How Sora Compares to Other Smash Bros. Anime Sword Fighters

Kingdom Hearts fans rejoiced when Sora finally joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as its final DLC character. He didn’t even seem like one of the realistic choices for the final fighter, but he made the cut. One more anime sword fighter to close out the roster.

Sword fighters, anime or otherwise, comprise about 25% of Smash characters. That can mean too much, too little, or just enough depending on who you ask. Sora meets the general criteria since he’s a JRPG protagonist who fights with a sword (that just happens to look like a giant key). Thankfully, his move set takes inspiration from his original Kingdom Hearts design to separate him from your average Fire Emblem hero.

Here’s how Sora shapes up next to the other Smash anime sword fighters.

Spotlight: Recovery, aerial aptitude

Sora’s “floatiness” — that lightweight, feathery fall speed — stands out as one of his signature qualities and strengths. I hesitate to compare him to Jigglypuff or Kirby because he can’t really fly, but that’s what he feels like. None of the other sword fighters are even comparatively floaty next to him. This floating feeling, plus his recoveries and spongey defenses, makes him difficult to KO.

His recovery options expand beyond what other sword fighters can typically offer. In fact, they better resemble other characters’ move sets. His Mewtwo-like double jump can easily save him from a light fall off a ledge. His side special works like Pikachu’s Quick Attack, allowing up to three dashes in any direction and damaging the foe in the process.

Sora’s Up B — an upward, spinning sword move — works similarly to other swordfighters.’ like Link. It has decent kill potential like Marth and Corrin’s Up B, but he can only use it in the air. Sora can actually use his side special after his Up B, which sets him apart from other characters in general. He’s a difficult character to edgeguard, more so than other swordfighters who can only Up B or n-air and hope.

However, Sora’s not much of a runner despite his aerial prowess. He might even be slower than Pyra, and she can at least switch to Mythra to move faster. He won’t be able to catch up with speedier characters like Roy, so it’s even more important to mind spacing and projectiles. Sora has reasonable enough range to hit opponents who are close and can threaten from afar with spells.


sora fighting sephiroth

Sora’s neutral specials — Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga — cycle one after the other. These elemental spells differ from each other in terms of damage, effects, and range. So players need to keep in mind which attacks they have on hand for their next attack. Most characters in general have access to their specials at all times. Sora’s spells encourage some foresight or improvisation on the player’s part to make the most out of them. Thankfully, they don’t have a meter to keep track of like with Robin or Shulk’s special abilities.

Neutrals and smash attacks

Sora’s neutral attacks are pretty vanilla — on the ground, at least. His aerials get a little more attention because of his significant airtime and reach. In fact, Smash fans have already found an infinite n-air loop that he can execute thanks to his automatic three-hit combo.

Some of his aerials can smack enemies on either side and below him in a single swing. So Sora should have an easier time catching enemies that get too close as opposed to many Fire Emblem sword fighters who have a more limited slash range. Link, Pit, and their “clones” suffer from the same problem.

His smash attacks don’t differ much from the norm, but they don’t need to. He’s not superfast like Mythra, so players should mind freely using his smash attacks around opponents that can quickly punish. You can expect a well-timed smash attack to launch an opponent and KO them with a high-enough damage percentage. Sora seems to fall in the average range — he doesn’t hit as heavy as someone like Pyra but still swings with enough heft to get the job done.

Other not-so-special but interesting notes

sora final smash with keyblade

What else? His general reach isn’t going to outdo Sephiroth, who has an outrageously long sword that can stab through platforms, but it’s serviceable. His Down B works as a counter, just like most sword fighters have with their own counters and shields. However, it can deflect projectiles like Fox’s Reflector. Also, the boy’s got quite the arm on him. He might be the only sword fighter with a kill throw.


So what makes Sora different from the other sword fighters? Basically, everything about him besides his ground neutrals and smash attacks. His survivability and recovery potential lands him higher on my tier list than I would’ve expected for a character that moves as slowly as him. His weakness may be close-range characters with far-reaching attacks, so it’s important to mind spacing. He doesn’t have a projectile on hand all the time because of his rotating magic spells. Still, it’s fast enough to switch between them that I’d say he still has more zoning options than a character like Corrin, who barely has any.

Only time will tell if he makes it as a top-tier character in the meta, but the odds seem to be in his favor.

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Shiny Pokemon “cheat” in Sword and Shield made easy with Switch Up

There’s a Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Shiny farming method available now for Nintendo Switch that… isn’t exactly cheating, but certainly isn’t natural. The Collective Minds “Switch Up 2.0” connects to your Nintendo Switch and works with a Nintendo Switch handheld controller to allow macros to work. A combination of buttons on the controller effectively chains commands to the Switch, allowing you to cut your farming (or any number of other activities) time down a LOT.

