Microsoft reveals new secret weapon against cybercrime

Microsoft announced a new cybersecurity-based initiative that will allow small businesses and huge enterprises alike to tap into the tech giant’s in-house security services and personnel.

Named Microsoft Security Experts, the program will offer security services in the form of three distinct platforms.


As reported by PCMag, the firm asserted in its announcement post that the current “security landscape has become increasingly challenging and complex for our customers.”

With the pandemic accelerating the growth of individuals’ and businesses’ digital presence more than ever before, it revealed that cybercrime threats have increased “at an alarming rate over the last year”.

In fact, Microsoft provided some statistics to show how dire the situation has become when it comes to digital security. In 2011, the costs associated with cybercrime totaled $3 trillion, while that number increased two-fold to $6 trillion in 2021. By 2025, that figure is forecasted to soar to $10.5 trillion on an annual basis, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

In 2021 alone, the company said its Microsoft Security service blocked over 9.6 billion malware threats, in addition to detecting and blocking upward of 35.7 billion phishing and other malicious emails.

As for the attacks that evaded security and mitigation systems, the consequences proved to be devastating. In 2021, nearly $7 billion was stolen from individuals due to various cybercrimes — malware and phishing scams as well as others.

Furthermore, more than 35 ransomware strains are actively being monitored by Microsoft Security. The platform is also keeping tabs on 250 unique threat actors “across observed nation-state, ransomware, and criminal activities.”

Its technology allows Microsoft to block more than 900 brute force password theft attempts, which are attempted every single second, so don’t forget to reinforce your passwords.

The importance of adequate security measures pertaining to passwords shouldn’t be understated. We’ve recently seen some of the world’s largest corporations being infiltrated solely due to weak passwords.

Microsoft stressed, however, that technology in and of itself can simply not handle the threat of cybercrime without additional assistance.

“Technology is critical, but it’s the combination of leading technologies, comprehensive threat intelligence, and highly skilled people that makes for a truly effective security posture. The challenge is that in this critical moment when cybersecurity has reached an inflection point, our nation is facing a cybersecurity talent shortage…”

A digital depiction of a laptop being hacked by a hacker.
Digital Trends Graphic

Talent is not enough

An interesting statistic was mentioned in the blog post: Nearly one in three security jobs are currently vacant within the U.S. alone. As a result of this state of affairs and the lack of talent needed to fill said positions, the time of detection for a breach has reached an “alarming” 287 days.

Microsoft acknowledged that although talent may be readily available, general access to “highly skilled expertise remains a challenge.”

As such, the technology company is responding to the situation through an expansion of its existing service capabilities via Microsoft Security Experts.

“It’s getting harder every day for organizations to build and maintain a full security team, let alone one with the ever-expanding skillset required to meet the range of today’s security demands.

Security Experts combines expert-trained technology with human-led services to help organizations achieve more secure, compliant, and productive outcomes.

Our vision is to deliver this new category of services across security, compliance, identity, management, and privacy. The first step on that journey is offering new and expanded services for security.

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help our customers and their partners meet today’s security challenges. We secure devices, identities, apps, and clouds — the fundamental fabric of our customers’ lives — with the full scale of our comprehensive multicloud, multiplatform solutions. Plus, we understand today’s security challenges because we live this fight ourselves every single day.

Now, our world-class security expertise is your security expertise.”

As for the services housed under the newly formed service category, these include three “managed services that can help you scale your team of experts to fit your needs — without the challenges of hiring and training them.”

Three new security services businesses can use

Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting is for businesses or customers that already have an advanced security system in place, but require further help to actively monitor and combat threats that materialize within Microsoft Defender data (including endpoints), Office 365, cloud applications, and identity.

Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR, meanwhile, has been designed to supply customers with a service that can strengthen and enlarge the capacity of their security operations center.

Finally, ​​Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise has been reserved for the larger businesses that are “looking for more comprehensive, high-touch managed services from Microsoft experts.”

“This comprehensive, expert-led service combines proactive threat hunting and managed XDR, leveraging Microsoft’s complete security information and event management (SIEM) and XDR stack to protect all cloud environments and all platforms.

Dedicated Microsoft security experts manage onboarding, daily interactions, practice modernization, and incident response for you. Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise is sold through a custom statement of work and is available today. Interested enterprise customers should contact their Account Executive to learn more.”

Microsoft has previously brought attention to the lack of interest in the cybersecurity field. It highlighted how there will be 3.5 million vacant cybersecurity jobs by 2025.

As part of its efforts, it hopes to “help close the gap in the profession” by expanding its cybersecurity skills campaign to 23 more countries.

Hacking as a whole is reaching new heights as of late.

For example, cybercriminals have even found ways to target a PC’s power supply and manipulate it to cause a fire inside one’s own home.

Putting that dangerous scenario aside, a study published by Google confirmed that a record number of zero-day exploits, which have been given the distinction of being “one of the most advanced attack methods,” were attempted against leading technology firms, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google itself last year.

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How to Defeat the Diamond Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5

After a clash with the Ruby Weapon, a battle with the Sapphire Weapon, and a brawl against the Emerald Weapon, the Diamond Weapon — said to use the combat data of the previous iterations to perfect the weapon program — has been released. There’s a problem, though: It’s not manned by its creator or a completely obedient and foolish pilot. Allie has already activated the warmachina’s oversoul functionality, sending the machine crashing through the Castrum hanger and into the general airspace. Now’s the time to put an end to the machine and nip the empire’s expansion-long science experiment in the bud.

The normal mode difficulty of Diamond Weapon isn’t a particularly challenging fight, but it does alter some otherwise well-known mechanics in ways that can trip up less experienced players. If you’re accident-prone and don’t want to risk wiping a group of random players, read on to find out all the essential Diamond Weapon strategies.

Further reading:

FFXIV Diamond Weapon Normal Mode Strategy

Move set

Armored (Phase One)

  • Diamond Rain: Deals heavy area damage to the whole team.
  • Photon Burst: Targets both tanks with a large area attack.
  • Adamant Purge: Deals a different area damage attack depending on which data (Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire) is proclaimed before use.

Unlocked (Phase Two)

  • Auri Cyclone: Strikes either side of the arena, knocking the party back considerably.
  • Auri Arts: Carves a path for Diamond Weapon to dash along, which is considerably more complex when Magitek Field surrounds the arena.
  • Auri Doomstead: Deals heavy damage to the tank.
  • Outrage: Deals light area damage to the whole team.
  • Vertical Cleave: Strikes the last remaining arena side from the center long side, knocking the party back.

