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Get a refurbished iPhone for as low as $40 in this killer outlet sale

Amazon’s Woot is selling refurbished iPhone SE, 6, and 6s devices for a fraction of their MSRPs in today’s blowout sale.

If the iPhone SE has you feeling nostalgic for retro iPhones, today’s sale will scratch your itch. Amazon’s Woot online outlet store is selling iPhone SE, 6, and 6s devices for as low as $40 today, if you don’t mind a few imperfections. (Note: some models are GSM-only, meaning they can’t be used on Verizon’s network.)

All of the phones here are guaranteed to be in full working condition with a minimum 85% battery capacity and come with a 90-day warranty to cover defects or malfunctions. However, these phones will not be in perfect cosmetic condition. Woot warns that they “are expected to have a moderate level of wear & tear including (but not limited to) scratches, dents, and dings.” But if you can live with some out-of-the-box imperfections, you’re going to be getting a ridiculously good deal.

Among the standout deals are the GSM-only iPhone SE in all colors and capacities ($60-$70), a fully unlocked 64GB iPhone 6S in any color for $100, and a GSM-only 128GB iPhone 6s Plus for $110. And there are others too, so be sure to check out all of the options available.

[Today’s deal: Refurbished iPhones for as low as $40 at Woot]

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