The Switch Up device connects to your Nintendo Switch and acts as a messenger for the Nintendo Switch wireless controller. It has a set of built-in codes, what they call “MOD” commands, that work with specific games. So far they have a set of MOD commands for Pokemon GO and Fortnite.

One MOD allows the user to “quickly release Pokemon one at a time from your box” by holding – and arrow up until rumble. If you hold – and arrow down until rumble, the machine will release all of the Pokemon you have in a box in quick succession.

Perhaps the most controversial MOD included with this machine is the “Shiny Egg Chaining” MOD. If you hold – and arrow left in the right area in the game, you’ll “endlessly chain for eggs.” The result is madness – your character rides your bike in circles until an egg is found, the egg is hatched, and your character moves on to the next egg, all automatically.

This device has a MOD for Box Egg Hatching (Advanced Shiny Chaining), another for Egg Farming (Advanced Shiny Chaining) (on the Route 5 Nursery), and a MOD for “Box Surprise Trade.” This system will automatically Surprise Trade entire boxes of Pokemon using Nintendo Online and a stable internet connection. Another MOD allows Auto ROTO LOTO, using the Loto-ID at the Motostoke PokeCenter.

There’s even a MOD that allows you to auto-spin. Your character will need to spin a LOT in order to evolve Milcery into Alcremie – this makes that simple. There’s a simple AUTO CONFIRM MOD that allows you to “quickly tap ZR” continuously – consider talking to the Digging Duo with this to change all your Watts into Money.

There’s a Shiny Soft Reset Chaining MOD, a MOD for Max Raid Watt Generation, and a Rare Den Farming MOD. Finally, there’s an “EASY CYCLE” MOD, just in case you want to bike in circles anywhere you like.

UPDATE: Switch Up 2.0 works with modes for Pokemon Sword & Shield, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, Mario, Zelda, and it has a very general cover-all “Macro Mode.” The Switch Up Game Enhancer v2.0 can be purchased for a price of $24.99 USD right this minute if you like.

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Find Every Empty Bottle in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

In most games, an empty bottle isn’t an item worth getting excited over. In fact, most games don’t even qualify them as items and just have them scattered around as decorations or things to break. The Zelda franchise, however, has always put a strange level of importance on these simple objects. They are always found in limited numbers and can do things no other items in the game can. As powerful a tool as they are, especially in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, collecting them all isn’t an easy task.

There are a mere five empty bottles you can obtain throughout the world of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HDThey will take up a slot in your Adventure Pouch, but that is a slot well worth sacrificing for all these bottles can do. From holding a spare fairy and all the various potion types to quest items, you’ll never regret packing an extra bottle. Some will require you to meet certain requirements, such as obtaining other items or completing quests. If you’re stuck trying to locate any of the empty bottles on your adventures, here’s where you can find them all in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

Note: Slight spoilers ahead on plot points that trigger when some bottles become available.

Further reading

Empty bottle 1

The first empty bottle you can get is right at home in Skyloft, but only after Zelda has gone missing. Once this happens, take a detour to the Bazaar potion shop and talk to the owner, Luv. She will remark that you don’t have a bottle to hold any potions in and give you your first empty bottle for free.

Empty bottle 2

Later on in the game, once you’re exploring the Sealed Temple, you will come across an old woman in a room with some pots and a treasure chest. Obviously, you don’t need us to tell you that opening the chest is a good idea. Inside, you’ll get a revitalizing potion. Once you’ve used the potion, you’ll hang on to the empty bottle.

Empty bottle 3

From here on, getting the rest of the empty bottles will be a little more complicated. First, head to the Plaza in Skyloft where the Light Tower is, and look for Parrow roaming around the area. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you he’s looking for his lost sister, Orielle, who was supposedly going toward a colorful island to the southwest. This will begin the Orielle side quest.

First, take to the sky on your Loftwing and head southwest. On your map, you can spot the colorful island that Orielle was apparently going to, called Fun Fun Island. However, this isn’t where you’ll find her. Instead, look just to the east of Fun Fun Island for a much smaller island and head there. This is where you can find Orielle, who is stuck here because her Loftwing has been injured and is unable to fly. She’ll ask you to bring her some medicine to heal her Loftwing so she can get back home.

Fly back to Skyloft and to the Plaza to let Parrow know you found his sister. He’ll provide you with some Mushroom Spores to heal her Loftwing. Once you’ve used the spores, the bottle will be yours to keep!

Empty bottle 4

Link fighting two Bokoblins in a temple.

This bottle is inside the Fire Sanctuary and will require the Mogma Mitts to uncover. With this item, go back to the first room where you fought Magmanos, the enemies that look like hands made of fire and lava, and use the mitts to dig through into an area with a water plant. Use this water plant to deal with the Magmanos, which will open up a new passageway that leads right to a chest holding the fourth empty bottle.

