Apple Music lands on PlayStation 5 with an odd feature

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber who happens to own a PlayStation 5, then here’s a bit of good news: Apple Music is available on the PlayStation 5 as of today. While the app functions mostly as you’d expect a music streaming app on a console to function, it seems the Apple Music app on the PS5 has some interesting functionality to it.

As Sony explains on the PlayStation Blog, Apple Music can be used both independently and to play music in the background while you’re playing a game. That’s par for the course for music streaming apps on console. For instance, Spotify, an app that has been available on PlayStation 5 for some time already, offers that same functionality. However, where things get interesting is in Apple Music’s recommendations.

To play music in a game, either open the Apple Music app before you start playing or, if you’re in the middle of playing, hit the PS button on your controller and then navigate to the Music Function card in the Control Center. When you’re there, Sony says you’ll be able to see recommendations that match the game you’re currently playing. What that specifically means is a little ambiguous, but music recommendations based on the game that’s currently being played certainly make for an intriguing feature.

Subscribers will also have access to their own playlists, Apple’s curated playlists, and Apple Music Radio. In addition, PS5 users can use Apple Music to play music videos on their consoles and even continue playing those music videos in the background to resume playing games.

All in all, it sounds like Apple Music might be the music app to use on PlayStation 5. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can find the app on the PlayStation Store beginning today, though as with most apps, you’ll need to link your Apple Music account to your console by following the on-screen instructions the first time you boot up the app.

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Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite will be the odd name of a mid-range tablet

Samsung is one of the few device makers still manufacturing and selling tablets, at least under its own name. In fact, it litters the market with tablets that all start to sound and look the same, especially if you don’t note what year they were made. It seems that Samsung will be taking a very short hiatus from that and will be giving its next tablet a name that you might remember because of how almost ridiculous it sounds.

Depending on which rumor you refer to, Samsung may have two or three tablets coming, none of which are actually on the higher end of the spectrum. Aside from the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite that seems to have dropped off the rumor mill, there’s the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite that are suggested to be the budget versions of their premium namesakes.

According to SamMobile, however, the latter of the two will be bearing a completely different name. It will instead be called the Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite, which sounds almost sounds like an oxymoron. It is, however, at least more descriptive in what it is.

Despite the name change, the Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite’s expected specs remain the same, particularly the large 12.4-inch screen that justifies its “XL” moniker, just like the Galaxy Tab S7+ pictured above. It will be running on a Snapdragon 750G processor with 4GB of RAM, making it “Lite” indeed. That said, S Pen support and 5G options in some markets give it an edge over other mid-range tablets in that category, not that there are many “XL Lite” Android tablets in the market anyway.

The date for the Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite’s debut is still unknown at this point but there’s still plenty of time before August. That’s when Samsung is now rumored to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and Galaxy S20 FE and it probably doesn’t want this mid-range tablet to be overshadowed by those.

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Devialet Phantom I upgrades the beautifully odd all-in-one speaker

It has been half a decade since French acoustics master Devialet launched its unique all-in-one speaker that has split audiophiles into camps. While few would deny that it sounds great, its price tag and design also left some less enthralled by the capsule-like audio marvel. Of course, Devialet has always dabbled in more luxurious products that try to give buyers their money’s worth, and the new Devialet Phantom I is proof that it hasn’t turned away from a product that it describes as one of its most revolutionary and iconic masterpieces.

The Phantom I remains faithful to the rather eccentric design of the original that shattered expectations of what a speaker should look like. Despite that, Devialet still gave it some subtle upgrades, like using a less slippery matte finish and offering two color options. Not all external changes are merely aesthetic, however, and this next-gen all-in-one speaker boasts of new LEDs to show its status at a single glance.

The most important changes are, of course, inside, mostly on the electronics part of the equation. There’s a new system-on-chip, for example, that promises signal processing and amplification on a single chip. Feature upgrades also include support for multi-room configurations with other Devialet Phantom speakers as well as support for Apple AirPlay 2 audio streaming.

Despite all those changes, Devialet still keeps the patented technologies that made the first Phantom and many other Devialet speakers special. Those include the company’s favorite acronyms, like Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH), Speaker Active Matching (SAM), and Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) just to name a few.

Another thing that hasn’t change is the price tag, with the Devialet Phantom I retailing for 1,890 GBP ($2,590). In addition to being available in two color options, the all-in-one speaker now also offers two power level options, one with a 103 dB SPL max volume and 16Hz to 25kHz bandwidth and another with 108 dB SPL volume and 14Hz to 27kHz range.

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