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This package can train you as a six-figure worthy data scientist — and even help get you hired.

TLDR: The 2021 Business Intelligence and Data Science Super Bundle offers six courses to help you become a trained data scientist working in one of America’s fastest growing fields.

The consensus is overwhelming. Check out virtually any list of 2021’s best jobs and you’ll see an entry for data science prominently included. LinkedIn put it at no. 14 on its list of 2021’s Jobs on the Rise. U.S. News and World Report had it at no. 8. And Glassdoor ranked it all the way up at no. 2

The knowledge needed to properly organize, interpret, and reach conclusions based solely on business data is highly specialized, but if you can get a grasp on the steps and tools for top quality business intelligence, you will be compensated handsomely. As in likely six-figure handsomely

With the training in The 2021 Business Intelligence and Data Science Super Bundle ($39.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), you’ll be all set to jump in on the profession that the Harvard Business Review called “the sexiest job of the 21st century.”

This collection brings together six courses covering more than 62 hours of in-depth training on what it takes to become a full-fledged data science expert.

Students can get started with Machine Learning and Data Science Using Python for Beginners, a newbie-friendly course centered around teaching some of the most basic principles of modern era data analysis and the most popular tools for handling those tasks. 

That includes how to understand and create in the Python coding language, one of the most impactful pieces in most of today’s key data projects. There’s also a thorough exploration of machine learning and how to craft apps for computers that can literally make that technology automate its processing, come to decisions, then carry them out, all on their own.

Meanwhile, students will also get three courses on using Microsoft’s Power BI, their own assortment of cloud-based apps and services for collating, managing, and analyzing data.

Finally, learners round out their education with training in building and using efficient data structures and algorithms; as well as courses specifically designed to help build a resume and fill out a job application with a data science emphasis to help users land the job they want.

Each course in The 2021 Business Intelligence and Data Science Super Bundle is a $199 value, but as part of this collection, you can get all six courses now for just over $6 each, only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Resident Evil Village review round-up: A worthy successor to Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil Village is arriving later this week, but the reviews have landed today. Expectations are high for Resident Evil Village following Resident Evil 7, which was widely regarded as a solid entry and something of a return to form for the series. Judging from the reviews that have landed so far, it seems those expectations might just be met as well.

If we take a look at the Metacritic listing for the PlayStation 5 version of the game – which has 65 reviews at the time of this writing, the most of any platform by far – we see that Resident Evil Village has a score of 84 out of 100. That’s obviously a very good score and with 58 reviews already counted, it’s unlikely to change too dramatically in the days to come, though it could shift by a few points in either direction.

By and large, it seems that many reviews are saying that Resident Evil Village successfully builds on the foundation laid down in Resident Evil 7. In fact, there are several reviews that describe Resident Evil Village as a good blend of Resident Evil 4, which was a more action-packed entry in the series, and the survival horror gameplay found in Resident Evil 7.

Indeed, if you’re looking for scares, you’ll probably find them here. There are a number of reviews that praise the horror elements of the game, and looking through them, it seems that the creepy, tense atmosphere is one of the game’s strongest points.

Of course, a good Metacritic score doesn’t mean there aren’t some negatives about game. Some of the more middling reviews seem to take issue with the story, so if you’re interested in Resident Evil Village for the story more than the action or the horror, you might want temper your expectations a bit.

There’s a decent amount of division among the reviews, with many rating the game well and saying it’s a good follow up to Resident Evil 7, and some others saying that the game fumbles to live up to its predecessor. It seems that many more reviews are positive than they are cool to the game, but if you’re planning to pick up Resident Evil Village on Friday, you might want to prepare for the possibility that it may not be a slam dunk for everyone.

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