Empty bottle 5

This final empty bottle is found via accessing a specific Goddess Cube and then opening the chest it reveals. You will need to be able to access the Thunderhead area of the map as well. The Goddess Cube is also inside the Fire Sanctuary, or rather the cave you pass through leading to it, in the room that takes you to the Fire Dragon. During the part of the quest where you need to reach the Fire Dragon, a platform will appear in the air. Make your way up, and use a Skyward Strike to activate the cube.

Now head to the western side of Thunderhead and find the chest on an island protected by some bars. You can use your Mogma Mitts to dig down through a dig spot above the chest, which you can reach via some vines that you can climb up to the chest itself. Open up the chest, and claim your fifth and final empty bottle.

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Skyward Sword HD: All Heart Piece Locations

Thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD coming to the Nintendo Switch, there has never been a better time to experience the earliest entry in the Zelda timeline. Skyward Sword was responsible for introducing many mechanics that would be built and improved on in future games, specifically The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but also keeps many of the oldest traditions alive. The primary one, of course, being Link’s health as represented by heart containers you can extend by collecting four hidden heart pieces throughout the world.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, just like the original on the Wii, hides 24 additional pieces of heart in the sky and on the land below for you to track down. These aren’t just things people who love tracking down collectibles should worry about, though. Having those additional heart containers can literally mean the difference between life and death in a tough fight or boss battle since getting them all will net you six additional hearts. With so many to find, and such massive areas in the sky and on the ground to search, check out this guide on where to find all the heart pieces.

Further reading

Goddess Cube heart pieces

The first six heart pieces are going to be found in the hidden Goddess Cubes. There are 27 of these alone, and each has a reward, but only these six will have heart pieces. If you are unfamiliar with Goddess Cubes, you activate them by hitting them with a fully charged skyward strike. Once done, the cube will vanish and a chest will spawn in the sky, meaning you will need to track down the cube as well as the treasure back in Skyloft.

  1. The first cube is right outside of Skyview Temple. Activate it and the chest will show up on a small island to the south of Skyloft.
  2. Next, head to the temple of time and find a minecart that previously was blocked by a robot on the tracks. While riding the cart, you will need to have your Skyward Strike charged up and ready to hit the cube to the left as your ride the cart. The chest will appear on Beedle’s Island.
  3. In Faron woods, once you climb to the top of the Great Tree using your clawshots, look out for a root you can jump down onto to the northeast with a Goddess Cube on it. The chest will show up on the island to the south of the Lanaryu portal. You can fall into the island if you’re careful, but the clawshots are a much safer way of reaching the chest.
  4. While in the Pirate Hideout, after using the Timeshift Sphere to open the big mouth on the island, you can leave through a door in the middle of the island. Above this door is a target you can clawshot up to, and then to another target that will bring you to the Goddess Cube. The associated chest is on the eastern side of Skyloft and requires the clawshots to climb up the vines to the top of the waterfall feeding into the town’s lake below.
  5. This Goddess Cube requires the Water Dragon’s scale to get, so complete the Silent Realm before tracking this one down. Head to the eastern side of Eldin Volcano and go to the big sand slide on the north end. While sliding down, take the left path and stop on the platform on the left side with a spot you can dig in. On the next platform down, you will see the Goddess Cube. The chest is easy to get. It shows up right in the middle of Skyloft, but again will require the ability to swim underwater to reach.
  6. The final heart piece associated with Goddess Cubes takes you first to the cave you pass on the way into the Fire Sanctuary. There is an exit to the cave that brings you to a waterfall you can use to put out the flames on the frog statues. Simply leap off the cliff here beside the waterfall to land next to the Goddess Cube. The chest will show up on Bug Island. From the top, fall down the south side onto a small wooden ledge with the chest.

Faron Woods heart pieces

Next up, Faron Woods holds three heart pieces to collect, with the only major requirement being a bomb bag.

  1. In the northern part of Faron Woods is a large tree with massive roots sprawling out. Find the root you can run along from the south side. It takes you to a rope you can walk across to a platform with the heart piece waiting to be collected.
  2. In the area between the Faron Woods and Sealed Grounds, you will meet a Goron named Gorko. In exchange for drawing items for him, he will give you a heart piece. Just talk to him to learn what he wants you to draw — either bombs, arrows, hearts, or fairy icons — and draw it on the wall for an easy heart piece.
  3. Last up is the one requiring the bomb bag. The quickest way to the spot you need to be is to warp to the “In the Woods” statue and head north until you spot the cracked wall just begging to be blown up. Drop a bomb here and collect the heart piece inside the cave.

