Fortnite v17.30 hotfix adds Prop-ifier, a powerful new disguise item

Fortnite players have access to a new defensive item that, rather than attacking opponents, helps protect you from them. The Prop-ifier is, as its name suggests, a device that allows players to disguise themselves as items in their immediate vicinity. The disguise enables players to hide in tricky situations or catch an opponent by surprise.

Until now, Fortnite players had to visit one of the NPC vendors on the battle royale island to activate a prop disguise. This method was inherently limited as you’d have to waddle around in the disguise to get wherever you were going and once it was disabled, you couldn’t bring it back.

The Prop-ifier is a portable version of this prop disguise, enabling players to carry around an on-demand prop tool similar to the phones available in Creative island-building modes. Players have an assortment of prop disguise options they can scroll through.

If you’re in a tall building, for example, you can turn yourself into one of the gnomes that are often found in corners of structures, making it more or less ‘invisible’ to players who are used to seeing these items. If you’re in one of the farm regions, meanwhile, you can turn yourself into a cow prop.

Once you use the Prop-ifier, there will be a five-second delay while it recharges. It’ll be interesting to see whether Epic adjusts this cool-down period in the future given how quickly players will be able to repeatedly disguise themselves during a battle. That aside, the big downside to carrying this weapon is that it takes up an inventory slot.

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