Riot Games will monitor ‘Valorant’ voice chat to combat disruptive players

Abusive Valorant players could soon have their verbal tirades come back to haunt them. In a published on Friday, Riot Games outlined a plan to begin monitoring in-game voice chat as part of a broader effort to combat disruptive behavior within its games.

On July 13th, the studio will begin collecting voice data from Valorant games played in North America. According to Riot, it will use the data to get its AI model “in a good enough place for a beta launch later this year.” During this initial stage, Riot says it won’t use voice evaluation for disruptive behavior reports.

“We know that before we can even think of expanding this tool, we’ll have to be confident it’s effective, and if mistakes happen, we have systems in place to make sure we can correct any false positives (or negatives for that matter),” the studio said.

Some players will likely bristle at the thought of Riot listening in on their voice comms, much like they did when the company introduced , its kernel-level anti-cheat software. But Riot says it sees voice evaluation as a way for it to “collect clear evidence” against players who take to comms to abuse and harass their teammates. The tool will also give the studio something it can point to when it provides sanctioned players with feedback.

“This is brand new tech and there will for sure be growing pains,” Riot said. “But the promise of a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone who chooses to play is worth it.”

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Riot brings ‘League of Legends,’ Valorant’ and other titles to Epic Games Store

Riot Games is taking its PC titles into new territory as , , Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra are all now available on the . The move could get the four free-to-play titles in front of a wider audience.

You’ll need to install the new Riot Client (which debuted earlier this month), but you can fire up the games from Epic’s app or a desktop shortcut. If you already play any of those games, you’ll still be able to sign in with your account and access your existing friends list.

The partnership between Riot and Epic extends to the latter’s titles too. , marking the first appearance of a LoL character in a non-Riot game.

The collaboration forms part of Riot’s month-long campaign to promote , the League of Legends animated series that . Elsewhere, Riot has also to offer Prime Gaming members some in-game goodies over the next year.

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The latest ‘Valorant’ hero is Chamber, the dapper sniper

Valorant players are getting another hero to use in Riot’s free-to-play shooter. As described by character producer John Goscicki, Chamber plays the “gentleman assassin” role, a Sentinel-class character who “bunkers down, and holds a location by getting frags.” He can do this through a skill and weapon set that includes a trap that scans for enemies, a heavy pistol and a sniper rifle that can take enemies out with one perfectly-placed shot. Chamber will go live in Valorant with Patch 3.10 on Nov. 16. 

Valorant Chamber

Riot Games

Given that his abilities are focused around “highly lethal, pinpoint accuracy,” as Goscicki says, they wanted his style to match. “A person like that would care about the finer things in life as well—from the cut of his vest, to the color of the threading, and how shoes would bring the whole outfit together.” If that description speaks to you, Chamber might be an agent worth trying out.

That patch comes a few weeks after Riot is set to release the Valorant Episode 3, Act III Battlepass, which goes live on November 2nd and will be available for 10 weeks. It comes with five free and nine paid “Marquee Items,” and the pack itself costs 1,000 Valorant Points, the game’s in-game currency. According to Riot associate art director Sean Marino, the Battlepass is focused on bringing some fall holiday vibes to the game. Given that one of the items Marino mentioned is meant to fit in with Halloween, it’s a little bit of a bummer that this doesn’t launch until after the holiday. But hey, why limit Halloween to just one month?

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Riot Games’ Valorant Is On Its Way To Mobile Platforms

To celebrate Valorant’s one-year anniversary, Riot Games announced that its newest tactical team shooter will be making its way to mobile devices. While the developers of the hit game stated that Valorant Mobile is in development, no release date, port differences, or specific hardware hosts have been confirmed.

Valorant is a competitive character-based tactical first-person shooter that released to immediate fanfare last year. It’s often compared to a mix of games like Valve’s Counter-Strike and Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Valorant isn’t Riot’s first big game to make the move to mobile, as their popular title, League of Legends also received a mobile spin-off in Wild RiftWild Rift keeps the core gameplay of its predecessor while changing the experience to make it more comfortable and workable for the mobile market.

Valorant also isn’t the first FPS to be making its way to the mobile gaming scene. Games like Call of Duty Mobile and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received mobile spin-offs as well, both of which are very successful in both expanding their brands beyond consoles and computers and delivering a fun gameplay experience for the many players around the world. Apex Legends and Battlefield both have mobile versions in the works too.

According to PolygonValorant executive producer Anna Donlon states that PC players have nothing to fear, as Valorant mobile won’t affect the PC version. She confirms that there are no plans for cross-play between the two versions of the game as of now.

In Polygon’s interview, Donlon comments on a console version of Valorant being in the works but nothing about it is set in stone yet, as the mobile version is the focus right now.

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What Is Valorant? Everything We Know About Riot’s Shooter

League of Legends developer Riot Games has been hard at work on its next desktop-exclusive multiplayer game, Valorant. In addition to being Riot’s first foray into shooters, Valorant mashes elements from similar games to create a unique experience. In this guide, we’re going to answer the question, “what is Valorant?” Additionally, we’ll cover all of the other details we know about Riot’s shooter.

