Microsoft Surface Pro 8 with Type Cover is $250 off at Best Buy

If you’re looking for a new 2-in-1 laptop and you love the look of the Microsoft Surface range, you’re going to adore this Microsoft Surface Pro 8 deal. Right now, you can buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 for $1,100 at Best Buy, saving you $250 off the usual price. The ideal time to upgrade to the stylish and practical machine, we can’t guarantee how long the deal will stick around for but we’re confident you’re going to like it. Here’s why it’s worth your time.

Why you should buy the Surface Pro 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has been referred to as a worthy opponent to the iPad Pro for good reason — it packs a punch. For the money, you get an Intel Evo Platform Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, along with 256GB of SSD storage. That’s everything you could need to get things done efficiently while on the move. In addition, it has a 13-inch touchscreen which pairs beautifully with Windows 11 to ensure you can enjoy the more tactile experience of using a tablet as well as being able to use it as a regular Windows-based laptop.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has a kickstand and detachable keyboard so you get all the advantages of a regular laptop while also allowing you to switch over to a more portable mode. It has built-in slim pen storage, too, with the Surface Slim Pen 2 allowing you to write, sketch and design whatever you need to draw rather than rely on a trackpad. Versatile in a multitude of ways, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is ideally suited for working on the move, as well as relaxing, right down to its screen which offers a refresh rate of 120Hz ensuring you can see fast-moving action in a silky smooth fashion at all times.

With up to 16 hours of battery life, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will last you all day long too, proving useful for anyone who has a busy lifestyle. It’s particularly well suited to commuters and students, who want the flexibility of a tablet but don’t want to own two devices.

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Alternatively, if your heart is set on a Surface Pro, there are plenty of awesome Microsoft Surface Pro deals to look at, with something for nearly every budget.

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Razer Announces All-White Pro Type Ultra and Pro Click Mini

Razer isn’t just a gaming brand anymore — the company is expanding its office and work-friendly peripherals with a series of new updates. Razer announced the new Pro Click Mini wireless mouse, Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard, and Pro Glide XXL mouse mat as part of its new Razer Pro productivity suite, designed for the new work-from-home era.

The new keyboard and mouse come with features you’d expect from the best around, including long battery life and solid connections to your PC. However, it also features dampened switches to reduce noise while typing, which is a useful feature that’s becoming increasingly important as families have to work, study, and play together in confined spaces.

Even HP is marketing its latest Envy Inspire printers with noise reduction technology as a pandemic-borne necessity.

According to Razer, the new Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard also comes with silent mechanical switches, which can minimize distraction if you’re sharing a working or gaming space with other family members.

“Refined and improved through community feedback, the Razer Pro Type Ultra is the next generation of Razer’s Pro series of keyboards, bringing a quieter, more luxurious typing experience to the office space,” the company said of its latest workspace inspired keyboard. “With silent mechanical switches, rated for up to 80 million presses, the keycaps feature a soft-touch coating for all-day typing comfort”

For added ergonomics, the keyboard comes with a plush leatherette wrist rest, which was one of our biggest complaints about the original Razer Pro Type keyboard. Other features include the ability to pair with and switch easily between four different devices, 200 hours of battery life, and compatibility with Razer’s 2.4GHz Productivity Dongle for lag-free use or for use in areas with congested wireless signals.

“The new Pro range features multi-device wireless connectivity, extended battery life, and a quieter sound profile,” Razer said of its new productivity products. “Coupled with Razer’s expertise in producing high-performance, durable, ergonomic hardware, the new Pro range delivers the ideal work, home office, or mobile peripherals for today’s flexible workspace locations.”

Razer's new Pro Type keyboard comes with dampened switches for silent typing.

The Pro Click Mouse is designed to complement the keyboard. Like its sibling, the mouse can be paired with multiple devices simultaneously — up to three via Bluetooth — and can also work with the USB Productivity Dongle. It has silent tactile switches, which are becoming a common theme for work from home peripherals these days, and uses Razer’s advanced 5G optical sensor for accurate tracking and precise control alongside programmable buttons and a large scroll wheel.

“The new Razer HyperScroll wheel can switch between Free-Spin and Tactile scrolling modes for quick and easy navigation of large documents and webpages, while the 4-way tilt-click function allows for easy horizontal scrolling and movement,” the company said. “With an additional 7 fully programmable buttons for ease of use in multiple applications, the Pro Click Mini is a versatile, capable mouse, perfect for the demands of modern office work.”

If you need a mousepad to do work, the Razer Pro Glide XXL is a functional mouse mat — despite its unappealing name. With a surface area of 940 x 410mm and measuring 3mm thick, the Pro Glide XXL comes with features like “increased size for greater coverage,” a “textured micro-weave cloth surface” on top of “thick, high-density rubber foam” that’s cushioned “for long-term comfort,” and an “anti-slip rubber base.” These features make the mousepad even less safe for work than it already is.

