Sony is reportedly working on a ‘Gravity Rush’ movie with Ridley Scott’s production team

Sony seems determined to turn every gaming property it has ever laid a finger on into a movie or TV show. has a whole heap of projects in the works and the latest, according to , is a  film.

The movie will be based on the 2012 from Japan Studio’s Team Gravity (the title was later ). You play as Kat, an amnesiac who can manipulate gravity to traverse an open world in a novel way. Kat uses her powers to protect the people of Hekseville from gravity storms and monsters. arrived on PS4 in 2017.

Ridley Scott’s production company Scott Free Productions is reportedly working on the movie. Emily Jerome, the writer of upcoming thriller Panopticon, is working on the script. Anna Mastro, who helmed Disney+ film Secret Society of Second Born Royals and episodes of many notable TV shows, is onboard as director.

The Gravity Rush project underlines just how serious Sony is about expanding its gaming IP into the realms of film and television. It finally released an movie earlier this year and over the weekend, it emerged that a is in development. That’s on top of shows based on , as well as upcoming and movies.

Last, but by no means least, a show based on The Last of Us is coming to HBO next year. The network from the series in a sizzle reel on Sunday. With fast approaching, we likely won’t have to wait long for a full trailer.

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Fortnite Horde Rush LTM returns with an entirely new map

As Epic previously teased, Fortnite‘s Horde Rush LTM is back again, tasking players with destroying as many cube monsters as possible. The LTM comes with related quests that some players feel have too high of requirements, though whether Epic ends up making adjustments is yet to be seen. Among other things, this year’s LTM brings a new map.

Horde Rush LTM is available for teams or random players to join together in a battle against waves of cube monsters, including one particularly tall and lanky monster. The Storm continues to move inward as the waves grow stronger, giving players a shot at raking in a bunch of points, but with victory more difficult than ever.

The LTM’s return is part of this year’s wider Fortnitemares event, which involves a battle royale island full of Halloween decorations (even the Battle Bus has a costume). You can, as with previous years, collect candy from buckets in front of houses for unique consumables, the witch’s broom item is back, and there are some new seasonal items like a scythe.

As for the Horde Rush event, players have the opportunity to unlock some unique rewards, but the points you need to get the items are pretty astronomical: 200,000 for a spraypaint and 2,000,000 for an emote. These are, however, collective team points, meaning you don’t need to personally earn them all yourself — you’ll just need to pick your teammates well.

The recent update that brought this LTM also ushered in the previously-leaked cube city found in the center of the island. This destination is made entirely of cubes, some of them bouncy, where players can battle it out in a unique environment that’s relatively plentiful in loot.

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Beat the Back-to-School Rush with Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop Deals

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Mario Golf: Super Rush gets a bunch of new content in a surprise update

Fans of Mario Golf: Super Rush got some good news this morning, as Nintendo revealed that the game is getting some new content in a free update. The update is landing later today, and not only does it add a new character, but it also adds a new course. In addition, Nintendo is dropping a Ranked Match mode with this update, giving golfers the chance to prove their skills with a ranked ladder to climb.

The new character joining the roster today is Toadette, while the new course we’re receiving is New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey. You can see both Toadette and New Donk City in the trailer Nintendo shared today, which we’ve embedded below.

Sadly, the trailer offers only a brief glimpse at both Toadette and New Donk City, but it does reveal that Toadette’s special shot is the Super Pickax Stinger. Like many of the other special shots in the game, the Super Pickax Stinger blasts away any balls that are in its path, so it’s a good option when you have a lot of balls ahead of you and want to ruin other players’ plans.

Nintendo’s tweets also give us a look at the Ranked Match mode that will be added today. From the screenshots, it looks like players will be ranked on a standard grading scale and that achieving an A- rank or higher will allow players to pick Yoshi’s color when they play as him.

