A YouTuber built his own PS5 Slim that’s less than an inch thick

Sony typically follows up its PlayStation consoles with a slim version a few years later, but that time hasn’t come for the PS5 yet. While we all wait for a slimmer PS5 that would fit in small spaces better, a YouTuber called DIY Perks already built one for himself. He took apart a standard PlayStation 5 and replaced everything that needed to be replaced to get rid of the console’s bulk. He substituted components with similar parts and his own home-made creations, including the console’s rather voluminous casing, to come up with a device that’s just 1.9 centimeters thick.

Putting the current device’s power supply and cooling system with the rest of the console’s components wouldn’t yield a “slim” version of the PS5, though. So, what Perks did was build his own water-cooling system and put the power supply in a long, slim external case that can be placed behind the TV, where it won’t be noticeable. While he did run into some issues that took time to solve, he was able to make the console work in the end. His cooling system was even more efficient than the the standard PS5’s, based on the temperatures he took when he tested it out using Horizon Forbidden West

Unfortunately, Perks’ PS5 Slim is one of a kind and not easy to replicate. You can check out his process in the video below if you need ideas or just want to be awed.

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PS5 update adds a TikTok-like editor to its game clips editor

Sony unveiled a new quick editing mode for PS5’s Share Factory Studio today that will allow users to create shortform gameplay videos with pre-set, Tik-Tok-like formats. In a , Sony explained the new editing feature — which it has deemed “Bits”— lets gamers choose a curated Bit style for their gameplay clip, or customize their footage even further with the “Quick Edit” mode. Players can expect new Bits styles to roll out every week. Bits themes will be based on special events, holidays, seasons and trending content.

“Our goal with Bits is to make it super easy and fun for PlayStation gamers to create and share short-form gameplay videos for sharing cool achievements, jokes, stunts, and any other type of eye-catching content,” the company in the official PlayStation blog.

For those who aren’t familiar, is PlayStation’s free editing app that lets players capture and edit gameplay footage right on their consoles and share to social media. The app is packed with advanced video and audio editing features, including support for HDR video and the ability to add animation, stickers, filters and voice effects. But for those who are overwhelmed by Share Factory Studio’s many options, Bits seems to be an easy way to churn out social media-friendly gameplay clips.

For a preview of what Bits looks like, check out the short trailer below.

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‘The Last of Us Part I’ remake comes to PS5 on September 2nd

You won’t have to settle for PS4-era graphics to play the original The Last of Us on your PS5. As Twitter user Wario64 noticed, the PlayStation Direct online store has prematurely revealed that a The Last of Us Part I remake is coming to PS5 on September 2nd, with a PC version “in development.” While there aren’t too many details, it’s clear this represents a major visual upgrade — this isn’t just a performance patch or a touch-up. You can also expect “modernized” game mechanics with better combat, control, exploration and accessibility features.

The “rebuilt” game will apparently be available in standard ($70) and special Firefly Edition ($100) copies. The listings were otherwise empty apart from a trailer, and they disappeared while we were writing this. Clearly, Sony wanted to save them for a formal announcement in the near future.

The arrival of a Last of Us Part I re-do isn’t shocking. Sony and Insomniac are bringing Spider-Man and Miles Morales to PC later this year, and that’s on top of existing refreshes and PC ports for titles like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony is eager to profit from re-releases of the PlayStation platform’s best-known games, and TLOU certainly qualifies for that treatment.

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Naughty Dog reveals more details about ‘The Last of Us’ remake for PS5 and PC

As if official confirmation was actually needed after the leak earlier today, a remake of 2013’s The Last Of Us is coming to PlayStation 5 on September 2nd. Sony put together a trailer showing some of the gorgeous visuals of The Last of Us Part I and noted that the remake is coming to PC as well. The bundle also includes the excellent Left Behind expansion.

