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Yahoo Mobile MVNO shuts down a little over a year since it launched

It seems that Verizon’s purchase of several media properties was doomed from the start. Expensive and ultimately unprofitable, the network operator ended up selling that Media Group that included AOL and Yahoo’s many products. The latter includes not just search and email but also a mobile virtual network operator called, what else, Yahoo Mobile. The latter has just announced that it will be closing up shop and ceasing operation after being in the market for less than two years.

Although best known for its Web portal and email service, Yahoo’s small kingdom actually covers many sometimes unrelated products, like Sports and News, Finance, and, for a short while, even Tumblr. March last year, Verizon announced the latest addition to that brand, its own small network riding on Verizon’s network. And thus, Yahoo Mobile, not to be confused with Y!mobile of Japan, was born.

Yahoo Mobile was pushed as Verizon’s new prepaid strategy, but its real unique feature is also its weirdest. A Yahoo Mobile line gets access to a Yahoo Mail Pro subscription, which could be useful for those who still live and die by the email service. And for those really knee-deep into Yahoo Mobile, an Account Pro even offers 24/7 customer support.

It might not come as much as a surprise that Yahoo Mobile may not have exactly done well in the prepaid MNVO market but that is pretty much moot now. Yahoo Mobile has announced that it is shutting down as a consequence of Verizon selling off the Yahoo brand and other parts of the Media Group. Apparently, not even the new owners, The Venetian Resort and Casino owner Apollo Global Management, is interested in keeping it alive.

Yahoo Mobile subscribers have until August 31, 2021, to handle matters and transfer to another network. Naturally, Yahoo Mobile recommends that subscribers move over to Visible, the other MVNO under Verizon’s care. That said, while subscribers’ numbers and some features may come along with them, those Mail Pro and Account Pro accounts will be terminated as well when Yahoo Mobile shuts down.

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How to Change Your Yahoo Password

It’s more vital than ever to have robust passwords for your email accounts, especially in light of the multitude of hacks and breaches that have made headlines over the past few years. Failure to appropriately secure your email accounts can lead to your information being sold or shared on the Dark Web. This information includes your Social Security number, credit card info, and banking details. If you want to safeguard your accounts against a growing number of cyberattacks, keeping up with your passwords and changing them regularly is your best defense.

We’ve taught you how to change your Gmail password to help you keep ahead of all the nonsense happening on the internet. It would be best if you changed passwords on all your secondary accounts as well, such as Yahoo or Hotmail, to ensure the same standard of security.

It’s a good idea to change your passwords every few months or so — it’ll keep you ahead of the curve and your personal information at minimal risk. In the following guide, we will show you how to change your Yahoo account password to further assist you in safeguarding your personal information.

How to change your Yahoo password on desktop and mobile browsers

Desktop method

Step 1: Log into your Yahoo account security page as you would normally.

Step 2: Click Change Password.

Step 3: Enter your new password twice and click Continue. Make sure your password is secure and not easily guessed. Using the word “password” (yes, really) or your birthday is too easy, and you’re more likely to get hacked. Check out our advice on how to craft a great password if you need to beef up your password security.

Yahoo mobile app method

Step 1:  Depending on which mobile app you’re using, either select your profile in the top left corner or select the Menu icon, which looks like three lines stacked on top of each other.

Step 2: Select Account Info. (Yahoo Mail app users may need to select Manage Accounts.)

Step 3: Choose Security Settings.

Step 4: Enter the security code for your phone.

Step 5: Select Change Password.

Step 6: Choose I Would Rather Change My Password.

Step 7: Type in your new password twice to confirm, then select Continue.

You’ve now reset your Yahoo account password. Here’s another security tip: Rather than rely on your own memory to remember your new password, we suggest that you log the password in a password manager — LastPass and 1Password are two great options. That way, if you forget your new password, you won’t have to keep guessing at it to log in and you can avoid getting locked out of your account, having to troubleshoot your way back in, or having to create an entirely new password again.

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Verizon just sold AOL, Yahoo at a loss to the Venetian casino owner

AOL and Yahoo can perhaps be considered relics of the Internet’s past. One of the first communication platforms and search engines, respectively, the two have long been displaced from their markets and have never fully recovered. There has been no shortage of attempts to revive their brands or embark on new ventures but those might have finally come to an end now that Verizon has sold the two off, along with the rest of Verizon Media, to an equity firm better known for owning one of Las Vegas’s most popular resort hotels.

For years, Verizon has been trying to turn some of its acquisitions into profits. Those acquisitions were composed mostly of AOL and Yahoo and the companies that those two themselves acquired before getting bought by one of the US’s biggest network operators. That long list includes popular tech and automobile news sites and, for a short while, the controversial Tumblr social network.