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What is Valorant?

The game was originally announced in October 2019 as Project A, and League of Legends developer Riot Games officially announced it as Valorant a few months later. It’s somewhat of a post-postmodern game, combining elements of Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and, of course, League of Legends. 

It’s a 5v5 multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) where one team attacks and the other defends. The main game mode, Search and Destroy, is very similar to CS:GO. The attacking team’s goal is to plant a bomb (called a spike) and have it detonate, while the defending team tries to avoid that. Regardless of whether the spike is planted or not, if a squad is wiped out before any other victory condition is met, the opposing squad will win.

Matches are 25 rounds long, with each round lasting 100 seconds. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match overall. At the beginning of the round, you’ll have 30 seconds to buy weapons and gear for that round. If you die in a round, you’ll have to wait until the next round to respawn. This main game mode can be played in either unrated or ranked matches.

It sounds just like CS:GO’s Defuse game mode, but Riot has a twist on the formula. In addition to buying weapons, you’ll also choose an Agent at the beginning of each round. Each Agent has an ability, ranging from healing allies to making walls appear out of nowhere. Considering Valorant takes a MOBA-based approach to Agents, you’ll likely need a good spread of abilities if you want to win a match. Note, however, that you’ll need to buy some abilities at the beginning of a round.

Since launch, Valorant has added the Spike Rush game mode. This is a quicker, best-of-seven-rounds mode where every attacker is equipped with a spike, and all players have the same weapon and all of their abilities; there is no buy round.

Valorant‘s seasons will be known as Acts, each bringing new additions to the game including new Agents, maps, and modes.

What platforms is Valorant on?

Riot Games

Valorant is a PC-exclusive game right now. Valorant lead game designer Trevor Romleski confirmed on a Twitch stream that the “focus right now is on PC.” Romleski also said, however, that the team is “open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms.” For the time being, the only way to play Valorant is on PC. We’re assuming that if the game is successful, though, it’ll likely be ported to PS4 and Xbox One in the future. Maybe we’ll even see a PS5 and Xbox Series X release.

Does Valorant have loot boxes?

It seems we’ve finally reached the point where loot boxes aren’t par for the course with this type of free-to-play shooter. Riot Games confirmed that Valorant won’t have any loot boxes. Players can purchase gun cosmetics — Agent cosmetics are still up in the air — but they’ll be distributed through a store, not through loot boxes. If you want to buy a bunch of skins at once, the store also has packs that bundle skins based around a central theme.

Does Valorant have a battle pass?

Yes. If you have the pass, you’ll receive rewards the more you play, and each pass refreshes with every new Act.

What are the Valorant system requirements?

Riot Games

Valorant, like most other competitive shooters, has very low system specs. Any modern machine can tear through the game with 144+ fps, while older systems should still maintain a solid 60 fps. We don’t know for sure what resolution or graphical quality the specs are based on, so you may have to lower your quality or resolution if you have an older system. Here are the system requirements released by Riot Games.

Minimum requirements

Before getting to the CPU and GPU, you’ll need at least these specs to even run Valorant. 

  • OS: Windows 7-10 64-bit
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video Memory: 1GB

Minimum system specs ~ 30 fps

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000

Recommended system specs ~ 60 fps

  • CPU: Intel i3-4150
  • GPU: GeForce GT 730

High-end system specs – 144+ fps

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Will Valorant have more game modes?

The only Valorant game modes right now are the CS:GO-like Search and Destroy mode and the Spike Rush mode. The Valorant development team is on record saying they’re open to exploring other game modes.

How many maps and Agents are there?

As a tactical shooter game, Valorant has no shortage of battlegrounds and characters to choose from. So far, the game has four maps called Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Split. Each map has unique points of interest and its own challenging layout. While Riot has promised more maps and Agents in future patches, the timeline for these updates isn’t clear.

At present, Riot has not announced the protocol for adding new agents. Depending on their plan, Riot could either let you acquire new agents for free or offer them as part of an upgrade, like how they did with the Apex legends’ battle pass. The goal of every map in Valorant is the same, which makes it easy to find your purpose no matter where you’re playing. Your goal is always to either safely diffuse your opponent’s explosives or plant a bomb to take them out. The agents in the game fall into one of four classes, each granting related abilities. The Duelist class, which contains Jett, Phoenix, Raze, and Reyna, is a front-line assault class.

Breach and Sova fall into a spy class that mostly works behind the scenes to gather information, called the Initiator class. The Controller class is an offensive support specialization that includes Brimstone, Omen, and Viper. Finally, Sage and Cypher are both Sentinels, a defensive tank class.

Riot introduced a new Sentinel agent on August 4th. Killjoy is the 12th agent and the third Sentinel character you can play in Valorant. Killjoy has a thorough backstory that establishes her as a German engineer who specializes in robotics. Her robotics experience is a great benefit because you can employ a drone fleet as her impressive personal army when you play Killjoy.

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