Armored (Phase Three)

  • Diamond Shrapnel: Targets two party members with tracking strikes that resolve with a larger area attack.
  • Articulated Bits: Generates small claws on one-half of both arena sides that attack dead ahead. This is usually paired with Adamant Purge (Ruby).

Diamond Weapon: Phase One

Diamond Weapon tank position

The first thing to note is that Diamond Weapon attacks both tanks simultaneously with linear beams of light, making it essential that they stand to the head or tail of the boss while the rest of the team stays on its flank.

Right out of the gate, Diamond Weapon does what most bosses of the Shadowbringers expansion does — demonstrate its party-wide damage move. Diamond Rain will strike the team for around 80% of the average player’s HP. You’ll have plenty of time to heal up after this first blow, but fail to keep topped up later in the fight and a Diamond Rain can come along to finish you off.

Shortly after this first attack, Cid will call up a second deck on the opposite side of the Diamond Weapon, signaling the fight’s main mechanic. Diamond Weapon occasionally cleaves either side of the arena with Adamant Purge, making it necessary to use the teleporters beside the enemy to jump between either side of the larger arena to avoid being hit. The side this hits is signaled by which of the boss’ hands glow with red claws, so you want to jump to the opposite side.

Diamond Weapon Adamant Purge claws

After a sneaky use of Diamond Rain, Photon Burst will target each tank, which they should take as far from the team as possible to minimize the chances of damaged party members being finished off. Adamant Purge will soon come out again, this time channeling Sapphire Weapon to blast a single party member with a powerful straight-firing laser that the whole team should group up to share.

Diamond Weapon: Phase Two

Diamond Weapon auri cyclone

Soon enough, Diamond Weapon will shed its armor, becoming an Ifrit reskin for a time. At this moment, it casts Auri Cyclone: A skill that can quickly make the whole fight go south. It slams two big blue circles on the arena, starting with whichever it’s facing first. Hug the circle closest and toward the longer side of your chosen platform to avoid being sent hurtling off the arena. It’ll end by knocking one side of the arena down into the clouds, so make sure to teleport over to the other before it’s destroyed. Healers will want to top the team up before Outrage is cast to deal a final blow.

Things only get more complicated from here on out. After littering the air space with a magitek field, Auri Arts is cast. The zig-zagging path of Diamond Weapon’s incoming sprint will briefly appear underfoot. Identify a safe zone and get in close. Once it settles down, expect the tank to take a large hit from Auri Doomstead.

FFXIV Diamond Weapon Auri Arts

For a little while now, Diamond Weapon will use the same few attacks repeatedly. If Auri Arts is cast without the magitek field, expect a simpler dash and slam combo than before. As Verticle Cleave goes out, hug the enemy as close to the knockback markers as you can or use a skill like Surecast to negate it. There isn’t much room for error here.

Diamond Weapon: Phase Three

Before long, Diamond Weapon risks overheating and gets back into its original armor, cycling the fight back to the first form. There are a few new tricks here, but nothing to be too concerned about. Now that you know the main mechanics, it’s just a case of looking for the tells and dodging incoming damage.

Diamond Shrapnel is a simple case of repeated strikes following two party members that ends with a larger bang that targets should position into the corners of the arena, whereas Articulated Bits sets up straight-firing miniature claws on one half of each arena that are easily avoided. Adamant Purge claws can be woven into this last one, so pay attention to the enemy’s hands to discern which side of the arena is truly safe.

With that barrage over with, Adamant Sphere arrives after a relatively tame Photon Burst, scattering four iconic meteor markers on both sides of the arena for the DPS to split up and soak. Things look to repeat after that, but Emerald Weapon data may kick in to dispense attack markers above every player that should be carefully separated to avoid heavy damage. That being said, it’s the final truly new attack. The fight more or less weaves and repeats until you knock Diamond Weapon out of the sky for good.

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Resident Evil Village: How to Get Every Weapon

The best horror games make the player feel weaker, or at least at a disadvantage, against the already terrifying enemies they come across. Some decide to take away any option for the player to fight back at all, forcing you to either run or hide from any threats, while others give you a chance to defend yourself. Resident Evil Village isn’t afraid to give you a wide arsenal of weapons to find, purchase, and unlock as you play the game. You’ll need every gun and weapon you can get your hands on, too, since the creatures stalking you throughout the village and surrounding areas are numerous and resilient.

In total, there are 17 weapons you can acquire through various means in Resident Evil Village, though some have specific requirements to unlock, and there is one extra weapon that has to be bought as DLC. Most are found in the game itself but are still very missable; some have to be purchased from the game’s resident merchant, Duke; some require beating the game on specific difficulties; and finally, a few make you spend Challenge Points to unlock them. Sure, knife-only runs have been a thing in Resident Evil games since the beginning, but why restrict yourself from turning the tables on the game by picking up some powerful hardware. Here are all the weapons in the game and how you can get them.

Note: There will be some minor spoilers below, including boss and location names, regarding what sections of the game you need to beat in order to access some weapons, and there will also be some information on secret weapons themselves.

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Karambit Knife

The standard knife is more of a tool than a weapon, or at best it’s a last resort if your ammo runs dry. The Karambit Knife isn’t going to make a knife run easy by any means, appearing to only swing a bit faster, but it at least looks nice. This is Chris’ knife, and you will have to beat the game once to make it purchasable in the extra content store. It costs 10,000 Challenge Points, and once unlocked, you can buy it from Duke for just 100 Lei.


LEMI Pistol

This is the one completely unmissable gun in Resident Evil Village. It will be given to you during a cutscene very early on in the game, and thus it is one of the weakest weapons you can get. You can get two attachments for it, a recoil compensator and a high-capacity magazine, which will increase the LEMI’s damage and ammo capacity, respectively. The base power is 100 and can only be upgraded to 130. The only upside is that you can boost the ammo capacity up to 16, making it at least a reliable gun when you have a lot of enemies to deal with. Odds are that you’ll want to toss it aside once you get a better pistol.

