood memory with a murderous 9-foot-tall woman. That is exactly what the Count Theodora mod does. Lady Dimitrescu will now stalk Ethan around her castle while wearing the head of Thomas the Tank Engine. One user referred to the mod as “Thomas the trauma engine.”

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Thomas the Tank Engine used for a Resident Evil mod. Modder ZombieAli created a mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake that completely replaces Mr. X with Thomas the Tank Engine. Of course, Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t the only silly replacement mod from the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. Those looking to run from Thomas the Trauma Engine in Resident Evil Village can download the mod from Nexus Mods thanks to creator Crazy Potato.

Spongebob Paintings and Photos

Spongebob Mod Resident Evil Village

While on the topic of blending fond childhood memories with gothic horror, players can install what we’ll just call the Spongebob mod to replace the art and pictures displayed around the game with images from the Nickelodeon show, Spongebob Squarepants. Believe us when we say this mod goes into great detail. It replaces practically every piece of artwork or framed photo with an image or painting from seasons 1-3 of Spongbob. Even the Village of Shadows book Mia reads can’t escape this mod.

This mod even goes as far as to add a framed picture of DoodleBob to Ethan and Mia’s house in the very beginning. Thanks to creator KushAstronaut, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods and enjoy a good laugh right now.

Merchant Costume for Duke

The Merchant's Robes Resident Evil Village Mods

The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 is, arguably, one of the most beloved Resident Evil characters of all time. Now, in Resident Evil Village, players have the Duke to buy from, sell to, and upgrade with. The Duke, as jolly as he may be, just doesn’t compare to the raspy charm of Resident Evil 4’s unfriendly merchant who simply refuses to ever learn Leon’s name. It is, however, interesting how the Duke plays into the story of Resident Evil Village and isn’t just a shop for players to visit.

From creator JWesker, this mod fits the Duke with the Merchant’s robes in size Quadruple-XL. Download it now via Nexus Mods.

Ghostface in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Ghostface Mod

Ghostface, the iconic serial killer from the Scream franchise, has found his way into Resident Evil Village. Thanks to a modder simply named George, Ethan can take down Ghostface while playing both The Mercenaries and Campaign. This mod replaces the Moroaica enemies, the sickle-wielding skinny ones, with the iconic killer. While depicting what looks like a Halloween costume mixed in with beautifully disgusting Lycans, this mod is certainly a fun one.

Perhaps Resident Evil is one of Ghostface’s favorite scary movies? Either way, players can download the Ghostface mod from Nexus Mods.

More Melee Weapons

More Melee Weapons Resident Evil Village Mod

Unless players have unlocked the LZ Answerer melee weapon, better described as a lightsaber, they don’t have many melee weapons to choose from in Resident Evil Village. Chris’ combat knife can get the job done, but more hands-on players will want some variety to choose from, and they’ll get it from this mod.

Players can freely download whichever melee weapon they wish to use instead of downloading the entire batch. They can be turned on and off via Fluffy Manager, but only one will work at a time. There are 15 different weapons to choose from including the Lycan Hammer (shown above), the Saw Axe, and the Witch Shotel. Thanks to creator MadMax, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods.

Ray Gun (from COD zombie mode)

Ray Gun as Rocket Pistol Resident Evil Village Mod

Nothing says “zombie killing machine” quite like the ray gun from Call of Duty’s infamous zombie mode. Players remember the first time they pulled the ray gun from the mystery box after beating Call of Duty: World at War’s campaign and unlocking the secret mode. Now, they can wield the same weapon in Resident Evil Village … sort of.

There are two different versions of this mod, both from creator KushAstronaut, the same modder that brought us the Spongebob mod. One version replaces the standard LEMI pistol with the ray gun. However, it only does as much damage as your LEMI and doesn’t make the classic ray gun sound effect.

Second, players can download a different version that replaces the rocket pistol. KushAstronaut was able to add something very close to the classic ray gun sound when firing. The rocket pistol does massive amounts of base damage and has a splash-damage radius just like the ray gun. Download the LEMI version of the mod or the rocket pistol version, both available on Nexus Mods.

