Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Guide, Survive in Der Anfang

The zombie craze in gaming is one that just doesn’t seem to die. While some games are completely dedicated to fighting off the undead, Call of Duty: Vanguard keeps this more mystic mode separate from their traditionally grounded single-player and competitive multiplayer modes. Just because it’s a side mode, though, doesn’t mean it has any less depth or work put into it. Ever since the mode was first introduced, it has only grown in scope from game to game. Call of Duty: Vanguard‘s Der Anfang mode is the most unique yet.

Call of Duty zombies fans know to expect some changes between each release. Maps, guns, and some enemy types are obvious changes, but Vanguard takes things a step further. While the entire format of the mode isn’t upended, there are enough substantial changes that even those who have put dozens of hours into past iterations will need to learn and adapt To help you understand how this new mode works, plus some tips to make your first attempts at facing the undead mobs go a bit smoother, we put together this Call of Duty: Vanguard zombies guide.

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How Der Anfang works

So, how does this new zombies mode, again called Der Anfang in Call of Duty: Vanguard, actually work? In short, you take the role of a soldier stuck in the ruins of Stalingrad due to Kortifex the Deathless’ magic. You have your base in Fountain Square, plus different portals around the area. Zombies will start assailing you, as they do, and you have the option of playing like a traditional survival mode, or you can go for the objectives.

Going for the objectives is the only way to make it to the later rounds in zombies. These objectives, which we’ll detail later, reward you with multiple important perks. First, they bring you to a new location that can have important upgrades to collect and purchase, but they also have rewards you need to take back to grow stronger. Your base does come with a crafting table, the mystery box, ammo chest, the Altar of Covenants, and the all-important Pack-a-Punch, but most will be useless if you stay in this area the entire game.

  • The mystery box costs 950 points and will give you a random primary weapon, which has a chance of coming already upgraded.
  • The Pack-a-punch will upgrade your weapons.
  • Use the crafting table to make usable items like armor, self revives, and tactical items that all have different costs.
  • The Altar of Covenants gives you brand new buffs that we’ll cover in more depth below.

Pick your loadout and artifact

Selecting the Frost Blast artifact.

Before you even set foot on this demonic landscape, you want to make sure you’re bringing in the right tools for the job. Your loadout will evolve as you buy and upgrade weapons during the course of the game, but what you start with can make those early waves easy or downright deadly. There are no real tricks here. The best zombie-killing tools are probably what you imagine. A strong LMG can pop tons of heads with its high ammo capacity, and shotguns are the classic for turning a crowd into a cloud of mist. Needless to say, guns like snipers and pistols aren’t going to keep you alive very long.

Another change in Call of Duty: Vanguard is that you can no longer find gun outlines on the walls to purchase. Instead, the only way to get new guns is either through the mystery box, chests, or occasionally they will drop from powerful enemies in the later waves.

Artifacts are a new mechanic in Call of Duty: Vanguard but are very easy to grasp. There are only four, and each one gives you a different buff or power, as well as connects you to a different Dark Aether that communicates with you as you play. Here are the four you have to choose from and their official descriptions:

  • Energy Mine: The Dragon of Saraxis spawns an Aethereal explosive, dealing massive damage to enemies who set it off.
  • Aether Shroud: The Mask of Bellekar cloaks you in Dark Aether, masking your presence from enemies for five seconds.
  • Ring of Fire: The Sword of Inviktor sparks a ring of Aethereal flame to boost damage for anyone within its radius for 15 seconds.
  • Frost Blast: The Horn of Norticus summons a frigid vortex, damaging enemies with the initial blast and slowing those that enter.

Pick the one that best suits your playstyle and the role you will take with your team.

Do your objectives

Starting the blitz objective in zombies.

Call of Duty zombies modes have had objectives for a long time. In the past, they were mostly optional, or even hidden as massive elaborate Easter eggs, but in Call of Duty: Vanguard, they’re front and center. Again, you could technically ignore them, but the rewards you get are non-negotiable if you plan on going for a high score. There are three objectives that spawn when you start, and only by completing them can you expand your starting area. The different objectives are:

  • Blitz: This is the most simple of the objectives. Once you enter the portal, all you need to do is survive for the time limit as zombies rush you and your team. The mini-map is your friend here since it will point out where they’re coming from on the potentially claustrophobic maps. No need to go crazy killing as many as possible here. As long as you stay alive until the timer expires, you’re good.
  • Harvest: This mode is a little bit like a zombie version of the kill confirmed game mode. What you need to do is collect five runestones that drop from zombies after they’re killed and bring them to the Sin Eater obelisk. That’s not the end of it, though, because once you drop in that first set, the obelisk will appear at a different location on the map, which is thankfully marked, and needs to be filled again. After you fulfill its runestone requirement three times, you’ll be spat back out.
  • Transmit: The final objective mode is kind of an escort mission or payload-type mode. There will be a floating zombie head called an Aether Orb that moves around the map as long as you stay within range of it. If you do go outside of the range, you will start to take damage, so it’s not really optional to leave it and explore. As the head moves, a bar will fill up based on how much it traveled. When the bar fills up and it reaches the final destination, you’re done.

Aside from opening up the map, each objective you complete will also give you an item called a Sacrificial Heart. These are the currency you will spend at the …

Use the Altar of Covenants

Choosing which covenant to buy.

The Altar of Covenants is the big, scary skeleton thing with glowing eyes in the very center of Fountain Square. Here, you can trade in those Sacrificial Hearts for Covenants. You can hold up to three at once, and each one gives you a different buff. One thing to keep in mind regarding the Altar, though, is that only a few covenants will be purchasable in the early game. The longer you survive, and the more rounds of objectives you complete, the more Covenants become available. The later ones that come are some of the best, too, but don’t feel like you need to keep slots open for later. You’re completely free to swap out any Covenants with new ones, assuming you have the Sacrificial Heart to buy the new one, of course.

If you’re curious what all the Covenant options are and what they give you, here’s the full list:

  • Ammo Gremlin: Stowed weapons refill ammo from stock automatically.
  • Brain Rot: Chance to turn enemies to your side.
  • Cryofreeze: Chance to slow enemies.
  • Cull the Weak: Deal more damage to slowed or stunned enemies.
  • Dead Accurate: Consecutive hits on the same enemy do more damage.
  • Death Blow: Critical kills return bullets to the clip.
  • Mother Lode: Chance to keep Equipment after using it.
  • Resurrectionist: Revive allies faster.
  • Splatterfest: Enemies killed by explosions may explode.
  • Unholy Ground: Deal more damage while stationary.

