A NordVPN 2-year plan is 68% off for the rest of today

For those who have been considering signing up for a VPN provider, one of the best VPN deals we’ve seen lately is happening right now. NordVPN is one the best VPN providers around, and today you can sign up for a NordVPN Complete two-year plan for an insanely low price. For $143, you can get two years of NordVPN Complete, which includes three months absolutely free. That works out to only $5.29 per month, a total of 68% off the regular price for this awesome service, and with a 30-day money-back guarantee, it is definitely worth subscribing.

Why you should sign up for NordVPN

As you may well know already, NordVPN is one of our picks on the list of best VPNs. A VPN can come in handy for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that it tricks websites into thinking you are in one location even if you are in another. For example, if you are an American traveling abroad, you can sign into your favorite streaming service, and thanks to NordVPN, you’ll be able to watch American content from anywhere in the world.

While travelers may benefit from a VPN, you can definitely use it even if you never leave your home. VPN is an incredible source of internet security, and protects you from malware as well as all different types of trackers. NordVPN Complete comes with an ad-blocker, which we can all definitely use, as well as a cross-platform password manager to keep all of your login information secure. It also features a data breach scanner, so if your information has been compromised, you’ll be the first to know. Perhaps most exciting of all, the Complete plan comes with 1TB of encrypted cloud storage for all of your most valuable data.

If you’ve been thinking about subscribing to a VPN provider, look no further than this limited-time deal from NordVPN. For only $5.29 per month, you can take advantage of all of the benefits of Nord’s Complete plan for two years while saving 68% off the original price. If there’s any offer enticing enough to convince you to take the plunge, it should without a doubt be this one.

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Best Keyboard Wrist Rest Picks for 2021

If you’re a gamer or someone who is always at the keyboard, then you might want to consider buying a wrist rest. Wrist rests ensure that you do not put too much strain on your hands or wrists as you type away for hours on end. According to some doctors, keyboard wrist rests might also help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and other pain points in your fingers and hands.

Although some keyboards come with wrist rests already, if yours doesn’t, or you want to upgrade it, here are our top seven picks for the best keyboard wrist rest in 2021.

The best keyboard wrist rest at a glance

HyperX Wrist Rest

Why you should buy this: It’s the best wrist rest money can buy.

Who it’s for: Long-haul typists or gamers.

Why we picked the HyperX Wrist Rest: The HyperX Wrist Rest is one that is designed to fit in with your setup. A simple rectangle, this rest does not force you to take a specific position when typing and allows for a variety of different typing positions. It is also rather durable, as it’s made of a cool gel memory foam, ensuring that your hands will stay cool and fit softly onto the rest during long-haul typing sessions. That gel ensures firmness, as well as buoyancy.

If you’re a gamer, you might enjoy how clean this wrist rest looks. The top has a spandex-like fabric, and the branding is barely visible. It’s designed to slide right under your keyboard and blend in without being too overly distracting.

Leyouyou 520 Wrist Rest

Leyouyou 520 Wrist Rest.

Why you should buy this: You need a quality wrist rest that comes with a mouse rest.

Who it’s for: Wrist rest buyers who need something comfortable and affordable.

Why we picked the Leyouyou 520 Wrist Rest: If you need a wrist rest but don’t want to spend much more than $10, then this is for you. This rest keeps a lot of the same features from the others on our list, including foam padding and a superfine fabric, but it isn’t on the expensive side. Note that this rest also has a unique shape designed for your palms. Instead of being more rectangular, this one is rounded on the edges, allowing you to slide your wrists in just the right spots for prolonged periods of typing.

The stitching on this is flush with the body, ensuring that it’s super comfy and durable for long-term gaming sessions. As a bonus, it even comes with a mouse pad wrist rest, so you have a place to rest your other hand while scrolling with a mouse.

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

The Razer Ergonimic Wrist Rest.

Why you should buy this: It matches Razer’s other accessories nicely.

Who it’s for: Gamers and anyone with matching Razer accessories.

