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Audioheads! You need a pair of open-back, planar magnetic headphones

Unsurprisingly, I’ve been spending a lot of time inside recently. This isn’t all bad, because it’s not only given me more time with my audio equipment, but it’s also allowed me to explore new musical avenues.

And these extra hours have taken me to a simple conclusion: you need a pair of open-back, planar magnetic headphones in you life.

I believe in this so damn much that I managed to force the TNW team to let me make a video about it. And you can watch above. Right now. You can watch it, right now.

But I also know that many of you lovely lot don’t dig watching moving pictures (SHAME ON YOU), so I’ve also written a full article about why your life is currently missing a pair of open-back, planar magnetic headphones. You are so welcome.

A quick disclaimer

Before we bite into this content meat together, I need to get a few points out of the way. Basically, for the statement about open-back, planar magnetic headphones to be true, you already need to have a good audio setup.

This means you already have a dedicated hi-fi system, or potentially a DAC for your computer. Definitely a solid pair of workhorse headphones (more on that at the end), and, hopefully, some sweet speakers. Nothing too crazy, just your standard audio nerd shit.