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Armored Brigade is even more fun with this fantastic WWII mod

Matrix Games today announced the launch of a World War II mod for Armored Brigade. I’ve spent a little time checking things out and there’s a lot to be excited about here.

Armored Brigade is my favorite war game. It has a unique playability that both consistently challenges me and makes me feel really smart. But I’m not a huge fan of the Cold War era. For my money, there’s no setting quite like World War II.

Luckily for me, AB 1943, as the mod is called, converts the Armored Brigade experience into a WW2 game set in the Eastern front.

Players can choose from the Red Army, Red Army Guards, and the Wehrmacht where they’ll command hundreds of historically accurate units in clashes representing some of WW2’s greatest battles.

The mod was developed by popular modder “KarlTaco” and, though it’s not an official expansion, Matrix games has supported it by featuring information about it on the company’s website.

I had a chance to check the mod out and, so far, I’m having a blast. There are tweaks all over that make the game feel a bit more “WW2-ish.” These include making infantry a bit faster and squishier and making tanks a little more beastly. I look forward to diving all the way in and seeing what kind of campaigns I can generate from both sides.

I highly recommend this mod for any AB fans out there. It’s free, so if you don’t like it you can just unsubscribe.

If you do like it, however, you’re in luck. It looks like we can expect some updates and expansions to “AB 1943” as time goes on.

Per the mod’s Steam entry by KarlTaco:

From the recapture of Stalingrad in February 1943 until Germany’s surrender in May 1945, the Wehrmacht, Red Army, and Red Army Guards are the current playable factions.

Future updates will aim to expand everything. In the long term I might expand the timeframe to begin earlier, depending on the popularity of the mod.

Immediate goals include refining balance and sprites based on your constructive feedback. As every unit, weapon, formation etc must be researched and a sprite/s created, progress is slower than in my previous mod.

You can get the “AB 1943” mod free on Steam.

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