Editors’ Choice

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The Best Fallout 4 Mods

The Fallout games, at least since Fallout 3, have been absolutely massive games in both scale and popularity. The post-nuclear war setting is rife with interesting stories to experience and monsters to kill. Fallout 4 was the last single-player entry in the series before Fallout 76 took the game into a persistent multiplayer experience. A large appeal of these games is how you are able to actually role-play and immerse yourself in the game world, which isn’t so easy with other players jumping around in their underwear. Thanks to mods, it has never been a better time to revisit the last “pure” Fallout game.

Just like SkyrimFallout 4 mods are incredibly popular. Some are inspired to fix the numerous bugs and glitches Bethesda games have become famous for, while others look to add new features. As open and dynamic as the base game is, mods just open the door to an almost endless supply of tools you can use to extend the life of your game. With so many mods available, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. We’ve sorted through all the best Fallout 4 mods out there and came up with the best ones you should install before stepping out of the vault once again.

Further reading

Full Dialogue Interface

One of the major complaints players of Fallout 4 had, both from the hardcore and casual fanbases, was about the dialogue system. The scope and versatility of conversations had admittedly been going down ever since the original two titles, but by the time Fallout 4 came out, all we were given were four vague (sometimes just a single word or two) approximations of what your character will say. This led to many instances of players misinterpreting the tone or meaning of what option they were picking. For an RPG, that’s a serious immersion breaker. Enter the Full Dialogue Interface mod.

The mod is simple. So simple, it’s a wonder it wasn’t just the default. Rather than give you a hint at what your character will say, this mod will write out what your character will say in full. It also redoes the conversation UI so that the text is displayed in a vertical list format, just like it was in previous games. The mod comes in two versions: Full and lite. Both versions work with both keyboard and gamepad support, with the difference between them being that the lite version retains the original conversation UI from the base game.

Download here


Looks Menu

Admit it — we all spend way too much time in character creators. Or we would like to, anyway, but often run up against the game’s limited options when trying to either recreate ourselves or craft our ideal vision of who we want to role-play. When you’re going to be embodying a character for dozens upon dozens of hours, you should at least like what your character looks like. The default options are by no means limited, but there can never be enough options.

The LooksMenu mod improves character customization in a ton of ways. Right away, you’ll notice the feature list is much larger than the default, making it that much easier to move through the list and find what you want to change. You can also now adjust specific features on your character via a list rather than selecting it from the face model, which can be finicky at the best of times. Other than that, you’re getting new skin forms, colors, and hair colors, and you can even adjust the resolution of face textures.

Download here

True Storms

True Storms

Originally made for Skyrim, the True Storms mod has been added to Fallout 4 with even more enhancements and features than the original. This mod is all about making the frankly underwhelming dynamic weather system much more impressive. But even beyond just improving the look, texture, particles, and sounds of existing weather, the mod also adds in brand new forms like radiation rain, heavy dust storms, heavy fog, and more. There are better-looking lightning flashes in the distance and 20 new thunder sound effect variations to make each strike and boom feel unique.

While the mod could’ve been left at that, the modder went an extra step and even gives players sneaky bonuses during storms and an increased chance for Feral Ghouls to come out during radiation storms. The mod works in both the Commonwealth and Far Harbor areas and finally makes the weather feel like an actual element in the game you need to pay attention to rather than just a cosmetic change that happens every once in a while.

Download here

Enhanced Lights and FX

Enhanced Lights

Even at launch, Bethesda games are never really marketed or praised for their graphical quality. They aim for scale and depth rather than being technical marvels. That’s fine, but that does make their visuals age much quicker than other contemporary titles. While mods can only do so much, completely redoing the lighting alone goes a long way to making Fallout 4 look more like a modern game. Once you see what more realistic and dynamic lighting does to a scene, how it adds so much more depth and contrast to areas, it will be impossible to go back. It is especially impressive when navigating with a flashlight.

The Enhanced Lights and FX mod reworks all interior lights, lighting effects, and ambient lights for the entire game. Each light source will cast its own light, more shadows will be cast, and interior lighting will be dependent on true light sources. If there’s no light source inside at night, it’s going to be dark like you’d expect. The mod is also great for being light to run. It won’t drag down your frames per second much, if at all.