The developers used original performances from Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, and the rest of the cast, but utilized a new AI and refreshed the combat. The effects and exploration have been enhanced as well. The team is harnessing 3D audio and the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. There will be more accessibility features than the original game had too, building on the extensive options in The Last of Us Part II. More details will be revealed in the coming months.

The remake is a full-price game at $70. Opt for the $80 Digital Deluxe edition and you’ll be able to unlock some items and features early, including a speedrun mode, explosive arrows(!), weapon skins and modifiers for faster crafting and healing. The $100 Firefly edition includes all of those bonuses as well as a steelbook cover for the physical version and four issues of the The Last of Us: American Dreams comic. There are pre-order perks for every version too.

That’s not the only news about the franchise that was revealed today. It’s long been acknowledged that a standalone multiplayer games set in the world of The Last of Us was in the works, and now Naughty Dog has revealed more details about what’s in store. Studio co-president Neil Druckmann, the director of the first two games in the series, showed the first concept art at Summer Game Fest.

TLOU multiplayer game

Naughty Dog

Druckmann said it will be “as big of as any of our single-player games that we’ve done, and in some ways bigger.” It has its own story and a new cast of characters, along with a fresh setting. It’s led by a team of Naughty Dog veterans who have worked on the series as well as the Uncharted games. More details will be announced next year. 

Following that announcement, Druckmann touched on the HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us series. While lots of set photos have popped up over the last year, he showed the second official still from the show. It shows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and (Bella Ramsay) taking cover. Bump up the brightness on the image, though, and you’ll see something lurking in the background.

The Last of Us show

PlayStation Productions/HBO

It also emerged that Johnson and Baker, who played Ellie and Joel in the games, will appear in the show, but their roles haven’t been revealed as yet. Filming will wrap on the first season tomorrow. While the series is expected to arrive next year, Druckmann said that fans will hear more about it “very soon.”

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Amazon takes on PS5 and Xbox scalpers with a new invite system

is trying to fend off scalpers and bots that snag all of the and consoles before you can secure one. It’s rolling out an invite-based ordering option for high-demand products that are in low supply to help legitimate shoppers get their hands on the items.

The invite option is available now for PS5 in the US. It will be enabled for Xbox Series X in the coming days. The company told it plans to use the system for more products and in other countries.

Requesting an invitation doesn’t cost anything and you don’t need to be a Prime member. When you visit , there’s now a “request invitation” button — you may need to click the “new and used” link to see it alongside the other ordering options.



Amazon will assess whether an account that requests an invitation is authentic by looking at things like the account creation date and purchase history. If it believes you are, indeed, a human and your invite request is granted, Amazon will send you an email with instructions on how to buy the product.

You’ll have a certain time period in which to complete your purchase before the invite expires and you’ll see a countdown on the product page. Amazon will dish out more invites for a hot-ticket item as it receives more stock.

Sony has a similar invite system on its , where it sells the PS5 in limited quantities. It would have been nice if Amazon had implemented its version before the consoles arrived in November 2020, but c’est la vie. 

Although requesting an invitation won’t guarantee that you’ll be able to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X from Amazon, it could help. What’s more, it might mean you don’t have to participate in the rush to secure one whenever there’s a restock.

There are other ways Amazon could fend off scalpers too, such as limiting the price of items for Marketplace sellers. At the time of writing, a third-party seller is offering the PS5 disc version on Amazon for $999 — double the console’s retail price. Others are selling it for around $800.

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‘Uncharted 4’ and ‘Lost Legacy’ remasters hit PS5 on January 28th

You won’t have to wait too much longer to play (or replay) the last two Uncharted games on your PlayStation 5. Naughty Dog and Sony have confirmed that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be available for PS5 on January 28th for $50, or $10 if you’ve bought the PS4 versions of either included game. The companies have also revealed just what audiovisual upgrades you can expect. These aren’t complete overhauls (they’re both mid-cycle PS4 releases, after all), but they might be worthwhile if you missed out on Uncharted 4 or Lost Legacy, or just want to make the most of a new TV.

