Google’s Nest Wifi Pro leaks weeks ahead of Pixel event

The Google Nest Wifi Pro is expected to arrive soon, and a recent leak suggests that the price has gone up compared to earlier models.

The info comes from B&H Photo, which has dropped some details of the product ahead of Google’s Pixel event, scheduled for October 6. A search for “Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E” returned several results. Those B&H listings have now been removed, but we managed to capture screenshots before they disappeared. The price is shown as $199, $30 more than the 2019 Nest Wifi’s retail price of $169 and $80 more than the current $119 sale price.

B&H also reveals two bundle options: a two-pack priced at $299 and a three-pack costing $399. Four color choices are listed, including Snow, Linen, Fog, and Lemongrass. The two-pack is only available in Snow, while the three-pack has a choice of Snow and multicolor. No photos or other details were shown in these accidental early listings.

The name Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E gives some clues about what we can expect. Wi-Fi 6E is the latest version of the Wi-Fi standard and it adds an extra frequency band to the already fast Wi-Fi 6 specification. This will help in crowded networks that have several phones, computers, and smart devices connected. The “Pro” naming scheme, as 9to5Google points out, suggests that Google might continue to sell the standard Nest Wi-Fi alongside this new model.

John Velasco / Digital Trends

Another detail worth noting is the lack of any mention of a Nest Point in the B&H listings. This lower-cost accessory works with the Nest Wifi to expand the range of coverage within your home or office. Even if the Nest Wifi Pro works with the older Nest Point, the latter is a Wi-Fi 5 device and won’t be able to broadcast a Wi-Fi 6 or 6E signal.

With Google’s next event coming in just a few weeks, we probably won’t have to wait long to learn more about the Google Nest Wifi Pro router. If you need a network upgrade sooner, there are some great deals available right now on Google Wi-Fi routers.

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Engadget Podcast: Diving into the Pixel 6a and Netflix’s latest mess

Is the Pixel 6a the best Android phone under $500? Tune in for Cherlynn’s review! This week, Devindra and Cherlynn also discuss why losing almost a million subscribers was actually a good thing fo Netflix. And they dive into Qualcomm’s latest hardware for smartwatches, as well as the latest updates from Twitter’s ongoing fight with Elon Musk.

Listen above, or subscribe on your podcast app of choice. If you’ve got suggestions or topics you’d like covered on the show, be sure to email us or drop a note in the comments! And be sure to check out our other podcasts, the Morning After and Engadget News!



Cherlon Musk

Say hello to “Cherlon Musk.” (Listen to the Musk/Twitter discussion for context!

via Mark Dell

  • The Pixel 6a is the best midrange Android phone on the market now – 1:53

  • Netflix lost a million subscribers, and that’s a good thing? – 17:11

  • Delaware judge allows faster trial for Twitter v. Elon Musk – 29:56

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked is happening on August 10 – 32:42

  • Leaked files show that Uber was shady from early in its life – 37:41

  • Qualcomm unveils wearable-focused Snapdragon W5 chips – 42:21

  • Alienware’s m17 R5 gaming laptop is a beast that few people need – 46:25

  • The new Instagram Map is like Google Maps, but with more selfies – 48:16

  • OnePlus 10T launch set for August 3 – 52:19

  • Working on – 53:06

  • Pop culture picks – 58:01


Hosts: Devindra Hardawar and Sam Rutherford
Guest: Lisa Song from ProPublica
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Final Fantasy V gameplay makes it the most exciting Pixel Remaster for me yet

Yesterday, Square Enix announced the release date for the Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster. While we didn’t get a trailer showing off the game or its gameplay to go along with this announcement, Final Fantasy V is a known quantity by now, and we know what to expect. Even though the original SNES game never made it Stateside, Final Fantasy V eventually came to the US thanks to remakes and compilations on other platforms. With Final Fantasy VI‘s Pixel Remaster still some time off, Final Fantasy V might be the most exciting re-release to date, thanks in large part to its gameplay.

Of the classic Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy V is the one I’ve spent the least amount of time with. Even lacking deep knowledge of the game, it’s clear the main draw is its job system, which allows players to change and level up the classes of their characters. Final Fantasy III was the trail-blazer in this regard, as it was the first Final Fantasy game to feature a job system. Consensus, however, seems to be that Final Fantasy V‘s job system is better than Final Fantasy III‘s since it removes any requirements for changing jobs and allows players to do it at will.

