Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion arrives on October 28th

The downloadable content Capcom had promised for Resident Evil Village last year now has a release date: It’s called Winters’ Expansion, and it will be available starting on October 28th. Capcom started developing the extra content in 2021, just a few weeks after the game was released, due “popular demand.” Now Capcom producer Tsuyoshi Kanda has revealed some pertinent details about the three features included with the DLC, including the Third-Person Mode that gives you a way to play the main story in a new perspective. If you choose to play in third-person, you’ll get to see Ethan as he explores the village in search of his missing daughter and shoots the undead.

Winters’ Expansion also comes with The Mercenaries Additional Orders. Mercenaries Mode, an arcade-style shooting experience, unlocks after you beat the game for the first time. The DLC will add new stages to it, as well as new playable characters, including Chris Redfield and everyone’s favorite nine-foot tall antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu. Finally, the expansion will show what happens to Rose, Ethan’s missing daughter, 16 years after the original campaign. Rose’s story will show her struggle with her “terrifying powers” and her search for a way to break free from her curse. 

Aside from the DLC, Resident Evil Re:Verse — the multiplayer freebie for the game that was supposed to come out in July 2021 — will also be available on October 28th. The PS5 versions of Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 have already dropped, though, and you can get them for free if you already own copies for the PS4.

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Capcom is using Stadia tech for a web-based ‘Resident Evil Village’ demo

Starting today, you can stream a free demo of Resident Evil Village from Capcom’s website, with no need for a fancy gaming PC, Xbox or PlayStation. The demo is similar to one that’s available on other platforms, which allows players to explore parts of the village and castle. This appetizer for one of last year’s biggest-selling games is powered by Immersive Stream for Games, a version of Stadia tech that Google is licensing to others.

The demo will work on just about any computer, as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets, as long as the device can handle high-definition video and you have a sturdy enough internet connection (with a download speed of at least 10Mbps). It runs on Chrome on Windows, macOS and Android. On iOS, you can try it on Safari. The resolution tops out at 1080p and there’s no HDR mode.

PlayStation DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers are officially supported, but other peripherals might work. Alternatively, you can use touch controls on mobile or a mouse and keyboard. 

Resident Evil Village touch controls


As with Stadia’s click-to-play trials, there’s no need to register to play the demo. It’s worth noting that you’ll be disconnected after 10 minutes of inactivity. There’s no save function, so you’ll need to restart from the beginning if you disconnect. You can play as many times as you like and there’s no time limit, unlike previous versions of the demo.

You can play the demo on Capcom’s website if you are in the US, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania or Hungary.

Capcom is Google’s second partner for Immersive Stream for Games. AT&T started offering its wireless customers free access to Batman: Arkham Asylum last October and Control: Ultimate Edition last month. Capcom seems more of a natural bedfellow, though.

Back in February, Insider reported that Google was looking to secure deals with Capcom, Peloton and others to build the licensing aspect of its game-streaming business. It was suggested that Capcom might use the tech to stream demos from its website, which turned out to be the case. This could even be a precursor to Capcom running its own game streaming storefront.

In other Resident Evil Village news, Capcom is bringing the game to Mac later this year. It’s also working on a version for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset.

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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How Resident Evil Village Brought Iconic Monsters to Life

A few months out from its release, it’s clear that Resident Evil Village‘s lasting legacy will be its characters. That was clear early on when Capcom first introduced the instantly iconic Lady Dimitrescu, but the final product only solidified it. Villains like Angie and Moreau have left a lasting impression, giving the 25-year-old franchise its most memorable characters to date.

That’s an especially notable win for Resident Evil as a whole. Despite being a beloved horror franchise, characters and acting weren’t always its strong suit. The first game in the series features notoriously wooden performances that turned the game into a meme-filled laughing stock. That’s changed significantly over the last few years thanks to motion capture. Resident Evil 7 was the first game in the series to adopt full performance capture, raising the bar for storytelling and cutting back on the stiff video game acting of yesteryear. Resident Evil Village only ups the ante by giving the series its best performances to date.

I spoke to Resident Evil Village‘s Presentation Director Masato Miyazaki about how motion capture brought the game’s eclectic characters to life. Miyazaki explained how embracing the technology has allowed the franchise to grow and produce its most narratively audacious game yet.

How did the motion capture process in Village differ from previous Resident Evil games?

We’ve been doing motion capture for many years now, and I’d like to believe we’ve accumulated quite a bit of knowledge surrounding it. Rather than change things up and start fresh with Resident Evil Village, it was more about refining our workflow to be as streamlined and efficient as possible.

For example, when we were working on Resident Evil 7, we experienced a bit of loss in communication between the scenario writers, cinematographers, actors, and studio staff. We took a look at how we could improve from there and applied it to subsequent titles such as Resident Evil 2. By the time we were working on Resident Evil Village, we were able to troubleshoot a lot of previous issues that allowed us to purely focus on making sure we got the best acting performance.

In other words, rather than worrying about logistics and production, we were able to focus more of our efforts entirely on creativity.

The lycans are much faster and more erratic than traditional Resident Evil enemies. Was it tricky for the team to adjust to that change?

Simply put, it was quite difficult. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the optimal movement of the lycans. We went through many discussions within the team about the best approach and speed a lycan should take when hunting the player. The motif of the lycan was that of a werewolf, so we also struggled with finding the right types of movement that would best showcase this.

We frequently find that we spend an exceptional amount of time working on the main adversary of any Resident Evil title, and this was no different when tackling the development of the lycan.

Village’s villains come in all shapes and sizes, literally. Were there any special rigs or techniques you used to capture characters like Moreau or Angie?