Download here

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Somebody had to do it, right? It is only a matter of time after a Bethesda game comes out that some brave soul takes it upon themselves to fix as many of the bugs and glitches as possible. The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch describes itself as an all-in-one patch that aims to, over time, address every single bug within Fallout 4 that the developers haven’t fixed themselves. At least, all the ones possible to fix via modding, anyway, which is still quite a bit. You do need the latest version of the game to run this mod, as well as all of the officially released DLC expansions, but otherwise, this mod is made to be as easy to use as possible.

Listing all the changes this mod makes would be overwhelming. What you can expect are hundreds of bugs related to quests, NPCs, objects, items, gameplay, and text placement fixes, and no changes that can break the game. It is made to run with as many other mods as possible, making it an easy recommendation to start with, and is even created by the same modding team that made the Unofficial Oblivion and Skyrim Patch mods. Clearly, this team has the knowledge and passion for this kind of thing, and it shows with this mod.

Download here

Fallout 4 Seasons

Fallout 4 Seasons

Day and night cycles are nice, but wouldn’t it be nice if entire seasons could change? This mod won’t allow for seasons to change automatically — the modders explicitly mention that it is technically impossible — but you can at least set the game to match the season you want. Each season has a major impact on the look and feel of the environment — fields covered in snow that change to blooming with flowers or trees covered in orange and yellow leaves that change to bare winter branches. It can make even well-known locations feel new again.

This mod gives you seven different season choices to swap between: Autumn, Autumn — Golden Grasses, First Frost, winter, Spring Thaw, spring, and summer. Autumn — Golden Grasses, First Frost, and Spring Thaw are all transitional seasons, letting you get even more specific with what time of year you want to play in. Again, you can only have one active at a time, but switching them is quick and easy. There’s a reason this mod has won multiple awards and has been recognized by many major outlets as one of the best Fallout 4 mods out there.

Download here

Everyone’s Best Friend

Everyone's Best Friend

The first friendly face you encounter in Fallout 4, excluding your robot butler, is the loyal pup Dogmeat. He’s your introduction to companions and can stick with you through the entire game. (Or so long as you don’t have another companion.) For whatever reason, Fallout 4 denies you your loyal pupper if you have another companion. After some digging, the modders discovered a lot of evidence in the game’s code that Dogmeat wasn’t originally intended to count as a companion in the same way other NPCs do. Because there were systems already in place for this to work, this mod was able to be made using only in-game functions.

Emotional reasons aside, it makes no sense for Dogmeat to be treated as a full companion in the base game. He doesn’t have Live or Love, doesn’t affect your Lone Wanderer perks, and there are even other characters with affinity interactions with him for healing that cannot happen unless both are in your party. There are other mods that go the other way and try to make Dogmeat have all the functions of a normal companion, but why should you have to choose between your dog and anyone else?

Download here

More Where That Came From

More Where That Came From

This is a quick and easy mod that might seem unnecessary, but if you have, or intend to, spend dozens of hours in Fallout 4, you’ll be glad for the variety. You are no doubt familiar with the Diamond City Radio from the game. This station plays songs from before the war to give a cool soundtrack to your adventures. That’s all well and good, but just like the real radio, you’ll quickly hear all the songs and get sick of them. This mod bumps up the number of songs to a massive 111, which is three times more than what was originally included. All of these new songs are lore-friendly, come from the correct era, and thematically fit what Diamond City Radio would play.

This mod also cuts out all the little interstitials by DJ Travis, so it just rolls from one song to the next. Odds are you’ve gotten just as sick of his jokes as the base songs, which will still be in the rotation. The modder also created an additional mod that works with this one that adds Christmas songs if you want to get in the holiday spirit. That can be used on its own, or they can be shuffled in with the other 111 tracks.

Download here

Outcasts and Remnants

Outcasts and Remnants

Now that we’ve covered the fixes, improvements, and enhancements, let’s get into some actual new content. The Outcasts and Remnants mod is a massive, full-DLC-sized quest that can add around 20 hours of gameplay to Fallout 4. This mod will introduce new quests, obviously, plus brand new locations, factions, and companions that are all fully voice-acted. Without giving too much away, the plot revolves around answering some lingering questions in the series, such as how Gunners got access to such advanced gear and if the DC Enclave in Fallout 3 had a backup plan. There is a main story to beat, but also repeatable quests for more content.

