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Xfinity Mobile unlimited 5G plans get cheaper (but that’s not the best part)

Xfinity Mobile is trimming the cost of its unlimited 5G plans, with Comcast aiming to undercut its better-known rivals as more Americans hunt for lower prices without sacrificing speed. The new Xfinity Mobile unlimited 5G plans still start at $45 per month for one line, but bring down the price of multiple lines as it blends them with the carrier’s “By-the-Gig” per-gigabyte option.

Under that system, subscribers can purchase data in advance, based on how much they think they’re need. 1GB is $15, 3GB is $30, and 10GB is $60. If users run out midway through the month, they can switch to a higher tier at any time – or, alternatively, switch to a lower tier if their data needs are unexpectedly low.

Now, there’s also a more affordable, more flexible unlimited option. As well as $45 for a single line, Xfinity Mobile 5G plans will be $80 for two lines, $100 for three lines, or $120 for four lines. Previously, two lines would cost $90 per month, three would cost $135, and four would cost $180.

The unlimited plans are also included in the switching system, so subscribers will be able to move between them and the “By-the-Gig” options too. Importantly – and arguably best of all – that’s done via the Xfinity Mobile app, rather than having to call up and speak to a customer service agent. The unlimited plans can be applied to both phones and tablets, too, and Comcast is using Verizon’s 4G/5G network along with its own WiFi hotspot network.

There is, as always, some small print to consider. For a start, you’ll need to be a post-pay Xfinity Home Internet subscriber in order to qualify for Xfinity Mobile. Meanwhile, though the data may be unlimited, that doesn’t mean you’ll always be getting 5G speeds: Xfinity Mobile will automatically reduce the speeds after 20 GB of usage per line. That will trim the rates to 1.5 Mbps downloads and 750 kbps uploads.

Video will stream at SD 480p quality on unlimited plans when on a 4G LTE network, unlike on By-the-Gig plans where it streams at HD by default; if you’re on 5G, unlimited subscribers will get the highest possible resolution instead. For mobile hotspots, that’s limited to 600 kbps downloads when on an LTE connection. If you’re on 5G, however, mobile hotspot data is not capped: you’ll get whatever fastest rate the connection supports.

Up to ten lines can be activated, per Xfinity Mobile subscriber. It’s also possible to include smartwatches on an account – for $10 per line – Comcast says. The new plans are available now, to new and existing users.

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Comcast Xfinity Flex gets support for Discovery+ streaming service

Xfinity Flex, Comcast’s 4K set-top box, now supports Discovery+, the standalone streaming service from Discovery Network. In addition, the company says that Comcast will soon roll out support for the streaming service on its X1 platform, making it directly accessible to Xfinity TV subscribers.

Discovery+ is a standalone streaming service that provides users with access to Discovery’s video archives, as well as current shows and some exclusive originals. Users are able to watch shows from across the Discovery channel lineup, including content from Travel Channel, TLC, ID, HGTV, Food Network, OWN, Animal Planet, and more.

According to the company, the streaming platform has more than 55,000 episodes across its show lineup, including channels from older seasons of current shows and its classic series. At this point in time, Discovery has more than 50 original shows for its streaming service on top of exclusive content.

The Comcast support for Discovery+ will include the ability to access the service using the Xfinity Voice Remote. Of course, you’ll need to sign up for Discovery+ in order to access it on Xfinity X1 and Flex; the plan costs $4.99/month with an ad-free option that costs a bit more at $6.99/month.

As part of this new offering, Discovery says its MotorTrend and Food Network Kitchen apps are also now available on Comcast’s Flex streaming box and will soon be available on the Xfinity X1 platform.

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