We take special care in building the character rigs as meticulously as possible so that they gracefully handle as much of the physical differences between the actor and the in-game character. Moreau’s spine is greatly distorted, and Angie is a puppet with fewer joints than a human. The studio engineers put a lot of effort into making sure that the actors’ movements are effectively transferred to the CG characters.

Heisenberg's actor in full motion capture for Resident Evil Village.

Of course, that is not enough to effectively transfer the actors’ performances into the game. We also took care in crafting the backgrounds for each scene as well. For example, in scenes where Dimitrescu interacts with other characters, we set up backgrounds that fit the scale of each character. This way, it wouldn’t impede the performance of the actors and would account for the size differences between the actors and how the characters may appear in game.

Was Lady Dimitrescu’s boss form motion captured, and if so, what in the world did that look like on set?

It’s actually a hybrid of animation and motion capture. In order to recreate the movements of monsters, we need actors with special physical capabilities. For this title, we were able to work with an action stuntman from a famous amusement park. He’s done great work for us in the past and helped breathe life into the Licker enemy that you see in many previous Resident Evil titles. His performance provides photorealistic movements as a baseline guide. The animators then brush up on the movements to properly correct and exaggerate them as per the monster’s skeleton.

How do you capture characters that are so physically different and still make it feel like they’re all part of the same cohesive world?

I think this really encapsulates the core challenge that we faced in developing this game. One of the concepts of Resident Evil Village was creating a theme park of horror that offered the player many different frights and terrors. While this is advantageous in giving different forms of entertainment, one misstep would create a lot of disparity and throw the player out of an immersive experience.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

As such, we went through each component and made sure they fit within the overarching world and theme of “survival horror.” We figured that would be the best approach in unifying so many differing themes together. That was where the idea of the “village” came into play. When looking at each component individually, they may look different from one another, but it all becomes one cohesive unit when viewed under one “village” lens. It creates the illusion that such a place could potentially exist. When players enjoy one location and move on in anticipation of the next experience, we felt the cohesive environment would heighten this level of immersion and enjoyment.

Rather than creating similar designs in an attempt to consolidate the look and feel of the world, we took the opposite approach in refining and differentiating each character in hopes of creating a more memorable and impactful world.

How has working with actors on a physical set changed what the team has been able to accomplish with this franchise in recent years?

It wasn’t until Resident Evil 5 that we started shooting full-scale cutscenes for the franchise. Over the past 12 years, the expectation for quality has definitely increased, not just from a visual standpoint, but from a performance standpoint as well.

Resident Evil Village's actors motion capture the game's shocking Mia scene.

Therefore, we adopted full performance capture starting from Resident Evil 7. We also revisited the way we work with the actors. Up until Resident Evil 6, Capcom had been giving relatively detailed acting instructions, but that tended to result in very similar performances that didn’t allow us to utilize the talents of the actors.

In recent years, Capcom has limited the briefs to the essentials, such as the concept, production structure, and script, in order to let the actors perform as freely as possible. This makes it easier for the actors to get into the roles, and sometimes the actors give me great suggestions. Of course, there are times when I have to limit the actors’ performances due to technical specifications, but I try not to put any restrictions on them.

As a result, in recent productions, the unnatural acting has been reduced, and I believe that we are able to deliver more authentic acting performances.

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Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries Beginner’s Guide

Mercenaries Mode was noticeably absent from Resident Evil Biohazard after being included in every game since Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Thankfully, the franchise’s latest installment, Resident Evil Village, has revived the fan-favorite mode. The Mercenaries pits players against swarms of enemies as they keep their eye on the clock. The goal is to achieve the highest rank possible on each map to unlock unique in-game rewards. Here’s how to unlock The Mercenaries in Resident Evil Village, along with some helpful strategies for achieving high scores.

How to unlock and play The Mercenaries in Resident Evil Village

To unlock The Mercenaries in Resident Evil Village, you have to beat the campaign. Afterward, you’ll earn Completion Points, or CP, to spend in the Extra Content Shop. Don’t worry, The Mercenaries only costs 200 CP, and you should have upward of 30,000-40,000 upon completing your first playthrough. You can now access The Mercenaries from the Bonuses menu. It’ll be right at the top.

The Mercenaries: mechanics and gameplay

There are eight stages in The Mercenaries, beginning with The Village, The Castle, The Factory, and The Mad Village. Those four stages repeat on a more challenging difficulty and are called The Village II, The Castle II, etc. We’ll refer to them as “front four” and “back four.” Spread around these stages will be gold time-extending orbs and blue ability orbs. These will play a crucial role in achieving high scores in The Mercenaries.

Before you embark on your Lycan-slaying adventure, you’ll purchase weapons, equipment, and upgrades from The Duke. Each mission has a set number of areas for players to clear, and they’ll be stopping at The Duke between each location. Spend your Lei wisely, and make sure to upgrade your guns before heading back out. Conserve ammo, avoid damage, and, most importantly, keep your combo alive. Let’s get into some of the more nuanced strategies.

All abilities and what they do

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries mode choose an ability screen.

Keep an eye out for blue ability orbs spread around each area in The Mercenaries. Approach and interact with the orb to break it and gain a new ability. These are like perks or power-ups for Ethan that will aid in his quest for SSS rank. Here is a list of every ability in The Mercenaries and what each does.