I love job systems in Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy Tactics was actually my introduction to them back in the days of the PlayStation 1, and ever since then, I’ve wondered why they aren’t part of every Final Fantasy game. The answer is probably obvious – repeat a feature too many times, and people will get tired of it – but Final Fantasy games with job systems seem to scratch an itch that others don’t.

Part of the reason I find Final Fantasy‘s job systems so intriguing is that they almost feel like they’re games within games. Plotting each job upgrade path for your characters is something that can have a surprising amount of depth to it, as is trying to figure out which jobs synergize well with each other. Of course, Final Fantasy V is nearly 30 years old, which means the internet has figured out the most efficient progression for everything in the game, but there’s nothing saying you need to follow what the internet says is most efficient as you play.

The most modern implementation of the job system is in Final Fantasy XIV, which allows you to change your character class simply by equipping a different weapon. In addition, each job – or class – is leveled up independently of one another, allowing you to potentially have every class at max level on the same character. Of course, getting to that point is a ton of work, but the fact that you can try and level every class in Final Fantasy XIV with just a single character is a big part of what makes it appealing as an MMORPG.

If you’re a Final Fantasy XIV fan and you haven’t played Final Fantasy V, it might be worth checking out the Pixel Remaster when it launches on November 10th. I don’t think it’s controversial to say that both it and Final Fantasy III laid the groundwork for games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XIV.

Personally, I’m excited to give Final Fantasy V a proper playthrough after all of these years. While Final Fantasy VI is probably the Pixel Remaster I’m looking forward to the most because I consider it one of the all-time great Final Fantasy stories, I’m excited to dive into Final Fantasy V primarily because of the gameplay it will offer. Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster is out on November 10th on Steam, Android, and iOS.

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Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster release date revealed for Steam and mobile

Throughout the latter half of this year, Square Enix has been releasing Pixel Remasters for the first six Final Fantasy games. Square Enix started things off with a bang, releasing the Pixel Remasters for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III all at the same time this past summer. Final Fantasy IV followed several weeks after, and now we know when Final Fantasy V will be launching.

Square Enix announced today that the Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster will be going live on Steam and mobile devices on Wednesday, November 10th – two weeks from today. As with all of the other Pixel Remasters, Final Fantasy V is up for pre-purchase at a 20% discount at the moment, bringing its price from $17.99 down to $14.39.

That discount will be available until November 30th – 20 days after the game releases – so you don’t need to pre-order just to get the discount. If you’d rather wait and see what the early reaction is before picking up Final Fantasy V, you’ll have time to do that while still being able to pick up the game on sale.

The Steam listing for Final Fantasy V has been updated with a lengthy subscription and screenshots. Like the Pixel Remasters that came before it, Square Enix says that this will include “universally updated 2D pixel graphics” and a “beautifully rearranged soundtrack” that was overseen by Nobuo Uematsu, the original Final Fantasy composer.

Once Final Fantasy V is out, Square Enix will only have one more game to go before its Pixel Remasters are complete: Final Fantasy VI. Arguably the best of the classic Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VI will definitely have high expectations riding behind it. We’ll let you know when the released date for that is revealed, but otherwise, look for Final Fantasy V to drop on November 10th.

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Engadget Podcast: Apple’s new MacBook Pros, the Pixel 6 and the Surface Duo 2

Techtober continues with a deep dive into Apple’s latest MacBook Pros, powered by the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. Cherlynn and Devindra also chat about what’s new with the Pixel 6, and Mr. Mobile himself () joins to break down the Surface Duo 2. It turns out Microsoft needed more than a year to fix all of the problems with its dual-screen phone.

Listen below, or subscribe on your podcast app of choice. If you’ve got suggestions or topics you’d like covered on the show, be sure to email us or drop a note in the comments! And be sure to check out our other podcasts, the Morning After and Engadget News!