Mario Golf: Super Rush isn’t the only Nintendo game to get a free update that adds a bunch of new content. Yesterday, Nintendo delivered an update to New Pokemon Snap which adds three new courses and 20 new Pokemon to photograph. While Nintendo doesn’t give a specific launch time for this Mario Golf: Super Rush update, it does say the update launching later today, so keep an eye out for its arrival if you’re a Super Rush player.

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Don’t rush to add an M.2 SSD to your PS5

Yesterday, Sony launched its very first PS5 system software beta. It’s a big one, too, as it enables the PS5’s M.2 expansion slot that has sat dormant since the console released late last year. For now, M.2 support for the PlayStation 5 is only in beta, and while anyone with a PS5 can register to receive beta software, it’s probably best to hold off on adding an M.2 SSD to your console.

For starters, Sony’s guide on how to add an M.2 SSD to a PS5 mostly puts the onus on users when it comes to finding compatible drives. Instead of giving us a list of tested and certified M.2 SSDs, Sony simply says that the PS5 needs a PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD with a sequential read speed of at least 5,500MB/s or better. There’s also a lot of recommended specifications related to size and the heatsink on the drive, but then later on in that same section, Sony says this (emphasis theirs):

You should carefully review drive specifications prior to purchase and contact the vendor or manufacturer if you need further information. SIE cannot guarantee that all M.2 SSD devices meeting the described specifications will work with your console and assumes no responsibility for the selection, performance or use of third-party products.

That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence when it comes to selecting a drive based on the specifications Sony has provided. It would have been far better for Sony to work with manufacturers to test and certify M.2 SSDs and give us a list of specific drives that will work well with the PS5. Instead, we’ll have to wait for manufacturers to confirm which of their drives work with the console (something that’s already happening), or – even better – for users to test drives on their own and report back to the community on which ones work and which ones don’t.

That’s bound to happen eventually, but it’s a process that takes time. So unless you’re really hurting for space on your PS5 at the moment, it’s probably best to wait for the PS5 community to figure out which are the best M.2 SSDs for the console and use that advice to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Then there’s also the fact that M.2 SSDs that can reach or exceed the sequential read speeds Sony recommends haven’t been around that long. As a result, they can be pretty expensive. You can find a 1TB M.2 SSD that meets Sony’s specifications for around $200, which isn’t terrible, but given the size of modern games, I would much rather wait as long as I could to see if the price of 2TB M.2 SSDs comes down in the future.

As it stands, 2TB SSDs that meet Sony’s recommended specifications will cost around $400 in most cases, which is as much as the PS5 Digital Edition itself costs. Of course, that price is likely to go down in the future because that’s just the nature of storage in general, but right now, it’s a very tough (and expensive) pill to swallow.

Unfortunately, time is not exactly on the side of the PS5 user here. The SSD that ships with the console has just 667GB of free storage space, which can fill up quickly depending on the games you play. Managing your library by constantly deleting and re-downloading games can be a pain too, so some users may just be tempted to go with what they can afford as soon as possible. However, if you can wait, I think you should because the high-speed M.2 SSD landscape will only improve as time goes on, and patient gamers may reap the benefits of that.

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a Street Culture Symphony

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is Team Reptile’s (the studio behind the hit pseudo-fighting game Lethal League) upcoming spiritual successor to SEGA’s Jet Set Radio titles. The game is much more than just that though. I spoke with the game and team director, Dion Koster, who told me about his beginnings, what inspired Bomb Rush, and his goals for the “street culture symphony.”

What’s your background? I remember you once posted that you felt BRC was like an accumulation of things you’ve done before. Did you do dance, graffiti, and all that?

Dion Koster: I first started with inline skating and it quickly became a way for me and my friends to be ourselves against the average environment or something along those lines. In the case of dancing, I’ve loved it since I was a kid. My mother told me about a breakdance class, I joined, and immediately fell in love. A few others and I just started meeting at random spots and at different people’s places to jam. We really dug into the culture thanks to our teacher constantly talking about it and the history behind the art. We just really felt like we were a part of it and that stuck with me.