As with some PS5 titles, you can prioritize the graphics for either resolution or speed. A “Fidelity Mode” jumps to native 4K while preserving a target frame rate of 30FPS. You can alternately use a “Performance Mode” if 60FPS matters more than crisp graphics, and there’s even a “Performance+” option that caps the resolution at 1080p in return for an extra-smooth 120FPS.

Both games promise “near instant” load times thanks to the PS5’s SSD, and Naughty Dog is taking advantage of improved DualSense haptic feedback as well as spatial audio for built-in TV speakers and headphones. It should be a more immersive experience, then, even if you can’t justify an elaborate audio setup.

You’ll have to be patient if you’re jonesing for the PC version. You can add the Uncharted bundle to your wish lists on the Epic Games Store and Steam, but the developers haven’t narrowed down the release date beyond a generic “2022.” The system requirements aren’t yet available, either. While that’s not surprising given the extra challenges of porting a PS4 game to PCs, it could leave you waiting a bit longer than you might like.

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Scuf’s first PS5 controllers include one built for first-person shooters

Scuf Gaming is finally diving into PS5 controllers, and its first offerings might be noteworthy if you thrive on titles like Call of Duty. The Corsair brand has launched its first PS5 gamepad line, Reflex, with a variant specifically tuned for first-person shooters. The appropriately named Reflex FPS adds instant bumpers and triggers, includes grippier surfaces and even ditches haptic feedback — in theory, you’ll a lighter control that won’t disrupt your aim.

The FPS, the regular Reflex and the Reflex Pro all have four remappable paddles, a profile switch, removable faceplates and interchangeable thumbsticks. The Pro adds the improved grip of the FPS while preserving the adaptive triggers you might need for some PS5 titles.

Scuf’s pricing shows these controllers are meant for enthusiasts and competitive players. The base Reflex is available now for $200, while the Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS respectively sell for $230 and $260. That’s difficult to rationalize if you just want an alternative to the official DualSense pad, but might be justifiable if you’re determined to emerge triumphant in a battle royale.

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How to Reset a PS5

The Sony PlayStation 5 is here, and although it’s an impressive console, it’s not free of issues. No matter if you’re troubleshooting a problem or getting your console ready for sale, our guide on how to reset a PS5 will show you how to restore the console to its factory default settings.

That’s not the only reset option the PS5 offers, however. We’ve split up our instructions into two parts: Step-by-step and in-depth. The step-by-step instructions will get your PS5 reset as fast as possible, but if you want a few more options or if you want to be extra careful during your reset, we recommend reading our in-depth instructions instead. Before you reset your PS5 though, you might want to back up your game date and user settings. Check out our guide on how to use an external drive on your PS5. 

Further reading

How to reset a PS5 step-by-step

There are a few different reset options on PS5 that we’ll cover in detail below. If you just want to wipe your PS5 entirely, you can follow the steps in this section. Note that using this method will erase everything on your console, including user data and saves. If you want to backup your saves first, continue on to our in-depth guide below.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu (cog icon)
  2. Select System software
  3. Select Reset options
  4. Select Reset your console
  5. Select Reset

After a few minutes, your PS5 will automatically reset itself and boot into the standard setup screen. If you’re selling or trading in your console, you can stop here. If you’re resetting for troubleshooting or anything else, proceed through setup as normal.

How to reset a PS5 in-depth

Resetting your PS5 to its factory defaults is simple enough, but there are a few reset options that the console doesn’t explain. We’ve detailed the three reset options below, along with an in-depth look at how to find them.

Step 1: Navigate to System Software

To get started, boot up your PS5 and sign in to your account. Then, go to the Settings menu from the home screen. If you’re in a game, you can find go back to the home screen by pressing and holding the PS button in the center of the DualSense controller.