Depending on what guns you’re using, what Covenants your team has, what other Covenants you have, and how you like to play, the best Covenants to pick will always be different. Some standouts are the ones that deal with ammo and damage, but pick what’s best for your squad.

Pack-a-Punch and perks

Upgrading a gun at the pack-a-punch.

The Pack-a-Punch is back and just as crucial as ever. We did an entire guide on how it works in Call of Duty: Vanguard you should just out, but in short, this is where you upgrade your weapons. Each weapon can get upgraded three times, and each upgrade massively improves how much damage it deals. Save up your Essence for these upgrades first and foremost.

Perks are also back, but perhaps they’re even more changed than any other mechanic in zombies. Now, you can get any perk you want without having to invest any points at all. Just unlock the area with the perk fountain, take a swig, and you’ve got the perk. Where things get more interesting is that each perk, just like guns, can be upgraded up to three times by using Essence. That’s right, the same currency needed to upgrade weapons at the Pack-a-Punch. Here’s a quick rundown of all the perks available in Der Anfang:

  • Fiendish Fortitude: Increases health.
  • Diabolical Damage: Increases critical damage.
  • Venomous Vigor: Boosts health regeneration speed.
  • Demonic Frenzy: Boosts reload speed.
  • Aethereal Haste: Boosts movement speed.

Because there’s no downside, you should pick up the first level of all these perks as soon as you can. But be warned that with these perks being upgradable, the way getting downed affects them has also changed. Now when you are downed, you won’t lose any perks, but instead, you’ll lose any upgrades to perks you’ve purchased. So, the longer you go and the more you invest in perks, the more you have to lose if you get unlucky and have to get revived.

Get out alive

Approaching the exfil rune in zombies.

Finally, while not new to this entry, zombies in Call of Duty: Vanguard isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Sure, you can play like the classic games and go until you eventually get overwhelmed and your team wipes, or you can cash out and escape with your lives and some bonus XP. You do need to make it to at least round five to get the option to Exfil, so you can’t just cheese a bunch of XP by starting a game and immediately escaping, and you will have to complete a small sequence to actually make it out.

When you’re ready to get out of Stalingrad with as much progress as you think you can make, find the Exfil tablet thing marked on your map in the middle of Fountain Square. Interact with it, and a new objective will appear to kill the designated number of zombies that will start assaulting you. You don’t have any time limit at this point, so play carefully and take out these last undead ghouls to create the exit portal.

After you’ve killed the required number of zombies and the portal has opened, you now do have a time limit to escape. Your team has just 40 seconds to make it through the portal. If you fail to reach it in time, which is possible since zombies will still be attacking you, then the game will end as a failure, and you won’t get any bonus XP.

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How Call of Duty: Vanguard Reenvisions Zombies Mode

In many ways, Zombies redefined the Call of Duty series. It added silly, arcade-style horror gameplay to break up the seriousness of a gritty war game. Something about being able to take a break from the stone-faced shooting to battle an infinite onslaught of zombies (with the use of your alien Ray Gun) in Call of Duty: World at War in 2008 was refreshing.

Since then, the Zombies mode has expanded and become much more complicated, full of memorable characters, a streamlined objective system, and much more to do. What started as a weird little one-off mode has grown to explosive new heights thanks to its gratifying gameplay loop that ropes players in.

Zombies makes its triumphant return in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and although it aims to be a familiar experience, developer Treyarch is reenvisioning the way the mode works, with a slew of additions that make it feel fresh. Treyarch is once again leading the charge on Zombies development after having worked on 2020’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Ahead of its release, I spoke with Treyarch Associate Director of Design Gavin Locke, Senior Writer Tony Bedard, and Lead Writer Craig Houston about what to expect from the upcoming Zombies experience.

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Clearer path ahead

Der Anfang — which translates to “The Beginning” in German — is the new Zombies experience in Vanguard. One of the highlights of Der Anfang is the way it will streamline the familiar Zombies gameplay, giving more direction to help new players learn the ropes. Objectives will play a much larger role this time around, rather than simply having players try to survive against a horde of zombies for as long as possible.

“In this experience, Der Anfang, starting in Stalingrad, we use this objective gameplay loop to reenvision the idea of opening a map,” Locke tells Digital Trends. “So these objectives that you teleport to [will] take place in different arenas that are much different locations than the hubs on Stalingrad. And then within Stalingrad, instead of killing zombies, earning essence, and buying doors, it’s the completion of these different objectives that starts to earn you more paths to the map, and more things to interact with over the course of a single match.”

The inception of objective-based gameplay can be seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s Outbreak mode, which gave players an open world, allowing them to teleport to various areas after completing certain tasks. In Vanguard, you’ll see some of the same Outbreak mechanics return, such as being able to warp to new locales. This time around, thugh, players want to prioritize what kind of equipment they bring along depending on the objectives they choose to tackle.

“It’s an onion that keeps having layers to it. It surprised me. It’s fun, but it tastes better than an onion.”

“In Vanguard, you start with three objectives,” says Locke. “You think ‘Do I want to play Blitz on Shi No Numa, or Harvest on the Hub? And you’ll make that choice differently based on how you’ve loaded out and what your team has. Or you’ll pick your favorite mode and then change up your weapons based on that. So I think there’s a lot more variety for you to choose and the game will play out differently, hopefully, every time, without any sort of like monotony there. You’re not forced to do anything.”

The best part is that players aren’t required to complete objectives. For those who want to play it like the traditional Zombies modes — with the goal of simply lasting as long as possible — they can still do that. With Vanguard, it seems Treyarch is simply giving players the option to follow a narrative-driven objective to help captivate a new audience, without negatively impacting those who prefer a classic style of gameplay.

“I’ve been doing a lot of playtesting [with] this,” Bedard tells Digital Trends. “And that’s one of the things that’s really surprised and delighted me is that you begin to realize how many different strategies, how putting together different covenants will affect your gameplay. It’s an onion that keeps having layers to it. It surprised me. It’s fun, but it tastes better than an onion.”

Characters with more … character

Characters and zombies from Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Zombies will be much more memorable this time around. In attempts to keep the player invested, the cast will have wittier dialogue, according to Houston. “From a narrative perspective, I think we’ve tried to [add] a lot more humor, and a lot more personality into Vanguard,” Houston tells Digital Trends.