  • Apple’s new MacBooks with M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max – 1:37

  • Google finally details Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro’s specs – 23:22

  • Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 is inconsistent and buggy – 38:41

  • Facebook may be changing its name – 1:04:05

  • Facebook Portal Go Review – 1:05:05

  • Finally, you can post to Instagram from desktop – 1:06:02

  • Samsung had yet another Unpacked event – 1:06:23

  • Also in events: Razer, DJI – 1:07:35

  • We have a trailer for the Uncharted movie – 1:07:56

  • Mel Brooks is doing History of the World: Part II for Hulu – 1:09:19

  • Fisher Price made a version of its toy phone that actually makes calls – 1:10:14

  • Working on – 1:11:25

  • Pop culture picks – 1:12:26

Video livestream

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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster I, II, III released: Prices and trailer

This week the first three Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games were released for multiple platforms. The original Final Fantasy game (just Final Fantasy), as well as Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III, are now all available from the folks at Square Enix Co., Ltd. for one-time prices. Much like most Square Enix games, mobile or otherwise, Final Fantasy I, II, and III have a one-time price, meaning you’ll buy the game and have all the content, with no worries about future DLC or in-game purchase nonsense.

Below you’ll see the launch trailer for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. This game is very, very similar to the original, now remastered with graphics that fit your chosen device’s display. If you’ve only ever played Final Fantasy (or either of the first two sequels) on a very old TV, they might very well look better now than they’ve ever looked before.

It’s also important to note that these games are remastered based on the original titles. If you’ve played remakes of these games at some point over the past decade, you might find these games slightly unfamiliar. They do not include the “additional elements” present in the remakes, instead appearing more like a hardcore homage to the original content.

The game Final Fantasy has a price of $11.99 USD on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Final Fantasy II has that same price, $11.99, and the game Final Fantasy III has a price of $17.99 USD. These prices are also valid for Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. Amazon also has the games available for Fire devices for the same base prices.

There’s also a Steam listing for the entire Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection, complete with soundtracks and wallpapers. There you’ll purchase (and pre-purchase) Final Fantasy I-VI, and gain access to the first three right out the gate. That whole bundle will cost you a cool $74.82 USD.

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Google Pixel 6 family release details leak a 5-year Pro pair

The Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 XL (Pixel 6 Pro) were the subject of a data leak this afternoon before Google’s official release event. Both devices will be revealed by Google at the same time at an event where the final release date will be revealed. The same is true of the prices for both devices – along with the release price for the Google Pixel 5a, another device which had some significant data leakage today.

Both the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro appeared in a report from FrontPageTech today with specifications in tow. This device set will be the first to come with a guaranteed 5 years of software updates, according to the same source: Jon Prosser. It’s likely these devices will be released in around October of the year 2021.

Google Pixel 6 specs

The Google Pixel 6 will look a whole lot like the Google Pixel 6 Pro, with the same unique industrial design – and a sort of bridge element that’ll include its full main camera array. This Google Pixel 6 will likely have a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, 8GB RAM inside, and two options for storage: 128GB and 256GB.

The Google Pixel 6 appeared in a leak today suggesting that the back-facing cameras would be 50MP and 12MP, the 50MP having a wide-angle lens, the 12MP camera having an ultra-wide angle lens. This device is reported to have an 8MP camera up front and a 4614mAh battery inside.

The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro will launch with Android 12. Like most Google hero phones, these devices will act as the premiere destination for users looking to get the most feature-filled Google-designed software and hardware experience in an Android smartphone.

Google Pixel 6 Pro specs

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is tipped to roll with a 6.71-inch “Plastic OLED” display panel. This device is tipped to have a Google-designed processor, 12GB RAM, and three options for storage: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. It’ll likely be released with more than one color casing option right out the gate.

SEE TOO: Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Everything we know so far

This Google Pixel 6 Pro device has three back-facing cameras, according to rumors appearing over the past several weeks. In the data leak today from Prosser, the three cameras appear to be 50MP (for a wide camera, the main camera), 48MP (with a telephoto lens), and 12MP (for an ultra-wide lens-toting camera). There’ll likely be a 12MP camera up front, and a 5000mAh battery inside.

Cross your fingers we’ll see these devices delivered with a friendly software experience this Fall with a price that does not break the bank. The report of a 5-year commitment from Google for software upgrades seems too good to be true – but it’s not impossible!