Skyview Temple heart piece

The only heart piece in Skyview Temple is in the area where you first get the Beetle item. Once you have it, deploy it and use it to trigger a switch near the top of the center structure. The switch will cause the gate at the bottom to open, letting you pick up this heart piece.

Pumpkin Landing heart pieces

We have two heart pieces to get while in Pumpkin Landing.

  1. While in the Pumpkin Landing pub, go up to the second floor and roll Link into the rafter to knock down the heart piece.
  2. The second heart piece is a reward for completing all the side quests the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin gives you, which include the Pumpkin Soup delivery, Pumpkin Harvest, and Kina’s song. Finish them all for this piece.

Skyloft Heart pieces

Link riding a red bird through the clouds.

As big as Skyloft is, there are only four heart pieces out in the wild to collect, and they’re all tricky.

  1. First, collect 10 Gratitude Crystals and deliver them to Batreaux, who will give you a heart piece. Gratitude Crystals can be found around Skyloft and are rewards for some side quests.
  2. This heart piece can be spotted from inside Zelda’s room through a crack in Karane’s wall, but getting there requires the clawshots. Scale the Knight Academy building and, from the roof, use your clawshot to dangle over the chimney. Do your best Santa impression and fall down the chimney and inside. Here you can climb into a hole that leads into Zelda’s room where you can pop open the cabinet and retrieve the heart piece.
  3. Beedle will straight up sell you a piece of heart, but at quite the price. You’ll either need an expanded wallet to carry that much, or you can do Beedle’s Missing Beetle side quest, which will give you a 50% discount.
  4. The final heart piece requires you to have done the Fledge’s Workout side quest already. Once you have, Fledge will appear behind the academy building and let you play a Pumpkin Pull mini-game. Get a score of 600 or more to earn the heart piece as a prize.

Eldin Volcano heart piece

In the southwest part of Eldin Volcano, you can see the heart piece up above, and while you might send your Beetle out to retrieve it, that won’t work. Instead, direct your Beetle past the heart piece and into the bomb beside an armored Pyrup. The bomb will get the Pyrup out of the way so you can go up and around on foot to grab the piece of heart.

Fun Fun Island heart piece

Once you have fully fixed up Fun Fun Island, you will unlock another mini-game called Dodoh’s Drop, where you need to fall through a series of rings and land on one of the rupee spaces. If you get the maximum score by dropping through all five rings and hitting the 50 rupee space, you will earn this piece of heart.

Lanayru Desert heart piece

Head to the northeast end of Lanayru Desert and scan the walls near the end of the tracks for a wall you can blow open with a bomb. Blast it open and follow the path to a piece of heart.

Sandship heart piece

This is another heart piece you need the clawshots for. Head all the way up to the crow’s nest on the Sandship and use the clawshots to reach the back area of the ship. On this ledge is a chest with the piece of heart waiting for you inside.

Shipyard heart piece

Link riding a minecart in the desert.

While in the area after getting the Sandship heart piece, head back to the Shipyard and start the Rickety Coaster mini-game. You’ll specifically want to beat the course called “Heart Stopping” and get a time below 1:05.00 to earn a piece of heart.

Fire Sanctuary heart piece

This heart piece requires you to have the Mogma Mitts. When in the Fire Sanctuary, go to the far northwest corner and find a spot you can dig in right before you hit the lava river. After digging, you’ll need to catch the Mogma in the tunnel to earn this piece of heart.

Volcano Summit heart piece

Another convenient one to do after the last, again needing the Mogma Mitts, is the Volcano Summit right outside the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary. Here you’ll find a gossip stone that you can dig right in front of. Do so and this piece of heart is yours.

Lanayru Gorge heart piece

Our last piece of heart is in Lanayru Gorge, but you’ll have to unlock the boss rush mode first. This is done by healing the sick Thunder Dragon, which you need to do to get the third part of the Song of the Hero anyway. Once you do, speak to him to access the boss rush mode by selecting “Battle!” from his list of options. If you can beat four bosses in a row, you will get this final piece of heart.

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Skyward Sword HD: All Goddess Cube Locations and Rewards

There are tons of things in Zelda games to find, collect, and discover as you make your way through the main story. In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, the number of things to find is second only to the newest Zelda offering in the massive The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But, even as a more linear experience, there are still plenty of secrets to discover in the large space you will soar through above the clouds, and the various regions you’ll trek across on the surface.

Goddess Cubes are the unique type of collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HDThese cryptic-looking blocks can be found all across the world, and each one has an associated treasure that can only be obtained by activating the corresponding cube. Some rewards are more useful than others, but they are the only way to get some of the most important items and upgrades if you’re looking to power up Link to his absolute best. These 27 Goddess Cubes can be tricky to track down, so we’ve pinpointed all the Goddess Cube locations and their rewards in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. 

Further reading

Deep Woods Goddess Cubes

We’ve got three cubes in the Deep Woods to get, but one is part of the story so you can’t miss it.

