‘Valheim’ is heading to Xbox Game Pass in the first half of 2023

The hit Viking survival sim Valheim is heading to Xbox and PC Game Pass, complete with full crossplay support with the Steam version of the game. Valheim will hit PC Game Pass first, landing in fall of 2022. It’ll come to Xbox Series X and S, and hit Xbox Game Pass same-day in early 2023.

Valheim was a breakout hit of 2021, selling nearly 6 million copies in its first five weeks on Steam Early Access and outstripping established titles like Dota 2 in terms of active players. It ended up as one of the top-earning games on Steam in 2021 overall. The original development team at Iron Gate was just five people, but they’ve since hired on some more folks.

“We’re doing our best,” Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Tornqvist told Engadget in March 2021. “It has become pretty hectic around here since launch.”

Valheim offers an expansive, collaborative universe of hunting, crafting, sailing, building and defeating mythical Norse beasts, and its launch on Xbox Game Pass marks its debut outside of the Steam ecosystem. With so many players already on Steam, crossplay support is key.

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Latest Valheim patch makes monsters more dangerous

On the road to Valheim‘s first major update, the game has received a rather small patch that could still have big implications for their players. For starters, the enemy AI is being tweaked in a couple of different ways, and those tweaks should result in more deadly enemies – or at least more aggressive. Aside from the AI tweaks, players are also getting a new setpiece to build, but it sounds like it’ll only be available for a limited time.

According to the notes for Valheim patch 0.155.7, this update makes various “monster AI tweaks.” While most of the individual tweaks weren’t revealed specifically, Valheim developer Iron Gate AB did say that enemies will now attack structures more aggressively when they can’t get to players. Hence, it’s probably a good idea to put up some walls around your base if you haven’t already.

Iron Gate also says that it has fixed a random save bug that would cause world corruption when shutting down, which is probably great to hear for some among Valheim‘s playerbase. The patch also fixes an issue that made players click a container multiple times to open it when playing on a multiplayer world.

Greydwarfs will apparently throw better after this update as well, so get ready to brush up on your rock dodging skills. There’s also a new Blob event to look out for, changes to the way events are triggered, and now bosses won’t run away from players anymore.

Finally, Iron Gate has enabled the Maypole since it’s currently Midsummer in Sweden, so build that while you can. Valheim‘s latest patch is live now on Steam, so apply it to your game and take those enemy AI tweaks for a spin.

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Valheim is becoming an unstoppable force in indie gaming

Ever since it launched in early access earlier this year, Viking-themed survival game Valheim has been racking up sales. While developer Iron Gate was sharing sales milestones for a while after release, the company has stopped giving us updates – likely as it focuses more on finishing Valheim‘s first major post-launch update. Today, however, we’re getting an update on where Valheim sales stand, as Embracer Group has provided new information in its most recent financial report.

Embracer, which owns Valheim publisher Coffee Stain Studios, says that Valheim sold 6.8 million copies in the quarter ended March 31st, 2021. The last time we heard from Iron Gate regarding Valheim sales was on March 3rd, when the studio announced that Valheim had sold 5 million copies. So, over the course of the rest of March, Valheim sold a further 1.8 million units.

It seems the hype has died down a little bit, as Embracer Group expects Valheim to sell another 1 – 1.2 million copies by the end of the current quarter, which wraps up in June. That would be enough to put Valheim at right around 8 million sales, so while the rate at which the game is selling might be slowing a bit, there’s no denying that Valheim has found a ton of success.

Valheim players are currently waiting for the first major post-launch update for the game, which is titled Hearth & Home. There have been a couple of teases for the update, but so far, we’ve seen nothing too substantial from it. Iron Gate hasn’t been able to give us a release date for Hearth & Home, saying that it prefers to get the update to a state that it’s happy with before setting a release date.