M1911 Pistol

Speaking of a better pistol, the M1911 starts out with some stats higher than a fully upgraded LEMI. It is very hard to miss picking up as well — as long as you take an extra moment, that is. When you’ve finished exploring the castle and have given the flask to Duke, you will need to find a jack handle. Head to the Maiden of War statue located in the middle of the village. From there, head toward the well on your map and through a gate. Go through the building on your left until you hit a locked door you can now open, and then go through the door on the left. Use the jack to open up the passage, take out the enemies that appear, and continue on to a padlock. The code to open it is 070408. Open the locker and pick up your brand new M1911 just beside the jack handle you’re looking for.

V61 Machine Pistol

If you want a pistol that can run through your ammo faster than any other, eventually turning into an equivalent of an SMG after upgrading, then put the V61 Machine Pistol on your shopping list. And you may want to put it on your list early, because Duke is the only one selling this gun, and it isn’t exactly cheap. If you happen to have a mere 120,000 Lei in your pockets after you reach the factory area, then don’t hesitate to grab this amazing pistol. It has incredible damage, a high rate of fire (obviously), and three attachments that can reduce recoil, further boost damage, and bump up your ammo capacity. Fully kitted, this is far and away the best pistol in the game.

USM-AI Pistol

The of the more standard pistols is another one of Chris’ weapons, the USM-AI. This is a semi-auto, silenced pistol that, at least in terms of raw power, is the best pistol in the game — with one exception to follow. Just like Chris’ knife, the Karambit Knife, you have to first beat the game and spend 20,000 Challenge Points in the shop to unlock this bad boy. Once you do, Duke will let you have it for a very reasonable 350 Lei. You can’t upgrade it, and it has no attachments, but it has a base damage of 270 and can hold 17 rounds, so there’s not much you’ll be wanting for once you get your hands on it.

Rocket Pistol

Finally, and arguably not even a pistol, is the Rocket Pistol. You can probably guess what this gun does just by the name, and you’d be right. Basically, yes, this is a hand-held rocket launcher, but that kind of power isn’t just tossed your way for free. No, you’ll have to first beat Resident Evil Village on the Village of Shadows difficulty, which is one of the toughest challenges in the game. Once you manage that task, though, and save up 80,000 Challenge Points, you can blast your way through your next playthrough once you pick it up from Duke for 1,500 Lei. It deals 500 damage in an area of effect, naturally, but has its own special ammo type that you need to buy from Duke as well. Or, if you have extra Challenge Points laying around, just unlock the infinite ammo version of it right away and reign fire down upon the village.


Resident Evil Village

M1897 Shotgun

This is the standard shotgun of Resident Evil Village and can actually be found or purchased. Obviously you should look to pick it up rather than spend your money on it. Not long after the game starts and you get the LEMI pistol, you will be overrun by werewolves and, hopefully, retreat back into a house up the hill. As long as you’re not too distracted fighting for your life, look to the table to grab this basic shotgun. Like the starter pistol, it isn’t worth much once you find a better option, so don’t feel the need to spend resources upgrading this one.

W870 TAC Shotgun

Next up is a nice, old-fashioned pump-action shotgun. You’ll need to progress the game until you defeat Donna Beneviento before you can pick it up on the map, but again, it can be purchased from Duke if you happen to miss it on accident. Once you’ve killed the doll, on the path back to the village there will be a single house on the left side of the path. Go inside and grab this shotgun before moving on. Aside from a somewhat slow rate of fire, this is just an overall better shotgun than your M1897. It has two attachments to improve the fire rate and dampen recoil, and once you upgrade the damage a bit, this thing will kick like a mule.

SYG-12 Shotgun

The final shotgun is the SYG-12, which is exclusively sold by Duke for a hearty 180,000 Lei. It won’t be up for sale until very late in the game, as in after getting to Heisenberg’s factory, so by then you may not even want it. The only thing it really has going for it is being a semi-automatic shotgun with pretty good damage, but if you’ve already invested in your W870, then there’s not much reason to start over with this one so late in the game. If you really like having a fast-firing shotgun, though, then this one is here for you.


F2 Rifle

Technically, this is a sniper rifle, but considering it’s the only one the game, why not put it in with the other rifles? There’s just one place to pick up this bolt-action sniper rifle, and it is after you solve the Atelier Bell puzzle in the castle and are allowed up to the rooftops. The F2 is basically impossible to miss at that point. It packs a nice punch and is more versatile than you might expect from a sniper rifle, especially against the game’s bosses, thanks to it being able to hit precise areas with high damage. The initial scope leaves a lot to be desired for long range, which isn’t really an issue most of the time, but there is an attachment for that if you really want to pick off foes from across the map.

WCX Rifle

These last two rifles aren’t obtainable until after beating the game, so they’re more for fun than anything else. The WCX is a fully automatic rifle that, thanks to being upgradable, can be the best rifle in the game if you invest in it. You can slap on a red dot and foregrip for more damage, rate of fire, and recoil reduction for that true FPS experience. After beating the game, unlock it in the extra shop with 30,000 Challenge Points and then pick it up from Duke for 400 Lei.

Dragoon Assault Rifle

Yet another one of Chris’ guns is the Dragoon Assault Rifle. This gun is as cool as it sounds, but with the only major downside being, like all of Chris’ other weapons, it cannot be upgraded in any way. That said, it is plenty strong enough to serve you on a normal difficulty run, but if you want to take on harder challenges or just outclass the enemies even more, the WCX is the way to go. It also costs 30,000 Challenge Points in the menu and 400 Lei from Duke.


Resident Evil Village

M851 Wolfsbane Magnum

Magnums have always been the peak of Resident Evil weaponry you can get during a normal playthrough. They’re strong, cool, but incredibly light on available ammo, forcing you to think twice before firing off a shot. You can pick up this revolver-type magnum after beating the third boss and taking the elevator back up to ground level. Use the crank to open a door on your right, go down the path and up to a treasure chest. Take a path leading to a big house on the map, go inside through a hole next to the front door, and find the Wolfsbane inside a gun case on a table. If you miss it there, Duke will sell it to you for 120,000 Lei.

S.T.A.K.E Magnum

A fairly comparable magnum to the Wolfsbane, the S.T.A.K.E is only unlockable once you beat the game for the first time and spend 300,000 Lei to take it off Duke’s hands in your next playthrough. This magnum does scale far better than the Wolfsbane, starting out with generally better stats, but it is an absolute beast when upgraded and kitted out with its attachments. If you plan on doing a run on the higher difficulty levels in Resident Evil Village, you’ll want a powered up S.T.A.K.E by your side for sure.

