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A love letter to my Netgear router, the gorgeous Nighthawk RAX120

When lockdown happened and the world burst into chaos, there was at least one thing I could rely on: my home network. Sad? You betcha. But with the Wi-Fi speeds I get with my Netgear router, I’m the one pointing and laughing and mocking. Not sure at who, really, but someone. 

Yes, I am a man in love with a router: the Nighthawk RAX120.

Let me spin you a tale. Back in the day, home networks were my shit. I scrimped and saved to get new routers, forced housemates to go halves on networking equipment they neither wanted nor needed, and spent a long time ensuring everything was seamless. Your boy had a remotely accessible media library back when internet speeds made that useless.

But, over the years, I got lazy. Fat and lazy. Fat and lazy and stupider. I gave up on home networking as a “thing” I “did.”

There are two elements I’d like to present in my defence. The first was I had no damn money. The second was the quality of networking equipment handed out by ISPs improved markedly.

When I first started paying my own internet bill, the Wi-Fi routers they sent you were dire, grim affairs that felt as though they could barely cover the corner of the room they were in. As the general standard of the industry rose though, so did the included internet boxes. And, for many people — myself included — this was fine for a long while.

Times, as some random chump once pointed out, are a-changing. For me, it was when I moved into my new, and current, house. Thus began my sordid affair with my Netgear router, the Nighthawk RAX120.