Cold War was very much a [military simulation], ” Houston said. “The Operators were quite dry — they were consistent with how they were in Warzone and multiplayer. And they were no longer the driving force of the narrative. So I think with the introduction of the Dark Ether Entities, and the other supporting cast, there’s a lot more personality.” This will effectively break up the horror elements to sprinkle in some humanity throughout, which once again will hopefully make things more refreshing.

“There’s a lot less ‘kill confirmed’ and a lot more ‘what the fuck was that?’”

“The Dark Ether Entities you choose to have a symbiotic relationship with — regardless of who you’ve chosen as your Operator — will offer a lot of encouragement and chastisement in very amusing unique ways,” Houston continues. “There’s a lot less ‘kill confirmed’ and a lot more ‘what the fuck was that?’ And that’s something that’s going to be expanding as the game continues post-launch.”

One big family

Zombies walking in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

While the team won’t quite divulge the specifics of what to expect from Zombies going forward, they did have a few words to say about the overall cohesiveness of Call of Duty as a series. Typically, a Call of Duty game launches annually, alternating between three developers, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games. While Sledgehammer is still in charge of the main development of Vanguard, Treyarch was tasked with developing its Zombies mode. This means it has worked on Zombies for two back-to-back Call of Duty games, which was a significant change from the usual schedule.

But the team embraced this change, using it as an opportunity to be more collaborative with the rest of the Activision teams. “This reflects a little more of the cohesiveness of Call of Duty as a franchise,” Bedard told Digital Trends. “The folks that I’ve interacted with at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have all been great. For me, it’s nice. We’re all one big team.”

Since the series typically rotates between three different studios, there often isn’t much continuity from one game to the next, but this will change with the Cold War and Vanguard Zombies modes since Treyarch is leading the charge. With the implementation of a shared progression system across Modern Warfare (2019), Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and now, Vanguard, the series has been more unified than ever.

Cohesiveness is “something that we’re very cognizant of,” Houston confirms to Digital Trends. “I don’t think Rambo or John McLean are strictly canon, so there’s always going to be some raggedy edges in terms of how some of the narrative fits together.” Houston refers to the ’80s action stars who were implemented during one of the recent seasons of Black Ops Cold War, showing that fun is always a priority, more so than realism.

“I think there’s certainly a goal across all of the studios to just keep delivering consistent, quality Call of Duty games and all work together.”

Call of Duty: Vanguard launches for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on November 5. The game’s publisher, Activision Blizzard, is currently embroiled in a legal battle stemming from a workplace culture scandal.

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‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ Zombies takes players to an undead-infested Stalingrad

Ahead of its November 5th release date, we’ve seen sneak peeks of Call of Duty’s Vanguard’s single and multiplayer components. On Thursday, publisher Activision shared a new trailer and blog posts that offer a first look at the game’s upcoming Zombies mode.

Developed by Treyarch, Vanguard’s Zombies mode ties into the Dark Aether storyline established in Black Ops Cold War. One year after suffering a decisive defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad, a Nazi officer named Oberführer Wolfram Von List finds a mysterious artifact that binds him to an entity called Kortifex, allowing him to summon an army of the undead. It’s up to you and as many as three other players to battle through the ruins of Stalingrad and stop him.

As you play through a match and complete objectives, you’ll find items called Sacrificial Hearts. You can offer these at an Altar of Covenants to access randomized upgrades that will tweak your playstyle. One of those upgrades will reload your weapons while they’re holstered, while another will allow you to turn zombies into temporary allies.

Any experience you earn while playing Zombies will count toward Vanguard’s Batte Pass, which also shares progression between multiplayer and Warzone. The mode will also support cross-platform play between different consoles. As mentioned above, Vanguard launches on November 5th. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. 

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‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’ trailer is full of zombies

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, a reboot of the movie series, will hit theaters on November 24th, and Sony Pictures has provided a taste of what’s in store with the first trailer. Writer and director Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) indicated earlier this year that he was taking things back to the franchise’s horror roots and the trailer offers some positive signs that he’s achieved his goal.

The film is based on the first two games in the classic series and it’s a complete reset following the six (6) Paul W.S. Anderson movies. In case there was any ambiguity about Roberts starting over, the trailer’s opening voiceover puts that firmly to bed. “Every story has a beginning,” one character, perhaps Claire Redfield, says. “Discover the origin of evil.”

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is set in 1998, and we see the first game’s creepy mansion as well as some of the city where the sequel takes place. The trailer hits a lot of the right beats and it includes some memorable moments from the games. There’s a nod to the opening scene of Resident Evil 2, in which an infected truck driver plows his tanker into Raccoon City. Despite a couple of iffy CGI shots, there’s some solid creature design too, including zombie dogs and even a licker. Add in some jump scares, and it’s a promising first look.

If you’re craving more Resident Evil until the movie arrives, you can check out a virtual-reality version of Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2 later this month. Elsewhere, a live-action show based on the franchise is coming to Netflix. The delayed multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse will arrive next year, and Capcom is working on DLC for Resident Evil Village.

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Call of Duty Vanguard WW2 game leaks, maybe with Zombies

The next Call of Duty game was effectively leaked this week courtesy of some Black Ops Cold War data files. In said files, pre-order data for the next Call of Duty title were discovered. Inside, the name Call of Duty: Vanguard was found, and indications are that this will be a World War II title – because we can never have enough WWII video game action, ever. Oh, and ZOMBIES.

In the leaked images we get to see a few different angles at which this new game will be release. Or, assuming the game isn’t outright cancelled after this leak, we’ll likely see: Standard, Cross-Gen, and Ultimate edition releases. It would not be unheard of for this next release’s set of bundles to mirror those of the otherwise most recent release – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also had very, very similar bundles at launch.

The discovery of the imagery comes courtesy of the Cheezburgerboyz. UPDATE: They’ve now had the imagery removed from Twitter.

Take a peek at the content above and see what you make of it. This might be the start of something just lovely – or it could be a rehash of the same World War 2 games we’ve been playing for the past several decades.

UPDATE: Also, there are zombies. Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies leaked. You can believe this one if you want – or not. It could just as easily be faked as it could be the real deal. It’d be absurd to release a WWII game like this without Zombies – but you never know!

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Sony leaks PS Plus August 2021 games and they include cartoon zombies

Sony accidentally leaked its PlayStation Plus game lineup for August 2021, and though the company has already deleted its premature posting, the Internet managed to grab all of the details. The lineup includes three games, according to the leak, only one of which is notable…and it involves cartoon zombies.

Every month, Sony offers a few games for free, but only to customers who have signed up for its PlayStation Plus service. You need this subscription to play online multiplayer games in most cases, which is an extra fee that many still criticize, so the free games are offered as an incentive to soften the blow.