  1. As you progress through the story, you will meet the Goron named Gorko who will essentially be your tutorial on how Goddess Cubes work. You won’t be able to progress until you activate this one. The chest will show up outside the Lumpy Pumpkin in Pumpkin Landing and have an Adventure Pouch upgrade inside.
  2. The next cube is right out in the open outside of Skyview Temple. Once you activate this one, head on back to Skyloft and find the small island directly to the south with the chest on it. This is another one you’ll want to make sure to get since it has a piece of heart inside.
  3. Finally, look on the side of Skyview Temple for some vines you can clawshot up to and climb onto the roof. Or, if you don’t have the clawshot, you can reach the roof by jumping off the Great Tree. Either way, the chest will spawn on Beedle’s Island and have a Rupee Medal inside.

Skyview Temple Goddess Cube

Once you have beaten the Skyview Temple boss, in the area called Skyview Spring, look for this Goddess Cube right behind the statue. The chest will again be near the Lumpy Pumpkin, this time on the roof. Fly overhead and drop down to reach it and claim your gold rupee.

Eldin Volcano Goddess Cubes

We’ve got a hearty six Goddess Cubes to find around the Eldin Volcano.

  1. Right beside the Volcano Entry in Eldin Volcano is the first Bird Statue. Look for a ledge you can drop to from the southeast side with the Goddess Cube on it. The chest will appear up in Skyloft on an island right next to Bamboo Island and northwest of Beedle’s Island.
  2. Starting from the Volcano Entry, follow the east path until you need to take the north path at the split. This is right beside the tunnel you will go into to get inside Eldin Volcano. Take to the skies once again and find the chest with the Small Seed Satchel on an island to the northwest of Fun Fun Island.
  3. Now inside the actual cone of the volcano, which you can reach via the geyser of steam, you will start off free-falling downward. Aim yourself toward the platform in the corner with the Goddess Cube before falling all the way down. The chest will be on the Isle of Songs in Thunderhead, which can’t be reached until later on in the story, but has a gold rupee waiting for you inside.
  4. Standing outside the entrance to the Earth Temple, look to the west for a dig spot you can interact with the create a geyser of steam. Take a bomb with you up to the ledge of the steam to help you reach and blow up the bombable wall ahead of you either with the nearby bomb flower or your own bombs to uncover the Goddess Cube. This chest is behind the building on Bamboo Island and has yet another gold rupee.
  5. Once again aligning yourself outside the Earth Temple entrance, if you look to the east you will spot a Bokoblin camp with a big tower. By blowing up said tower, you will create a bridge, but rather than crossing it you should find an alternate path that leads downward just to the right of it. It is hard to spot, but once you go down, the Goddess Cube will be right in front of you. The chest is back up in Skyloft on an island to the southeast of Beedle’s Island. You will need to land on the highest part of the island and carefully climb down some vines to where the chest is. This time you’ll get a Treasure Medal for your efforts.
  6. The last Goddess Cube in Eldin Volcano is on the east side and all the way north at the sand slide. As you slide down, make sure to stick to the left side and get off on the platform with a dig spot on it. Dig through here to another platform with the Goddess Cube. This chest is right in the middle of Skyloft, but you need the ability to swim underwater to reach it. By going down through the tunnel in the lake, you can reach this chest and the heart piece inside.

Lanayru Mine Goddess Cube

Right when you get to the Lanayru Mine, head to the south and you will spot the cube partially buried behind a statue. Activate it and head to the northwest part of Skyloft to find an island with a bombable wall on a lower section. Blast it open and add a silver rupee to your wallet.

Lanayru Desert Goddess Cubes

Pack some sunscreen because we have four Goddess Cubes to hunt down in the scorching Lanayru Desert.

  1. Start out by going to the southwest part of the desert by using the shells as platforms to cross the quicksand by knocking them down with your Hook Beetle. The island you’re trying to reach is on the far southern end, and, of course, has the Goddess Cube on it. To find the chest, return to Skyloft and go to the island to the south with what looks like a volcano on it. Drop somewhere on the exterior of the small volcano and collect the Heart Medal from the chest.
  2. Starting outside of the Temple of Time, you probably have already seen the minecart on a track that is blocked by a robot. Use the Timeshift Stone to ride the minecart down the track, triggering each one as you go using your Hook Beetle. Once rolling, charge up your skyward strike and be ready to hit the Goddess Cube as you pass by. This chest is on the roof of Beedle’s house on Beedle’s Island and has another piece of heart.
  3. Get your clawshots ready for this cube. When you’re in the northeast part of the Lanayru Desert, you will find a wall you can blow open with a bomb. Inside is a series of clawshot points you will need to make your way through until you hit the end with the Goddess Cube. This chest will appear on an island between Bamboo Island and Beedle’s Island. Swim down and pop up out of the water to get enough height to reach the chest with a Heart Medal inside.
  4. Again requiring the use of the clawshots, position yourself in the area to the south of the Lanayru Mining Facility by the Timeshift Stone. The Goddess Cube will be up above and to the left of the stone where you can spot a clawshot point that will lead you up to it. The chest this time will be on an island to the northwest of Fun Fun Island. Just climb down some vines and you’ll have a brand-new Life Medal.