  • Agile – Speed increases
  • All Brawn – Attack increase but speed decreases
  • Adrenaline – HP recovers slightly when attacking with a gun
  • Blade Master – Knives do 5x more damage
  • Break Shot – Initial attack does more damage when enemy’s HP is full
  • Corpse Combustor – Enemies will likely explode when killed with a gun
  • Fiddle Shooter – Attack increase when switching between enemies
  • Gruesome Gourmet – Recover a little HP when an enemy is defeated
  • Healthy – Max HP increase
  • Infighter – Close-combat attacks do more damage
  • No Brainer – Headshots do more damage
  • Out of Reach – Long-distance attacks do more damage
  • Pistol Master – Handguns do more damage
  • Shotgun Master – Shotgun damage increases
  • Slow Motion – Enemies’ movements decrease
  • Thick Skinned – Damage taken decreases

Additionally, you can unlock four other abilities by achieving A ranks on the front four stages. You can activate orbs while on the move and even have a split second to do a quick turnaround before entering into the ability selection screen. Those milliseconds add up quickly when trying to keep your combo alive.

The front four stages

The Duke from Resident Evil Village.

While these first four stages aren’t a walk in the park, they are significantly easier than their level II counterparts. The absolute best thing you can do is buy and upgrade the sniper rifle. Before embarking on a new area, sell all your handgun ammo and most of your shotgun ammo. Skilled players can afford to sell their first aid spray as well for extra Lei.

Players who can achieve a B rank on each stage will be permanently rewarded with 5,000 bonus Lei for that mission. To unlock new stages, you must achieve an A rank on the last stage unlocked. For example, The Village is the first stage available. To unlock The Castle, you must get an A rank on The Village.

The rewards really ramp up once you achieve S rank. Players can increase their score even further for SS and SSS ranks. We’ll get into those rewards later. S ranks on the first four stages will reward you with new abilities. They are:

  • The Village S Rank: Magic Magazine – Ammo capacity doubles
  • The Castle S Rank: Execution – Attack greatly increases when enemy health is below 30%
  • The Factory S Rank: Lightning Speed – Movement speed increase, but so does damage taken
  • The Mad Village S Rank: Masamune – Knife attacks are 10x stronger, but damage from other attacks decreases greatly

How to get S rank (front four stages)

The gunsmith in Resident Evil Village.

To achieve an S rank on the front four stages in The Mercenaries, you’ll want to focus on upgrading your Sniper Rifle. Assuming you’ve already achieved a B rank and gotten the bonus Lei, you can sell your shotgun ammo, handgun ammo, and First Aid Spray for an additional 11,250 Lei, giving you a total of 51,250 Lei to spend. Here’s how to spend it.

  • Buy the Sniper Rifle for 15,000 Lei
  • Max out Rate of Fire and Reload Speed
  • Upgrade Ammo Capacity twice

We aren’t worried about the Sniper Rifle’s firepower during these first stages as it’ll one-shot every enemy. You’ll also start with 10 bullets in your pistol and find plenty of handgun ammo along the way. You probably won’t need it, though.

Try your best to get multi-kills with the sniper. Let enemies line themselves up to kill two or three at a time. This will save precious ammo. Multi-kills will also aid in keeping your combo alive and bumping you up to a 1.5x and 2x score multiplier.

Memorize the map layout and enemy spawns. The Mercenaries will spawn and trigger enemies the same way every time, similarly to Dark Souls. However, those enemies will still think for themselves and may not attack in the same fashion each time. Other than enemies, Time Extending and Ability Orbs will spawn in the same spots. However, the abilities will be randomized each time.

Memorize the enemy spawns to determine the best path through the level. You want to be constantly running and gunning. Don’t feel pressured to kill every enemy in front of you as fast as you can. Weave in and out to extend your combo, grab the orbs, and avoid damage.

Killing all the enemies in an area will net you 50,000 bonus points toward your score. You’ll hear the announcer say, “Great!” once the last enemy falls. Killing every enemy without breaking your combo will net you the best possible score. You’ll know you’ve done this when the announcer says, “Amazing!” Of course, the faster you can pull all of that off, the better. You’ll receive additional bonus points based on how much time you’ve got left on the clock. The most important thing to remember before completing the area is don’t reload.

Once you’ve cleared an area, you’ll end up back at The Duke. Now’s the time to upgrade your Sniper Rifle damage and buy the W870 Shotgun. Again, sell off your First Aid and handgun ammo. However, don’t sell all your shotgun rounds. Save between 10 and 15.

Upgrade the ammo capacity on your sniper to fill up your current magazine. That’s why you can’t reload before going back to The Duke. It’s free ammo. If you can, upgrade the Ammo Capacity and Fire Rate on your new shotgun as well.

The Factory is, by far, the most challenging stage in The Mercenaries. The best thing you can do to achieve an S rank on the first Factory stage (other than what we’ve mentioned above) is to memorize where the Sniper Ammo is on the map. Right before entering The Foundry room at the beginning of Area 1, look to your left to find ammo. Then, in the room where the Propeller Head enemy spawns in, you’ll find more Sniper Ammo on the low maze-like walls.

How to get S rank (back four stages)

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode Drill Enemy.

The back four stages of The Mercenaries in Resident Evil Village ramps up the difficulty. Ethan will take more damage from incoming attacks, and he’ll be significantly handicapped by the items The Duke has available. You’ll no longer have access to a Sniper Rifle and Shotgun. Instead, you can buy the Magnum and Grenade Launcher. However, the Magnum only comes with a handful of shots and doesn’t allow for additional rounds to be picked up or bought. Use them wisely. You can buy Explosive and Flashbang rounds, but at 50,000 Lei for the weapon itself, you’ll never make it through the first area.