Sony must have been putting together its materials for next month’s PS Plus lineup and someone accidentally made it live earlier than expected. Though the website has since reverted to once again show July’s lineup, we already know what to expect for next month: adequate, but not terribly exciting games.

What can PS Plus subscribers expect in August 2022?

Hunter’s Arena: Legends
Tennis World Tour 2
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Clearly, the lineup isn’t blow-you-away exciting, but the inclusion of the latest Plants vs. Zombies game is worth noting. The game’s price has dropped substantially since it was first released in September 2019, making this around a $15 value, depending on whether you’d have acquired the digital or hard copy version of the game.

The other two free titles are less notable. Hunter’s Arena: Legends will be available to PlayStation 5 owners in August; it’s a battle royale game with solo and trio modes that has players fighting against each other, as well as demons in the mystical world.

Tennis World 2, meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like. With this game, which has a digital price of $39.99, gamers get to play as top tennis athletes to increase their rank and boost their careers. Overall, the lineup isn’t terrible but also not terribly exciting…unless you like destroying cartoon zombies, that is.

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Back 4 Blood Swarm Mode Lets Players Control Zombies

Back 4 Blood held a short showcase today highlighting what is new with its latest game mode, called Swarm. While the showcase itself was only about 10 minutes long, it gave us extensive details on what we can expect with this new game mode.

Swarm is a player-vs-player game mode that pits two teams of four against each other in a Cleaners versus The Ridden matchup. The game mode is a best-of-three with the teams switching roles of Cleaners and The Ridden after each round. The main objective for the Cleaners, the human side, is to gather as many resources as they can before hunkering down in a position on the map and trying to survive for as long as they can.

On the flip side, the goal for the Ridden, the parasite-afflicted entities, is to try and kill the Cleaners as fast as possible. Whichever team wins two rounds out of the three is declared the winner of the match.

The Cleaners are pretty straightforward in their character selection. They are humans with personalities and different weapon loadouts. The Ridden, on the other hand, are a little different. They technically have nine playable classes. There are three main classes with three different variants. For example, the largest Ridden is broken down to Reeker, Retch, and Exploder. The Reeker moves fast and assaults the Cleaners with quick melee attacks, the Retch has a long-range vomit ability that can slow opponents down, and the Exploder has the coveted ability that allows them to walk up to the Cleaners and fulfill their name by exploding.

Both sides of the game mode can customize their weapons and attacks. The Cleaners get a basic array such as pistols, shotguns, and automatic weapons. Throughout the level, there are upgrades that the Cleaners can find so players can customize their arsenal to their liking. The same goes for the Ridden and their abilities and attacks.

Back 4 Blood is releasing on October 12 of this year, and an open beta begins on August 5. The game is coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

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Call of Duty Outbreak Zombies: Pro Tip Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War‘s latest undead experience, Outbreak Zombies, is the most immersive one yet. Teams of four will warp between maps as they complete objectives, upgrade their gear, and vanquish the undead. Taken at face value, Outbreak Zombies has one simple goal: Complete the main objective and get to the beacon. Yet Outbreak Zombies is so much more than that.

Players will learn the basics rather quickly, but there are strategies, formerly reserved for the pros, that they need to know. We’ve assembled a guide full of advanced Outbreak Zombies strategies — an Outbreak Zombies pro tip guide, if you will — put together by a dedicated team of Outbreak players. We’ll be updating this routinely as new and better strategies are discovered.

See more:

Outbreak Zombies: Advanced objective tips

Defend on Golova: Block the doors

Defend can get crazy, especially on higher rounds and tight spaces. When the squad gets Defend on Golova, they’ll have to hunker down in the church at the back of the map. There are three main entrances to the church and two narrow hallways in the back. Zombies can also climb up from the outside and come through the windows in the very back. Basically, there are more points of entry than players can realistically cover. However, we hold the secret.

All you’ll need are three healthy vehicles. Drive right up the front steps to the church, or enter through a breach in the outer wall on the right side (facing the church). Drive the vehicle through the doors, and leave it parked diagonally in the doorway. Most of the vehicles must remain outside. We’ll explain why in a moment. You can use motorcycles to block the door by parking it parallel with the doorway. Follow this simple rule: If you can’t squeeze by, neither can the zombies.

With all three main entryways blocked, climb up the back of the church and enter through the roof to start your defense. Zombies will only enter the church through the two narrow hallways on the sides and from the back behind the altar. A four-person team can easily hold the hallways and stairs as zombies funnel in.

Players cannot block these inner doors as the vehicles will disappear once the Defend starts. That’s why it’s important to keep most of the main entry-blocking cars outside. (See image above.) Even if these cars are destroyed, they’ll still keep zombies from entering the main doors. Megatons can still pose a threat, but the slow drip of incoming zombies will make them easy to deal with.

Defend on Alpine: Get on the roof

While on the topic of Defend, let’s talk about holding the ski lodge on the snow-capped mountains of Alpine. Your first high-wave Defend on Alpine probably didn’t go very well. Zombies can enter the building from every door, window, and opening, making it impossible to hold any lane while inside. However, players shouldn’t be inside the ski lodge when defending. They should be on the roof. Here’s how and why.

Head up to the second floor of the ski lodge. Mantle on top of the snack bar, where the crafting table is, then jump up on the steel air vents and through the window. You’ll now be on the middle roof of the ski lodge. Head to the far right side and look down through the window. You’ll have a clear view of the machine and can easily keep zombies off of it.

The best part about being on the roof (and why it’s the only way to win high-round Defends on Alpine) is zombies can’t swarm you. The only thing players have to worry about is the occasional plague hound or lone zombie making the jump from the snack bar to the roof.

Don’t leave this position. As tempting as it may be to grab salvage and drops down below, it’s too risky. The only reasonable excuse for leaving the roof is to grab max ammo, and that’s only if you’re completely out. One player can even keep an eye on the roof entrance and warn teammates about any incoming zombies.

You will need a weapon with enough range to reach the machine. A properly set up Hauer 77 shotgun can do the job. We’ll touch on that later in this article. Wonder Weapons and ARs will also get the job done.

Escort and Dead Wire

Dead Wire is, arguably, the best weapon mod currently available in Outbreak Zombies. When it triggers, it’ll zap and stun hordes of incoming zombies, making for easy pickings. Dead Wire helps in all situations, but it’s instrumental during Escort missions. Here’s why.