We can’t say we blame Iron Gate for wanting to do that, as it’s a strategy that worked very well for Valheim proper. We’ll let you know when that release date comes down the pipeline, whenever Iron Gate decides to announce it, so stay tuned for more.

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Valheim devs tease Hearth and Home update additions, show off buff trolls

Valheim has enjoyed a lot of success out of the gate in early access, and now there are a ton of people who are waiting to see what kind of content is added to the game in the coming months. Valheim‘s developer Iron Gate Games has indicated that the first big update for the game, titled Hearth and Home, is on the way, and today it shared more teasers for the incoming update. The company also shared that it’s been working on some graphics updates as well.

Specifically, Iron Gate says that it has been working on graphics updates for the troll, the second boss named The Elder, and the third boss named Bonemass to “give their old models some new fresh looks.” The new looks, Iron Gate says, better align with how the company envisions Valheim, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any images of the new models for The Elder or Bonemass.

We did, however, get to see an image of the new troll model, which you can see embedded above. If you haven’t played Valheim in a while, the new troll might not look dramatically different from the old one, but the new model does have more hair and improved nails. It’s also noticeably more muscular than the old model, so you can look forward to encountering these buff behemoths roaming the black forest when this update arrives at some point in the future.

Iron Gate didn’t share too much regarding the Hearth and Home update, though it did publish two teaser images which we’ve included both above and below. The first image is a tiny one that seems to focus on a pair of player feet potentially wearing new boots resting at what could be the base of a new throne. The second image shows off what could be a new type of ore, which lines up with the fact that Iron Gate says there are “many new items relating to it.”

Sadly, we didn’t get a release date for the Hearth and Home update today, with Iron Gate saying that it won’t decide on one until the update is in a state that it’s “happy to release it in.” We’ll keep an eye out for that release date and any new teasers Iron Gate decides to share, but in the meantime, try to figure out what is being teased in those two new images above.

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Valheim update brings a long list of changes big and small

Viking survival game Valheim received a new patch this morning, and it’s arriving with quite an extensive list of changes. One of these changes seemingly fixes an exploit that allowed players to passively and infinitely farm drops from Greydwarves, so if you’ve been surrounding Greydwarf spawners with fires and letting those do the work for you, it sounds like you’re going to need to find a different way to farm your resin and wood.

Specifically, today’s patch notes say that campfires, bonfires, and hearths will take damage themselves as they’re dealing damage, so any fires left near Greydwarf spawners for the purposes of farming will eventually break. The patch notes don’t say how quickly campfires, bonfires, and hearths will take damage, but we’re guessing it’s enough to quash this particular method of farming.

Aside from that, players will now find that their reinforced chests hold more stuff, as their inventory space has been increased to 6×4. Boss drops will also now float on water, which is very nice addition indeed, and the drop rate of Deathsquito and Drake trophies has been increased as well. Speaking of bosses, the harpoon no longer works on them, so the days of tethering a boss and pulling it out of the biome it spawned in are unfortunately over.

While the changes we’ve covered so far are significant, they really just scratch the surface of the tweaks that are included in this patch. Other changes that stand out include one that makes it easier to hit multiple enemies with the battle axe (which is great because that’s my weapon of choice), and some tweaks to the stone towers that spawn in the Black Forest biome. The patch notes don’t tell us what those tweaks are, so we’ll just have to go exploring and see for ourselves.

You can view the full patch notes for this update over on Steam. If you’re running a server, you’ll need to update that in addition to your game, so be sure to keep that in mind. Just recently, Valheim developer Iron Gate shared a teaser image from the game’s incoming Hearth and Home update, and we’ll let you know when more is shared about that.

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Valheim devs tease Hearth and Home update as game hits another huge milestone

It’s been about six weeks since Valheim first released in early access on Steam, and what a month-and-a-half it’s been. The game skyrocketed in popularity seemingly from the moment it launched, and even now six weeks after release, it seems that momentum has barely slowed down. Indeed, Valheim has racked up millions of sales in this short period of time, and today the developers announced that the game has now surpassed 6 million copies sold.