It’s imperative that you stun-lock weak enemies with your pistol. Shoot the skinnier enemies in the legs to make them fall down and then unload on their heads. If you can’t manage to get the kill, you’ll be able to escape and reposition. Stun-locking enemies is also a great way to damage them, grab an orb, and kill them to keep your combo alive.

For Lycans, you’ve got to score headshots. They don’t stun as easily as the skinny enemies do when shot in the legs. Headshots will stagger them and occasionally cause them to fall backward.

How to S rank The Factory (back four)

The hand gun gunsmith from Resident Evil Village.

As mentioned, The Factory is the most challenging Mercenaries stage, and the back four stages exemplify that. It was hard enough taking down all those drill enemies with the sniper; now you’ve got to do it with your pistol or with a well-placed magnum shot.

Do the following at The Duke before embarking on the first area of The Factory II:

  • Sell 50 handgun ammo and 1 First Aid Spray
  • Buy the Magnum
  • Upgrade your handgun to LVL 4 damage
  • Max out your Fire Rate
  • Bring Reload Speed to LVL 2
  • Bring Ammo Capacity to LVL 2

Remember, you’ve only got a limited number of shots in the Magnum, and you’ll need at least three to take out Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. However, you don’t have to kill every enemy on the back four stages to achieve an S rank. Conserve ammo, and once you’ve defeated the three daughters, book it for the finish line. As long as you’ve managed to build a decent combo prior, you should earn enough points from the first stage when combined with your time bonus.

When you’re back at the Duke, sell the Magnum and buy a Grenade Launcher. Buy as many launcher rounds as possible as well. Use any leftover Lei to purchase First Aid spray and pipe bombs if you’d like.

Try to use your pistol as much as possible in the second Factory area. Use the Grenade Launcher to stun the drill enemies, then quickly switch to your pistol and blast away at their red cores.

Keep an eye on your score and book it to the escape area as soon as you’ve killed enough enemies. The time bonus should get you to the desired score of 545,000.

The Mercenaries rewards

Resident Evil Village lightsaber and enemies.

Other than unlocking more stages, abilities, and Bonus Lei, players can unlock a secret reward in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode. We are, of course, talking about the LZ Answerer melee weapon. To unlock the LZ Answerer, you have to get an SS rank on all missions in The Mercenaries.

The LZ is a lightsaber that will eviscerate enemies through the entire Resident Evil Village campaign. It’s red and dual-sided like Darth Maul’s iconic weapon. Once you’ve gotten SS ranks on all Mercenaries maps, you can buy it for 70,000 CP from the bonus content shop. Then, while playing the campaign, buy it from the Duke. The LZ Answerer is essential for completing the Knives Out challenge. Knives Out requires players to complete the story using nothing but close-combat weapons, i.e., melee weapons.

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The 10 Best Mods for Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village definitely dialed up the action when compared to Biohazard. As far as terror goes, it depends what players are more afraid of, gothic horror or mutant hillbillies. As with every other Resident Evil game, modders have found ways to improve the game’s overall performance and look. They’ve also found ways to turn a game like Resident Evil Village into a comedic masterpiece. Here are some of the best mods currently available for Resident Evil Village.

The mods mentioned below come directly from Nexus Mods. We’ve provided links to their pages to make them easy for you to download. Whether you’re a modder yourself or just looking for a good laugh, the mods on this list are for everyone to enjoy.

Fluffy Manager

Fluffy Manager is going to act as your mod-manager for Resident Evil Village. If you plan to mod the game any further, Fluffy Manager will make it easy to download and install future mods, arrange them, and uninstall them should you choose to.

Fluffy Manager also comes with an FOV slider to change your field of view. The base game did not feature an FOV slider, something PC players were frustrated by as a wider FOV often makes for a better gaming experience. Fluffy Manager comes to us from FluffyQuack at Nexus Mods. You can download Fluffy Manager via Nexus Mods.

Daughters of YoRHa

Daughters of YoRHa Resident Evil Village Mod

Fans of Nier: Automata, the 2017 JRPG, will enjoy this mod as it replaces Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter’s torn and dirty outfits with sleek YoRHa dresses. Players have the option to equip the visor as well. The dress options come in both black and white, with white being slightly more creepy, especially when standing next to Lady Dimitrescu herself. They give off an asylum vibe that adds to the horror of Castle Dimitrescu.

If you didn’t play Nier: Automata, you may recognize the YoRHa outfits from SoulCalibur VI. 2B, the protagonist from Nier: Automata, was released as a DLC character in SoulCalibur in December of 2018. The Daughters of YoRHa mod comes to us from creator JTeghius Kittius and can be download via Nexus Mods.

Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter Resident Evil Village Mod

Speaking of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, those pesky flies are probably full of disease. Thankfully, players can install the Fly Swatter mod to turn Ethan’s trusty blade into a pest-killing machine. Don’t worry, the fly swatter will do just as much damage as the knife (which wasn’t much to begin with) and can be used outside of Castle Dimitrescu. Yes, you can absolutely try taking down Lycans with Ethan’s new weapon.

This mod comes to us from EvilLord and CrazyPotato and can be downloaded via Nexus Mods.

Mini-Me Chris

Mini-me Chris Resident Evil Village Mod

This is one of those joke mods that will provide players with a few minutes of hysterical laughter before diving into the main game. We all know Ethan has a baby daughter, and we all know Chris Redfield plays a part in Resident Evil Village. Without spoiling anything further, just imagine Chris Redfield’s head on baby Rose’s body.

This mod actually garnered so much popularity that creator JTeghius Kittius had to take it one step further. They made a matching mod that also replaced Chris Redfield’s head with baby Rose’s head. Yes, it’s just as cursed as it sounds. You can download Mini-Me Chris and Baby Rose Chris on Nexus Mods.