Zombies approach in large groups from one singular direction during an Escort. Besides Elites, Dead Wire should be able to zap and damage the entire group before they get close to the rover. Furthermore, when approaching the final anomaly, you can shoot your Dead Wire right at it to zap zombies before they ever show their decaying faces.

Retrieve: Pre-position vehicles

Retrieve is the most difficult of all the Outbreak Zombies objectives. Grabbing the canisters isn’t the hard part. It’s returning them that can prove challenging, especially on higher rounds. Here’s how to make that easier.

Once you’ve played Retrieve on each map a few times, you should have a general idea of where each canister will spawn. Whether on Alpine, Golova, Ruka, or Sanatorium, you’ll want to grab three vehicles. Leave two of these vehicles in the general vicinity of Canister A and Canister B. Make sure they’re pointed toward the rocket so all you’ll have to do is get in a drive. Do not leave the vehicles too close to the canister spawn spot; they’ll end up destroyed in the crossfire.

Finally, leave the third vehicle back by the rocket. Begin the objective and go on foot to whichever objective you feel is easier. Grab the canister and hop in the vehicle you’ve left nearby. Drive up to the rocket and deposit. Then hop in the vehicle you left by the rocket and drive down to the next canister. Now you’ll have two means of escape from the second objective.

Getting a Retrieve between rounds 1 and 5 is a good time to grind points, salvage, and equipment before the timer runs out. Bring the second canister back to the rocket but don’t deposit it. Instead, leave it nearby and spend the rest of the time killing the infinitely spawning zombies. Deposit the canister with 30 seconds remaining for an added safety net.

Players may also choose to stockpile vehicles near the rocket instead of guess where the canisters will spawn. However, this strategy makes them more susceptible to Tempests.

Memorize the objective/map cycle

The first six waves of Outbreak Zombies will randomize the main objectives. However, they’ll cycle through the same pattern for the remainder of the game. For example:

  • Wave 1 — Holdout
  • Wave 2 — Eliminate
  • Wave 3 — Defend
  • Wave 4 — Retrieve
  • Wave 5 — Escort
  • Wave 6 — Secure
  • Wave 7 — Holdout
  • Wave 8 — Eliminate
  • Wave 9 — Defend

Do you see what we’re saying? If you get Holdout on wave 1, you’ll get Holdout on waves 7, 13, 19, and so on. Use this trick to prepare for the next objective before warping. For example, if you know you’re about to get a Holdout on Golova, you may want to trade out that Cruise Missile for a Sentry Turret or Death Machine.

Outbreak Zombies: Pro loadout tips

Weapon mod pairings

Weapon mods have been intriguing players since their inception in Die Machine. However, the question is, which are best for Outbreak Zombies? Dead Wire, CryoFreeze, and Brain Rot are the only ammo mods a successful squad needs to be running. Here’s why.

Dead Wire is so lethal because it can kill an entire train of zombies at once. It stuns and holds them in place, leaving them open to damage from other players. Only one member of the squad needs to be running Dead Wire, though.

CryoFreeze is the second-best ammo mod for a similar reason. Anything that can slow down zombies on high rounds is going to aid in survival. Fully armored zombies run way faster than they should. CryoFreeze will hold them in place. Fully upgraded, CryoFreeze will also trigger on most Elites. While it won’t freeze Megatons and Krasny Soldats in place, it will cause consistent effect damage. Only one other squad member should be running CryoFreeze.

Brain Rot has been a fan favorite since Die Machine. Two players running fully upgraded Brain Rot and Elemental Pop can, in theory, recruit an army of zombies to do their bidding. Brain Rot can also change Manglers, Mimics, and Tempests to fight on your side. Brain Rot also triggers far more often than you’d think, especially if it’s the first bullets fired out of your gun after the 30-second cooldown. If you know you’ve got a Brain Rot cocked, seek out an Elite in a crowd of zombies and change them. It can save you valuable ammo as well.

Best field upgrade combos

Your field upgrade is going to make or break your Outbreak Zombies experience. The best field upgrades in Outbreak Zombies are Healing Aura, Ring of Fire, and Frenzied Guard. Here’s why.

Healing Aura, when fully upgraded, will heal any downed teammate from anywhere on the map. Furthermore, it will save teammates from going down by fully healing them and keeping them healed for 10 seconds. When the squad is getting overrun during a Holdout, Healing Aura will keep them alive. Only one member of the squad needs to be running Healing Aura, and it should be the squad member who won’t use it on themselves (i.e., your best player).

Ring of Fire is self-explanatory. Any seasoned Cold War Zombies player knows exactly what it does and why it’s the best field upgrade. Two squad members should be running Ring of Fire and staggering them during difficult challenges like Holdout or Defend. Make sure your squad has a “quarterback” to call out who should cast Ring of Fire and when. They should be calling the plays in general.

Frenzied Guard, when activated, will make all zombies target you for 10 seconds (15 when fully upgraded). It will repair all your armor as well. Furthermore, any damage you take will apply only to your armor, which repairs upon killing zombies. Where Ring of Fire is an offensive field upgrade, Frenzied Guard is defensive. You’ll be practically invincible for 15 seconds. Because all attention will be on the Frenzied Guard player, they should also be the one running Dead Wire.

The Hauer 77

Outbreak Zombies Hauer Shotgun Set-up

The Hauer 77 Shotgun is the best weapon in Outbreak Zombies other than the Rai-K 84, and even then, it’s close. With the right attachments, the Hauer can maintain range while one-shotting most normal zombies and making mincemeat of Elites. It’s up to players if they want to spawn in with an optimized Hauer or wait for one to drop in game. With luck on your side, you might find a Legendary Hauer on the corpse of an Elite enemy or in large loot boxes. Here’s the class setup:

  • Muzzle — Infantry V-Choke
  • Barrel — 25.2 Task Force
  • Body — Ember Sighting Point
  • Magazine — STANAG 8 Round Tube
  • Stock — Marathon Pad

The only downside to the Hauer is when it comes to Manglers and Deadshot Daiquiri. Deadshot locks onto the enemy’s head. However, the Mangler’s weak spot is his arm cannon. While it’s easy to pull off the Mangler’s head while holding down the trigger of an AR, the pump-action Hauer proves difficult. Otherwise, the Hauer is a must-use weapon, whether you spawn in with the above loadout or find one in game.

Ready your weapons

This is a quick tip but one worth mentioning. At the beginning of each wave, pull out and ready your secondary weapon. You may have noticed a brief weapon animation that triggers the first time you pull out your secondary weapon in Outbreak Zombies. This resets with every new wave. Get this animation out of the way before you start engaging zombies.