Lanayru Sand Sea Goddess Cube

Link riding a minecart in the desert.

On the docks of the Lnayru Sand Sea, you can find the Goddess Cube just to the north. You will need to use your clawshots to climb up the containers and onto the target to the north. Be aware that once you drop off the target, you’ll have to deal with a bunch of Arachas before you can activate the cube in the corner. The chest is a quick and easy get in the Bazaar back in Skyloft, and holds a shiny gold rupee.

Lanayru Gorge Goddess Cube

This is a very easy Goddess Cube to find. Simply head to the Lanayru Gorge and, once you’ve talked with the Thunder Dragon, head to the Tree of Life. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to clear away the sand with your Dust Bellows to reveal a Timeshift Stone you need to strike first. The cube is on a lower level just below the tree. Travel back into the Thunderhead and to the western side. Find the island with a dig spot on the right side of the island to reach this chest. You’ll get a Small Quiver as a reward.

Faron Woods Goddess Cubes

We have three Goddess Cubes to find while exploring the Faron Woods, and each requires you to have a specific item to reach, namely the Water Dragon’s Scale.

  1. The first cube can’t be reached until you have the Water Dragon Scale. Once you have it, use your ability to swim to the Great Tree. From the top, where you can see all the branches, look below for the Goddess Cube on one of the roots sticking out to the West. Glide down to it and hit it with a Skyward Strike. The chest will show up in Skyloft near the Knight’s Academy. To the south, look for the small floating island near the ledge. Jump and glide over to pop open the chest and claim the silver rupee inside.
  2. Again with the Water Dragon’s Scale, swim inside the Great Tree again and make your way around the back to spot the cube on a root you can glide to. Alternatively, you can also reach this Goddess Cube via the clawshots if you get below the area and grapple up on the curved part of the root. Either way, the chest will spawn between the light pillars indicating Lanayru Desert and Faron Woods. Skydive onto this island and land on the right platform, or use the clawshots to grapple your way to it. This one holds a piece of heart, so make sure to snag it.
  3. Finally, again starting from the top of the Great Tree, look for the root you can hop to with a tight rope attached. Carefully cross and activate the cube. Your reward will spawn in Thunderhead in the northeast section. You will need to deal with some Walltulas on the vines you have to climb, or you can freefall right to the chest if your aim is good. Kick open the chest and claim your Rupee Medal.

Lake Floria Goddess Cubes

Link flying toward a floating island.

There are two Goddess Cubes hidden around Lake Floria.

  1. First, go to the Bird Statue in this area and look up to find some vines you can clawshot to in the northwest. Climb up and strike this cube to spawn the chest. The chest is right off the western side of Skyloft. Use your clawshot to climb up above the waterfall and then drop down to the chest with a gold rupee.
  2. Right at the entrance to Lake Floria, outside the Ancient Cistern when coming from the Faron Woods, look up above for a target you can clawshot up to. Climb a bit more and you will reach the next cube. Back in Skyloft, the island you’re looking for is right below Fun Fun Island and has another gold rupee inside.

Skipper’s Retreat Goddess Cube

While climbing up the series of platforms in Skipper’s Retreat, after taking the first zipline, look for the clawshot point you can hit on a nearby pillar. Chain clawshots between the pillars until you come to the platform with the Goddess Cube sitting on top. This chest will appear on an island far to the west in Skyloft, somewhat near Fun Fun Island. There are several chests on this island, but the one you’re looking for is protected by a metal cage. Simply whip out your clawshots one more time and drop in from above to claim your Potion Medal.

Pirate Stronghold Goddess Cube

Once you’ve entered the Pirate Hideout by using the Timeshift Sphere to open the giant mouth, exit through the door in the middle of the island. From here, look above the door you just exited through for a clawshot point that will pull you right up to this Goddess Cube. The chest is on yet another floating island above the water in eastern Skyloft. You need to use your clawshots to climb up some vines to reach the source of the waterfall to find the chest and the heart piece it holds.

Volcano Summit Goddess Cubes

Our final three Goddess Cubes for this guide are all in the Volcano Summit area.