Handcannon PZ

This magnum will be the biggest test to unlock. You need to beat the game on the Hardcore difficulty level, which is a monumental task for most players. If you manage to pull it off, you can head to the extra shop and unlock it for 80,000 challenge points and then pick it up from Duke for a small fee of 1,500 Lei. This magnum has one major positive and one negative. The positive is, despite being a magnum, it doesn’t use magnum ammo. Instead, the Handcannon uses the comparatively more common sniper rifle ammo, meaning you could double up on magnums without drawing from the same ammo pool. The downside is, even with upgrades, this is still a weaker magnum than the S.T.A.K.E in just about all regards.


GM 79 Grenade Launcher

You get only one grenade launcher in Resident Evil Village, but one is all you really need. The GM 79 is quite missable, at least compared to the other weapons found during a first run through the game. It is obtainable only after you meat Moreau, the third boss, and get back to the village hub. The red gates will now be busted open, allowing you to reach a door on the south side of the Maiden of War that leads to the Waterwheel Hut you can unlock with the Iron Insignia key. Go inside and grab this power weapon for yourself. The GM 79 can’t be upgraded but does allow you to swap between two different ammo types: Traditional explosives and flashbangs. Explosives do exactly what they sound like, and launching a flashbang can stun a group of enemies for you to either pick off or run by without any danger. Plus, the explosive rounds can also break enemy armor and cracked walls and get rid of pesky green goo, too.

LZ Answerer

The final non-DLC weapon on the list, and likely the last one you’ll get due to how difficult it is to unlock, is the LZ Answerer. This is basically just a lightsaber in all but name, and it is as awesome as that sounds. The first step to unlocking it is to just beat the campaign at least once to unlock the extra content shop, but you won’t see the LZ on the list just yet. First, you need to unlock Mercenaries Mode for 100 challenge points. This is where things get really tough. You have to beat every single Mercenaries mode level and achieve a rank of SS or better for the lightsaber to become purchasable. Once your scores are high enough, you can unlock it for 70,000 Challenge Points and then buy it from Duke for 200 Lei like any other weapon.

Aside from how awesome a lightsaber is, you can even change what color the blades are, with red, blue, and green being obvious inclusions.

Samurai Edge — AW Model-01 Handgun (DLC)

The only DLC weapon in Resident Evil Village is the Samurai Edge, which fans of Resident Evil 7 may recognize as Chris’ default pistol. Unlike in that game, however, it is quite weak in Village. If you invested in the Trauma Pack DLC, you can pick it up for just 185 Lei from Duke, but it really isn’t worth it. The base stats are okay for the early game, but it can’t be upgraded at all and is larger than most pistols in your inventory. It could be fun to mess around with, but rest assured this DLC weapon is not something you’d miss much if you didn’t pay up for it.

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Minecraft Dungeons: All Weapon and Armor Types and Locations

Minecraft Dungeons uses a pretty different combat system from the classic Minecraft. You won’t be gathering materials to craft a diamond sword yourself, but you’ll be fending off creepers, zombies, and geomancers with far more than just a blade.

Weapons and armor drop randomly from mobs and the blacksmith, with certain types exclusive to specific levels and difficulties. Here are all the Minecraft Dungeons weapon and armor types available in the game and where you’re most likely to find them on your travels, including new ones added in the DLC.

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Where to get items and equipment

When you go onto the Stage Select/Exploration screen, you’ll notice each stage you tap into lists the equipment and artifacts available within. These will all display as small question mark-covered silhouettes until you find your first, so expect to run the same stage two or three times to unlock the lot.

More items are added as you complete the game on Default difficulty and move up to Adventure and Apocalypse, so don’t expect to settle on your final build for quite some time.

Beyond that, you can gamble Emeralds found in chests or salvaged from gear to buy random equipment and artifacts from the two vendors who pop up in the camp as you clear more stages. You can unlock unknown equipment this way so long as you’ve completed the stage they typically appear in.

Unique items explained

Minecraft Dungeons unique weapons

While most weapons and armor will have their standard names as seen below, you’ll occasionally come across enchanted “unique” variants with names like Stormlander,  Voidcaller, or Ember Robe.

These kinds of equipment typically have certain enchantments baked into them, leaving their usual enchantment slots open for even more fancy gimmicks.

All melee weapon types

As of launch, there are 11 total weapon types known to players. You’ll unlock the vast majority of these in your first playthrough, but a couple will only be included in a stage’s loot table on Adventurer difficulty and above.

Each weapon type has varying degrees of damage, attack combos, reach, and speed, giving each a very different use-case in particular builds.


This is your starting weapon. The sword uses a three-hit combo consisting of two horizontal swings and a forward thrust. There isn’t much room for wide-area attacks with this simple blade, but the final thrust can pierce your main target, damaging those close behind.

Drops at: Creeper Woods, Pumpkin Pastures


These dual-wield weapons will have you feeling like a ninja in no time. Hold the attack button to slice and dice your opponents. You’ll have to get close to reach your targets, and without any real area damage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with these.

Drops at: Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, Redstone Mines


Minecraft Dungeons Glaive drops

The glaive’s naturally long reach helps it climb high up on the area damage charts. It’s a three-hit combo weapon with lots of cleaving potential, with its longer than average attack range making it great for aggressive players who don’t have the armor to protect their playstyle.

Drops at: Soggy Swamp, Desert Temple,


The axe takes a little longer than most weapons to pull off its main three-hit, but it makes up for this with wide cleaves and spinning finish. It’s a good choice for hard-hitting melee attackers who have the HP to take on big groups of targets at once.

Drops at: Creeper Woods, Highblock Halls, Overgrown Temple (DLC)

Great Hammer

Minecraft Dungeons great hammer drop location

A late unlock as far as we’re concerned, the Great Hammer is a slow but immensely powerful weapon type. Thanks to its weight, the shockwaves caused by striking this mallet down damages enemies around it, too, making it a great area damage option for slow and steady builds.

Drops at: Fiery Forge, Obsidian Pinnacle, Overgrown Temple (DLC)


The pickaxe is very similar to its Minecraft variant. It attacks with a single downward motion, but its relatively fast attack speed makes it great for taking on powerful foes like the Enderman, Redstone Golem, and most bosses with the right build.