Outbreak Zombies: Pro looting tips

When and when not to loot

Outbreak Zombies, while enjoyable, can drag at times, especially in the early stages. Players should only spend time looting during wave 1. Furthermore, they should only loot until they have enough money to Pack-a-Punch their primary weapon. Once everybody has Pack-a-Punched once, it’s time to focus on primary objectives and HVT side missions (referred to as Skull and Bones in this article).

After wave 1, there is no reason to spend time looting. Players will get all the salvage and points they need from main and side objectives. They should be able to make it to wave 6 in under 30 minutes with an Epic (or better) triple-Pack-a-Punched weapon and every perk.

Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t loot along the way. We’re saying there’s no need to scour every corner of the map on round 3 for loot. If you hear a loot box on your way to the main objective, by all means, open it.

Keep items marked

Marking items for your teammates is helpful for letting them know if you’ve found a perk can or self-revive you don’t need. However, those marks don’t last long, and those items will disappear quickly. If you stand by an object and keep marking it, it won’t disappear. To be safe, keep spamming the mark button until your teammate arrives and picks up the item.

Mark the Aether Orb

While on the subject of marking, when you or a teammate finds the screaming Aether Orb, mark it before shooting it. When it moves, you’ll be able to keep track of it without keeping it on your mini-map. Remember, these marks don’t last long. You should still try your best to keep up. You can still mark the orb while it’s moving, but it’s not easy.

Don’t upgrade your secondary

Don’t waste points and resources upgrading your secondary weapon. Focus on getting your preferred primary triple-packed and upgraded to carry you to Wonder Weapon/Hauer 77 city. Every weapon in Outbreak Zombies, aside from the Hauer, won’t last past wave 10. Save your money to triple-pack Ray Guns and Rai-Ks when the time comes.

Farm Wonder Weapons

Rai-K 84s and Ray Guns should be your primary goal as rounds 8,9, and 10 roll around. While Ray Guns are fun, the splash damage can end up killing you long before zombies do. The D.I.E Machine also has little use outside of Holdouts. The Rai-K’s alternative fire mode is crucial for surviving high rounds as it can slow and damage elite enemies.

Megatons and Krasny Soldats will start dropping Rai-Ks after round 7 or 8. Keep your ears peeled for the audio cue alerting you that one’s nearby. You can also grind Skull and Bones side objectives and late-game Golden Loot Chests to find Wonder Weapons. Keep in mind, you’ll need 50,000 points to triple-pack a brand-new weapon. Make sure you have the money to spend before you trade away your fully kitted gun. Spend extra cash at the Mystery Box for a chance at a wonder weapon as well.

Eliminate the HVT side mission (aka Skull and Bones)

Skull and Bones is the most fruitful side objective in Outbreak Zombies. Understanding how they work is crucial to complete them without losing too much. Risk/reward is an important factor to weigh in Outbreak Zombies. How much armor and ammo will a task cost you?

Skull and Bones is the best way to farm Wonder Weapons in Outbreak Zombies without trying to track down a free-roaming Megaton. After you’ve done Skull and Bones enough times on each map, you should have a good idea of where the HVTs will spawn. Have one player standing in that general area with an Artillery Strike ready to launch. As soon as the HVTs spawn, blow them sky high. We suggest an Artillery Strike as they’re cheaper than Chopper Gunners (which would be overkill in this situation).

Ignore the Dragon Machine

While on the subject of risk/reward, players should ignore the Dragon Machine side objective. At most, they’ll get a large loot box for completion, but they’ll wind up losing most, if not all, of their armor trying to kill zombies inside the circle. As cool as the Dragon Machine is, it’s not worth it, especially on higher rounds. You’ll end up Dead Wiring and Brain Rotting zombies outside of the circle and will rarely get the objective completed in full. Not to mention Tempests and Manglers spawning in at this time. Just don’t do it.

However, if you need more points on early rounds, the Dragon Machine is useful for the number of zombies it spawns. You’ll also get 1,000 points upon completion. Don’t focus on killing zombies in the circle; focus on grinding points in general.

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Outbreak Zombies Strategy Guide – Black Ops: Cold War

Season 2 of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War might be the most extensive free-content download since Warzone itself dropped in March of 2020. Season 2 introduced brand-new operators, weapons, and maps into the game. A cargo ship full of zombies crashed landed on the Prison shore in Warzone, and exposed nuclear missile silos currently cast an ominous aura over the future of Verdansk. However, the most widely anticipated feature of Season 2 is the release of Outbreak Zombies.

Outbreak Zombies is a semi-open world zombie experience set across Black Ops: Cold War‘s three Fireteam maps, Alpine, Ruka, and Golova. Players will warp between each area to complete objectives and slay the undead. Each location is full of buildings to loot, secrets to find, and dragons to feed. Yes, we said dragons to feed. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Outbreak Zombies, Black Ops: Cold War’s latest un-dead experience.

See more:

Outbreak at a glance

You objective is to explore all three maps searching for top-tier weapons, loot, and gear. Each map will feature one main objective that will rotate between five different options. You’ll also be presented with three side objectives and a bonus objective should you be so lucky. Now, each map isn’t guaranteed to be fully loaded with missions. The best thing you can do for yourself is get acquainted with the different map markers and understand what each one means.

After completing the main objective, you’ll be prompted to activate a beacon that will warp you to the next map. When you warp, the beacon will take you to a different fireteam map, and the difficulty will be ramped up to the next level. You can also choose to Exfil at the beacon. If you choose to Exfil, you’ll have to run toward a marked area on the map and eliminate a certain number of zombies to clear the landing zone. The same Exfil strategies from Firebase Z and Die Machine apply to Outbreak. Chopper Gunners and Monkey Bombs will be your best friends.

To put the difficulty of each wave in perspective:

Wave 1 — Round 1 zombies

Wave 2 — Round 5 zombies

Wave 3 — Round 10 zombies

Use this five-round scale to determine when it’s best to upgrade your weapons at the Pack-a-Punch and mannequin. Each Outbreak map will come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to upgrade. However, you’ll have to do some exploring to find each station. Alternatively, you can rush the main objective and activate the beacon. Doing so will spawn the Pack-a-Punch machine, a crafting table, the Wonderfizz Machine, and the upgrade mannequin in the immediate vicinity.