From there, I and a few of the other more dedicated students would follow my teacher to a sort of school of hip-hop theater he taught at in Amsterdam. We went to weekly classes taught by legendary dancers, rappers, and people in the neighborhood. I got a lot of cultural things from that and met people who were growing up in Amsterdam and Almere which had a lot more going on in terms of hip-hop than our little town.

So after being in so many places and meeting and so many influential people I don’t feel like I’m coming in with an outsider’s point of view. I feel like I have to honestly represent.

What led you from that to the world of video game development?

I had a lot of duality in life. Half the time I’d be in my little hometown sleeping or doing my own thing in my room. The other half  I’d go out to Amsterdam to go to a jam, training, and other fun stuff. The city was so full of life but at home, that was just not the case so like any kid I played video games.

While playing, I’d think things like, “I wanna make my own game!” Or I’d play a game and disagree with something and wanted to make something slightly different. In the case of Sonic the Hedgehog, I would draw my own levels and get my little brother to play them by moving his finger across the level while I “dungeon mastered” him through the stage.

Eventually, I just looked up, “make game” on Google and found the program, “Game Maker.” I’d be doing that at home anytime I wasn’t out dancing in the city and really got into taking other people’s creations and adding or changing things. There was this little car game where you’d be a driver having to dodge other cars and I changed the player car into Gohan from Dragon Ball, added the theme music, and the ability to shoot blasts. I think that was a mentality I got from my hip-hop side where sampling is the way to go.  I still apply that mentality to games, especially with Bomb Rush if you notice the similarities to another game.

After I graduated high school I went into games education I met my colleague and business partner and Team Reptile started as a two-man thing. We gathered more and more people we could afford over time with the money made from releasing our games, financing game after game with money made the previous one.

How has your style of game development evolved into the style seen in games like Lethal League and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Over the years, the games have started to shape more and more into what I feel like is my honest expression. At first, the games we made were, “game games,” like our first game, Megabyte Punch. Just mixing some Smash Brothers with a Medabots thing. Over time, came Lethal League where I would acknowledge that I’m not the best artist but I have something nobody else has and incorporated my style choices. Now Bomb Rush seems to be the height of it. I’m not sure I can go further than this though [he laughs].

Sometimes I compare it to other director’s work where you can see their youth in the stuff they create. Miyamoto says he used to always explore caves and in Zelda, you see nothing but those and dungeons. Then you’re collecting bugs and other stuff concerning the fact that he was outdoors a lot. That’s his passion and something that stays with him all his life.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk screenshot of a character leaping through the city.

For me, I came to see that going out on the street was my adventure. My city fantasyland where the hero’s journey takes place. Going to the city, to a jam, seeing people do this crazy stuff, competing, cheering on my friends, and just having crazy interactions skating. Then going back home to normal, which made the city seem even more like a fantasy land.

What inspired the world of Bomb Rush? What are some elements you feel were important influences?

The sincerity of visuals is really important to me and most creators do it wrong. It matters for something to feel honest. You can really see it in fashion when it comes to clothes and immediately seeing something being too extra. In games, there’s a lot that’s too extra because in real life you have to walk around in it. That’s why we have these ridiculous-looking characters with the excuse being a fantasy so it just works. For me, that doesn’t cut it. With every character, I want to think that they are believable with no disconnect.

That’s a piece of the character design things I think about and but at the same time, you want to create some crazy silhouettes. In the case of Bomb Rush and its hip-hop inspiration, I feel like hip-hop and street culture are about innovation. When I look at hip-hop I see a lot of technology. Turntables, boomboxes. Even the style with sneakers looking like some kind of spaceship or something at times.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk screenshot of a character performing a graffiti finishing move.

That future mentality is something that influenced me to make the Bomb Rush world this way. I gave them “Boostpacks,” which are jetpack machines that allow more freedom of motion and let them float in front of graffiti spots to do their slashing finishing move.