Drops at: Creepy Crypt, Redstone Mines


The battlestaff is a crowd control weapon. It has big, wide swings in its combo, plus a slam, thrusts, and spinning attacks that are great for when you’re getting ganged up on. Another bonus to this weapon is that its combo will reset after just half a second, while most others take three seconds.

Drops at: Lower Temple, Colossal Rampart (DLC) Windswept Peaks (DLC), Nether Wastes (DLC)


The boneclub is a new weapon you can get with the Nether DLC. As you might expect, this is a heavy hitting but slow melee weapon. You’ll need to be careful wielding this one, but the strong knockback it has does help keep you from trading blows too often.

Drops at: Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley


These are glorified knuckle dusters. Gauntlets allow you to box your opponents with lightning speed. They’re not the strongest weapon choice in the game, but their relentless jabs, hooks, and uppercuts make for a satisfyingly fast brawl. You’ll unlock these from Cacti Canyon on Adventure mode.

Drops at: Cacti Canyon, Soggy Cave, Dingy Jungle (DLC)


The cutlass is here to help you fulfill those pirate fantasies. It’s a relatively simple blade with a standard sword-like reach and a two-hit combo swipe. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about this weapon type. Think of it as somewhere between the daggers and the sword.

Drops at: Soggy Cave, Fiery Forge, Cacti Canyon


Minecraft Dungeons Sickles drops

Sickles are another dual-wield weapon, but they use a set, lengthy combo, unlike the daggers. It’s a six-step combo: Four individual slices, and two joined, wide cuts. Area damage only really applies to these two finishing blows, so it’s best suited to taking on a few enemies at a time, leaving the final hits to take care of any late-comers.

Drops at: Pumpkin Pastures, Desert Temple


With far more range than your typical melee weapon, the whip sits somewhere between a sword and a bow when it comes to its combat stance.

It’s a weapon you won’t see often, being hidden away in secret stages and DLC levels, but find one and you’ll have the chance to try out a drastically different weapon type that can keep you at arms length but still allow for some of that much appreciated physical impact

Drops at: Dingy Jungle (DLC)


The mace takes the first two swings of the sword and finished off its three-hit combo with a slam that’s similar to the Great Hammer but without the splash damage. It’s a hard-hitting tool that’s not as slow as it looks.

Drops at: Highblock Halls

Soul Knife

Almost topping out the power charts, the Soul Knife isn’t the simple dagger it first appears to be. It’s a slow weapon with only a single move to perform, but its thrusting motion gives it the piercing blow of the sword without any of the fluff in between. Like other soul equipment, you’ll increase your soul gathering capabilities by equipping this, helping feed Soul artifacts and passives more easily.

Drops at: Soggy Swamp, Desert Temple

Soul Scythe

Minecraft Dungeons soul scythe

Another late addition to your adventuring arsenal, the Soul Sythe falls somewhere between the Glaive and Soul Knife. It’s a two-hit sweep type of weapon with impressive reach, giving it some real Grim Reaper vibes. Pair this with the Soul Healer for a soul leeching build.

Drops at: Pumpkin Pastures (Adventure mode)


Another new sword type added in with the Nether DLC is the sawblade, or rather broken sawblade in the common form. It behaves mostly like a typical sword except that after you have used it for a while it will overheat and can’t be used for a period of time. Use this one cautiously, and have a backup ready.

Drops at: Crimson Forest, Nether Fortress


A weapon type you’ll only come across in the closing moments of your first playthrough, the claymore tips the scales when it comes to weapon power. Speed takes an expected nosedive, but its three-hit combo made up of swings, slams, and stabs makes it a versatile weapon type with the pushback and area damage to keep hordes at bay.

Drops at: Obsidian Pinnacle

All ranged weapon types

At the start of the game, the slow attack speed of your bow and the scarcity of arrows make it seem like a weapon designed to compliment your build. That’s not true at all. Go another stage or two deep into Minecraft Dungeons all you’ll see the potential for ranged-heavy builds.

With around a dozen different bow types to find and armor and artifacts that clearly want you to go full Hawkeye, there’s no reason to view these items as second-class citizens.


A standard ranged attack weapon. The bow fires arrows at a standard rate, but you can hold the fire button to charge a shot for additional damage and some slight knockback. Good for keeping Creepers away or pushing targets back into TNT range.

Drops at: Creeper Woods, Creepy Crypt, Dingy Jungle (DLC)

Hunting Bow

Minecraft Dungeons hunting bow drop location

Hunting Bows pair well with specific types of armor or artifacts due to their innate ability to control which targets your pet will attack. Whatever is hit by the Hunting Bows loose arrows will become the target of whichever wolf, bat, or llama you have by your side. No cats, though, as far as we can see.

Drops at: Soggy Swamp

Power Bow

The power bow suits the occasional use player or the heavy ranged attack. What it lacks in speed it makes up for with raw strength. A charged shot paired with the Fireworks Arrow should be able to clear a big wave no problem, so learn to gather up enemies and watch the sparks fly.

Drops at: Fiery Forge


Somewhere between the bow and the crossbow, the shortbow can fire arrows about as fast as you can pull the trigger while retaining the ability to perform a charged shot for knockback purposes.

Drops at: Desert Temple, Cacti Canyon (Adventure)


The longbow trades speed for power. If you’re a big fan of the charged shot feature of other bows, the boosted power of the Longbow is a good selling point.

Drops at: Pumpkin Pastures, Cacti Canyon,

Soul Bow

Minecraft Dungeons Soul Bow drop location

Soul Bows are incredibly similar to the regular Bow. They drop a tiny bit of damage in exchange for Soul Gathering stats, so adding this to a Soul build will help build the bar more quickly. Torment arrows pair nicely with the charged shot.

Drops at: Creeper Woods (Adventure), Creepy Crypt (Adventure)

Snow Bow

The snow bow, sometimes referred to as the slow bow, is part of the Creeping Winter DLC and does exactly what it sounds like. Each hit freezes on impact, making it quite a powerful tool for separating and spreading out mobs.

Drops at: Frosted Fjord, Lost Settlement


Heavy arrows make the crossbow hit harder yet stronger than traditional bow types. To further offset the benefits, this is no charged shot available, making it a fully automatic weapon you can fire and forget about.