Count Theodora

Thomas the Tank Engine Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village Mod

There’s something truly horrifying about blending a fond childhood memory with a murderous 9-foot-tall woman. That is exactly what the Count Theodora mod does. Lady Dimitrescu will now stalk Ethan around her castle while wearing the head of Thomas the Tank Engine. One user referred to the mod as “Thomas the trauma engine.”

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Thomas the Tank Engine used for a Resident Evil mod. Modder ZombieAli created a mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake that completely replaces Mr. X with Thomas the Tank Engine. Of course, Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t the only silly replacement mod from the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. Those looking to run from Thomas the Trauma Engine in Resident Evil Village can download the mod from Nexus Mods thanks to creator Crazy Potato.

Spongebob Paintings and Photos

Spongebob Mod Resident Evil Village

While on the topic of blending fond childhood memories with gothic horror, players can install what we’ll just call the Spongebob mod to replace the art and pictures displayed around the game with images from the Nickelodeon show, Spongebob Squarepants. Believe us when we say this mod goes into great detail. It replaces practically every piece of artwork or framed photo with an image or painting from seasons 1-3 of Spongbob. Even the Village of Shadows book Mia reads can’t escape this mod.

This mod even goes as far as to add a framed picture of DoodleBob to Ethan and Mia’s house in the very beginning. Thanks to creator KushAstronaut, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods and enjoy a good laugh right now.

Merchant Costume for Duke

The Merchant's Robes Resident Evil Village Mods

The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 is, arguably, one of the most beloved Resident Evil characters of all time. Now, in Resident Evil Village, players have the Duke to buy from, sell to, and upgrade with. The Duke, as jolly as he may be, just doesn’t compare to the raspy charm of Resident Evil 4’s unfriendly merchant who simply refuses to ever learn Leon’s name. It is, however, interesting how the Duke plays into the story of Resident Evil Village and isn’t just a shop for players to visit.

From creator JWesker, this mod fits the Duke with the Merchant’s robes in size Quadruple-XL. Download it now via Nexus Mods.

Ghostface in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Ghostface Mod

Ghostface, the iconic serial killer from the Scream franchise, has found his way into Resident Evil Village. Thanks to a modder simply named George, Ethan can take down Ghostface while playing both The Mercenaries and Campaign. This mod replaces the Moroaica enemies, the sickle-wielding skinny ones, with the iconic killer. While depicting what looks like a Halloween costume mixed in with beautifully disgusting Lycans, this mod is certainly a fun one.

Perhaps Resident Evil is one of Ghostface’s favorite scary movies? Either way, players can download the Ghostface mod from Nexus Mods.

More Melee Weapons

More Melee Weapons Resident Evil Village Mod

Unless players have unlocked the LZ Answerer melee weapon, better described as a lightsaber, they don’t have many melee weapons to choose from in Resident Evil Village. Chris’ combat knife can get the job done, but more hands-on players will want some variety to choose from, and they’ll get it from this mod.

Players can freely download whichever melee weapon they wish to use instead of downloading the entire batch. They can be turned on and off via Fluffy Manager, but only one will work at a time. There are 15 different weapons to choose from including the Lycan Hammer (shown above), the Saw Axe, and the Witch Shotel. Thanks to creator MadMax, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods.

Ray Gun (from COD zombie mode)

Ray Gun as Rocket Pistol Resident Evil Village Mod

Nothing says “zombie killing machine” quite like the ray gun from Call of Duty’s infamous zombie mode. Players remember the first time they pulled the ray gun from the mystery box after beating Call of Duty: World at War’s campaign and unlocking the secret mode. Now, they can wield the same weapon in Resident Evil Village … sort of.

There are two different versions of this mod, both from creator KushAstronaut, the same modder that brought us the Spongebob mod. One version replaces the standard LEMI pistol with the ray gun. However, it only does as much damage as your LEMI and doesn’t make the classic ray gun sound effect.

Second, players can download a different version that replaces the rocket pistol. KushAstronaut was able to add something very close to the classic ray gun sound when firing. The rocket pistol does massive amounts of base damage and has a splash-damage radius just like the ray gun. Download the LEMI version of the mod or the rocket pistol version, both available on Nexus Mods.

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Resident Evil Village: How to Get Every Weapon

The best horror games make the player feel weaker, or at least at a disadvantage, against the already terrifying enemies they come across. Some decide to take away any option for the player to fight back at all, forcing you to either run or hide from any threats, while others give you a chance to defend yourself. Resident Evil Village isn’t afraid to give you a wide arsenal of weapons to find, purchase, and unlock as you play the game. You’ll need every gun and weapon you can get your hands on, too, since the creatures stalking you throughout the village and surrounding areas are numerous and resilient.

In total, there are 17 weapons you can acquire through various means in Resident Evil Village, though some have specific requirements to unlock, and there is one extra weapon that has to be bought as DLC. Most are found in the game itself but are still very missable; some have to be purchased from the game’s resident merchant, Duke; some require beating the game on specific difficulties; and finally, a few make you spend Challenge Points to unlock them. Sure, knife-only runs have been a thing in Resident Evil games since the beginning, but why restrict yourself from turning the tables on the game by picking up some powerful hardware. Here are all the weapons in the game and how you can get them.

Note: There will be some minor spoilers below, including boss and location names, regarding what sections of the game you need to beat in order to access some weapons, and there will also be some information on secret weapons themselves.