You’ll earn significantly fewer points than typical games of Die Machine or Firebase Z. Killing zombies will award you 25 points instead of 100. Critical kills will reward you with 35 points. While there are hundreds of infinitely spawning zombies to kill on each map, players will receive 1/4 the points for each one.

The main objectives 

Cold War Outbreak Zombies back to back

There are five main objectives to complete in Outbreak Zombies. Players are free to loot and explore as much as they want before they start the objectives. However, once they do, there’s no stopping it until the mission is complete. Upon completion, players will be able to activate the beacon. Again, they do not have to go through the beacon right away and are free to explore, loot, and upgrade. Here are the five main objectives:


In holdout, players are transported through the Dark Aether to a close-quarters building that they cannot escape. The windows are boarded up in classic zombie fashion, and players will have to stay alive for 3 1/2 minutes. Holdout is very easy in the early stages, but once players get up to round 5 or 6, they’ll be in for a real challenge. 

The most effective way to complete a Holdout is to hunker down in a corridor and defend the doorway. As long as one teammate keeps an eye on the window, the rest of the team can bottleneck zombies in the door and kill them with ease. One Holdout building will transport players to a two-story cabin. Head up the stairs and down the hallway. There will be a boarded-up door to your back. Zombies will ignore the door and only come up the stairs. All players can focus their fire on the stairs and doorway to the left.


Escort will have players following an armored rover with a caged monkey on the back. It will travel to three different portals before finally passing through into the Dark Aether. Defend the rover from incoming zombies and don’t let them damage it. The Rover will not move if there are zombies in front of it. Keep the path cleared, and don’t lose track of the Rover. 

While Escort will prove easy at first, don’t underestimate how much damage elite enemies can do. A team of four should keep two people in front and two people in the back. Each time the rover gets spat out of an aether portal, its cargo (the monkey) will transform. If the monkey transforms into a pick-up like Max Ammo or Double Points, approach the cage and melee it to grab the upgrade.


Retrieve is the most difficult of all five objectives. Players are tasked with picking up and transporting two aether canisters to a rocket. While holding the canister, your movement will be restricted. You cannot sprint, and you cannot jump. You can still shoot to defend yourself. You’re also free to drop the aether canister if you get overrun.

You’ll also get a special field upgrade that releases a powerful pulse wave in every direction. Use the pulse wave when you make it back to the rocket to load the aether. It will clear out nearby zombies and leave a window of opportunity. It takes a few seconds to load the canister in, so make sure your teammates are nearby to provide cover. 

Players can drive cars while holding the aether canister. However, the vehicle will take damage as they’re driving, so keep an eye on its health and bail out when it’s at critical damage. It is wise to drive two cars up to the rocket before starting the objective, especially on higher rounds. Just be careful of the Tempest’s EMP blasts. 


This objective is straightforward. Players will load a severed head into a machine and defend the machine from incoming zombies. This objective is broken up into three waves of increasing difficulty. Do not underestimate the ease of the first wave. Sentry turrets will come in handy when defending the church building. Chopper Gunners are better suited for outside areas. 


This objective will spawn a powerful elite nearby. This mini-boss fight will have three stages as the elite jumps around to different nearby POIs. Track it down and kill it before it kills the Requiem team. 

Side objectives

Black Ops Outbreak Zombies Loot Chest

While completing the main objective is the only way to activate the beacon, completing side objectives is equally important. This is the best way to earn more points to spend at the Pack-a-Punch and Wonderfizz Machines.

Three objectives will randomly spawn on each map. Sometimes you’ll get all three; sometimes you’ll only get one. Check the map as soon as you spawn and formulate a plan to hit all objectives available. These side objectives are the best way to find upgraded weapons. However, the best part about completing these is the random perk reward. Whether it drops as a purple pick-up or a green Max Ammo-like bonus, random perks will save you some serious cash in the early rounds.

Feed the dragon

Marked by an encircled dragon head on the map, players will find what looks like a rocket ship with two large canisters on each side. They’ll be prompted to “begin feeding time” at the machine. Activating the machine will spawn a purple Ring of Fire-like circle in front of the dragon. An actual aether dragon head will pop out of the machine as well.

Zombies start spawning in every direction, but players will have to wait for them to enter the circle to feed the beast. Wait for the zombies to glow purple before killing them. Keep track of your progress by checking the canisters on the side of the dragon. They’ll be filling with pink liquid. You’ll know you’ve succeeded if the horizontal bar at the top of each canister is full. After a short amount of time, the dragon will rocket into space and leave behind a loot box relative to how many zombies you killed in the circle.

Eliminate the HVT

Marked by a cluster of skulls on the map, for this objective players will find a deceased Requiem team. Interact with a radio on the corpse to spawn a group of elite enemies nearby. You’ll see large beams of blue light descending from the clouds, and the same skull cluster will mark them. Multiple zombies, Plaguehounds, and Hellhounds will guard the HVT (high-value target). The target itself will differ depending on the wave. Early-round HVTs will be an average Mangler or Megaton. However, higher rounds will spawn mini-bosses with massive pools of health dealing absurd amounts of damage. Tread lightly.

The HVTs will drop upgraded weapons, perks, equipment, and killstreaks when defeated. These are the most fruitful of the three side objectives and should be done before the main objective.

Golden Loot Box

A lightning bolt on your map marks the Golden Loot Box. As you near it, you’ll see a blue light shoot down from the sky and spawn the loot box out in the open. Interact with it to “confront the Dark Aether.” A circle of zombies will spawn, ranging from average undead to high-level elites. You must eliminate all of them to unlock the loot box and claim your reward. Again, this is the best way to get free perks and upgraded weapons.

The Screaming Aether Orb

The Screaming Aether Orb is not marked on your map and can only be found through exploration. Once you’re close enough, you will see it pop up as a ridged circle on your mini-map. Unload on the orb to spawn multiple Zombie Essence canisters. Once you shoot it enough, the Orb will let out a child-like scream and start moving. Thankfully, it will only move in a straight line, so following it is easy.

However, do not lose track of the Orb as it’s not easy to locate once lost. After three times, the Orb will explode with valuable loot. You can also take advantage of a Double Points upgrade when collecting the essence dropped from the Orb. Instead of 100, it’ll be 200.

Elite enemies (new to Outbreak)

Outbreak Zombies Krasny Soldat

Elites will be scattered all over each map and are easily identified by the skull symbol on the mini-map. Most of the roaming elites will be Manglers and Tempests, with a few Megatons mixed in. Krasny Soldats will make appearances on high difficulties, and Mimics will be disguised as they always are. You already know all about Mimics, Megatons, and Manglers. So, let’s dive into Outbreak Zombie’s latest elite enemies.


