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The Juiced RipCurrent Step-Through is a fat-tire 28mph ebike with tons of range

Juiced Bikes, makers of powerful ebikes with some of the largest batteries in the industry, today launched the RipCurrent S Step-Through. It looks like an intriguing option for those looking for a comfortable ride with power and range to spare.

I reviewed the Juiced CrossCurrent X a couple of years and found it to be an impressive option for ebike riders looking for an insane amount of range — over 150 miles, if you don’t mind pedaling at a leisurely pace — or a high-speed ride capable of going over 28mph. And the company already offered a RipCurrent model built on a similar platform, but with big ol’ fat tires for a cushier ride and easier rolling over loose surfaces like sand and snow.

The RipCurrent ST basically takes the same concept and sticks it in a more accessible step-through frame. This type of frame makes it easier for riders to get on and off of — a welcome addition for people with mobility issues, or who prefer to be able to touch the ground easily at a stop.  It can also be nice if you have riders of multiple heights who might want to share the bike. The bike’s geometry gives it an upright position that may not be the most aerodynamic but makes it easy to see the road ahead of you — many people find this type of bike more comfortable to ride as well.

Like other bikes in the Juiced lineup, the RipCurrent ST packs a 750W Bafang Motor and an enormous 994 Wh battery; you can read more on the kind of range offered by this setup here, but that’s about twice the capacity of a typical ebike battery. The bike comes set up with a 20mph limit, but you can modify that up to 28mph in the settings, and it also offers a torque sensor for a much higher quality ride than you get from typical cadence sensor-only ebikes.

Rounding out the specs are a suspension fork, a sturdy rear rack, a 9-speed transmission, and a 1,050-lumen headlight. It also has a built-in throttle if you prefer not to pedal, although throttle-only speeds are limited to 20mph.

The one obvious caveat is weight; previous RipCurrents weighed about 80 lb with battery, and I can only imagine the ST  is somewhere in that realm as well. This obviously isn’t a bike you’re going to have to lift up a staircase.

The RipCcurrent ST is priced at $2,699 and comes in white, black, light blue, and yellow colorways. It’s available for pre-order now with shipping beginning in mid-June.

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