Further Reading


Karambit Knife

The standard knife is more of a tool than a weapon, or at best it’s a last resort if your ammo runs dry. The Karambit Knife isn’t going to make a knife run easy by any means, appearing to only swing a bit faster, but it at least looks nice. This is Chris’ knife, and you will have to beat the game once to make it purchasable in the extra content store. It costs 10,000 Challenge Points, and once unlocked, you can buy it from Duke for just 100 Lei.


LEMI Pistol

This is the one completely unmissable gun in Resident Evil Village. It will be given to you during a cutscene very early on in the game, and thus it is one of the weakest weapons you can get. You can get two attachments for it, a recoil compensator and a high-capacity magazine, which will increase the LEMI’s damage and ammo capacity, respectively. The base power is 100 and can only be upgraded to 130. The only upside is that you can boost the ammo capacity up to 16, making it at least a reliable gun when you have a lot of enemies to deal with. Odds are that you’ll want to toss it aside once you get a better pistol.

M1911 Pistol

Speaking of a better pistol, the M1911 starts out with some stats higher than a fully upgraded LEMI. It is very hard to miss picking up as well — as long as you take an extra moment, that is. When you’ve finished exploring the castle and have given the flask to Duke, you will need to find a jack handle. Head to the Maiden of War statue located in the middle of the village. From there, head toward the well on your map and through a gate. Go through the building on your left until you hit a locked door you can now open, and then go through the door on the left. Use the jack to open up the passage, take out the enemies that appear, and continue on to a padlock. The code to open it is 070408. Open the locker and pick up your brand new M1911 just beside the jack handle you’re looking for.

V61 Machine Pistol

If you want a pistol that can run through your ammo faster than any other, eventually turning into an equivalent of an SMG after upgrading, then put the V61 Machine Pistol on your shopping list. And you may want to put it on your list early, because Duke is the only one selling this gun, and it isn’t exactly cheap. If you happen to have a mere 120,000 Lei in your pockets after you reach the factory area, then don’t hesitate to grab this amazing pistol. It has incredible damage, a high rate of fire (obviously), and three attachments that can reduce recoil, further boost damage, and bump up your ammo capacity. Fully kitted, this is far and away the best pistol in the game.

USM-AI Pistol

The of the more standard pistols is another one of Chris’ weapons, the USM-AI. This is a semi-auto, silenced pistol that, at least in terms of raw power, is the best pistol in the game — with one exception to follow. Just like Chris’ knife, the Karambit Knife, you have to first beat the game and spend 20,000 Challenge Points in the shop to unlock this bad boy. Once you do, Duke will let you have it for a very reasonable 350 Lei. You can’t upgrade it, and it has no attachments, but it has a base damage of 270 and can hold 17 rounds, so there’s not much you’ll be wanting for once you get your hands on it.

Rocket Pistol

Finally, and arguably not even a pistol, is the Rocket Pistol. You can probably guess what this gun does just by the name, and you’d be right. Basically, yes, this is a hand-held rocket launcher, but that kind of power isn’t just tossed your way for free. No, you’ll have to first beat Resident Evil Village on the Village of Shadows difficulty, which is one of the toughest challenges in the game. Once you manage that task, though, and save up 80,000 Challenge Points, you can blast your way through your next playthrough once you pick it up from Duke for 1,500 Lei. It deals 500 damage in an area of effect, naturally, but has its own special ammo type that you need to buy from Duke as well. Or, if you have extra Challenge Points laying around, just unlock the infinite ammo version of it right away and reign fire down upon the village.


Resident Evil Village

M1897 Shotgun

This is the standard shotgun of Resident Evil Village and can actually be found or purchased. Obviously you should look to pick it up rather than spend your money on it. Not long after the game starts and you get the LEMI pistol, you will be overrun by werewolves and, hopefully, retreat back into a house up the hill. As long as you’re not too distracted fighting for your life, look to the table to grab this basic shotgun. Like the starter pistol, it isn’t worth much once you find a better option, so don’t feel the need to spend resources upgrading this one.

W870 TAC Shotgun

Next up is a nice, old-fashioned pump-action shotgun. You’ll need to progress the game until you defeat Donna Beneviento before you can pick it up on the map, but again, it can be purchased from Duke if you happen to miss it on accident. Once you’ve killed the doll, on the path back to the village there will be a single house on the left side of the path. Go inside and grab this shotgun before moving on. Aside from a somewhat slow rate of fire, this is just an overall better shotgun than your M1897. It has two attachments to improve the fire rate and dampen recoil, and once you upgrade the damage a bit, this thing will kick like a mule.

SYG-12 Shotgun

The final shotgun is the SYG-12, which is exclusively sold by Duke for a hearty 180,000 Lei. It won’t be up for sale until very late in the game, as in after getting to Heisenberg’s factory, so by then you may not even want it. The only thing it really has going for it is being a semi-automatic shotgun with pretty good damage, but if you’ve already invested in your W870, then there’s not much reason to start over with this one so late in the game. If you really like having a fast-firing shotgun, though, then this one is here for you.


F2 Rifle

Technically, this is a sniper rifle, but considering it’s the only one the game, why not put it in with the other rifles? There’s just one place to pick up this bolt-action sniper rifle, and it is after you solve the Atelier Bell puzzle in the castle and are allowed up to the rooftops. The F2 is basically impossible to miss at that point. It packs a nice punch and is more versatile than you might expect from a sniper rifle, especially against the game’s bosses, thanks to it being able to hit precise areas with high damage. The initial scope leaves a lot to be desired for long range, which isn’t really an issue most of the time, but there is an attachment for that if you really want to pick off foes from across the map.

