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This WiFi-equipped smart ear wax remover could literally save your hearing

TLDR: The Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover is a smart and safe way to see and remove wax buildup in your ear canals, now at with an extra Memorial Day Sale savings.

This is going to be…well, a little bit gross — but we’ve gotta talk about earwax. Specifically, your earwax. And even more specifically, how all that earwax you’re currently carrying around might actually be impacting your hearing.

For those who instantly think that’s an impossibility, it’s not. A medical study found accumulated earwax is actively affecting how about 10 percent of people are hearing right now. And earwax accounts for almost 8 million medical removal procedures each year.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a tool like the Spade Ear Wax Remover ($80.99 after code CLEAN13 from TNW Deals), you won’t just think you’re doing a good job cleaning out your ears, you’ll see you’re doing a good job.

The biggest problem is that even if you’re using an unsafe instrument like a cotton swab to clear out buildup in your auditory canal, that wiping often doesn’t remove waxy concentrations. It only pushes the wax even deeper into your ear, ultimately leading to impacted hearing. Which makes sense considering you can’t see a thing you’re doing in there.

The Spade tears away the mystery behind this process. At the end of this expertly designed probe is a 3MPX WiFi-connected sensor camera that feeds video of what it sees in your ear to the free Spade app on your phone. 

With that kind of vision, along with the booming 6 inner-mounted LED lights illuminating the way, it’s easy to use the replaceable ear pick attachment to just gently, but almost surgically scoop out and remove even the most stubborn wax deposits. In case you’re worried, the entire tool is also temperature controlled, so it will always remain at room temperature inside your ear, even with the lights on full.

The Spade is stored inside the 3-in-1 charger, dock and storage unit, which can help keep the 350mAh battery in there working for up to 60 days on a single charge.

The Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover is regularly $126, but right now, you can save an extra $13 off the already discounted price as part of the TNW Deals Memorial Day Sale. Just use the code CLEAN13 during checkout and you’ll get it right now for only $80.99 while this deal lasts. Or use the code CLEAN34 on a Spade 2-pack and save $49 off, cutting the price of each to only $75.

Prices are subject to change.

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This smart ear wax cleaner isn’t just uber-functional, it’s also incredibly cool

TLDR: The Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover is the cotton swab 2.0, letting you see inside and clean your ears safely, all with the help of your phone.

Easy question — should you use a cotton swab to clean out your ear? The answer is obviously no. And yet millions of us do it every day anyway. 

And it’s not even the danger of perforating an eardrum or one of the other ghastly possibilities from a slip-and-oh-God swab accident that should have you rattled. How about this — a cotton swab doesn’t even really clean your ear in most cases.

As no less an authority than Cedars Sinai will tell you, all that blind fishing with a swab most often pushes gunky earwax even deeper into your ear, making it impossible to ever get it out. That’s a bad, bad look. 

The Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover ($85, Reg. $126, after code PREZ2021 from TNW Deals) is the smarter, healthier, 100 times cooler way to make sure you’re never again subjected to a cotton swab malfunction.

While you might chuckle at the thought of a smart ear wax remover, there are definitely some brains behind the swab that syncs with your smartphone to actually give you a view of what’s happening inside your ear. The on-board 3MPX sensor camera wirelessly streams the whole scene back to the Spade app on your phone, while the expertly designed EarPicks gently and safely grabs waxy buildup and removes it irritation-free.

Of course, the tool itself doesn’t do much good if you can’t see inside the ear. That’s where 6 inner-mounted LED lights brighten up your ear canal like it’s the Las Vegas Strip. The lights don’t give off any heat, so it’s totally comfortable as you get a clear view of your ear canals.

When not in use, the premium aluminum chassis rests inside a handy 3-in-1 base that feeds power, holds the Spade, and even offers some storage space, all in one compact ring. A single charge will keep the Spade running for up to 60 days, but it’s always reassuring to know the base is always ready whenever you need it.

Right now, you can not only save over 20 percent off the price of a Spade Ear Wax Remover, but you can also stack on the Presidents’ Day Sale code PREZ2021 during checkout to knock another 15 percent off the total, bringing the final total to only $85.

Prices are subject to change.

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