That is a truly incredible amount of copies for any game, but it’s especially impressive for the six-person team behind Valheim. At this point, many Valheim players have probably burned through all of the available content in the game and are probably wondering when we can expect new content. The team at Iron Gate delivered some development news today, teasing the Hearth and Home update in the process, which will be the first major update in its post-launch roadmap for 2021.

As you might imagine, a team as small as the one at Iron Gate doesn’t really have the manpower to tackle multiple projects at once, so it’s not much of a surprise to hear Iron Gate say that it has devoted most of the past six weeks to fixing bugs that players have been reporting. Things are starting to calm down a little though, which means that as more bugs are getting fixed, the team is able to shift more of its focus over to developing the Hearth and Home update.

We didn’t receive any new details about Hearth and Home and Iron Gate didn’t say when we can expect it to land, but we did get a teaser image for the update. You can see that above, but good luck trying to figure out what it’s supposed to be teasing. All it looks like to us is a crow perched on top of a roof, though as someone who has spent a significant amount of time playing Valheim over the past few weeks, I don’t recognize what the crow is perched on.

We’ll just have to wait for another update for the team at Iron Gate. Today’s Steam News post suggests that more information about this update is coming up soon, so we’ll keep an eye out for those details.

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The wins keep coming for Valheim

For weeks now, we’ve been wondering if Valheim is going to slow down it’s rather ridiculous momentum, and today we learned once again that the answer to that question is a resounding “no.” Iron Gate Studio is back with another update on Valheim, telling us where the game’s sales sit after just a month of availability.

If you’ve been following along so far, then you know where this is going: Valheim has topped 5 million sales in the span of just one month. It’s been safe to say it for a while, but now it’s definitely clear – Valheim is a success in pretty much every regard.

There are a few things responsible for Valheim‘s success. While it is an early access survival title – a common sight on Steam – Valheim generally isn’t a buggy mess. There are bugs, that’s for sure, but Valheim feels more polished than many of the other early access survival games out there. Valheim also has a decent amount of content for an early access game, and Iron Gate Studio says that from a content perspective, the game is only about 50% complete.

So, there’s a lot more content to come in what already feels like a fairly dense games. Valheim has enjoyed some stellar user reviews too, with Iron Gate noting today that the title is ranked 39th in “the best user reviewed games on Steam of all time.” Overall, the game has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating based on 121,596 user reviews (at the time of this writing, in any case).

So, it’s been a pretty intense month for Valheim and its developers, and the game shows no signs of slowing its momentum. No doubt, fans are wondering when we’re going to get the first big update in Valheim‘s 2021 roadmap, and we’ll let you know when Iron Gate shares more regarding that, so stay tuned.

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How to Unlock the Pickaxe in Valheim

If you haven’t heard of Valheim, you should probably check the strength of your Wi-Fi connection. This Minecraft-like hybrid of open-world survival meets Viking RPG has taken Steam by storm. The kicker? Valheim is only in its beta phase and plans to release the full game in the coming year.

Like Minecraft, players need to gather resources to build tools. They’ll then use those tools to construct stable structures and weapons. The only tool that will give players trouble in the early stages of Valheim is the pickax. Everything else is straightforward to craft with the resources you have at your disposal in the Meadows Biome. However, you will need the pickax to progress any further in your Viking adventure. Here’s how to unlock the pickax in Valheim.

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Valheim: Pickax materials

The pickax is the only tool you can’t easily craft as you’re beginning your journey in Valheim. The first version you’ll be able to craft is the Antler Pickaxe, which will require you to gather Hard Antlers. But where the heck are you supposed to find those?

You will have to find and defeat Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim, to obtain Hard Antlers. To find Eikthyr, head back to where you first started the game and summon him from the altar after offering two deer trophies. However, do not go into this boss fight without the proper gear.