In the top right corner of the home screen, you’ll see a cog. Navigate there to open the Settings menu, then follow System > System software. You’ll find the PS5 reset options here, but don’t select them yet.

Step 2 (optional): Back up your data

Before selecting Reset Options, select Back Up and Restore. In this menu, you can back up your games, apps, and other data to a USB device before performing the reset. This is especially important if you’re not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, as all of your saves are stored locally on the console.

Even if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, it’s a good idea to perform this step anyway. Not only is it a safety net in case your saves haven’t synced, it will also allow you to automatically restore your games and apps to a PS5 in the future.

To offload your data, you’ll need a USB 3.0 storage device. Our guide to the best external hard drives can help you out there.

Step 3: Choose your reset option

After you’ve finished backing up your data, go back to System software and select Reset Options. The PS5 has three reset options, and short of the Reset Your Console option, the names are nebulous. Here’s what each of the settings do:

  • Clear learning dictionary: Removes all of the terms you have entered into your PS5. The PS5 uses terms you’ve entered to predict what you might be looking for. This setting resets the console’s stored terms. It does not affect save data, games, apps, or user data.
  • Restore default settings: Restores all of the console’s settings to default. This option does not affect save data, games, apps, or user data.
  • Reset your console: Removes everything from your PS5 and fully resets it. Only use this option if you’re selling or trading in your PS5, or if you want to start from scratch.

Select the option that best suits your needs, and you’re set. If you want to perform a factory reset, choose Reset your console. Once again, we recommend backing up your data before proceeding with a factory reset, even if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

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Walmart PS5 restock ready for Cyber Monday, but there’s a catch

It’s Cyber Monday, and even though there aren’t going to be any discounts on the PS5, there are some stores that will be restocking the hard-to-find console. Walmart is the main retailer we’ll be looking at for this PlayStation 5 stock on Cyber Monday, but as with many restocks these days, there are some strings attached. If you miss your chance with Walmart today, you might be able to snag a PS5 later this week from another major retailer.

Walmart PS5 restock slated for today

First and foremost, Walmart will be restocking the PS5 later today at 12 PM EST. Both versions of the PS5 – the $500 standard edition and the $400 digital edition – will be restocked, which is good news. However, the bad news is that you’ll need an active subscription to Walmart+ in order to buy one of these PS5s later today.

Walmart+ is a monthly subscription that gives various special benefits, such as free delivery from a specific store, free shipping for online orders, and gas discounts. It costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year, so it’s pricey if you usually shop elsewhere and are only turning to Walmart in an attempt to secure a PS5.

PS5 at Walmart
PS5 Digital Edition at Walmart

The fact that it’s required for today’s PS5 restock could be a good thing for subscribers in the end. After all, not everyone will be willing to open a Walmart+ subscription just so they can have a chance at snagging a PS5, so this requirement could thin the pool of potential buyers significantly. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel good to have to sign up for a monthly membership just for a chance at a PS5, and even worse is the fact that you can’t simply sign up for a trial membership before the listings go live later today – it seems you have to be a paying member for a chance to buy a PS5.

Walmart’s restock later today actually isn’t the first PS5 restock of Cyber Monday. GameStop restocked some of its PS5 bundles early this morning, but that went more or less as expected, with available stock selling out almost immediately. Someday a retailer will be able to keep PS5 stock on hand for more than a few minutes, but it apparently is not this day.

A potentially massive Target restock inbound

While Walmart and GameStop seem to be the only retailers restocking today (barring any surprise, unannounced restocks), those on the prowl for PS5 might want to keep tabs on Target as we move through the week. YouTuber Jake Randall – who has been primarily using his channel to track PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks since both consoles launched last year – has tipped that Target may have a massive restock coming soon.

In a Twitter thread posted over the holiday weekend, Randall said that Target is gearing up for its biggest PS5 restock of 2021, noting that some stores have over 100 consoles on hand and ready to sell. Randall thinks this restock is likely to come sometime on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday instead of Cyber Monday, but notes that it’s worth keeping tabs on Target throughout the week just in case consoles drop early.