Tempests are easy to kill but annoying to encounter. Their sole purpose is to disable your vehicles with their EMP blasts. These same blasts will also slow your movement and blur your vision if they connect. They’ll warp around the vicinity when shot. However, you can get an idea of where they’ll warp to by the blue wisp they give off.

If you can bunny hop, wait for the Tempest to shoot at you, then jump left or right. Don’t jump too soon, though. We all know how enemy projectiles track in Cold War Zombies. The same trick applies to Manglers. However, you’ll want to concentrate your fire on the Manglers’ arm cannons to kill them quickly. Tempests are small-framed, so you’ll need to be accurate with your shots.

Krasny Soldats

These are going to be the most challenging enemies you’ll encounter when playing Outbreak Zombies. They are heavily armored, with only a small window of opportunity for critical headshots. They’ll shoot an arm-mounted flame thrower when at close range. Get too far away, and Krasny Soldats will shoot an incendiary grenade at you. Whenever one of these bad boys appears, the entire team should focus on killing it. They’ll jump great distances and close gaps in the blink of an eye. Don’t be afraid to burn a killstreak to kill Krasnys, especially on later rounds.


When completing objectives like Eliminate, Golden Loot Chests, or HVTs, you’ll encounter upgraded mini-boss versions of these elite enemies. They’ll have unique names and an upgraded health pool. You’ll easily recognize mini-boss Megatons by their red features.

Outbreak Zombies: Best strategies

Outbreak Zombies Large Loot Chest (1)

Now that you know how all the inner mechanics of Outbreak work, let’s talk about the best way to complete objectives, upgrade weapons, and survive high rounds.

Outbreak is a time investment. It’ll take two to three hours to reach round 8 or 9 with everything fully upgraded. The bulk of the time will be spent between rounds 1 and 3, as you’ll be exploring all three maps to complete objectives and earn points while the game is still relatively easy.

Ideally, you should earn enough points to Pack-a-Punch your primary weapon before completing the first main objective. You’ll have already gotten a random perk from side missions and hopefully have a decent secondary to back you up. Of course, Outbreak still operates on a random number generator. There is no guarantee you’ll get every side objective in the first area. If you do, consider yourself lucky.

By the end of round 3, you should have most of the perks, ideally Juggernaut, Stamin-Up, Quick Revive, and Speed Cola, two high-tier-double-Pack-a-Punched weapons, and a killstreak to use in case of emergency. Use rounds 4 and 5 to triple-pack at least one of those weapons. By rounds 6 and 7, you’ll start getting Wonder Weapons to drop upon completing objectives. You can find the Rai-K 84, Ray Gun, and D.I.E Machine as challenge rewards and elite drops.

Ideal loadouts

When it comes to building your Outbreak Zombie loadout, you’ll want to be using automatic weapons with large clips. LMGs take too long to reload, even when equipped with the fast mags. Your best bet is any Assault Rifle with the largest clip possible. Make sure to equip any attachments that increase your salvage or equipment drop rates as well.

A team of four will want to strategize when it comes to field upgrades. There’s no reason all four players should be running Ring of Fire. The new Frenzied Guard field upgrade will keep players armored and proves useful in Outbreak. One team member should also be running Healing Aura to revive downed teammates from a distance. Healing Aura will also help if the team gets overrun during a Holdout or Defend mission.

Keep your vehicles at a safe distance

There’s a lot of splash damage and ranged attacks in Outbreak Zombies. Vehicles are necessary for traversing the map on higher rounds as to not waste ammo and armor on roaming zombies. However, once you arrive at your destination, leave your vehicle away from the action. One accidental blast from the Rai-K or Ray Gun can blow it sky-high.

Split up on early rounds

Rounds 1, 2, and 3 should be manageable for any experienced Zombies player. Everyone should be able to split off on their own to expedite the looting progress. Four-player squads can split up into teams of two to be safe. Players will reconvene to complete challenges and primary objectives. They should also be activating reward challenges whenever they pass by the station. These challenges are a great way to earn bonus essence, perks, and a possible Wonder Weapon.

Stay together on higher rounds

Once players have completely upgraded, there’s no reason to split off from the pack. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more valuable than your upgraded Wonder Weapon or legendary primary.

On a related note, don’t challenge every group of zombies you see once you’ve made it to the higher rounds. Again, there’s nothing else you’ll need at this point, and your main focus should be completing the main objective and making it as far as possible. Don’t even worry about side objectives anymore.

Final thoughts

Outbreak Zombies Retrieve

The only thing Outbreak Zombies is currently lacking is a useful map. If Outbreak were to implement the same interactive style map as Warzone, it would make marking objectives and waypoints much easier. It’s easy to get lost and sidetracked on your way to side objectives and upgrade stations. Otherwise, Outbreak Zombies might be the best zombie mode Call of Duty has ever released. If players are willing to put the time into a game, they can expect a fun and challenging experience.

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PlayStation Plus free games for April bring on the zombies

April kicks off tomorrow, which means we’ll soon have a new batch of PlayStation Plus games to claim. Sony revealed those games today, and they include some fairly big names. As always, there’s one game up for grabs for PlayStation 5 owners, while the other two are for PlayStation 4 – though PlayStation 5 owners should be able to claim and play those with no problems all the same.

The PlayStation 5 game on offer in April is Oddworld: Soulstorm. Oddworld: Soulstorm is an adventure platformer that follows Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty and once again features fan-favorite Abe. Sadly, despite the fact that Soulstorm is also available on PlayStation 4, only those with a PlayStation 5 console will be able to claim this game next month.

While that’s certainly disappointing news, PlayStation 4 owners have a couple of solid titles to claim next month. First up is Days Gone, a PlayStation 4 exclusive that launched fairly late in the console’s life cycle. In Days Gone, you’ll be facing off against freakers and humans alike as you hit the road in a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest.

If there’s a theme for the PlayStation 4 games in April, it’s definitely zombies. The second game up for grabs is Zombie Army Dead War 4, which is made by the some folks who brought us Sniper Elite 4. With this one, you can partner up with buddies to become a four-man zombie slaying squad.

There’s going to be a little bit of a delay adding these games to the PlayStation Plus lineup, as they won’t be going live until Tuesday, April 6th. Once that happens, they’ll be available until Monday, May 3rd, giving you just under four weeks to claim them. Keep in mind that you can claim the current PlayStation Plus games until the new ones go live, so be sure to do that if you haven’t already.

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