Why we picked the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest: When your setup has a lot of Razer gaming gear, then you probably want a wrist rest to match it, and the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest is designed for gamers. Even more so, Razer promises that the rest can alleviate pressure on your wrists from prolonged periods of gaming at an elevated angle.

This product has an ergonomic inclined design to ensure that you can reduce fatigue as you move your fingers across the WASD keys when gaming. It also sports anti-slip rubber feet, so it won’t go moving around during intense gaming sessions. Razer even encloses the wrest in a solid-edge frame, which ensures more durability than stitched edges, and, thanks to the plush leatherette cushion material, the rest is waterproof.

Redragon Keyboard Wrist Rest

The Reddragon keyboard wrist rest.

Why you should buy this: It’s an adaptable, affordable wrist rest with a clean design.

Who it’s for: People who want a keyboard wrist rest that is adaptable to their needs.

Why we picked the Redragon Keyboard Wrist: The Reddragon Keyboard Wrist rest is one that’s perfect for most keyboards and laptops. It uses soft, medium-firm memory foam, which means that it can adapt to your wrist’s unique shape over time. This wrist rest is even certified to be washable, as it has a waterproof coating that won’t peel off when liquids touch it. That makes the rest perfect for home office setups or gamers who might have a messy desk.

The size of this wrist rest is just right. It can fit both full-size keyboards as well half-sized keyboards, so it’s not only for gamers with larger and more fancy mechanical keyboards. The rest’s wider edges also allow for extra hand movements and room for you to slide your mouse around. RedDragon even claims that this design choice can help the wrist rest stay in place and prevent curling.

Jedia Keyboard Wrist Rest

JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest.

Why you should buy this: Its holes help prevent perspiration buildup, and it comes with a comfortable mouse rest, too.

Who it’s for: Students, office workers.

Why we picked the Jedia Keyboard Wrist Rest: The Jedia Keyboard wrist rest is more catered for everyday use and usage outside of gaming. This rest has massage holes and two wave-shaped grooves on both sides. What this means is that if you’re a programmer or art designer, the feel of the rest should be more like a softer memory foam mattress and less like a harder, flat padded rest that’s often used by gamers.

Generally speaking, the Jedia Keyboard Wrist Rest is a bit less traditional than other wrist rests and fits better due to that look. The base of the rest is also made of rubber, which helps it stay firm on a desk. That’s unlike other products that have a resin base that could cause it to slide around. Jedia even includes a matching mouse rest, so you’re getting two products for the price of one.

Asus ROG Gaming Wrist Rest

Asus ROG Gaming Wrist Rest.

Why you should buy this: If you’re a gamer and you need a quality wrist rest, this one looks the part.

Who it’s for: Gamers.

Why we picked the Asus ROG Gaming Wrist Rest: This Asus rest is designed for gamers. The rest has a matte black minimalist look with a soft foam cushion core that provides superior comfort and support. There’s even some Asus ROG branding on the sides if you like to match your setup.

It also has a leatherette surface that can offer a soft, smooth feel with splash resistance for easy cleaning and maintenance. As for becoming worn at the edges, this rest has stitched edges with concealed seams so it won’t tear. Asus even adds in non-slip rubber feet, so the rest doesn’t glide across your desk if you jam your keyboard too hard. Note that the feet also allow the rest to elevate a bit. This keeps your hands at an ergonomic input position to alleviate wrist fatigue during long sessions.

Klim Keyboard Wrist Rest

KLIM Keyboard rest showing memory cotton.

Why you should buy this: You need a comfortable and durable keyboard wrist rest.

Who it’s for: Anyone wanting ultimate wrist comfort.

Why we picked the Klim Keyboard Wrist Rest: The Klim Keyboard Wrist Rest is one that is more of an all-rounder. It has the right amount of height and cushion for gamers as well as folks who are just casual typists. Designed with memory foam, a natural rubber base, and anti-slip fabric, it’s supportive without being too hard on the hands. This is so that your wrists won’t slide away when the rest is in use.

Klim’s wrist rest is also backed by a life after sales service. This means that your rest can be replaced if you ever have any issues with it. Considering the wear and tear that wrist rests are known to go through, that’s a huge bonus.

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