Of course, there’s always a chance that other retailers enter the fray with PS5 restocks of their own, but for now, it seems that Walmart and Target are the ones to watch. If you’re on the hunt for a console, be sure to check out our tips guide for securing a PS5, but otherwise, good luck.

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Tips for finding a PS5 this holiday season

More than a year after the PlayStation 5 launched, it’s still a very hard console to find. With the ongoing semiconductor shortage impacting consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide, it probably won’t get any easier to find a PS5 in the short term, either. We won’t lie: it’s going to be difficult to get a PS5 this holiday season, but these tips might give you an edge in finding one.

Don’t forget about Google News

There’s a lot of clickbait about PS5 restocks out there, with headlines that seem to promise information on upcoming restocks paired with articles that ultimately say nothing at all. It can be infuriating to land on one of those articles, but you can avoid a lot of them by checking out the technology section of Google News on the regular.

I’ve noticed that, in recent months at least, Google News has become a good way to find out about incoming stock drops for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Obviously, Google News isn’t very handy when it comes to unannounced stock drops, but when a retailer announces ahead of time that it has an impending PS5 restock, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to read about it there. If nothing else, checking Google News a few times throughout the day beats following a bunch of retailers on Twitter and trying to keep up with all their announcements.

Put a Twitch stream on in the background

This tip is admittedly a little strange at first blush, but it can potentially save you a lot of time. There’s at least one Twitch live stream that tracks PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks at various retailers and alerts viewers when new stock is detected. The only stream I’ve found that does this is KillerCam1020, though those of you who are on the prowl for new PC hardware can also check out Falcodrin, which runs a very similar Twitch tracker for GPU stock.

Following KillerCam1020 and running the stream in the background whenever you happen to be at your computer is a hands-off way to follow PS5 restocks at a pretty wide selection of retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Ant Online, Sam’s Club, and PlayStation Direct. The alarm the stream plays when new PS5 stock is detected is suitably loud and annoying so there’s no chance you’ll miss it, and the stream is otherwise silent so you can focus on whatever else you’re doing while it runs in the background.

KillerCam1020 is an excellent way to better your chances at getting a PS5 without having to put in a ton of leg work yourself. There are a few downsides to this method, though. First, the stream actually has to be open before you can get alerts about new PS5 stock. Second, the stream only tracks US stock, so this tip doesn’t really do much for our EU brothers and sisters trying to score a PS5 for themselves.

Join the StockDrops Discord

Following StockDrops is probably the best tip I can give because it has actually worked for me in the past. These days, StockDrops has an app you can download, but joining the Discord also works (you can find links to both on the StockDrops website). When you join the Discord server, you can sign up for alerts for all sorts of hard-to-find hardware, whether it’s the PS5, Xbox Series X, or any number of GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

If you join and sign up to receive alerts about new PS5 stock, you’ll only be pinged when new stock is available, while all other notifications will remain muted. Joining the StockDrops Discord is how I managed to snag the RTX 3070 that sits in the very machine I’m using to write this article, so joining up and setting your notification preferences is something I enthusiastically recommend.

Again, there are some drawbacks to this one (because no method is perfect). If you only join the Discord, you need to be ready to act when that notification comes through, and though StockDrops says that the desktop app gives the fastest notifications, I don’t have any experience with that. StockDrops also has a considerable following – there are thousands upon thousands of people in that server – so you’re potentially still competing with many others for your PS5.

Even more tips

To supplement this article, you should also have a look at our PS5 and Xbox Series X tips guide from last year. Many, if not all, of those tips are still relevant today, so if you’re in the market for a PS5, give that article a read for even more strategies to give you an edge. Even though you’re now armed with tips and tricks, landing a PS5 during the busiest shopping period of the year is going to be a challenge, so good luck to you if you’re giving it a shot.

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