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The first three ‘Final Fantasy’ pixel remasters arrive on July 28th

In three weeks’ time, you’ll be able to start playing the pixel remaster versions of the first three Final Fantasy games. Square Enix has revealed that the Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III remasters are coming out on July 28th for PC via Steam and on July 29th for Android and iOS. You can now also pre-purchase the games individually for prices between $12 and $18, or buy the bundle with all six games for around $96. You’ll get three soundtracks and two unique wallpapers for each title you pre-purchase. The gaming giant doesn’t have a specific release date for the fourth to sixth installments in the franchise yet, but they’re also scheduled to come out sometime this year.

Square Enix first announced that it’s giving the first six games in the Final Fantasy franchise the pixel remaster treatment during its E3 presentation back in mid-June, though it barely shared any details about them. In the description box of the first installment on Steam, it says the game will feature completely new graphics, as well as “improved ease of play” with a modernized UI and auto-battle options. Its soundtrack has been rearranged, but the process was overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu. In addition, it will come with extra features, such as a bestiary, an illustration gallery and a music player.

While the other three games getting a remaster don’t have a release date yet, Square Enix recently announced it’s pulling the current versions of the fifth and sixth installments from Steam on July 27th. The developer received a lot of flak for reducing the quality of the art on the games it originally released on Steam, so it makes sense for the remasters to completely replace them. 

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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters begin releasing in July

Earlier this month, in the middle of Square Enix’s E3 showcase, we saw a very intriguing (albeit brief) reveal. Square Enix revealed that it’s remastering the first six Final Fantasy games and bringing them to PC and mobile. These so-called Pixel Remasters would remake the graphics for all six games once again, attempting to update the look of each game for modern platforms while staying at least somewhat true to the originals.

At the time, we didn’t get any kind of release date out of Square Enix for these Pixel Remasters but fast forward to today and we now know when the first three games will release. As spotted by Nibellion on Twitter, the Steam listings for all six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are live, with the first three launching on July 28th.

The descriptions for all three games are very similar. After giving us a synopsis of each game’s story, Square Enix says that each title will include “universally updated 2D pixel graphics” alongside a “beautifully rearranged soundtrack.” We’ll also get some modern gameplay features, including an updated UI and auto-battle options, along with some “supplemental extras” like a bestiary and a music player.

Each game has a list price of $11.99, but currently, they’re all on sale for 20% off, bringing their prices down to $9.59. Sadly, the listings for Final Fantasy IV through VI do not indicate when they might be launching, saying only that they’re “coming soon.”

Just yesterday, we learned that Square Enix is planning to pull the existing Steam versions of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on July 27th, clearing the way for their Pixel Remasters. The Steam versions of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV won’t be going anywhere, however, as Square Enix apparently considers those 3D remakes different enough to exist alongside the Pixel Remasters. We’ll let you know when Square Enix announces release dates for the other three Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, so stay tuned for that.

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Tech News

Pixel 5a launch might actually happen in a few weeks

There have been quite a number of notable Android phones launched in the past few months but, for some Android purists, nothing still beats a Google Pixel. The company’s direction has admittedly been a bit perplexing in the past year or two, and nothing exemplifies that more than the Pixel 5a. Google may actually still launch the phone just as it said, and, based on a new report, that might even happen in less than two months.

The Pixel 5a has had a rather colorful story so far, at least as far as unofficial sources go. The initial leaks pointed to a phone that didn’t differ that much from the Pixel 4a 5G, and not just in design. It would even have the same Snapdragon 765G, according to those rumors, making its reason for existing even more questionable.

And then there were the rumors that the Pixel 5a was canceled entirely, blaming it on the global chip shortage. Google refuted that speculation and said that the phone is still on track for a launch around the same time it did last year. That didn’t exactly give even a ballpark date, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is now setting the record straight. Unofficially, of course.

According to the journalist, Google has set aside August as its launch month for the Pixel 5a. This coincides with the launch of the Pixel 4a last year, which isn’t what the Pixel 5a resembles. Gurman says that it will be announced and launched in the same month, leaving room for a waiting period of a few days.

At this point, however, interest in the Pixel 5a may have all but evaporated. Pixel fans will be looking to the Pixel 6 instead, rumored to run on Google’s first own processor, codenamed “Whitechapel.” Very little new evidence points to the Pixel 5a as anything but a 2021 rehash of the Pixel 4a 5G, and there might be very little time left for that image to change.

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