Drops at: Cacti Canyon, Obsidian Pinnacle

Heavy Crossbow

Like the Crossbow, the Heavy Crossbow further sacrifices speed for power. This is good for the occasional Fireworks Arrow or Flaming Quiver.

Drops at: Cacti Canyon, Obsidian Pinnacle

Exploding Crossbow

If you love a bit of area damage and find the firework artifact takes just a bit too long to come back up, the exploding crossbow is a good find. Boom goes the TNT and all that.

Drops at: Dingy Dungeon (DLC)

Rapid Crossbow

The Rapid Crossbow does exactly what it should — fire really fast. You won’t be getting super hard-hitting bolts from this, but paired with the right enchantments and artifacts, it’s a force to be reckoned with. You might want the Recycler armor bonus, though.

Drops at: Redstone Mines

Soul Crossbow

Soul Crossbows are very similar to the regular Crossbow, except for one major difference — the ability to harvest souls. You’ll notice this trait in Soul-tagged weapons and armor. The more of these weapon types you have equipped, the more often you’ll be able to use artifacts like the Harvester and Corrupted Beacon. Torment arrows are good, too.

Drops at: Obsidian Pinnacle


Minecraft Dungeons Trickbow drop locations

Trickbows are a rare sight, but what you get are auto-piercing arrows. They take a while to reach their target as they wiggle through the air, but once the arrow lands, it’ll keep going through targets behind the first.

Drops at: Cacti Canyon, Overgrown Temple (DLC)

Scatter Crossbow

Scatter Crossbows shoot at around the same rate as a regular bow. Rather than having a charged shot option, however, these weapons shoot three arrows at a time in a thin cone, giving it decent area attack coverage.

Drops at: Soggy Swamp

Wind Bow

Arriving with the Howling Peaks DLC, the wind bow is another elemental weapon to add to your arsenal. When arrows are fully charged with this bow they will become gale arrows. Enemies struck with one of these will be sucked into a little wind torrent and drawn closer to you.

Drops at: Colossal Rampart, Gale Sanctum

Twisting Vine Bow

This awesome looking bow came along with the Nether DLC. It isn’t all that complex or special compared to other bows except that each shot will leave behind a trail of poison clouds giving it a bit more AOE usability compared to other bows.

Drops at: Nether Wastes

All armor types

Minecraft Dungeons all armor types

Armor doesn’t seem terribly interesting in the opening moments of the game, but it’ll serve your desired build greatly as you unlock more types. Like other pieces of equipment, each armor type can be enchanted, helping you lean more into offense or defense builds. Included health point bonuses are largely the same across the board and are tied to item power.

Here are all the currently known armor types, their traits, and where you’ll find them.

Wolf Armor

  • +20% weapon damage boost aura
  • Health potions heal nearby allies

If you and your allies are melee-heavy, Wolf Armor is a good early pick to keep you all in the fight just that little bit longer. With a 20% weapon damage aura effect and the ability to pass on healing done through Health Potions to nearby allies, it’s good to stand back to back and fend off villager threats together.

Drops at: Creeper Woods, Creepy Crypt, Redstone Mines

Climbing Gear

  • 25% artifact cooldown
  • Resists any form of knockback by 75%

Only obtainable in the Howling Peaks DLC, the Climbing Gear isn’t too great outside of the areas you’ll find it. It will help you keep your footing and artifacts ready to go, but that’s about it.

Drops at: Colossal Rampart, Windswept Peaks

Emerald Gear

  • Chance to spawn emeralds when exploring
  • +25% melee attack speed

Now this is a nice risk and reward armor type. The chance to spawn emeralds is fantastic, triggering every six blocks, as is the nice boost to your attack speed, but it isn’t overly defensive. Of course it will be less useful if you’re a ranged character as well.

Drops at: Gale Sanctum, Colossal Rampart

Hunter’s Armor

Minecraft Dungeons hunters armor drop locations
  • +10 arrows per bundle
  • +30% ranged damage

While not terribly defensive, Hunter’s Armor makes for a great ranged build. You get increased arrows per bundle and a +30% damage boost to all ranged attacks. Paired with the Flaming Quiver or Fireworks Arrow and you’re bound to have a blast.

Drops at: Creeper Woods, Creepy Crypt, Pumpkin Pastures, Dingy Jungle (DLC)

Grimm Armor

  • +50% souls gathered
  • +6% life steal aura

If you really want to take on that position as the reaper, you have to get yourself some Grimm Armor. You’ll be stacking up souls faster than you know what to do with them, plus the life steal can make you close to invincible if you play smart.

Drops at: Desert Temple, Obsidian Pinnacle

Guard’s Armor

  • -25% artifact cooldown
  • +10 arrows per bundle

Another somewhat boring set here. It has modest abilities with the cooldown, and the extra arrows can be great if you’re an early ranged character, but odds are you’ll replace this one with something more interesting rather quick.

Drops at: Highblock Halls, Arch Haven, Colossal Rampart

Scale Mail

Minecraft Dungeons scale mail drop locations
  • 35% damage reduction
  • +30% melee damage

Scale Mail boasts decent Health gains and damage reduction effects, making it viable for early-level tank builds. 35% damage reduction on top of its health bonuses will keep melee-heavy attacks safe from most threats, while the 30% melee damage up should see you through mob packs before things get dicey.

Drops at: Pumpkin Pastures, Fiery Forge (Adventure)

Snow Armor

  • +35% Damage Reduction
  • +50% Freezing Resistance

When going through the Creeping Winter DLC, this armor is going to be your go-to set. The flat damage reduction is good, but that freezing resistance will be a major help against the frosty enemies. Outside of that, though, it isn’t terribly versatile.

Drops at: Lone Fortress, Lost Settlement

Reinforced Mail

  • 35% Damage Reduction
  • 30% Chance to negate hits
  • 100% longer roll cooldown

Reinforced Mail has comparable health benefits to Scale Mail, but it swaps out the former’s damage increases for a 30% chance to negate a hit entirely. That’s going to be a lot of mitigated damage in bigger pulls. To offset such a powerful trait, it also increases the time between your rolls by 100%, so don’t expect to roll out as you rolled in.

Drops at: Fiery Forge

Plate Armor

  • 35% Damage Reduction
  • 30% Chance to negate hits
  • 100% longer roll cooldown

Reinforced mail appears to be little more than a re-skin of the Plate Armor for reasons that aren’t too clear. We’ll think of it as a mere cosmetic change for now, which makes sense given they drop from the same level (on different difficulty settings).