  1. Once you enter the Volcano Summit, make your first right and follow the path until you hit a lake of lava where you can spot the Goddess Cube on a small platform in the middle of the lake. You won’t be able to reach it until you’ve already opened the Fire Sanctuary and the eruption has occurred. Once you have, then there will be a series of small platforms you can hop across to reach the cube. This chest is also in the Thunderhead storm on the western side. You can find a dig spot on a small outcropping here that leads to a tunnel. Take the right path, climb up some vines, and open your chest for one of the game’s few empty bottles.
  2. Inside the cave that takes you to the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary, find the exit that leads you to a waterfall feeding into a small pool of water you’re meant to use to extinguish the flaming frog statues. Instead, dive down all the way to the bottom, but stick as close as you can to the biggest pillar in the middle. The Goddess Cube is on a ledge right beside the pillar. This chest is also in Thunderhead, this time on Bug Island. You can approach it from above by landing at the top of the island and dropping off the south side onto the wooden platform and collecting a piece of heart.
  3. When facing the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary, hang a left and enter the door ahead of you. Scramble up the wall that leads to an open window frame and use your clawshot to reach the top of a second tower. You will have to deal with a Lizalfos here, but at the end of this area is the Goddess Cube. Back in Thunderhead, this chest spawns on the roof of the building on the Isle of Storms. Simply fall on top and pop it open for a Small Bomb Bag.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD trailer takes us back to the beginning

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is right around the corner, and Nintendo today delivered yet another new trailer for the game. The company has released a series of trailers for Skyward Sword HD that cover a number of different topics – the first was an overview trailer that introduced us to the world of Skyward Sword, while the second showed us the quality of life changes that will be present in the game. This new trailer offers more standard fare, showing off some gameplay and setting the stage for the game.

The trailer also reminds us that Skyward Sword is the very first game in The Legend of Zelda chronology, taking place before the Kingdom of Hyrule was even established. Skyward Sword HD, for those who never played the original, will show us the first incarnation of Link and Zelda, along with the origins of the Master Sword, acting as something of a first act for all of them.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is the major release for the franchise’s 35th anniversary. This HD remaster for Switch has been rumored for years, but the game isn’t just getting a visual makeover for its big re-release. Nintendo has also tweaked the controls somewhat – while you’ll still use Joy-Cons as motion control stand-ins for the Wii Remote and its Nunchuk attachment, there will also be button controls that can be used when playing in handheld mode or on a Switch Lite (which can’t connect to a TV).

As detailed last week, there are several other quality-of-life changes present in this remaster as well. For instance, players can now ask Fi for advice and guidance whenever they want. Nintendo also says that the Switch version will offer a smoother framerate along with the ability to fast forward text and skip cutscenes.

Skyward Sword was a pretty unique Zelda game, so it’ll be interesting to see how the experience translates to Switch later this month. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is out on Nintendo Switch on July 16th.

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How to Pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

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The release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is just around the corner. This high-definition re-release takes gamers back to the very beginning of the Legend of Zelda story, to a world in the clouds where a boy and a girl find themselves front and center in a battle between a goddess and an ancient evil.

Gamers can expect crisp visuals with a boosted resolution and frame rate, updated controls, and a myriad of small quality-of-life improvements to make this the best Skyward Sword experience possible.

If you’re looking to get your hands on Skyward Sword the day it’s released, you should probably pre-order. Here’s everything we know about pre-ordering The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, including which retailers are offering pre-order bonuses.

Further reading

Where can I pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD?

Skyward Sword HD will release on July 16, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, for $59.99. There will be both physical and digital copies of the game but no special or collector’s editions. Physical copies of the game can be picked up or delivered on the release date.

Digital versions can typically be preloaded and unlocked on launch day. Ordering digital is convenient, as there is no cartridge to keep track of, but it does take up more of the storage space on your Nintendo Switch. You may want to consider purchasing a micro SD card to beef up your storage for the occasion.

Some retailers will include small pre-order bonuses for buying from them. Here are the ones we’ve found:


Amazon has both physical and digital copies available. The digital copy comes in the form of a code to input into Nintendo eShop, giving you access to the game the minute it comes out. There are no announced pre-order bonuses at Amazon.


Gamestop offers physical and digital versions as well. Digital codes will be sent when payment is processed, allowing players to download Skyward Sword HD now and start playing on July 16. GameStop also offers a free poster for pre-ordering, which can be picked up at the store with proof of purchase while supplies last.

Best Buy

Best Buy is only offering physical copies of the game and including Zelda decals as a pre-order bonus.


Walmart, like Best Buy, carries just the physical version of Skyward Sword HD. Pre-orders with them will include Zelda socks and a keychain.

Nintendo eShop 

Players can, of course, always buy directly from the Nintendo eShop. This is an all-digital marketplace, and there are no pre-order bonuses, but it is easy to buy directly from your Nintendo Switch or online.

Special-edition accessories 

A pair of Zelda-themed Joy-Cons on a white background.