There are five new factions added in (though you may recognize one if you’ve played previous entries in the series) and two new companions, and it’s automatically triggered after beating the quest called Reunions in the game’s main quest. If your character is already past that point, there is an alternate way to access the quest. You don’t need anything but the base game for this mod to work, but there are a few other recommended mods made by some of the same team members that work well together for even more content.

Download here

Vault 1080

Vault 1080

For a completely different mod expansion that caters more to the horror fans out there, check out Vault 1080. This is a more story-focused adventure, heavy on atmosphere and setting while light on any real combat. It is also a far shorter experience, taking about an hour or so to get through, but it’s a memorable hour for sure. There’s just one new quest here that will lead you through four new areas. You trek through a dark and moody marsh, into a dilapidated church, and onto the multiple floors of the titular Vault 1080. The story you piece together is as horrifying as the setting but leads to a satisfying conclusion.

This mod includes a slight lighting update as well, specifically to volumetric lighting. That extra work makes the misty, dark, and gloomy environments much creepier and immersive to wander through. There’s no need to be any specific level to tackle this narrative expansion. Just download the mod, and the quest Church of the Valley will be added to your objectives. Follow the marker and get ready to be spooked.

Download here

Editors’ Choice

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A Cyberpunk 2077 security exploit makes installing mods risky business

CD Projekt Red has warned players that installing Cyberpunk 2077 mods or custom save files on the PC could pose a security risk (via Kotaku). According to the company’s tweet, there’s apparently a “vulnerability in external DLL files the game uses which can be used to execute code on PCs.” The game’s official mod tools were just released last week.

The company warns users not to install files from unknown sources, though as Kotaku points out, that pretty much rules out all mods unless you can read and understand their code. When you’re dealing with a vulnerability that could potentially lead to arbitrary code running on your computer, it’s probably best not to risk it until a fix is available.

This isn’t the first problem CD Projekt Red has faced with the Cyberpunk mod system — the company also had to ask players to stop installing mods that allowed them to have sex with Keanu Reeves’s character.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: The Best Mods

Gamers have been moding their favorite titles for decades now. These talented and creative folks have such a big passion for certain games that they take it upon themselves to expand upon them with new content, changes, and even just small improvements they think people would enjoy. They can even turn the game into something entirely different from the original vision, spawning entirely new genres and franchises. However, mods tend to only be thought of as something PC players can take advantage of, but that is far from true.

Consoles are notoriously more difficult for making and implementing mods. However, with a game as massively popular as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there was little doubt people would find a way to make this already open experience even more customizable. From new cosmetics and characters to gameplay and functional changes, here are the best mods available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

You can find all the mods listed below — and many more — for free at the link below.

Animal Crossing Mods

Further reading

New old characters

There will be endless debates about which villagers are the best not only in New Horizons but the Animal Crossing franchise as a whole. Everyone has their favorites that they just don’t want to let go of. Thanks to some moders, there are a few characters from older titles you can bring back to join you on your island. Most notably, you can add Tarou, Pierre, and Nindori from Animal Forest e+ on the Gamecube. Tarou, who will take the place of Fang on your island, is a complete overhaul. He has his own picture, icon, poster, catchphrase, and personality. The same goes for Pierre, taking the place of Stinky, but Nindori is extra special because he was never available outside of Japan. Even then, you could only get him by using an e-reader add-on. Thanks to this mod, and plenty of others, you can fully change up your island’s population however you want. If you’re a Persona 5 fan, make sure to check out the Morgana mod, too!

Play as Isabell

Animal Crossing New Horizons Isabelle

Isabell is a strong contender for the most popular character in the Animal Crossing franchise, so who wouldn’t like to be able to play as her instead of just with her? With this mod, you can do just that. Sure, there are plenty of ways you can customize your character in the normal game, but you’re always stuck being a boring old human while your fellow villagers get to be fun animals. This mod isn’t just a simple head swap, either — it’s compatible with most clothing options your normal villager has, plus it can make all the expressions you expect. Some drawbacks are that you can’t change any of the facial features, which would kind of defeat the point of the mod anyway. Also, the texture quality is a little low, her hair doesn’t animate, and they haven’t implemented socks or leggings yet.