What types of challenges have you encountered while creating the game?

The scope for sure. Things can really get out of hand with a 3D open world. I’m always telling everyone to not go off check with additions because of it. Yes, adding that one small thing could make the game better, but you have to see the implications of every small thing you add.

We have a game focused on exploration so you have to find the graffiti spots in the stage, paint them, and then you can go further in the stage, meet other characters, and encounter conflicts. It all has to play into each other. You can’t have a different system for conflict than you have for exploration. What you have to do the most has to be fun and has to be the tool that you use to interact with the whole world, which in this case is doing tricks while moving around. We can’t have you run into the conflict and go, “And then you pull out your gun.” [he laughs]  The same system (tricks and graffiti) has to be the way you interact with the police enemies as well.

There was a lot of praise for your Black character designs, especially the Black women. Sincere designs of them are seldom seen in many video games if at all. How do you curate them to make them feel real while still being stylistic?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk vinyl girl character.

What I see a lot lately is companies going, “Ok we’ve got to include lots of different people in our games.” And while the intentions are usually good you can feel like it’s being made by people who haven’t met those different people and they end up falling into these “stupid mistake” traps like them not giving Black people light palms.

Throughout my life, I’ve made so many friends of different cultures that I feel like I can normally create any type of person without doing them a disservice. People with different hairstyles, clothing styles, etc. I feel like that’s a luxury that not many people have. In some cases, I will check with my friends a part of different cultures to make sure things are honest as well.

It’s good that games and different media are trying to include more Black people in any setting, but I always wonder if it’s really honest. If you get some office worker designing a crew of street people it isn’t going to feel like real people. The only solution is to get someone with real-life experience in that to design them.

What are you looking to accomplish with Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

It’s an evolving thing. Right now it feels like it’s turning to a “street culture symphony” where I’m throwing in everything that I want to express to the larger world. I have so much fun in my life and so many crazy things that I’ve known, seen, and still do that aren’t visible to most. I talked earlier about how I feel the city is a fantasy. People play so much Zelda and medieval fantasy or watch those movies. To me, that same type of wondrous fantasy adventure is street culture.

Trying to make the ultimate game, I would like to play myself is also a part of it. I’m not only trying to teach people these things but I just dig this that much. If there was already a game like this out there I wouldn’t have to make something like this.

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New Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer prepares us to hit the links

We’re quickly closing in on the release date for Mario Golf: Super Rush, and today, Nintendo dropped a new overview trailer that takes us through the game’s various modes and features. Super Rush is the first game in the Mario Golf spin-off series since 2014’s Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS, and it seems a lot has changed since then. For starters, Super Rush is introducing a new mode called Speed Golf.

Of course, we already knew about the Speed Golf mode, as it was revealed alongside the game earlier this year. In Speed Golf, players will tee up side-by-side and then race to their balls, avoiding hazards and collecting power ups along the way. Today’s trailer also shows off the game’s Battle Rush mode, which is described as a “more strategic variation of Speed Golf” that puts an entire nine hole course in play at the same time. The first player to score three of the holes – any of the nine – wins, so some planning could go a long way in this mode.

Super Rush will also be home to a mode called Golf Adventure, where you’ll play as a Mii golfer as you adventure through a country club and complete its challenges. The Mii golfer you create has various skills to improve through level ups, and once you turn them into a capable golfer through Golf Adventure, you’ll be able to take them into Super Rush‘s various online modes.

If you’d rather play as one of Mario‘s cast of characters, Nintendo says that Super Rush will feature 16 characters from the series, with Pauline, Chargin’ Chuck, and King Bob-omb making their Mario Golf debuts with this game. There are six different courses to play through, as well as four player local and online multiplayer.

So, Mario Golf: Super Rush sounds like it’ll be a solid entry in the spin-off series, but of course, we have to wait until the game is here to actually make that call. It’ll be here soon enough, as Mario Golf: Super Rush launches for Nintendo Switch on June 25th, 2021.

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