Nintendo is celebrating the release of Skyward Sword HD with some Zelda-themed accessories. 

First is the limited-edition pair of Joy-Cons. These detachable controllers are themed to match the game. The right Joy-Con is colored to mimic the Master Sword held in Link’s right hand, and the shield in his left hand is mirrored on the colors of the left Joy-Con. Inventory is pretty constrained, but you can potentially order these here:

Nintendo has also released a brand new Zelda and Loftwing amiibo. This figurine is not just for show. Normally, the only way to return to the sky from ground level is by locating one of the save points scattered across the world. This amiibo, however, allows you to instantly travel to the sky from any point on the ground, even inside of dungeons, and return anytime you want. That is a significant quality-of-life upgrade, and it requires this specific amiibo.  

Amiibo are often in high demand and sell out quickly. Your best bet for tracking down a Zelda and Loftwing amiibo is to check daily up to and including the July 16 release of Skyward Sword HD at the following retailers: 

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD trailer reveals the big changes

We are precisely two weeks out from the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on Nintendo Switch. As the name implies, this is an HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, a game that originally launched for the Wii 10 years ago in 2011. In the lead-up to release, Nintendo has published a few different explainer trailers – first was a rather long overview trailer, and today we’re getting a trailer that walks us through some of the quality of life updates that will be present in the Switch version.

After all, game design is a constantly evolving beast, so it makes sense that even just a 10-year-old would need some quality of life enhancements in a modern re-release. The trailer clocks in at just a hair over a minute-and-a-half long, and we’ve embedded it below.

The trailer first covers the fact that players can now ask Fi for optional help whenever they want. For example, players will be able to ask Fi for general advice, analysis, or information about their objective, which could be useful if you get lost in the uncharted surface world. Then the trailer shows us the Skyward Sword HD‘s motion controls and button-only controls side-by-side.

While the button-only controls are closer to a normal control scheme than motion controls, they can’t exactly be called traditional. With button-only controls, players will use the right thumbstick to control Link’s sword or throw items, while tapping on the left stick will make Link block with his shield. It seems that both control schemes will likely require an adjustment period, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to pick up Skyward Sword HD when it launches later this month.

We’ll also be getting a smoother framerate, the ability to fast forward text, streamlined item information, and the option to skip cutscenes. All in all, it sounds like there are a few useful features that are shipping along with this updated version of Skyward Sword. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is out on Nintendo Switch on July 16th.

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‘Zelda: Skyward Sword HD’ puts Fi on mute

When , it will address many of the more annoying design choices found in the original game. As you can see from the trailer Nintendo shared today, the remaster will feature several “quality of life improvements,” including the ability to skip cutscenes, tutorials and dialogue. What’s more, Skyward Sword HD will render at a smoother 60 frames per second, and include optional button controls.

But the biggest change is more of an addition by subtraction. Players can choose to ask Fi for advice, instead of the spirit offering it incessantly on their own. Nintendo explains Fi will only appear in cutscenes and when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, Link’s sword will glow when Fi has something to say, and you can choose to hear them out or not.

In much the same way, Nintendo has also streamlined how players interact with items. The first time you pick a new one up, the game will explain what it does, but won’t subject you to that same explanation every subsequent time you find that same item.

Skyward Sword HD also includes a new fast travel system, but you’ll need to pick up a Nintendo will release on the same day as the remaster to get access to that feature.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD trailer preps us to return to Skyloft

Following E3 2021, we know that Nintendo has quite a few major releases lined up for the Switch in the latter half of the year. One of those releases is right around the corner, as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is launching on July 16th. Ahead of that release, Nintendo has published an overview trailer that prepares new players – or those who haven’t played the game since it launched all those years ago – to dive in and explore the world of Skyward Sword.

Nintendo likes to publish these overview trailers for many of its major releases, and they’re usually quite a bit longer than a standard trailer. The overview trailer for Skyward Sword HD is no different in that regard, clocking in at just a hair over four minutes and 30 seconds long.

The trailer introduces us to Skyloft, a floating island in the clouds where Link and Zelda live. The story doesn’t keep us in the sky for too long, as Link has to explore the uncharted land beneath the clouds in search of Zelda. Those who played the game back in the Wii’s heyday are already familiar with the story, so we won’t spoil more for those who haven’t played yet.

The overview trailer also explains how the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers will act as stand-ins for the Wii Remote and Nunchuck attachment, with the right Joy-Con controlling Link’s sword and the left controlling his shield. Considering that such a setup might rely on motion controls too much for some people, it’s good news that Skyward Sword HD also supports button controls for handheld mode or Switch Lite.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a game that’s been rumored for years at this point, and now it’s finally happening for The Legend of Zelda‘s 30th anniversary. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is out on Nintendo Switch on July 16th.

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