Aside from the odd name, the good news is that all three productivity peripherals come in very neutral hues of white and silver, and Razer’s Chroma RGB backlight has been switched out for a more professionally-inspired white tone on the keyboard.

Both the wireless mouse and the mousepad are available starting today. The Pro Click Mini will sell for $79 while the Pro Glide XXL is listed at $29. The Razer Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard will be arriving in the fourth quarter to select retailers and on Razer’s website and will be priced at $159 at launch.

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New type of artificial skin can form bruises that heal on their own

Researchers have created an artificial skin that can ‘bruise’ upon impact similar to actual skin, helping reveal when a robot or prosthetic is potentially damaged. The fake bruises are intended to function as a type of warning sign that the artificial limb or structure may need to be evaluated to ensure it doesn’t continue to unintentionally strike an object.

Bruising as an alert

Artificial skin is a material that resembles actual skin; it is commonly used for prosthetics and increasingly with robots. The skin, depending on its design, may be equipped with sensors that provide a degree of sensing capabilities, such as the ability to detect when the limb is in contact with a surface.

Going forward, these artificial skin materials may also feature a ‘bruising’ function that results in discoloration where the surface strikes an object. Unlike a person who may, for example, hit their leg against a post, a robot can’t report when one of its limbs has been struck, potentially resulting in damage that could go undetected until it gets worse.

Beyond ‘e-skin’

The bruisable artificial skin was developed by researchers in China and recently detailed by the American Chemical Society. The material works by detecting forces using ionic signals, making it a conductive hydrogel that exceeds many of the capabilities of electronic skins (“e-skins”), at least when it comes to factors like biocompatibility and stretchiness.

According to the paper detailing the artificial skin, the bruising function is made possible by using a molecule called spiropyran that transitions from a pale yellow to a blue-like color when subjected to mechanical stress. As with actual bruises, this discoloration slowly returns to its original color after several hours.

The skin you know

Testing performed with this ionic hydrogel material (“I-skin”) found that it behaves similar to human skin — it can be stretched, for example, without bruising, but will present the discoloration if subjected to potentially damaging force, such as when repeatedly smacked or aggressively pinched.

Though you won’t yet find this material in use with prosthetic devices and robots, the development paves the way for a life-like artificial skin that may one day behave similar to the real thing. It’s unclear whether the researchers plan to integrate sensing capabilities in the material that may enable robots to also detect when they’re touched.

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Emergency alerts are changing, with a new type you can’t opt-out of

Emergency Alerts – the loud, often-startling warning notifications that pop up on your phone, TV, and radio – are getting a revamp, the FCC has announced, including a new “National Alerts” category which you won’t be able to opt-out of. The Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts can be used for everything from forest fire warnings to incoming ballistic missile announcements, though in recent years the shortcomings of the existing system had become clear.

That was obvious in early 2018, when a missile attack alert was sent out in Hawaii. Residents were advised to “seek immediate shelter” from an incoming ballistic warhead, with the promise that “this is not a drill.”

As it turned out, though, while it may not have been a drill it wasn’t a real emergency, either. The FCC investigated and found that misunderstandings at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) led to the erroneous alert. That, the FCC says now, “highlighted the need to improve these systems.”

The result will be an update that makes clearer how, why, and when alerts should be used. It’ll combine the current “Presidential Alerts” category – first tested in 2018, and which has no opt-out support on devices that receive Wireless Emergency Alerts – with notifications from the FEMA Administrator. The resulting category will be known as “National Alerts” and also be non-optional.

To avoid future Hawaii-style panic, the FCC is encouraging all states to form State Emergency Communications Committees. They’ll be responsible for figuring out alert distribution on a state-level, or to review how existing committees may be doing that currently. New rules about repeating alerts have also been developed, and there’s a reporting mechanism for false emergency alerts to the FCC’s 24/7 Operations Center.

“This is progress,” Jessica Rosenworcel, acting chairwoman of the FCC, said of the changes in a statement. “But there is still more to do. With hurricane and wildfire season upon us, along with the lingering challenges from the pandemic, we are going to be relying on emergency alert systems more than ever before. So today we are kicking off a rulemaking to discuss additional ways we can improve alerting, based on recommendations from our colleagues at FEMA. On top of that, on August 11 we will hold a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts to develop further insights about how we can improve these life-saving systems.”

One of the key considerations of the new policies is to ensure that, while being kept up-to-date on emergencies, people don’t also get overwhelmed and end up tuning-out of too many alerts.

The FCC is looking for feedback on the proposed changes, and there’s a whole host of questions it aims to collectively answer in the full amendment document.

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CharaChorder Lite lets you type whole words like you’re playing a piano

If typing one key at a time on a QWERTY keyboard isn’t fast enough for you, the new CharaChorder Lite keyboard offers an interesting alternative. The product looks just like an ordinary QWERTY keyboard but allows users to type entire words at a time using ‘chords’ as if they were playing the piano. The result, the team claims, is a typing speed of up to 250 words per minute.