Challenging and defeating Eikthyr

Valheim how to defeat Eikthyr

You will only be able to craft wooden gear and leather armor in the early stages of the game. That’s why the pickax should be your top goal. It will allow for the mining of copper and tin. For the best results, head into the Eikthyr boss fight with:

  • Full leather armor and the Deer Hide Cape.
  • Range weapons, either a bow and arrow or a spear.
  • A Wooden Shield for added protection.

Valheim‘s survival mechanics are in-depth. You’ll have to find food and cook meals to give yourself the needed boost to survive in the Viking wilderness. Before you even think about challenging Eikthyr, make sure to eat three good meals to maximize your health and stamina buffs.

You should be able to ward off Eikthyr’s AoE and ranged lighting attacks with decent dodges and your shield. The deer god will charge with a melee attack every so often, so dodge out of the way and counter with a melee attack of your own. This melee attack is Eikthyr’s most powerful, so avoid it at all costs. This first boss fight isn’t painstaking. It will just require patience, proper equipment, and stamina management.

Crafting your pickax

Now that you’ve defeated Eikthyr, you’re able to gather Hard Antlers and craft the Antler Pickaxe. Head over to your workbench and put everything together. Now, with the Antler Pickaxe, you’ll be able to mine tin and copper, which will further upgrade your weapons, tools, and armor. Of course, the Antler Pickaxe will not be the end of your pickax quest.

Crafting a Bronze Pickaxe

Now that you’ve progressed into the next area of the game, you’ll be gathering the materials necessary to craft bronze and bronze-related items. For the Bronze Pickaxe, you’ll need:

  • 3x Core Wood
  • 5x Surtling Cores
  • 6x copper to craft a Forge
  • 10x bronze

To craft bronze, you must combine 20 copper and 10 tin in the forge. This will give you 10 bronze. Finally, combine bronze and Core Wood at a workbench to craft a Bronze Pickaxe and other bronze weapons, tools, and armor.

Crafting an Iron Pickaxe

First, you’ll need to craft a Bronze Axe to obtain 25 Fine Wood and make a Forge Cooler. Then, upgrade your Forge to level 2. From here, use your Bronze Pickaxe to grind Scrap Iron from Muddy Scrap Piles. Use the scrap to forge iron. Combine the iron with 3x Core Wood to craft an Iron Pickaxe.

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Viking survival game Valheim just hit a huge milestone

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ve almost certainly heard of Valheim by now. The Viking survival game launched in early access on Steam earlier this month, and ever since its arrival, it seems to be the only thing anyone can talk about. Today, the developers behind Valheim have shared a big win for the game, as it has hit another sales milestone in a very short amount of time.

In a community update today, developer Iron Gate AB announced that Valheim has hit 3 million total sales in a mere 17 days. Just four days ago, Valheim hit 2 million copies sold, so it seems that sales are only picking up for the game.

In all, Iron Gate says that Valheim has secured more than 60,000 “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews on Steam, which is enough to put it in Steam’s top 250 best reviewed games of all time. Valheim has enjoyed some success on Twitch as well, with more than 20 million hours of gameplay watched according to Iron Gate’s own statistics. At the time of this writing, Valheim is currently holding down 106,000 viewers on Twitch, which is enough to make it the 10th-most viewed game at the moment.

Like many other PC survival games, Valheim will likely spend a considerable amount of time in early access. On Valheim‘s Steam Store page, Iron Gate says that it anticipates early access lasting at least a year, but that depends on the feedback it receives from players and the amount of content it decides to put into the game. From a features perspective, Iron Gate says that Valheim is about 75% complete, while only about 50% of the planned content is finished.

So, at some point in the not-too-distant future, Valheim could offer a lot more content than it does now. We’ll see if Valheim can keep this momentum up, but here 17 days after release, it already appears that Iron Gate has a big hit on its hands.

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