More color options

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hair and Eye

Speaking of customization, if you don’t want to fully swap yourself out for another character but do feel constricted by what hair and eye colors are available, this mod adds in a ton of new colors to make your character look exactly how you want. Nintendo has added some new options in updates, but not nearly enough for most people. What might be even better is that the latest update added a beta version of a skin color editor to further customize your villager. While still a work in progress, as most mods on this list are, this mod allows more people to create a character that accurately represents them, which can only be a positive thing in a game like this.

More inventory and tradable items

Animal Crossing New Horizon more inventory

There are a couple of parts of New Horizons that just about everyone finds frustrating. Inventory management is just needlessly annoying at times. You are able to eventually increase your pocket size, but items within your inventory can only be stacked in increments of either 10, 30, or 50. That can be very limiting if you plan on going out for a full day of gathering materials and don’t want to have to keep running back to town all the time to dump your inventory to make room. This mod is all about convenience. The biggest improvement is increasing all your item stack sizes to 99. However, it does not allow items that can’t be stacked to suddenly be able to. Another nice addition included with this mod is the ability to eat and trade insects, fish, and seafood. It’s a small but welcome way to make inventory management even smoother.

More Mystery Island Tours

Animal Crossing New Horizons Myster Island

Mystery Tours were a brand new addition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This feature lets you travel to a random, unpopulated island to pick up materials they might not have or have run out of on their own island, like iron nuggets, rare fish, and exotic fruit and flowers. This mod is more of an upgrade to this feature rather than a complete overhaul. You are still taken to a random island, but with some tweaks. First, the “randomness” is altered, but it also reintroduces some islands into the possible options that were taken out, like Rare Flower, Big Fish, and May Day Tour Islands. As mentioned, everything is still random, but now with more possible options and reasons to keep rolling the dice to see what you discover.

Unbreakable tools

Animal Crossing New Horizons Unbreakable Tools

Keeping on with the quality-of-life improvement mods, we have one that lets you make any tools in the game unbreakable. We’ve all had that moment where we’re out fishing, digging, chopping, or whatever and are forced to stop because our tools disintegrated in our hands. The game is sort of designed around this because there are better, more durable tools you can work up to, but even the best tools in the game can break, making it all feel kind of worthless. This mod comes in three types, so you can even customize how much or little you want to interact with the durability system. You can make only golden tools unbreakable as a nice final reward for obtaining them, make any tool of a higher quality than flimsy unbreakable, or just get rid of durability all together and make no tools break.

No more Sea Bass

Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Bass

Even the biggest fan of puns got sick of the old “I caught a sea bass! No, wait — it’s at least a C+!” joke that comes up every time you catch this fish. What’s worse is just how common it comes up, making the joke feel more like an insult over time. Thankfully, you can get rid of this “joke” forever, along with all those useless sea bass. This mod does exactly what the name says: Sets the spawn rate of sea bass to zero. It is such a simple mod, but this, and other fish modification mods, are some of the most popular there are.

Build more bridges and slopes

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridges

We already touched on character customization mods, but what about your island? For many people, that’s even more important than how your character looks. However, once you are able to fully transform and modify your island to your heart’s content, you’ll realize that you are actually pretty limited. Bridges and slopes are limited to a measly eight of each, forcing you to make design decisions you shouldn’t have to. Well, thanks to a handy mod, that number can up to 32 bridges and slopes. Just be aware of the known issues with this mod, such as only the first eight bridges and slopes showing up on your map, and some bugs that will cause additional ones to turn invisible. Hopefully, the creator works out the kinks, but you should just be aware of them going in.

Nostalgic tunes

Animal Crossing is the perfect way to unwind and relax. This is the type of game that can bring you back to a simpler time in your life, especially if you’ve played the older games. What better way to blend the nostalgia of your childhood with the newest game than to bring in the original soundtrack from the GameCube original? This mod brings in the title screen and hourly music from the original to give you all the good feels you remember.

Skip the title screen

Animal Crossing New Horizons Title Screen

Last, but by no means least, is another basic mod that, quite frankly, should be in every game. It is such a simple thing to skip the title screen and load right onto your island, but when you think about how much time this will save you, especially if you’re a frequent player, you will wonder how you lived without it. There’s really not much to say. Quit wasting time on loading screens and mashing through menus and get right back to the game.


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