It’s possible to type pretty fast with a QWERTY keyboard by hitting one key at a time — but you’ll still struggle to get anywhere near the speed at which you think and speak. CharaChorder Lite aims to change that by enabling users to press a combination of keys at the same time to produce entire words, with the keyboard filling in the blanks.

The keyboard supports typing one letter at a time for those moments when you can’t remember the ‘chord’ for the word you want, alternating between pecking and mashing to ultimately increase the rate at which you produce text. The keyboard would no doubt require some time to get used to, but the idea is fascinating regardless.

The CharaChorder Lite will be made with hot-swap smt connectors for use with standard keyboard switches; it’ll ship with mechanical switches and include an LED-powered backlight. The keyboard will feature ordinary USB-C connectivity and, the team behind the product claims, it will be compatible with any computing device you have, including your desktop, phone, and tablet.

In addition to the chords that are preset for the device, CharaChorder Lite users will be able to create their own chord shortcuts for use with the keyboard. The team claims that learning the 100 most common keyboard chords and using regular typing for the rest of the words will still enable you to mash out around half of everything you ordinarily type.

The CharaChorder Lite is being funded on Kickstarter where it has exceeded its funding goal. Backers who pledge at least $99 are offered the ‘early bird’ units at what amounts to a $200 discount, according to the team. Shipping to early bird backers is estimated to start this December.

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Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 7 is on sale for $600, Type Cover included

The Surface Pro 7 only hit the streets last month, but Microsoft is already offering a killer deal on the entry-level version. Right now, you can snag the Surface Pro 7 with an Intel 10th-gen Core i3 processor for just $599 at the Microsoft Store. That’s already $150 under its usual price, but get this: Microsoft is throwing in a free (and crucial) Surface Pro Type Cover keyboard as well, which usually retails for $160 on its own. All told, you’ll save more than $300 off the typical starting price for a Surface Pro.

The Intel Core i3-1005G1 inside this Surface Pro 7 should excel at basic office tasks, email, and web browsing, making this an ideal travel device. The entry-level Surface Pro also includes 4GB of RAM and a speedy 128GB SSD. Those similarly modest specs won’t cut it for hardcore video editing, but should hold up just fine for the everyday tasks mentioned previously, though you may need to offload some data to an external hard drive or an online backup service if you hoard media files.

Beyond that, this model delivers the same sublime 2-in-1 computing experience as the rest of the Surface Pro lineup. It’s ultra-light, equipped with a luscious 12.3-inch PixelSense display optimized for pen input, and comes packing USB-C (finally) and Windows Hello biometric support for password free logins. There’s a reason Microsoft hasn’t tweaked the design for several generations: It’s great as-is. While we haven’t reviewed this latest iteration yet, we’ve adored previous models, and we found little to complain about during our hands-on with the Surface Pro 7 at Microsoft’s launch event.

And today, we can’t gripe about the price. If you stick to standard office work and web browsing, the Core i3 Surface Pro 7 and a Type Cover for $600 is ridiculously enticing.

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Get A Surface Pro 7, Type Cover, Mouse And Pen For $750 Now

Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

This is the best time to buy yourself a Microsoft Surface Pro 7. You can currently get a bundle with the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, a black Type Cover, Surface Pen, and Surface Mobile Mouse for the low price of  $757 at Best Buy — down $407 from its regular price of $1,164. If you’ve been holding out for a great Surface Pro deal, this is it. Shop this bundle today at its reduced price while stocks last. The longer you wait, the higher the risk that this great, affordable bundle sells out.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a 12.3-inch touchscreen PixelSense display that looks great both indoors and outdoors. Stream all your favorite entertainment or work on your daily work presentations from this sturdy 2-in-1 device. This convertible laptop carries the powerful 10th Gen Intel Core processor and Windows 10 Home, to keep you productive all day long. There’s 4GB of RAM available for all your multitasking needs. Keep as many Google tabs open on the Surface Pro 7, your gadget will never give out. You’ll love the all-day battery life on this device. Easily use your Surface Pro and its accessories all day long without worrying about your gadget powering down. It’s extremely lightweight, weighing just about 2.4 pounds, so you can carry this portable productivity machine with you wherever you go.

You also get a black Type Cover, Surface Pen, and Surface Mobile Mouse included in this bundle. Easily turn your new tablet into a laptop with these accessories. The Type Cover doubles as a protective case when it’s not in use and magnetically attaches, making setup super easy. With the Surface Pen, you can do all the sketches and illustrations you want. You can even mark up your emails or documents on your new tablet. There’s also a year’s worth of the Microsoft 365 subscription included, allowing you to access all the productivity apps you need. With the Microsoft Pro bundle, your work-from-home setup will be as streamlined a possible.

Buy this Microsoft Surface Pro 7 bundle today for just $757 from Best Buy and upgrade your home office setup. You won’t get another chance like this anytime soon. Don’t waste time thinking — shop now!

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