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Windows 10X delayed but still won’t have win32 support

Microsoft is gearing up for the first major Windows 10 update this year but it’s not exactly the biggest Windows release expected this year. That said, it almost seems like Microsoft has suddenly gone silent about its new Windows 10X operating system. that’s still coming, according to sources, but its launch is being pushed back to the second half of the year. That, however, won’t mean that Microsoft will be adding new features on what may already be a disappointing watered-down version of its original vision for it.

Windows 10X was supposed to be the fancy new version of Windows that would debut on the dual-screen Surface Neo. The latter, however, was postponed until further notice and Microsoft decided to revise its roadmap for Windows 10X and make it target affordable devices, like low-cost or enterprise PCs and laptops, and focus on single-screen experiences instead. Dual-screen support, however, wouldn’t be the only thing that Microsoft cut out.

Windows 10X won’t support win32 software, at least not at launch, making it sound eerily similar to attempts like Windows RT and Windows 10 S. Microsoft, however, is trying to sell the idea of using remote desktop access to fill in the need for that kind of software. That might be ok for enterprise scenarios but could be a stumbling block for schools where it is expected to compete with Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

That won’t be changing even if Windows 10X’s launch is being pushed by a few months. According to Windows Central’s sources, Microsoft made the decision in order to have more time polishing the operating system. Instead of the first half of the year, it’s targeting sometime in the second half of 2021 for the launch party.

Microsoft is hoping that the delay will lead to a smooth release for Windows 10X but its real concern should probably be adoption. The Windows Store still has an app scarcity problem, despite having more UWP and PWA choices now than before but the company is probably hoping that third time’s the charm.

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