Drops at: Fiery Forge (Advanced)

Spelunker Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Spelunker armor drop locations
  • +20% weapon damage boost aura
  • Gives you a pet bat

Spelunker Armor is one of the few armor types to turn you into a pet class. It awards ample health bonuses on top of its 20% team weapon damage boost aura, but the icing on the blocky cake is the pet bat that it summons to your side. It won’t put up much of a fight, but it’s an extra target to help peel a Redstone Golem away from the team.

Drops at: Cacti Canyon, Redstone Mines

Mercenary Armor

  • 35% damage reduction
  • +20% weapon damage boost aura

As the item description will tell you, Mercenary Armor is a simple alternative to some of the late-game gear. It packs the same 35% damage reduction trait as the various types of mail above while boosting the damage of nearby allies by 20% through its aura skill. It’s beginner-level tank armor for the melee-centric co-op group.

Drops at: Cacti Canyon, Fiery Forge

Ocelot Armor

  • +50% faster roll
  • +35% digital reduction

Though resembling the skin of the fast-moving critter, Ocelot armor is a fine choice for the speed freaks. Faster rolls make for an easier time dodging things like Enderman swings, while the damage reduction means you can roll head-first into combat without fear of getting smushed like a soft egg.

Drops at: Dingy Jungle (DLC), Overgrown Temple (DLC),

Thief Armor

This armor type gives little more than a 25% melee attack speed boost, making it great for scaling fast attacks like Daggers and Sickles to even greater heights. Without a movement speed buff, it’s difficult to claim this armor is only for the nimble ninja.

It doesn’t have the defensive properties of some others, but with a flat attack speed increase, you can use this to boost slower, more powerful weapons. They just won’t scale quite so well.

Drops at: Redstone Mines (Adventure), Desert Temple, Overgrown Temple (DLC)

Grim Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Grim Armor drop locations
  • +100% souls gathered
  • 3% life steal aura

One of the first proper Soul build armor types you’ll come across, Grim Armor doubles the souls you typically gather while applying a 3% life steal effect to nearby companions. The aura means you’re going to want to match the attack range of your allies to make the most of it. Pair it with the Harvester or Soul Healer pitch in.

Drops at: Obsidian Pinnacle, Desert Temple

Phantom Armor

  • +100% souls gathered
  • +30 ranged damage

Like the Grim Armor, Phantom Armor doubles the number of souls you gather. This one swaps the support aura for a fixed 30% ranged damage bonus. Which bow you pair it with is up to you.

Drops at: Redstone Mines (Adventure), Creepy Crypt (Adventure)

Soul Robe

  • +100% souls gathered
  • +50% artifact damage

Another armor type focused on soul gathering, the Soul Robe follows in the footsteps of the Phantom Armor, only switching out the ranged bonus for 50% artifact damage. You can build a half-decent Corrupted Beacon with this one.

Drops at: Highblock Halls, Creeper Woods (Adventure)

Evocation Robe

Minecraft Dungeons Evocation Robe drop locations
  • -25% artifact cooldown
  • +15% movespeed aura

The Evocation Robe suits a build that goes all-in on artifacts thanks to its 25% cooldown reduction. Its 15% movespeed aura will boost allies, too, so you can chase your targets faster and use powerful artifacts like the Fireworks Arrow and Death Cap Mushroom more frequently, too. This suits a support build, but it can suit some early Soul builds.

Drops at: Soggy Swamp, Obsidian Pinnacle

Piglin Armor

  • Reset artifact cooldown on potion use
  • +50% artifact damage

The Piglin Armor, much like the creature it’s named for, was added with the nether DLC. Aside from making you resemble these strange pig creatures, it is a decent set for artifact builds. The bonus damage is massive, and while it may be a little costly, being able to reset your cooldown every time you slam back a potion is well worth it.

Drops at: Nether Wastes, Basalt Deltas

Mystery Armor

Mystery Armor is reserved for Adventure Mode and above and is one of the first new types you’ll come across. What makes is a mystery is its fluid traits. If you happen to roll one with unequal parts personal and team movement speed, you might as well throw it away.

Drops at: Soggy Swamp, Desert Temple (Advanced), Dingy Jungle (DLC)

And that’s your lot. Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t look like a massive game on the surface, but with additional equipment types hidden away in secret levels and subsequent playthroughs, there are no doubt still a few more to find. And with DLC clearly in the works, this list will only get longer over time.

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Fortnite leak reveals Recycler weapon that turns junk into bombs

The current Fortnite season arrived only yesterday, but game data miners have already picked through the code and found some tantalizing hints at future additions. Specifically, one new leak has revealed possible weapons that may arrive on the battle royale island soon, including one that transforms ‘junk’ into bombs.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 is called Primal, and for a good reason: the Zero Point event cast the island back to a primitive age, one full of relics and ruins from the modern era. Players hunt wildlife for bones and meat, break down old rusty cars for mechanical parts, and craft their makeshift weapons into something more powerful.

The launch of a season is only the start — Epic has demonstrated many times that it will save some of the big additions for later on, after players have gotten over the initial excitement of a new map and storyline. New weapons are typically part of the changes that arrive in the first couple of weeks after a season launches.

Known game data-miner HYPEX has shared some information on what kind of weapons Epic may be planning to release in the game soon, including a Recycler weapon that will draw in some other items, transform them into a junk bomb, and then shoot them out at opponents.

The Recycler weapon resembles a powerful leafblower and was visible in the Battle Pass trailer — it’s the weapon wielded by the giant Easter Egg chicken skin. It’s unclear when the item may arrive in the game, but its presence in the game code and battle pass trailer indicates we probably won’t have to wait long.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Best Weapon Builds for Cloud Strife

One of the striking features of Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s protagonist, Cloud Strife, is his notorious buster sword. When entering the game, Cloud’s famous, and impossibly large, buster sword takes center stage, giving players a chance to wield the giant sword for the first time (or the first time in decades). At the beginning of the game, Cloud’s buster sword works perfectly for attacks and defense against Shinra soldiers. However, as the game progresses, the enemies get even stronger. Luckily, so do Cloud’s weapons.

Finding and optimizing all of Cloud Strife’s weapons can be tricky. With the sword upgrades being pricey to reset, it can be difficult to choose what path each sword and player should take to ensure ultimate victory against Shinra. Luckily, this does not have to be too difficult of a task.