WCX Rifle

These last two rifles aren’t obtainable until after beating the game, so they’re more for fun than anything else. The WCX is a fully automatic rifle that, thanks to being upgradable, can be the best rifle in the game if you invest in it. You can slap on a red dot and foregrip for more damage, rate of fire, and recoil reduction for that true FPS experience. After beating the game, unlock it in the extra shop with 30,000 Challenge Points and then pick it up from Duke for 400 Lei.

Dragoon Assault Rifle

Yet another one of Chris’ guns is the Dragoon Assault Rifle. This gun is as cool as it sounds, but with the only major downside being, like all of Chris’ other weapons, it cannot be upgraded in any way. That said, it is plenty strong enough to serve you on a normal difficulty run, but if you want to take on harder challenges or just outclass the enemies even more, the WCX is the way to go. It also costs 30,000 Challenge Points in the menu and 400 Lei from Duke.


Resident Evil Village

M851 Wolfsbane Magnum

Magnums have always been the peak of Resident Evil weaponry you can get during a normal playthrough. They’re strong, cool, but incredibly light on available ammo, forcing you to think twice before firing off a shot. You can pick up this revolver-type magnum after beating the third boss and taking the elevator back up to ground level. Use the crank to open a door on your right, go down the path and up to a treasure chest. Take a path leading to a big house on the map, go inside through a hole next to the front door, and find the Wolfsbane inside a gun case on a table. If you miss it there, Duke will sell it to you for 120,000 Lei.

S.T.A.K.E Magnum

A fairly comparable magnum to the Wolfsbane, the S.T.A.K.E is only unlockable once you beat the game for the first time and spend 300,000 Lei to take it off Duke’s hands in your next playthrough. This magnum does scale far better than the Wolfsbane, starting out with generally better stats, but it is an absolute beast when upgraded and kitted out with its attachments. If you plan on doing a run on the higher difficulty levels in Resident Evil Village, you’ll want a powered up S.T.A.K.E by your side for sure.

Handcannon PZ

This magnum will be the biggest test to unlock. You need to beat the game on the Hardcore difficulty level, which is a monumental task for most players. If you manage to pull it off, you can head to the extra shop and unlock it for 80,000 challenge points and then pick it up from Duke for a small fee of 1,500 Lei. This magnum has one major positive and one negative. The positive is, despite being a magnum, it doesn’t use magnum ammo. Instead, the Handcannon uses the comparatively more common sniper rifle ammo, meaning you could double up on magnums without drawing from the same ammo pool. The downside is, even with upgrades, this is still a weaker magnum than the S.T.A.K.E in just about all regards.


GM 79 Grenade Launcher

You get only one grenade launcher in Resident Evil Village, but one is all you really need. The GM 79 is quite missable, at least compared to the other weapons found during a first run through the game. It is obtainable only after you meat Moreau, the third boss, and get back to the village hub. The red gates will now be busted open, allowing you to reach a door on the south side of the Maiden of War that leads to the Waterwheel Hut you can unlock with the Iron Insignia key. Go inside and grab this power weapon for yourself. The GM 79 can’t be upgraded but does allow you to swap between two different ammo types: Traditional explosives and flashbangs. Explosives do exactly what they sound like, and launching a flashbang can stun a group of enemies for you to either pick off or run by without any danger. Plus, the explosive rounds can also break enemy armor and cracked walls and get rid of pesky green goo, too.

LZ Answerer

The final non-DLC weapon on the list, and likely the last one you’ll get due to how difficult it is to unlock, is the LZ Answerer. This is basically just a lightsaber in all but name, and it is as awesome as that sounds. The first step to unlocking it is to just beat the campaign at least once to unlock the extra content shop, but you won’t see the LZ on the list just yet. First, you need to unlock Mercenaries Mode for 100 challenge points. This is where things get really tough. You have to beat every single Mercenaries mode level and achieve a rank of SS or better for the lightsaber to become purchasable. Once your scores are high enough, you can unlock it for 70,000 Challenge Points and then buy it from Duke for 200 Lei like any other weapon.

Aside from how awesome a lightsaber is, you can even change what color the blades are, with red, blue, and green being obvious inclusions.

Samurai Edge — AW Model-01 Handgun (DLC)

The only DLC weapon in Resident Evil Village is the Samurai Edge, which fans of Resident Evil 7 may recognize as Chris’ default pistol. Unlike in that game, however, it is quite weak in Village. If you invested in the Trauma Pack DLC, you can pick it up for just 185 Lei from Duke, but it really isn’t worth it. The base stats are okay for the early game, but it can’t be upgraded at all and is larger than most pistols in your inventory. It could be fun to mess around with, but rest assured this DLC weapon is not something you’d miss much if you didn’t pay up for it.

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Resident Evil Village review round-up: A worthy successor to Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil Village is arriving later this week, but the reviews have landed today. Expectations are high for Resident Evil Village following Resident Evil 7, which was widely regarded as a solid entry and something of a return to form for the series. Judging from the reviews that have landed so far, it seems those expectations might just be met as well.

If we take a look at the Metacritic listing for the PlayStation 5 version of the game – which has 65 reviews at the time of this writing, the most of any platform by far – we see that Resident Evil Village has a score of 84 out of 100. That’s obviously a very good score and with 58 reviews already counted, it’s unlikely to change too dramatically in the days to come, though it could shift by a few points in either direction.

By and large, it seems that many reviews are saying that Resident Evil Village successfully builds on the foundation laid down in Resident Evil 7. In fact, there are several reviews that describe Resident Evil Village as a good blend of Resident Evil 4, which was a more action-packed entry in the series, and the survival horror gameplay found in Resident Evil 7.

