‘Outer Wilds’ will be upgraded for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S September 15th

Outer Wilds is getting a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrade on September 15th, and it’ll be free for anyone who already owns the game on PS4 or Xbox One. Outer Wilds is a brilliant open-world mystery about exploring strange planets and unlocking the secrets of an endless time loop that’s consumed the solar system, and it first landed in 2019. It’s the first console and PC game out of indie studio Mobius Digital, and it’s picked up a handful of prestigious accolades since launch, including Best Game at the 2020 BAFTA Games Awards.

The native PS5 and Xbox Series upgrade will hit 60fps. Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye, a big and beautiful bit of DLC for the game, will also be upgraded and included in the new version.

The Switch version of Outer Wilds is set to come out after the new upgrade in September, and this is a delay from its original release window of this summer. Mobius Digital made all of these announcements during today’s Annapurna Interactive showcase.

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PS5 VR leak hints at massively upgraded next-gen 4K model

In late March, Sony confirmed that it is working on a next-generation PlayStation VR headset that will launch at some point for the PS5 console. Though we’re still lacking many official details at this time, Sony did reveal the controllers that will come with the next version of its VR product, ones that’ll sport the same kind of innovation seen with the DualSense controllers.

Sony said at the time that the PS5 VR product’s controllers will feature things like adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, tracking, and finger touch detection — not to mention a far more mature design. The company didn’t have anything to say about the actual VR headset, however, leaving many to speculate about the kind of upgrades it will bring.

A new leak has surfaced over at Upload VR where a report claims that the next-generation PlayStation VR headset will bring substantial improvements over the current version, including a 2000 x 2040 resolution per eyes, gaze tracking to facilitate foveated rendering, haptic feedback motors, and an adjustment dial for the lenses.

These details were reportedly sent from Sony to its partners, facilitating the leak — though, of course, the company has not confirmed this is what we can expect from its next-gen product. The model will, per Sony’s previous announcement, be wired in nature and you’ll need a PS5 console to power it.

The wired connection will take place over USB-C and there will, as you’d expect from a modern VR headset, be built-in cameras that track the controllers. By the sounds of it, PlayStation 5 owners can expect a virtual reality experience not unlike what you get from competing wired headsets. Pricing and availability information remains unknown.

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Upgraded Suunto 7 and 9 Titanium smartwatches are rugged and minimalist

Multiple companies are currently producing wearables such as smartwatches, with some being more popular than others. The Apple Watch is easily the more popular option on the market, but there are several other devices available for Android users. A pair of new upgraded smartwatches from Suunto have debuted called the Suunto 7 Titanium and the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium.

Both watches feature software updates, with the 7 offering in-depth sleep tracking analysis, body resources management, and heart rate feedback. The Suunto 9 provides up to 170 hours of GPS sports tracking in Tour mode and was tested to MIL-STD-810 for durability in all conditions. Suunto says the new 7 Titanium wearable reflects the company’s emphasis on the importance of sleep and builds on its experience in the industry.

The watch features an ultra-bright OLED touch display and has more than 70 sport modes. It’s powered by Wear OS by Google, giving it access to apps from Google play. As its name suggests, it has a titanium bezel with a minimalistic geometry. Komoot turn-by-turn navigation is supported, and the watch ships with a microfiber textile strap. The watch is available in matte black titanium and stone gray titanium.

The Suunto 9 Baro Titanium also features the titanium bezel and point of interest navigation. It’s offered with abrasion-resistant textile straps in two sizes that can survive exposure to the sun and water. It is offered in Granite Blue Titanium or Charcoal Black Titanium. Additional watchband colors will be available to purchase in May. The wearables are available to purchase now, with the Suunto 9 starting at $1,100 and the Suunto 7 at around $900.

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Dell XPS 15: Everyone’s favorite workhorse laptop finally gets upgraded

The Dell XPS 15 is long overdue for an upgrade, and on Wednesday it’s finally, officially getting one.

Dell said the new XPS 15 9500 will be available for order starting Wednesday, with prices starting at $1,300. We’d guess that’s for a base version with FHD+ display and integrated graphics only. For more about the upgrades and all the configurations, keep reading.

The display’s the thing

As with the newly announced XPS 17 9700 and its two 13-inch siblings, the display upgrades are a highlight. Like its siblings, the XPS 15 9500 sheds its bezels. The screen still measures 15.6 inches, but the aspect ratio moves from a squat 16:9 to a taller 16:10.

Both panel options are quite lovely. The FHD+ version has a resolution of 1920×1200, features 100 percent of sRGB color gamut, and can hit 500 nits of brightness. That’s above standard for most FHD-class screens.

xps15 front screen view blue fill Dell

The new XPS 15 is all screen.

The high-end version takes the resolution to 3840×2400 and can also hit a very bright 500 nits. The touch panel can reach 100 percent of Adobe RGB and 94 percent of DCI-P3 color gamut, meets HDR400 specs, and comes with a glossy but anti-reflective coating. Both screens also feature integrated Eyesafe technology, which reduces blue-light emissions while still maintaining “normal” colors. Most blue-light modes today aren’t all that different than slipping on a pair of 1990s Blueblocker glasses, giving everything a heavy brown tint.

Inside the Dell XPS 15 9500

Internally the XPS 15 9500 steps up to Intel’s newest 10th-gen Comet Lake H chips, with CPU options ranging from a quad-core Core i5-10300H to an eight-core Core i9-10880H. The GPU ranges from an integrated graphics-only option to a GeForce GTX 1650 Ti.

RAM is DDR4/2933 in capacities from 8GB to 64GB, while storage options go from 256GB to 2TB. Speaking of storage, Dell said the laptop does away with the hard drive bay of the previous version, finally—finally—offering two M.2 slots inside.

xps15 top view blue fill Dell

The new XPS 15 9500 features a standard dome keyboard with 1.3mm of travel and a Precision Driver-compliant glass touchpad.

While the XPS 17 and the XPS 13 2-in-1 feature fancy copper vapor chambers to cool their interiors, Dell said it was able to fit standard (albeit slightly thinner) heat pipes inside while still making the laptop just 18mm thin. As we said earlier, Dell features two M.2 slots in the XPS 15 9500, with one occupied from the factory with the operating system. The company said there are also two DDR4 SO-DIMM slots, which will be occupied from the factory. Dell officials said the M.2 and RAM slots are accessible from the bottom of the laptop without removing the motherboard, as is the case with some competing designs.

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