Further Reading

Weapon selection

Final Fantasy VII Remake is full of new (and not so new) swords for Cloud to use. This gives players a chance to explore different uses for Cloud’s abilities. With new ways to play and explore the world of Midgar also comes new ways of fighting and strategizing. Each weapon has a different specialization, which, as a result, means that Cloud can now move a little more freely within the party. Instead of being a melee-focused character, Cloud can become more versatile.

Square Enix Store

Buster sword

Players start with the buster sword as the standard weapon for Cloud. The buster sword comes equipped with the Focus Thrust ability, allowing Cloud to lunge toward an enemy with a piercing strike. These strikes hit enemies multiple times and increase the chances of stagger. This ability makes the buster sword a handy first sword, especially when facing all of the enemies in Mako Reactor 1.

The sword’s overall strengths are fairly well-rounded. However, there is a slight focus on physical power. Having the buster sword so balanced allows Cloud to fulfill many different roles within the small group. Cloud can be a front-line fighter that casts magic from time to time without having the feeling of a disjointed team.

The buster sword’s versatility also allows a number of Materia to be used. Especially in the beginning, Cloud is best suited to the player as a melee character. However, Cloud does benefit from using Deadly Dodge Materia, Healing Materia, and an offensive Materia like Lightning. This will help keep Cloud well-rounded but also help ensure that his status as a melee character can be upheld.

Iron blade

Players will receive the iron blade during chapter three. The player will have a chance to purchase the sword just by simply playing through the game. This sword comes with the ability of Triple Slash. This attack will slice three enemies in quick succession and will deal more damage with each strike.

This is another well-rounded weapon for Cloud. However, unlike the buster sword, the iron blade has more of a focus on defense and magic. This allows Cloud to lean away from a melee character and move more towards the role of tank character with some magic support. However, this slight shift does not change the fact that Cloud can still dish out some major physical damage.

For this weapon, be sure to equip Materia that is aligned with what the sword does. So, adding Heal and/or Revive Materia, Barrier, HP Up, MP Up, Magic Up, and Parry would help Cloud form more of a tank/magic alignment. Additionally, throwing on an element-based Materia, such as Fire or Lightning, can help increase Cloud’s attack abilities.

Nail bat

The nail bat is received in chapter eight. This sword is a little easier to miss because, in order to get the nail bat, players will need to complete a side quest that is located in the Sector 5 Slums (or the Center District). However, the nail bat is definitely a weapon that players will want to use. The ability this item comes with is called Disorder. Disorder delivers a devastating attack that switches modes in one fluid motion.

The nail bat changes Cloud into a highly specialized physical fighter. There are no magic upgrades with this weapon. Instead, it focuses almost completely on critical hits and critical damage. This weapon is great for players who just want to see Cloud smash his enemies into the dust.

Since there are no magic-boosting upgrades, picking Materia for this sword can be tricky. Players should keep in mind that, when using the nail bat, Cloud will be up-close-and-personal with enemies at all times. Materia such as ATB Boost, HP Up, Luck Up, Chakra Materia, and ATB Stagger can help keep Cloud alive and safe while face-to-face with an enemy. Additionally, Deadly Dodge and Steadfast Block can help save Cloud in a pinch.


The Hardedge is in chapter nine’s Weapon Store. While in the Sector 6 Slums (or Wall Market), take a detour to the Weapon Store to purchase the Hardedge for 2,000 Gil. This weapon comes equipped with Infinity’s End. This attack winds up and unleashes an overhead strike that also increases the damage on stagger. However, keep in mind that this weapon’s proficiency costs two ATB.

Although the Hardedge is a physical attack weapon, it’s not as specialized as the previously mentioned nail bat. The Hardedge boosts a handful of magic-based upgrades while providing some decent defensive perks. Although this weapon does not round Cloud out as the buster sword or the iron blade did, it does not leave Cloud in a space of only attacks.

With this weapon, Chakra Materia, HP Up, and ATB Stagger can help keep Cloud from being too attack-focused. Instead, it can help shift Cloud into a character that can protect itself. Additionally, Parry and Steadfast Block are solid defensive Materia to pair with the Hardedge.

Mythril saber

The Mythril Saber can be purchased in chapter 14. In the Sector 6 Slums (Evergreen Park this time), the Mythril Saber can be purchased for 3,000 gil. This weapon comes with Blade Burst, which unleashes a wave of non-elemental-based mako energy at an enemy before Cloud’s sword comes down on them, dealing extra damage.

The Mythril Saber is strictly a magic-based sword. All of its upgrades can change Cloud into the party’s primary magic-user. Ideally, Cloud would focus on offensive magic spells because of Cloud’s close-range combat style. That does not mean support spells are completely off the table. Support spells that are best for this weapon give Cloud a magic boost.

Of course, element-based Materia is best suited for this sword. So, Materia such as Fire, Ice, or Lightning would be a perfect fit for this magic-based weapon. Additionally, Healing, Barrier, and HP Absorption (that is attached to an elemental Materia) can give Cloud a health boost or extra protection with his close-combat style. Since this is a magic-based weapon, adding MP Up or Magic Up can always help.

Twin stinger

Last, but certainly not least, is Cloud’s twin stinger. Arguably one of the best weapons for Cloud in the game, the twin stinger is found in a purple chest in chapter 17. It is an item that could possibly be missed, so players need to keep an eye open for its location. The purple chest that contains the twin stinger is to the left of Cloud, immediately after a cut scene. The chest is right before a set of stairs that the player will have to climb. This weapon comes with the ability Counterstance. This allows Cloud to brace for an attack and then retaliate with a powerful slash.

Similar to the Mythril saber, the twin stinger is a magic-based weapon but is a bit more balanced. This weapon boosts a few defensive perks and a few physical attacks. This allows Cloud to either be a skilled magic attacker or to support the team with barrier and healing spells.

The Mythril saber is best paired with element Material, Magnify, or HP Absorption to focus most on Cloud’s attacks. However, if players would like Cloud to add a little healing, adding the Barrier, Healing, or Steadfast Block Materia can give Cloud a little boost to the team’s health department.

Really, there is no wrong way to level up Cloud’s swords. All of them will do amazing amounts of damage in the right situation and with the right player. Be sure to play around and choose what is best!

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