Indeed, if you’re looking for scares, you’ll probably find them here. There are a number of reviews that praise the horror elements of the game, and looking through them, it seems that the creepy, tense atmosphere is one of the game’s strongest points.

Of course, a good Metacritic score doesn’t mean there aren’t some negatives about game. Some of the more middling reviews seem to take issue with the story, so if you’re interested in Resident Evil Village for the story more than the action or the horror, you might want temper your expectations a bit.

There’s a decent amount of division among the reviews, with many rating the game well and saying it’s a good follow up to Resident Evil 7, and some others saying that the game fumbles to live up to its predecessor. It seems that many more reviews are positive than they are cool to the game, but if you’re planning to pick up Resident Evil Village on Friday, you might want to prepare for the possibility that it may not be a slam dunk for everyone.

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Resident Evil Village demo extended after fan outcry

Gone are the days when most upcoming games, especially high-profile ones, came with playable demos before launch. Game publishers these days are more careful when putting anything out to the public that fans can use against them if things don’t go their way. That’s what made the Resident Evil Village demo quite notable in this day and age, but, unfortunately, it was actually too short to even matter. Fans definitely made their displeasure known, enough for Capcom to actually relent.

Capcom is making a lot of noise about the Resident Evil franchise’s next big installation, along with other forms of the game, including a VR version. Naturally, fans of the series are quite hyped about it and looked forward to the demo of the game that’s scheduled to go live next month on all supported platforms. Of course, there are limits to such demos but the biggest and perhaps most atrocious is for how long it will be available.

To its credit, Capcom was at least upfront about the fact that the 60-minute demo for Resident Evil Village will be available for only 24 hours. That means that all gamers, whether returning RE fans or complete newcomers, only have a day to actually take it for a test drive. Never mind if you have real-life concerns to take care of first.

Fans were naturally not amused and complained about the rather stingy and unreasonable limitation. Capcom fortunately reconsidered and is giving players on all platforms a week to preview the Village. The starting dates differ depending on the region but all three markets will at least enjoy the same 7 days, regardless.

That said, you still have only 60 minutes of in-game time to spend, even if spread out in a week. The demo will allow players to explore the Village and castle Demitrescu in 30-minute chunks. That will hopefully be enough to whet fans’ appetites until the game launches on May 7th.

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Resident Evil Village timed demo returns to PS4 and PS5 this weekend: When and how to play

Last weekend, Capcom launched an early access Resident Evil Village demo that gave PS4 and PS5 users a timed look at the titular village. That early access demo returns this weekend, only this time around, we’ll be stepping inside Castle Dimitrescu to have a look around. This weekend’s demo is still timed and still PlayStation-exclusive, so unfortunately, if you thought that the 30 minutes Capcom afforded you last weekend wasn’t enough to sate your desire to play, it looks like things won’t be any better this weekend.

Still, at least PS4 and PS5 users get to play this weekend. As part of a deal struck between Sony and Capcom, PlayStation owners have had exclusive, early access to the gameplay demo this weekend and last. Those who are playing on Xbox One and PC will have to wait until next weekend to play, and they’ll still be time-limited just like the PlayStation users have been.

In any case, we’re guessing that Castle Dimitrescu is going to be the appealing part of the gameplay demo for most people interested in Resident Evil Village. While the village seems to be suitably creepy, it’s in that castle that players will be stalked by Lady Dimitrescu, the towering antagonist of Resident Evil Village who wields a set of killer-looking retractable claws.

If you played last weekend’s village demo, you don’t need to download anything else this weekend – simply start up the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo and you’ll be able to play through the castle segment this weekend. If you didn’t participate in the village demo last weekend, you’ll need to download the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo from the PlayStation Store first, which is available to pre-load now.

The demo will be playable from April 24th at 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT to April 25th at at 1 AM PDT/4 AM EDT, which means you’ve got a grand total of 8 hours to check it out. You’ll only be able to play for 30 minutes as well, so don’t dally looking at the scenery inside the castle for too long. Next weekend, the full demo – both the village and castle segments – will be available to everyone across PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Steam, giving those on other platforms the chance to check it out as well.

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Resident Evil Village resolution and framerate revealed for PS5, Xbox Series X, Stadia

Yesterday, Capcom revealed new details about the Resident Evil series, announcing that Resident Evil Village will be getting a demo and Resident Evil 4 will be coming to Oculus Quest 2. Today, we’re learning even more about Resident Evil Village, as Capcom has revealed the expected resolution and frame rate of the game on consoles and PC.

This information can be found lurking on the Resident Evil Village website, and it includes information for last-gen and current-gen consoles alike. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, for instance, we can expect the game to run at 4K HDR with a frame rate of 60fps. When you turn on ray tracing on both consoles, frame rate takes a slight hit and goes down to 45fps. Xbox Series S, meanwhile, will run at 1440p HDR/45fps by default, but turning on ray tracing brings the frame rate down to 30fps.

Things get interesting when we look at last-gen consoles, particularly the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. By default, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will run at 1080p60, but when set to high-resolution mode, that’ll change to 4K HDR/30fps for both consoles. On the standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game will run at 900p30 – not bad by any stretch, but maybe a little underwhelming compared to the expected resolutions and framerates listed for other consoles.

We also learned what the expected resolution for Stadia is, with Capcom putting it at both 1080p60 and 4K60 while noting that 4K is upscaled using dynamic resolution. Capcom doesn’t share expected output resolution and framerates for PC in this table because that’s obviously more dependent on each player’s PC hardware than anything else.

Resident Evil Village is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games of the year, and we’ll undoubtedly hear more about the game as we close in on release next month. Resident Evil Village is launching for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia on May 7th, 2021.

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