Recently, however, Verizon has been going on a spree to actually sell off those properties. Switching from the poorly-named Oath to Verizon Media, the properties were purchased for around $9 billion in total. Now The Verge reports that Verizon Media was sold off to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion, nearly half of what it cost Verizon to acquire them in the first place.

Apollo owns the Venetian resort as well as Michaels crafts retailer so it might be puzzling what it would do with the myriad of properties under Verizon Media. Probably nothing directly yet but the deal allegedly includes Verizon’s ad tech business, which is arguably more interesting and more relevant to someone like Apollo.

Interestingly, Verizon Media will change its name to Yahoo and will be headed by its new CEO Guru Gowrappan. Verizon will retain a 10% stake in the company but there has been no word yet on what will become of the original Yahoo’s existing services and customers. Of course, the deal is still subject to regulatory approval though it’s hard to see anyone from the tech market objecting to the sale.

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Yahoo Answers is shutting down — just look at its vile ‘trending’ section

Yahoo Answers is shutting down. Meh. I had forgotten about its existence up until today, when the site announced that it’s wrapping up all operations by May 4.

On its FAQ page, Yahoo Answers said that if you want to post questions or answers, you have until 4/20 to do so. I think the admins couldn’t resist that joke. If you want to download your data, including your answers and questions, you have until June 30.

It’s not hard to guess why the site is shutting down. Over the years, it has lost relevance and people have moved to other question-answer platforms such as Quora. As The Verge and USA Today noted, Yahoo Answers has become a home for far-right conspiracies.

In a note sent to its users, Yahoo admitted that the site has “become less popular over the years as the needs of our members have changed.”

Take a look at the current trending section and question suggestions. It’s filled with hateful garbage trying to rile up people.And the answers to those questions read like they’ve been generated by a trolling bot farm.

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Yahoo Answers will go dark after 16 years: How to save your data

Yahoo has quietly announced that it will shutter its Yahoo Answers platform this summer, redirecting users to the Yahoo homepage and scrubbing its vast user-submitted archives from the Internet. Users who participated on the platform have the option of saving their data before the service goes dark, but you only have a few weeks to get it.

Yahoo revealed the decision to shut down Yahoo Answers using a banner placed at the top of the website. The notice, which was first spied by The Verge, notes that this is the only change coming to Yahoo at this time and that accounts and other services won’t be impacted.

Yahoo Answers will be switched over to a read-only mode starting on April 20, transitioning into a full shutdown on May 4. If you head over to the company’s support page on the topic, Yahoo says that you will no longer be able to access the Answers platform starting May 4 and that users will instead be redirected to the Yahoo homepage.

Users have until June 30 to download their Yahoo Answers data before it becomes unavailable. The data will include any Questions the user may have submitted, as well as answers and images. To download the content, you’ll need to have your Yahoo account credentials to sign in; head over to the download tool to make the request.

The company notes that it may take up to 30 days for the user’s data download to become available. The content is provided in JSON format, meaning you’ll need to download a JSON parser to browse the data — assuming you don’t want to dig through it using an ordinary text editor.

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Verizon’s $50 Yahoo phone is a rebranded ZTE Blade A3 with lots of pre-installed apps

No, you didn’t wake up in 1999. But the next time you take a trip to a Verizon store, you’re going to see a new phone on shelves alongside the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 that might seem like you traveled back in time.

As part of the new Yahoo Mobile MVNO that launched back in March, Verizon is selling a new Yahoo phone for $50 with a very-90s purple back and a very-late-2000s mindset. It’s the first smartphone slapped with Yahoo’s branding and as expected, it’s loaded with Yahoo apps.

First the specs:

  • Dimensions: 137.4 x 67.5 x 10.5 mm
  • Display: 5.45-inch 720HD LCD
  • Processor: Mediatek Helio A22 MT6761
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 2,660mAh

So yeah, you shouldn’t expect to do much with this phone. It’s not clear how skinned the Android 10-based OS is, but Yahoo says it has “an easy-to-use interface providing a user-friendly experience.” But it also says the phone will “deliver a smooth performance and longevity,” so we should probably take that with a grain of salt.

We asked Yahoo if there were any plans to update the Yahoo phone to Android 11 but have yet to hear back.

One thing the Yahoo phone will deliver, however, is extra apps. Verizon is leaning into the Yahoo branding big time and loading up your phone with tons of apps that we assume can’t be deleted, including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather, and Yahoo Mobile.

Speaking of Yahoo Mobile, the phone is exclusive to the MVNO, which offers unlimited data on Verizon’s 4G network for $40 a month.

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